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Laura At Teacher’s Camp

Laura attends the weekend camp but makes too many mistakes and suffers the consequences
I arrived early onSaturday on a coach with 30 other nominees. Mrs Fellows was the main organizer and during the trip she went from person to person, asked them their name, ticked them off her list, and handed them an envelope. As each envelope was handed out so the person opened it and read. I read mine and groaned when I discovered that Mrs Fellows had kept her threat and made me student side. I looked around and there were a few smiling faces and knew they were the luckier ones who were chosen to be staff side.

When the coach parked all the nominees got out and I again checked my papers to remind myself of my dormitory number. I made my way there and was the first one to arrive and put my case on my bed. A dressing gown was already on the bed and just as I was about to hang it up three other girls arrived, all looking about my age, so between about late twenty’s.

I have always been a forward kind of girl and said brightly, “Hi I’m Laura.”

The other girls smiled, one said a simple, “Hi, Simone, pleased to meet you.

The second girl was bubblier and said, “Great to meet you, I’m Helen.”

The last girl gave a smile and said, “I’m Letitia, and just so you know I’m staff side.”

I know I blushed when Letitia told us she was staff side, and all three of us were quiet as we knew Letitia had spanking rights over us. That was clearly stated in the paperwork and confirmed what Mrs Fellows had told me when I stayed over at hers last weekend. I hadn’t expected anyone staff side to be so young though, Letitia was 22 I reckoned, and wondered how come she had earned a staff side position.

Letitia continued, “Right guys, get changed quickly. You three have to be in class in 30 minutes.”

I knew I wanted to be well behaved so immediately opened my case and unpacked. I put my clothes in my small cupboard leaving the dressing gown on the bed although I lay it out flat only to find there was a hairbrush rolled up in the dressing gown an oval wooden backed one, and I knew what that was for but even if I didn’t the description was very clear, ‘For use by a Supervisor whenever needed.’

I glanced over at Letitia who was slipping in to her gym gear, the ‘uniform’ for staff side nominees. I thought Letitia looked really attractive, with slim legs, a gym vest that showed off her full breasts and firm upper arms. Would I have to go over her lap I wondered? She sure looked sexy.

“Quickly girls, and make sure you bring your things,” Letitia snapped before leaving the room.

Helen said, “Wow, snappy little thing. Still, I know from last time we need to get going as they don’t hold back when it comes to discipline here.”

Helen and Simone were finished before me and said they wanted to go. “I’ll just be a mo.”

“We want a quick look around so we’ll see you there then, just don’t be late and make sure you bring your things.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant and they left before I could ask. I finished putting everything away got undressed, put on my dressing gown, the ‘uniform’ for student side nominees like me, and made my way to classroom 3. I saw a few other girls and smiled, getting nice friendly smiles back. I tried to take in the surroundings. It was clearly a school type building with long corridors and surprisingly every few feet there was a chair against the wall. None together but all evenly spaced out. I laughed to myself thinking just how they looked like the chair Mrs Fellows had in her bedroom, the one she sat on to spank me. Still, I was soon looking at the walls and seeing sets of instructions about not talking or dawdling, just like the school I teach at but more clinical.

It was only when I got close to the classroom I realised all the others were holding the hairbrush, the loop around their wrist. I had brought my behaviour card but then I remembered the papers and that I was also supposed to have the hairbrush with me but had left it on the bed. I panicked and turned around to go back and almost knocked another girl over. “Sorry,” I said flashing a smile, but too late realised she was in gym gear. I had knocked in to a staff side nominee.

“Stupid girl,” she snapped. “Come over here,” and she took my arm and led me to the side of the hallway and sat on one of the chairs. “Get your dressing gown off and across my lap.”

I gasped, not a spanking so quickly, and surely not in the hallway.

“Do it now girl or we go to see the Headmistress.”

I asked weakly, “Is that Mrs Fellows?” I just remembered in time how staff side nominees have to be addressed and quickly added, ‘Miss.’

I got a very stern look, and she snapped back, “No girl, she is the Dean. Believe me you don’t want to go to the Dean or the Headmistress. Anyway, you get a black mark for arguing.”

I remembered reading about black marks. There was a schedule of punishments meted out each day to anyone with a black mark, the more black marks the more the punishment. My mind was awhirl, I needed the hairbrush, I was going to get spanked, and class was starting in a few minutes and if late for class there were all sorts of penalties. I quickly removed my dressing gown and stood in my knickers and otherwise naked.

“Your knickers girl, get them off as well.”

Quickly I stepped out of my knickers and handed them and the gown over. I looked at the girl, certainly no older and maybe even younger than me but in charge over me, and most of the other nominees. I was in turmoil. 28 years old, at a camp for teachers with potential but being treated like a naughty schoolgirl and by someone my own age. I was finding it hard to believe but the reality was undeniable. I was going to get spanked in the hallway with other nominees, male and female, walking passed to get to their classrooms.

I saw her lips move, luscious lips with white teeth behind them, and eyes that tore into me. A girl in control, confident, just as a teacher needs to be I thought, and then the sound from those gorgeous lips hit my ears, “Get over my lap girl,” and I stepped forward and guided myself across her lap. I felt her hand on my bottom, rubbing in circles a few times, and as I looked around the floor I was conscious of several feet dawdling past me, and lots of whispers which told me they were talking about me and what was about to happen to me. Then I felt the first spank ad gasped more from shock than pain. Her palm hit me again on the other bottom cheek and then on alternate bottom cheeks time and again. No gaps, no breathers, just spank after spank on each bare bottom cheek and the tops of both legs.

I wasn’t sure how long the spanking lasted but reckoned I must have been given several dozen spanks before she stopped.

“Get up and give me your behaviour card.”

I slid off her lap, took my dressing gown and pulled the card out of the pocket. She looked at it and said, “Laura, I’ll have to watch out for you girl. Two black marks anyway, one for barging in to me and one for arguing,” and she wrote something on the first line of the card before handing it back to me. “Presumably you have left your hairbrush in the dorm. You had better get it quickly or else you will be late for class.”

I was alert enough to say, “Yes Miss, thank you Miss,” and saw her smirk, as though telling me I saved myself from another black mark. Maybe I was learning already, and maybe the spanking was a good reminder for me, and at a good time. I half smiled as I turned and walked quickly back to the dorm rubbing my bottom as I walked. I saw the hairbrush still on the bed, picked it up, slipped my wrist through the loop, and headed back to the classroom, much more careful this time to ensure I didn’t bash in to anyone.

I got to the classroom and saw Simone and Helen sitting near the front. We smiled at each other and I sat next to them, catching my breath as I sat down realising I should have sat more gently. Helen lent over and whispered, “Bad luck getting a spanking so early on.”

I blushed and asked, “Did you see?”

Helen smiled and said, “You bet. Loads of us did. Do you know how red your bottom is?”

“I know, I’ve been rubbing it ever since, she could sure spank hard,” I replied smiling back. Helen was nice for sure. I looked at Simone who smiled a half unsure type of smile as though her thoughts were elsewhere.

The teacher entered. “I’m Miss Haden and I will be your teacher for the weekend.” Miss Haden looked at a piece of paper and said out loud, “Simone, please stand up.”

I looked sideways and saw a now red faced Simone stand.

Miss Haden said, “The Dean wants to see you, I think you know why.”

I looked at Simone who blushed an even darker shade of red as she replied, “Yes Miss.”

“Off you go then girl,” Miss Haden said sternly.

Simone left the room and I looked at Helen who shrugged her shoulders as though saying she knew it was going to happen. I heard Helen swear under her breath and reckoned she knew Miss Haden. I made a mental note to ask her when I had the chance. Now wasn’t the time.

Miss Haden turned back to the class and asked, “Anyone get spanked already or have any black marks yet, if so stand up please?”

I could not believe the question and dumbfounded eased myself up. Miss Haden actually looked surprised and said, “Really?”

“Yes Miss,” I answered.

“Oh, then come out front then. Erm Laura isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss,” I replied as I stood in front of her.

Miss Haden looked about 35 and had on a wedding ring. She was smartly dressed, a black skirt to just above her knee and a white short sleeved shirt, her hair just touching her shoulders. She opened the drawer of her desk and took out a strap before standing up.

“Anyone with a black mark gets the strap on each hand at the start of class so hold out your hands. How many black marks? Surely not more than one girl?”

“I have two black marks Miss.”

“Were you spanked as well?” The question seemed an afterthought.

I blushed as I admitted, “Yes Miss, in the hallway.”

“So quickly? I don’t know how you girls do it. Anyway that means three on each hand.”

I licked my lips as I held my hands out. Three on each hand didn’t sound too bad. Mind you, I was thinking that it would get really painful if I got any more black marks. I looked at the students some of whom were smiling although I wondered whether they would be smiling if it was them about to have their hands smacked.

I felt the leather strap rest on my hand, saw it lifted up quite high, and heard the whoosh as it came down hard on my hand. I gasped and looked at Miss Haden who just kept looking sternly at me as she laid the strap on the other hand, lifted it up and again brought it down on the open palm and caused me to gasp again. The strap was laid across on first palm again, was lifted up, and this time stung more when it landed across my palm. I sucked my lips in as the strap was laid on the other palm, and a second later caused the stinging pain to run right across my palm as I stood with tow stinging hands still outstretched knowing there was another one yet for each hand. Miss Haden quickly laid the strap on my hand again, the whoosh was followed by more pain, and the final one on my other hand brought quite a noticeable gasp. Miss Haden smiled at me and looked like she enjoyed using the strap on me.

“Sit down Laura,” she ordered me and I flexed my fingers as I got to my seat and sat down, my fingers tingling and my bottom still on the sore side.

“Right, everyone open their books.” Miss Haden then started to run through some suggestions on how we can all become better teachers. I got quite engrossed and determined to do well and the time flew passed. From time to time I looked around the class and everyone was looking studiously at their books, so I reckoned I was made an example of to ensure everyone else in the class was well behaved. It worked as we got through the class without any interruptions from anyone. On the plus side I was doing so well two of my marks were reversed, and from what I could see I was the only student with a black mark left.

An hour later there was a break and Helen and I sat together in the café when Simone came in and one look told me she had been disciplined. Her eyes were still red and tears lines were quite noticeable running down her face. She sat down very carefully and Helen asked, “You OK sweetie?”

Simone nodded and said, “Letitia told on me just like she threatened to do.”

I looked surprised and Helen explained, “When we were off looking around and saw you being spanked Letitia found us and told Simone she had searched the room and found her cigarettes which are on the forbidden list. She said she would tell the Dean and she did.” Helen looked at Simone and asked, “What did you get?”

Simone sniffed and said, “Eight with the cane. Six and two extras.”

I was staggered. “The cane?” I had never been caned but a couple of my friends had been and when I saw their bottoms and the wicked red lines, or welts really, I said I never wanted that kind of punishment. Still, I was interested to know more. “Was it on the bare?”

Simone seemed happy enough to tell us. “I had to drop my skirt and knickers to my ankles and bend over the Deans desk. She got out a senior cane with a hooked end. I knew it would hurt as I have been caned several times before. So I just stuck my bottom out and waited. The Dean went on and on about my attitude and what was I thinking of bringing cigarettes in. Then she gave me the first stroke. I can tell you it hurt like crazy as it was like a cold caning and my bottom was so stretched. I know I cried out. Then the cow tells me off again before she taps my bum and next moment the second stroke. I cry out again.”

Helen asked, “Legs together or apart?”

“Apart, and when I didn’t have them apart enough she stuck the cane between my legs and flicked my inner thighs until I was really far apart and knew it would hurt even more. Anyway, she only gave me a few seconds and while I was waiting for some more telling off she just let fly again. When I screeched out she told me not to make so much noise. Can you believe that?”

Helen shook her head and said, “The rotten so and so.”

“Right, then she tells me off again and I’m not really listening as my bottom is stinging like mad. I felt the cane tap my bum a couple of times and then whoosh and my bum is stinging worse than ever and all I can think of is that makes it four and there is still two to go. She tells me to stick my bottom right out and before I know it she lands another stroke and then the sixth without any gap. I cry out louder than ever so she says as I made too much noise I get an extra. Before I can say anything she has tapped me a couple of times and then she gave me another stroke and I cried out again, I know I did, I tried not to but the pain was just so great. That cane is so long and heavy I knew there would be such heavy welts across my bottom. Anyway she told me I was getting another and my legs needed to be well apart and my bottom stuck right out. You know I was sure she just wanted a really good look at my pussy and I pictured her with her hand inside her knickers as she caned me, but when I looked around I only saw a blur as my eyes were full of tears but her hand was by her side and she was looking straight at me. I told myself this time I wasn’t going to scream out and looked away just as I heard the whoosh. The pain was worse than all of the others and I cried out a bit, but I heard her say that was better and I could get up.

“So that was it?” Helen asked.

“Yes, thankfully. I got my skirt back on but didn’t put my knickers back on because they would be too tight, which is something I learnt when being caned before.”

I asked, “Were you caned last time?”

“Oh yes, but I don’t mean that, I mean before this camp.”

I asked with more than a little interest, “How come?”

“The Head at our school still canes the students, but any teacher in his or her first three years is also liable to be caned at her whim. I got caned loads of times, sometimes six, but mostly twelve and that’s when I learnt to leave my knickers off afterwards. Anyway, I just seem to get under her skin, and that’s one of the reasons I’m here, again. It’s my third time and the Head told me she’ll keep sending me until I improve. l don’t really care, but I could do without the cane. I won’t be sitting comfortably for a while.”

I was shocked on the one hand but dying to see Simone’s bottom. There wasn’t time then though as we were called back for another lesson, then lunch and then two afternoon sessions but no free time at all. When walking between lessons I was surprised at the number of staff side nominees sitting on chairs in the corridor with student side nominees across their laps spanking their bare bottoms. Whenever I walked along any corridor there was at least one spanking taking place, always with the hand showing it was a staff side nominee doing the spanking.

A couple of times though the hairbrush was being used, the spanking sound much louder and the screams coming from the nominee echoing down the hallway. We all did the same, slowed down as we passed so we could get an extra glimpse of the spanking, and in my case I was thankful it wasn’t me having my bare bottom spanked although always with a tinge of excitement, and I knew my pussy was damp by the time I passed by. Judging from the looks on some of the other faces I reckon others thought the same way, and the erection on one of the guys stretched his dressing gown right out, and there was no hiding what he was thinking.

It was just before dinner before we went back to the dorm and Simone and I were by ourselves. Helen had gone for a swim and Letitia was at another lecture she had volunteered for.

I asked Simone, “Can I see your bottom?”

Simone was in a better mood now and happily turned around and lifter her dressing gown. I caught my breath. She still had no knickers and there were all those severe red lines, some crisscrossing her bottom. They must be hurting.

“Do you want me to rub some cream in for you?” I asked.

“That would be nice of you Laura. I have some with me as I was so sure I would get the cane again.”

Simone handed me the cream and lay on the bed. I squeezed some of the cold cream on to both her bottom cheeks and then placed the palm of my hand on her bottom and rubbed in circles around her bottom and I felt the still deep welts. I had to admit they felt so sexy although I still didn’t fancy the cane myself. Soon Simone was groaning happily and eased her legs apart and my hands started to rub the inside of her thighs. I squeezed out some more cream and kept rubbing as Simone groaned sexily lifting her bottom up and before I knew it I was rubbing my fingers along her pussy.

Simone turned over, gasping as her bottom hit the sheets but she eased herself down and whispered, “Join me.”

I slipped my dressing gown off and stepped out of my knickers and was soon on top of Simone, our pussy’s joined, our tongues entwined as we kissed, our hands caressing the others breasts, squeezing the others erect nipples, and all the time getting more and more aroused. I found myself running my fingers along the several welts on Simone’s bottom and she seemed to love me touching them.

“I love the pain Laura,” Simone whispered in to my ear as she sucked my ear lobe.

“I love touching them Simone,” I whispered back as I edged her over on to her tummy and started to kiss the welts, gently licking them, and kissing her bottom. Soon though somehow Simone turned on to her back again and I found my tongue running along her wet pussy and edging into her, and loved the way Simone was kissing my own naked body. I felt Simone deserved to be loved as recompense for her caning and so my tongue edged deeper and deeper inside her and she gyrated as I sucked and licked her until I heard her huge gasp, and knew she had cum. I kept licking and sucking her and my finger was deep inside her, flicking her clit as she came again.

I felt Simone’s fingers playing with my pussy and was getting closer and closer to my own orgasm. We were both breathing heavily, my pussy was all quivering and although I had not cum myself I knew I was very close, when suddenly I heard the door open and looked up hoping it was Helen but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even Letitia. Instead it was Mrs Fellows. I could see the anger all over her face, particularly her eyes, and knew I was in trouble.

“Get up both of you, now,” she shouted sternly.

I shot up but Simone stumbled, a look of concern on her face. After all it was Mrs Fellows who had caned her.

“Are you going to cane me again Mrs Fellows?”

Mrs Fellows replied, “Not this time Simone. Having cigarettes is specifically a caning offence. Having sex isn’t.”

I looked at Simone who smiled at me.

Mrs Fellows continued, “However you are both very late for dinner which is why I came to find you, well to find Laura and it just so happens you Simone are with her.”

Mrs Fellows looked at us both and said, “Get your gown on both of you. Give me your conduct cards You can both have two black marks and come with me to the dining room. All the others will be there now.”

I got up and stepped in to my knickers and put my dressing gown back on. I looked at Simone and saw she was also dressed, at least as much as we can be in knickers and a dressing gown but I was used to it after a full day dressed just like this.

We turned and followed Mrs Fellows and once again I was thinking I needed to turn this around. Spanked on my bottom and my hands, and now caught having sex with another teacher. I turned to Mrs Fellows and said, “I’m sorry about that Mrs Fellows, we just got carried away but we are going to work hard from now on. We really want to be good teachers Mrs Fellows, really we do.” Simone was nodding in agreement so I knew I was right to jump in and speak for her as well.

Mrs Fellows stopped walking, looked me carefully in the eye, and said, “What you did back there isn’t the problem Laura. You can both have sex with whoever you want.”

“Oh, then why the black marks Mrs Fellows?”

“Don’t you know the time? I came to look for you because you were so late for dinner. I wasn’t expecting to find you in bed together. No, the black marks are for being late and now you have to pay the penalty for them. That’s where we are going now.”

Mrs Fellows turned again and walked on and I followed, not sure what was going to happen but knew two black marks, with the one I had left from earlier, won’t be good. I wondered how many others will have three black marks. Not many I was sure.

We made our way to the dining room in silence. Most of the nominees were seated but there were a still standing in a line, waiting to speak to a supervisor. I watched closely and saw they were showing the supervisor their card. Most were sent to a table, but a few were sent to stand by the wall. I couldn’t see why and wasn’t too concerned until it was my turn. The supervisor looked at my card, raised her eyebrows at the three black marks, and pointed to the wall. I heard the same instruction given to Simone.

There were eight of us lined up and then I saw a supervisor put three chairs pretty much in a row. Three supervisors sat on them and three names were called out. Each went to one of the supervisors and in full view of all the nominees allowed their dressing gowns to drop to the floor, they each stepped out of their knickers, two women and a man. Each then handed their hairbrushes to the supervisor before bending across the supervisors lap. There was a hush in the room as all eyes turned towards the chairs, and the nominees remained quiet as the three supervisors started to spank each nominee with their hairbrush. Three bare bottoms were turned red as their legs kicked their bottoms squirmed and the hairbrushes were brought down time and again.

I looked around the room and still everyone was quiet, some looking at others sitting close by, most looking at the three supervisors spanking the three nominees, others glancing at me, knowing I will be suffering the same fate. That’s when it struck me. Of course, I will be next or maybe the one after next.

I hadn’t focussed too much on the supervisors. Two I recognised from around the camp but the third took me a second to place and when I did I know I went white. She is Jason’s Mum. The student I spanked back at school. She was one of the supervisors and I never knew. What if I get her, how awful will that be?

There was a guy standing next to me and he saw who I was looking at. “You don’t want her, not Mrs Masters,” he said, “She will find any number of reasons to give you extras.”

“What do you mean?”

“The spankers will be told how many black marks we each have, and that is 50 spanks with the hairbrush for each black mark.”

I gulped at that. 50 spanks for each black mark and I had three.

He continued, “Last year one poor girl had three black marks but ended up getting 250 spanks for the flimsiest of reasons. Putting her hand on her bottom got 30, not having her legs far enough apart another 50, that kind of thing, and the Headmistress just let her do it.”

“Oh, I see.” I continued, “Who chooses who gets which supervisor?”

“We just get told when we get to the front of the queue by one of the other supervisors.”

“Right,” I said quietly, thinking whether I will get Mrs Masters.

One by one the nominees were allowed up from their spanking, but Mrs Masters kept on spanking her nominee. Spank after spank even after the other two had put their knickers back on and their dressing gowns. The controlling supervisor didn’t wait though. She told the next two nominees to get undressed, pointed at the spanker they were to go to, and I watched as they each bent across their laps and their spankings were well underway before Mrs Masters finally finished her spanking. The crying nominee hurriedly got dressed and made her way to her table.

I breathed with relief as there was one nominee before me. However, I was shocked when I heard the supervisor controlling the line call out, “Laura.”

I looked at her and said, “Yes, that’s me.”

“You’re next, come on.”

“But what about him?” I pointed at the guy I had spoken to as he was next in line.

“Don’t argue Laura,” she snapped, adding, “It seems this is a special request and I don’t see any reason not to grant it.”

I asked quietly, resigned to the answer, “Who requested it?”

It didn’t come as a surprise when Mrs Masters answered from her chair. “I did,” she said with a wicked smile. “If you have a problem with it we can always speak to the Headmistress.” She looked at me daring me to object. I didn’t dare though. The risk was far too great.

“No, that’s OK Miss,” I conceded. I needed to show her as much respect as I could muster. I stood by Mrs Masters and slipped my dressing gown off and stepped out of my knickers, handing over the hairbrush and stood as the supervisor looked at her schedule.

“This one’s been very naughty. Three black marks.”

I gulped. Mrs Masters smiled, raising her eyebrows.

“OK Laura, get across.”

I bent down and lay across her lap, and as the floor came up to meet me I heard her say, “Three black marks gets 150 spanks. I want your legs well apart and your bottom raised. I don’t give reminders so if you aren’t in the right position I will tell you a number and that’s the number of extras you get. Any arguments and you get more. Understood?”

“Yes Miss,” I answered. I was going to try my best not to get any extras.

Suddenly there was a gap in the spanks, and I heard Mrs Masters hiss at me, “If my Jason needs to be spanked I will spank him, not you young missy. Understood Laura?”

“Yes Miss, definitely Miss.” I wasn’t going to argue with that.

Mrs Masters continued, “I was so annoyed when I found out quite by chance you had spanked Jason. That evening I put him across my lap for back chat over dinner and saw his bottom was bright red, and he told me. That’s how come I spoke to Mrs Fellows and we agreed you should come to the camp. Hey presto you did and here you are across my lap in front of dozens of people. Great isn’t it Laura?”

I didn’t think it was so great and groaned when I felt the hard wooden backed hairbrush tapped several times lightly on my bottom. Mrs Masters was really stretching out my agony, rather fear of the spanking she was giving me. 150 spanks with this really horrid thing. I could still hear the crying in the room which I knew came from the first nominees to be spanked and I knew it won’t be long before my cries will join them echoing around the heads of everyone sitting so comfortably at their dining tables. There was a part of me that said this was horrid, but I knew from the fluttering in my pussy another part of me found this so sexy, being put across the lap of a strong willed woman, a woman who expected me to obey her, and as I lay on her lap I thought about how my bottom will sting afterwards, gloriously, erotically, and how I will certainly masturbate tonight as I run my fingers across my burning bottom. I was getting ever more damp at the thought of it and as I clenched my thighs and put pressure on my pussy so my breathing deepened.

I glanced to my side and saw several nominees looking back at me which was another turn on for me. Were they envious I wondered, wishing they would experience the pussy quivering spanking I was going to get. It was even delicious knowing it was Mrs Masters, Jason’s Mum, who was going to spank me. Justice even, certainly justified. What better I thought, being spanked because I really deserve to be, and once again my pussy quivered and I was actually edging towards orgasm, but I knew I better not let that happen. I forced myself not to smile at the thought.

I focussed suddenly on the watching faces and realised they weren’t smiling back at me. Some had their hands over their mouths as though to stifle their own cries, then as I watched one girl I saw her eyes rise up and I knew Mrs Masters had lifted the hairbrush and the next moment I felt her thigh tense and the hairbrush spank down on my bare bottom. I gasped, my head jerked, my bottom stung as spank after spank landed again and again. My expectation of sexual delight and erotic masturbation quickly dissipated and was replaced by realism. Mrs Masters wasn’t playing, she wasn’t trying to get me aroused, no, she was trying to punish me, and she was getting there, very quickly. I knew I was crying out but really didn’t care as I was being spanked so hard, relentlessly, no gaps, no breather, just spank after spank sometimes on alternate bottom cheeks and other times spank after spank on the same cheek and even the same spot.

As the pain spread outwards across my bottom I heard, “Legs not apart enough, so add 50.”

I gasped, shot my legs apart. “I didn't do it on purpose Miss,” I tried.

“Arguing, add 50.”

Oh no I thought, 150 was now 250 spanks just as the guy had said. My own fault I knew. why couldn't I just accept it? I know I deserved the spanking and of course the extras made perfect sense.

The spanking continued unabated as I tried hard to keep my legs apartand even though I was crying and squirming around on her lap I at least managed to keep my legs apart and not earn even more spanks. What I did learn from this spanking was that the pain was more than I had ever experienced before but strangely I didn’t feel the need to get up or to beg Mrs Masters to stop. 28 years old and being given a really painful very public agonizingly severe spanking which seemed to go on and on but with each spank I knew I was learning my lesson, all sorts of lessons, and I knew I deserved every spank, needed every spank, as painful as they were.

Just as swiftly as it started so the spanking ended. All of a sudden no more spanks from the hairbrush, but I was crying, my chest heaving, I was desperately trying to calm down but the stinging right across my bottom kept the crying going whilst at the same time that same tingling stinging sensation flooded across my bottom and deep inside me making my pussy quiver in sexual arousal. I felt Mrs Masters hand rubbing my bottom. That was nice, felt good, calming, soothing me, her hands running around my bottom in large circles, increasing the pleasure of my stinging bottom, what she was doing was now so pleasant I didn’t want her to stop. I felt her hand go between my legs and my legs parted even further , I didn’t do it consciously, I just did it as it felt natural, and the reward was her hand rubbing the inside of my thighs, I felt good again and somehow the pain added to my delight. I felt her hand rub up the inside of my thigh and brushed my pussy, I gasped in delight, sexual pleasure. I lifted my bottom hoping she would continue, wanting her to.

The spank hurt, the next spank hurt more, suddenly spanks were raining down again on me and I was gasping, squirming around on her lap. I had heard someone shout ‘50’ and reckoned it was Mrs Masters as she spanked with renewed and awful force. She was giving me yet another thrashing. I was crying even more heavily when she stopped, and after just a few moments respite, but no rubbing, she said tersely,

“How dare you Laura. Using me to masturbate. Get up you naughty girl.”

I was humiliated that she spoke so loudly so everyone will have heard. I crawled off her lap ending up on all fours on the floor, looking up at Mrs Masters, wondering how I could have been so silly, stupid in fact, to think I could have actually cum on her lap and in front of all these people. She was rubbing her hands on me not me on her. I stood, almost falling over as the pain again took its hold of me, and as I stood in front of her my hands rubbed my bottom, fast, furiously. Mrs Masters looked cross.

“I will not have you masturbate on my lap Laura, you are being disciplined and that’s all.”

I wanted to argue, normally would have done, really give her a piece of my mind, but I was in no state for that, I was crying still, rubbing my bottom, looking wide eyed at Mrs Masters scared she might tell me to go back across her lap. Mrs Masters was smirking though, and I realised she was being stern for show more than intent. I wasn’t going to be spanked again. I calmed down, still rubbing my bottom feverishly.

I looked around and saw all the faces more clearly now. What were they thinking? Probably not how lucky I was to be the one being spanked.

“Go to your table Laura. I will want to discuss your disgusting behaviour later.”

I gulped. Maybe my punishment wasn’t over, but all I wanted right now was to get away from Mrs Masters. “Yes Miss,” I said still sobbing as I slipped on my dressing gown, picked up my knickers but decided not to let the others have a glimpse of my pussy as I stepped in to them, and fled to my table.

I looked at the faces of the others, still wide eyed. I pulled my chair out and sat down. Cripes that hurt. My bottom stung as I landed on the seat and I howled as I stood up again. My hands went straight to my bottom, lifting my dressing gown, I no longer cared who saw my pussy. I just needed to rub away the pain.

Letitia was at the table. “Sit down Laura.” She spoke sternly.

I nodded in submission, and slowly, ever so gently, sat down, gasping as my bottom touched the seat but breathed in deeply and eased myself down. “Sorry Letitia,” I said quietly.

Letitia said out loud, “How could you Laura? I thought you were going to pop an orgasm the way you were going. You should have seen the looks on some of the faces out there.”

I blushed, was mortified, and felt completely humiliated. I had actually tried to have an orgasm as Mrs Masters rubbed my bottom. How could I have even thought to do that? I looked at the others around the table who stayed silent, then at the tables closest to me and saw the huddled whispers and the glances towards me, some smiling but in the main stone faced, as though I had done something that really offended them.

After a few minutes the girl next to me lent over squeezed my thigh and whispered in my ear, “How’s your bottom feel?”

“It stings,” I replied, looking at the woman, also about my age. She continued, “That was so erotic Laura, watching you try to cum on her lap, what with your bouncing bottom and even you kicking your legs was so sexy as you have such great legs, it was such a turn on for me.” She glanced sideways and added sweetly, “Others too Laura. Look, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to masturbate dreaming about you tonight.”

I smiled at her. That made me feel a lot better. “No problem,” I replied, thinking that was a compliment.

The guy next to me on my other side tapped my other leg. I looked at him but could not miss the erection that had exploded outside his dressing gown. He said, “Me too. You were sexy and Mrs Masters was sexy as she spanked you but I suppose you couldn’t see her too well.”

I laughed, “Well, I had a great view of her legs, and the floor.” He laughed as well.

I looked around and some of the silent faces were now smiling at me. I was feeling happier all of the time.

Mrs Fellows stood up. “Now boys and girls, all those who deserved a spanking have been spanked so all the slates are clear. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully you will have learned to study and not mess around. Now, enjoy your meal. You have the evening off so use the gym or the pool watch the film that will be showing in the hall, or go your dorm and study or talk. A word of warning though. You must behave properly. Black marks will be handed out to anyone who misbehaves and don’t forget supervisors and staff-siders can use the chairs in the corridor to spank any wrongdoers.”

There was a hush around the room as everyone allowed what had been said to sink in. I made my mind up to be well behaved. My stinging bottom was a constant painful reminder of what happens here when you are naughty and whilst the stinging was getting warm and tingly, I didn’t want another spanking, not here anyway.

I chatted to the others on my table during dinner although Letitia gave me some stern looks if I made out I handled the spanking well enough. I knew that wasn’t true of course. I didn’t eat much as I kept thinking about the spanking and talking to the others about it. I could not believe it really, spanked in public, naked, and at the time humiliated. Still, I was feeling aroused again what with the nice things my new friends said about me and my stinging bottom.

After dinner Letitia said to me, “Come with me Laura, I need to have a chat with you.”

As soon as we got outside I wanted to say to Letitia I hoped she wasn’t cross with me over the way I was crowing at dinner as after all she was my dorm leader and had spanking rights over me still. I started, “Letitia, I.”

“Stop talking Laura and follow me.”

That put me in my place. Firmly and surely, just as I put my own students in their place if they were noisy in class. The difference was that I was 28 years old. Anyway I obeyed Letitia and followed her in silence along a couple of corridors towards the staff quarters, the area that was out of bounds to all nominees, unless invited whether staff side or student side. We came to a door. Letitia opened it without knocking as though she was expected. We walked in. Mrs Fellows and Mrs Masters were there. My mouth dropped open.

“Sit down Laura,” Mrs Fellows ordered.

I looked at the chair, a hard wooden affair, and asked, “Would you mind awfully if I stood Mrs Fellows?”

“Yes I would Laura, now sit girl.” she snapped.

I sat as gingerly as I could but couldn’t help seeing all three of them smiling to each other as I gasped as my bottom sat on the chair.

Mrs Fellows said, “A job well done I think Mrs Masters.”

“Thank you Mrs Fellows.”

Mrs Fellows asked me, “Tell me Laura, how was your first day at camp?”

She was smiling, friendly, not what I expected when ushered in to a room with the Headmistress, the supervisor who had just spanked me in public, and my dorm leader, all of whom have spanking rights over me. “Well, erm, I learned a lot Mrs Fellows.”

“Yes Laura, the threat of being spanked and then actually being spanked when you deserve to be does produce results don’t you think?”

“Yes Mrs Fellows, it certainly does concentrate the mind and tomorrow I will be very well behaved, listen very carefully and learn.”

Mrs Fellows let out a high pitched laugh and said, “Very admirable Laura. However the proof will be whether you are good enough to avoid further discipline. By good there has to be two things to be aware of. The first is your behaviour, and the second is the standard of your work. Just like school really.”

I felt a quiver in my pussy and knew she was right. Yes, I was looking at two women who had now both spanked me, controlled me, Mrs Masters had also humiliated me in front of dozens of others at the camp, and just now, not knowing what was to happen to me, another spanking or worse, I knew the power of uncertainty of being under other women’s authority with no say whatsoever myself. I was spellbound, unsure, tense, and all those things made me aroused, very aroused. “Yes Miss, I will try Miss” I said quietly.

I thought about the day. I enjoyed watching others being spanked in the hallway but was most excited when it was me being spanked in front of all those people. It was all very clear to me now. Of course being spanked hurt, stung like crazy, but it’s a spanking and supposed to of course, and I did earn the spankings I was given, but I also enjoyed the soreness afterwards. I thought for a moment and realised actually I looked forward to the soreness.

There was a knock on the door. It was Simone looking embarrassed.

Mrs Fellows ordered, “Right Simone, take your dressing gown and knickers off and face the wall until I am ready for you.”

I watched Simone undress, gazed at her firm breasts and pussy, but only sheepishly as I still felt over awed by the other women, but aroused as well. I saw the lines across Simone’s bottom from her caning earlier in the day, still there, still red, and knew she must be aching still.

Mrs Masters asked, “How many this time Mrs Fellows?”

Mrs Fellows stood up and went to her cupboard and took out a long cane, flexing it between her hands, “18 I think. Then I will tend to her bottom tonight. How about Helen?”

“She is already in my room, facing the wall. I am thinking the tawse and hairbrush tonight.”

Mrs Masters turned to us and said, “So Letitia, the two of you will have your dorm to yourselves.”

I smiled at Letitia but she looked at me with a smirk. “I know your bottom is sore Laura but your bed is a mess and that is one of the things I must spank you for.”

I groaned and Mrs Fellows nodded in agreement. “Letitia, make sure you teach Laura how important it is to be tidy.”

“I most certainly will,” Letitia said crossly. I thought how attractive she looked with her eyes blazing. She looked at me and said, “Time to go,” Letitia ordered, and I obediently stood up. “Back to the dorm where I will supervise you cleaning up your things before I discipline you.”

I looked again at Simone and wondered how many more red stripes there will be across her bottom by the morning, another 18 for sure but it always seemed extras were given for the slightest disobedience here at camp. Then there was Helen, to be dealt with by Mrs Masters. The stingy tawse. Ouch.

I followed Letitia out of the room and towards our dorm which will have just the two of us tonight. Letitia did look rather attractive in her short skirt displaying her firm legs and her tight gym top which showed off her curvy figure.

We walked down the first corridor and just ahead of us was a supervisor sitting on one of the chairs and next to her was the guy sitting next to me at the dinner table. He was slipping his dressing gown off his shoulders which meant he was about to get a spanking. He still had the most enormous erection as he looked at me and smiled. As we drew closer the supervisor said sharply, “We’ll have to deal with that young man.”

I reckoned the supervisor was about 35 and looked very attractive in her black dress that would have been a bit above her knee but sitting down showed off her lovely thighs. She grabbed his penis which made him jump and gasp and as she yanked him towards her she snapped, “Get over my lap,” and I was sure he was still smiling as he bent forwards and was looking towards the floor to steady himself as the supervisor looked up at Letitia, winked, and said as though to the guy, “I can still feel it, so I’m going to spank you until it’s gone and then some. My hand first, luckily for you, then your hairbrush.” She lifted her hand and spanked his bottom and kept spanking as we walked passed.

I realised he must have decided getting spanked was better than masturbating dreaming of me being spanked and I wondered whether the girl sitting next to me at dinner had done the same. This was all really turning me on.

A girl I recognised but didn’t know passed by and said whilst smiling, “Good one Laura, I was so turned on by Mrs Masters spanking you.” She half looked at Letitia as though wanting to get caught saying something she shouldn’t have done.

Just then a staff side nominee passed by, grabbed the girls arm and pulled her towards a chair, saying, “Well if it turned you on you may as well experience it for yourself.” I looked back just as she was bending across the staff siders lap.

Letitia said, “So you have become quite the hero Laura. Still, there are a few of us on the lookout for student siders who want to be spanked. I was looking around the dining room as you were being spanked and certainly when you were trying to cum on Mrs Masters lap quite a few of the student siders had their hands between their legs and looks on their faces that said they were envious of you. Don’t worry, they were spotted and tonight and tomorrow will get their wish.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yes, you see just as you are turned on being spanked, and you are aren’t you Laura?” Letitia paused waiting for an answer.

“I guess so,” I replied.

“Exactly, well there are others of us turned on by doing the spanking, like me.”

I turned to the 22 year old and said, “You mean you are going to enjoy spanking me?”

Letitia smiled. “Oh yes, just as Mrs Masters enjoyed spanking you, and Mrs Fellows. In fact Mrs Fellows saw how so many nominees were treating you as a hero so she told me to bring you down a peg or two.” Letitia looked serious for a moment and added, “Don’t get me wrong, we are here to help you learn and spanking is an important part of your education, but it’s all the better we enjoy what we do, don’t you think?”

“Well yes, I suppose so.” She was right as after all I enjoyed teaching. I didn’t actually enjoy spanking anyone but I now knew I got aroused by being spanked, hurt as it did, and was going to be spanked tonight by a 22 year old who was going to enjoy spanking me.

We got back to the dorm and the bed was unmade with clothes on top of it. I didn’t remember leaving it like that but my bottom hurt so much already I hardly cared. The other beds were made and tidy.

“Take your dressing gown off and your knickers, you don’t deserve to be dressed. This is what you get for being so naughty.”

I let the gown slip down my arms and stepped out of my knickers always under the glare of the 22 year old. Somehow it was scary but also so sexy having her control me, different to Mrs Fellows and Mrs Masters, Letitia was really sexy. Mind you, when I turned and bent down to pick up the clothes Letitia spanked me hard on my bare bottom. That quickened my pace as I looked at her and saw she was holding my wooden backed hairbrush. “Your bottom is already so beautifully red I bet it stings, but I never let that worry me. Anyway, the lesson starts in earnest when I am happy you have tidied your bed up properly.” Another spank made me gasp.

Letitia continued, “I will be disciplining you and you had better be prepared to exchange presents, long wet ones that will involve both our pussy’s and both our tongues.” Letitia enjoyed the look of concern on my face before adding with a smirk, “Think of it as homework. Afterwards I will give you another good long hard spanking before we are ready for bed. I just love listening to someone I have just spanked crying themselves to sleep and tonight that will be you.”

“Oh,” I said, realising this was going to be more than just discipline. I looked again at the 22 year old and thought how erotic the night might be, disciplined first by this controlling young woman followed by sex. How wonderful. Pain and sex one after the other, intermingled, although I knew I would have no say in the order. Letitia was in total control. l followed her every order and suffered more spanks on my bottom as I tidied my bed and knew I would soon be across her lap and that would only be the start of the night.

Finally my area was tidy enough and she snapped, “Hands on your head.” I did as I was told. Letitia stood in front of me, put her finger on my neck, and slowly ran her finger downwards, reached my breasts and squeezed both nipples hard, I squeaked in pain, her finger continued downwards, passed my tummy, down to my pussy hair mound and along my pussy lips, then back again, slowly edging inside me helped by my sex juices already on my vagina lips, slowly easing inwards until she found my clit, she flicked it, played with me, moments later I came, gasping, breathing sharp breaths as I stood facing her, the 22 year old dominating me the 28 year old, our eyes close to each other, I felt her breath on me and knew she felt mine. Her perfume smelt so fabulous. I was transfixed, being controlled, under her control.

Whilst her finger was still inside me and I was enjoying her tender touch but calmer now Letitia said, “You do know the nominees found you being spanked erotic for two reasons?”

“No, what do you mean?”

“Well, some of them like I said wanted to be spanked themselves, but for the others it was watching you naked, you are very attractive you know.”

“Am I?” I was suddenly enjoying the discussion.

“Yes you are.” Letitia ran her fingers over my body as she described what she saw. “You are slim, have fabulous legs, a bottom that is a dream, beautifully shaped breasts, yes altogether a delight just to look at, and spanked naked as well.” Letitia added after a moment, “Go on, feel me, inside my knickers.”

My heart missed a beat, my fingers went under her short skirt, over the top of the elastic of her knickers and fluttered downwards to her pussy hair, I felt her pussy lips and yes she was so wet my fingers slid inside her. I so wanted to bring her to orgasm and I felt like kissing her there and then and telling her how attractive I found her and was sure lots of others also found her attractive. However I didn’t get the words out because seeing I was perhaps revelling too much in her compliments she quickly changed the mood with a strict sounding, “Hand out young lady, that is for later, but first let’s teach the teacher, eh Laura?”

I looked in to her deep blue eyes, saw her smirk followed by her hardening face, stern, demanding, expecting as I took my fingers from her pussy, back outside her knickers, and back on to the top of my head. Letitia continued in a stern almost frightening tone, “Now I am going to spank you very hard and teach you your lesson. You will squirm around on my lap and you will cry, in fact you will cry a lot. I will use your paddle hairbrush on you so don’t worry that you may not cry because believe me you will, deep sobs you won’t be able to stop. Then I will enjoy you whilst you are bawling your eyes out. I will want your tongue inside me and you had better satisfy me. Don’t let me down Laura because I get very annoyed when I feel let down. Understand me?”

I nodded, too aroused to answer, too tense, too apprehensive. I knew then I was so erotically excited by a strong woman telling me what to do, Mrs Fellows, Mrs Masters and yes even 22 year old Letitia. I bent across her lap, for some reason focussed on her toes, beautifully painted, saw her slim bare legs, felt a rush deep between my legs a quiver in my pussy, then felt the paddle hairbrush on my bottom, wondered fleetingly how come a 28 year old, me, was about to be spanked by a 22 year old, how a teacher, me, used to being in charge was about to have my bare bottom spanked until I cried and would be put to bed still crying after being used by Letitia for her own satisfaction. Well in fact I was looking forward to being her plaything whilst knowing I too will be aroused and have orgasms because of the pain as much as her searching tongue and fingers. I found Letitia so attractive and stern and commanding and knew she will be teaching me a lesson I will not forget for quite a while and yes I willingly accepted I won’t be able to sit down comfortably on my bottom tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow was another day and I had some loving and lots of crying to do before then.

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