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Laura's Bad Decision

Laura fails to supervise her students and a spanking follows
I shouldn’t really be surprised that two students were being spanked in front of the whole group of students. I am part way through a six month temporary position with a private school in my area where spanking as a form of discipline is an established method. I wanted to see first-hand if it helped discipline in the school and having watched several students being spanked I could see how discipline was far better than in schools with no such deterrent. I did smile when I read my contract as it specifically said Junior Teachers, like me, could be spanked by Senior Staff for a whole raft of reasons stated in the contract and whilst I supposed no teacher was actually spanked the possibility made my pussy quiver and I hoped that maybe I would get spanked. Not so far though anyway.

Whilst the vast majority of the boys and girls were well behaved of course there are always a few bad apples, which is why, as I walked in to the room, two girls were having their bare bottoms spanked. We were on a school trip staying in a rather nice hotel and in some free time we went in small groups to the beach. I was in charge of two girls and a boy. One of the girls and the boy, both 16 years of age, were the perhaps unfortunate recipients of the spanking.

I watched the two students being spanked. Both lay across a teacher’s lap. One boy and one girl, the boy’s trousers were around his ankles and his underpants yanked down to his knees. The girl's dress was lifted up above her waist and her knickers were dangling on one ankle. Both bottoms were already a bright red and I knew that by the time they would be let up both bottoms will be glowing, their student’s legs kicking, and tears will be streaming down their faces.

I looked sideways and saw Emma. It had been her fault really. It was an outing, over thirty students chaperoned by eight teachers. I had been asked to take three out to walk along the waterfront, take in the sights of the seaside town, and then back to the hotel, a change of clothes, then everyone was going off to the concert. We were all looking forward to seeing the local orchestra and choir.

My group walked down the shopping street. I saw the dress in the window and it was in a sale, ending today. I loved it at first sight. So I asked Emma, “Could you lead the others down to the pier and I’ll meet you there?” Emma agreed.

“Nice dress,” Emma said as she walked on telling the other two to follow quickly.

I went in the shop and tried the dress on. Sleeveless, snug fitting, slinky even, the hem closer to my bottom than my knee but I loved short skirts as I could show off my legs. It was a lovely rich red. I looked great in it. I took the dress to the till, paid for it, left the shop and wandered towards the pier. I checked my watch and realised I must have spent longer than I thought buying my dress so sped up and got to the pier hoping the three in my charge would be waiting.

Emma wasn’t there. The other two were so I went over to them. “Where’s Emma?” I asked.

Neither of them had any idea. “Emma told us to wait here then legged it back towards the shops.”

“Really?” I asked, unhappy my instructions had not been followed. Emma was in the senior year and should have been more responsible and I will certainly be having words with her when I got back, giving her a detention for sure. We stood waiting for about twenty minutes and then I noticed a few of the other teachers and their groups making their way back to the Hotel. I looked around madly and realised Emma wasn’t coming so I said to the other two, “Come on, we better look for her.”

The three of us went to look for Emma and I must say I started to panic a bit, which was unusual for me but I knew I was at fault for going shopping. Nevertheless I was very annoyed with Emma and if she had done as she was told this would never have happened so it is her fault really. After ten minutes of looking the other two said they were too tired and sat on the front looking out at the sea whilst I kept looking. I checked my watch and realised we were now an hour late. I decided to cut my losses and went to find the other two but they weren’t sitting where I left them. I twirled around and felt my stomach ache as I decided to make my way back to the Hotel. 

I got back to the Hotel and went to the meeting room we had used for the weekend. I walked in and saw the two students already bent across the teachers laps getting their bare bottoms spanked.

“Come in Laura, do join us.” I looked at the head teacher, Jennifer Lewis , who gave me a very old fashioned look. Still, I decided to accept the words for what they were and moved closer in to the room and watched the spankings. The two teachers were spanking very hard and the two students were squirming and gasping as spank after spank thrashed down. I glanced again at Emma and noticed her skirt was lifted up above her waist and her knickers were around her knees so she was ready to be spanked. Good I thought, well deserved. Maybe I’ll be asked to spank her. In fact I should be allowed to and would ask when the other two had finished being spanked.

I looked again at the teachers giving the spankings and smiled to myself. They were so focussed on the bare bottoms on their laps, the two very red bottoms, I felt myself getting quite turned on in fact, and more so when I again glanced at Emma and saw her shuffling from foot to foot clearly not looking forward to what she was going to get very soon.

The room was very nicely filled with the spank spank sound of open palm on bare bottom with the subsequent gasps from the two 16 year old students. Ben was handling it far better than Jasmine who was kicking and gasping and turning her head around begging the teacher to stop but as usual that only led to the teacher spanking even harder with more relish.

I watched for several most enjoyable minutes until the spanks stopped and Ben and Jasmine were allowed to get up.

“Stand with your hands on your heads,” Jennifer ordered, so the two of them had to stand in the middle of the room, Jasmine’s pussy and Ben’s penis on show for everyone to see, not to mention their two red bottoms. Tears streaked down Jasmine’s face which can’t have helped her feeling of humiliation.

Jennifer said sternly, “Right you two, you have been spanked because when you came back to the Hotel you had some real attitude which you know I don’t like so let that be a lesson to you both.”

Mrs Lewis then looked at Emma and said, “You however Emma are very much to blame for being late and as you are 18 you should be much more responsible . So expect a harder spanking than these two have received.”

I stepped forward saying, “Do allow me to spank her Jennifer, I am so cross with her.”

Jennifer held her hand up and I stopped as she said firmly, “No Laura, I have asked Mrs Jones to do the honours.”

“Oh, right,” I conceded unhappily. It was usual for the teacher who was wronged to carry out the punishment so I thought it a mite unfair but Jennifer did seem so firm I decided to let it go and just enjoy watching Emma suffer. Emma stepped forward and lifted her skirt even further as she bent down across Miss Jones lap. Funny I thought momentarily how we always called this teacher Miss Jones. She was much older than everyone else and it was a sign of respect, but on the other hand she was known to be one of the hardest spankers on the staff. When new teachers started, like me, it was Miss Jones who showed the rest of us how to spank properly and she was so feared by the students, and that might be the reason for the very sorrowful look Emma had on her face when I first walked in.

Certainly the first few spanks resounded around the room and it was then I noticed that rather than sympathy lots of the students had looks of satisfaction on their faces and the harder the spanking Emma received the more some of the students heads nodded. Strange I thought. Usually the students stuck together and I wondered what Emma had done to lead so many students to be nodding with approval.

I checked my watch again and suddenly it struck me. The concert had already started and everyone was still here. Oh my goodness, everyone was missing the concert and Emma was getting the blame. Well so she should I reckoned as she had gone off as she did. I watched intently as Mrs Jones spanked Emma really hard with her open palm, it was actually rather sexy watching Emma’s bare bottom cheeks bounce around like waves as Mrs Jones hand thrashed down with a heavy cracking sound, Emma’s bottom cheek swirled around as it retreated slowing as the open palm of the teacher was lifted high again only for the other bare bottom cheek to quiver as the teachers open palm thrashed down again. All the while Emma squirmed and gasped as she struggled to cope.

I watched Emma’s bottom turn red and tears fill her eyes as the spanking progressed and as Emma struggled and gasped so Mrs Jones spanked even harder, with more passion, pursed lips, flashing eyes, with the hint of a smile the more Emma wriggled on the teachers lap.

I saw Jenifer step forward holding a heavy plimsoll and handed it to Mrs Jones. Well I knew what that felt like and smiled knowing the pain it will cause Emma. Well she deserved it and I was now more than happy Mrs Jones was giving the spanking as watching it was actually more enjoyable, my pussy was quivering slightly, and as I looked around the room several of the girls were giggling and most of the boys stared intently at Emma’s bottom. I on the other hand was soon looking at Mrs Jones as she lifted her arm to her shoulder and brought the plimsoll down with a thwack on Emma’s bottom, her face intent, and yes sexy, dominant. I pictured myself across her lap being spanked to tears and as I fantasised so my pussy quivered even more. I pressed my thighs together to intensify the erotic feeling and my breathing deepened.

I was on my way to cumming when the spanking suddenly stopped. Mrs Jones rubbed Emma’s bottom whilst Emma was crying uncontrollably, the spanking having done its job and made the student very sorry for her misdeed. Mrs Jones though looked particularly satisfied with the job she had done, being the teacher who has disciplined the student for her misbehaviour. My eyes stayed fixed on Mrs Jones still picturing my bottom across her lap and her hand rubbing my now sore and burning bottom. So sexy. So what I wanted.

I was shaken out of my reverie by the firm instruction from Mrs Jones, “Emma, get up your punishment is complete. I hope you will never do it again.”

Emma crawled off the teachers lap, stood up and immediately started to rub her bottom, not caring Mrs Jones was smirking with delight, but answered respectfully, “No Miss, never again, I promise Miss.”

“Ok, now turn to your fellow students and tell them you are sorry for your actions.”

Emma turned to face the other students with tears streaming down her face still rubbing her bottom and said sobbing, “I am so sorry everyone.”

Mrs Jones then turned to Casey, the Head Prefect and asked, “Casey, what do you think is appropriate now.”

Casey stood up and looked around at the other students. She was 18 years old and well respected by the others. She replied, “Well Miss, whilst I accept the apology I do I think Emma should sit a double detention.”

I gasped. Students in Prefect double detentions were spanked by Casey. That was a bit much I thought but knew Casey was a tough cookie and in fact I had often daydreamed about being spanked by the teenager. She is a sporty girl, my height, she enjoys the gym and was very fit. It was so easy to picture her in her gym kit and me across her lap being spanked. She is an attractive girl with attitude. A very confident young lady who will go far. I had often stood outside Prefects detention and listened to her spank the boys and girls although never dared venture in. I had masturbated thinking about her though, delicious fantasies making me cum beautifully. Only a dream though as teachers don’t get sent to Prefects Detention, mores the pity I thought at the time.

Mrs Jones said, “I agree,” and turned to a still sobbing Emma and said firmly, “OK Emma, you will take a double detention when we get back next week.”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss,” a very miserable Emma replied the look on her face telling everyone she was only too well aware the Head Prefect relished her spanking responsibilities and no student ever left her lap in anything other than abject humiliation not to mention the suffering the inability to sit down for ages.

Miss Jones ordered, “Right Emma, go and face the wall whilst we deal with Laura.”

“What?” I screeched, disbelieving. “What do you mean deal with me?” What could that mean? It wasn’t my fault Emma wandered off.

Mrs Lewis jumped in with a strict, “Be quiet Laura, you will not be rude when you talk to me.”

I gulped when I heard the stern sounding voice and turned to look at the Head Teacher. She then asked me, “Tell me Laura, do you think Emma deserved her spanking?”

“Yes definitely,” I replied without thinking it through. I just wanted to emphasise it was Emma’s fault going off as she did.

“So do I,” Mrs Lewis replied. She then asked me, “What is in the bag you were carrying?”

I suddenly knew what she meant by deal with me. Of course, I was the one that went shopping and somehow she knew that. “Erm, a dress.”

“You mean a dress Mrs Lewis.”

“Yes, I mean sorry, Mrs Lewis.”

“That’s better Laura.”

I was mortified. Here I was a teacher, 28 years old, being scolded in front of students most of whom I teach on a daily basis. I felt so small, so humiliated, but knew I could not win a fight against Mrs Lewis.

“So Laura, a dress, which I understand you purchased when out with the students, whilst you were supposed to be looking after them.”

I nodded my head in horror and had to admit, “Yes Mrs Lewis.”

Mrs Lewis smiled, knowing I was in the wrong.

“That is how come the others wandered off, and why the whole class is sitting here rather than being at the concert.”

I panicked, “Well yes but Emma went off and I couldn’t find her, and,”

“No ands or buts young lady. Emma has paid for what she did.”

I shot back with, “Rightly so Mrs Lewis.”

I realised what I had said. I was so stupid, I didn’t think first, I just shot my mouth off with what first came in to my head. So stupid.”

“Exactly,” Mrs Lewis said, adding after a few very uncomfortable seconds, for me that is, “Put the dress on Laura, let’s see the reason we are still all here.”

“Why Miss?” I asked bewildered.

“Just do it girl,” Mrs Lewis replied strictly.

I picked up the dress and looked around for somewhere to change. Mrs Lewis shouted out, “Change here girl, believe me everyone will see enough of your naked body to make no difference where you change.”

I looked around and said without thinking, “But they are students and will see me undressed.” I was breathing very heavily and outwardly enraged.

Mrs Lewis said almost quietly, “Then you should have thought about that before losing your students. Now get changed.” The sternness in her voice shattered my will to object and I set about the task of changing. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor and pulled my vest top over my head, putting the clothes on a chair. I stood in my bra and knickers and heard sniggers as I took the dress out of the bag and stepped in to it. My feeling of pride in the dress vanished under the humiliation of having to change in front of the students. Worse came as I could not do the zip up and Stephanie, a 16 year old student got up and zipped me up, laughing as she did so. Everyone seemed to be enjoying my discomfort.

I looked at Mrs Lewis who eyed me up and down, then looking straight at me said, “I hope it won’t crease when you are being spanked.”

The comment took only a second to sink in and as I looked around madly at the watching students I said angrily, “You can’t.”

Mrs Lewis stormed over to me and with her face inches from mine hissed. “Can’t? Is that what you just said young missy?”

Young missy, my girl, terms used when telling off the students not me. I said defensively, “I’m a teacher, and I’m 28 years old Miss.”

“Again, you should have thought about that.” She took a breath, looked around the room, I saw her smile, and then she said, “Casey, I think you should give Laura her spanking.”

Casey stood up as I swung round and faced the 18 year old. “She can’t, she’s only 18.”

Mrs Fellow bellowed, “I will decide if she can or she can’t and I say she can. You know very well it is stated in your contract discipline is under my domain and I have decided.”

I turned and begged, “Please Mrs Lewis, don’t.” I added a plaintive, “Please.”

Mrs Lewis looked most unsympathetic when she said, “Well as a teacher you cannot take Prefects detention but I do think Casey should punish you on behalf of all the students.” I must have looked distraught, so Mrs Lewis added, “Don’t worry Laura, she is most proficient, she will turn your bottom the most lovely red colour.”

I groaned which only made Mrs Lewis happier. “Casey, go and sit on that upright chair and Laura you go and stand by her.”

I couldn’t argue anymore, not when the instructions had been so definite. I let Casey pass me and followed her to the designated chair, the one Emma and Jasmine had been spanked on. Casey sat down gracefully. She was wearing her school uniform as that was what everyone generally wore on school trips, a short sleeved blouse, a knee length skirt and ankle socks. Even the senior girls had to wear them. It was historic and no one minded.

Casey looked at me and ordered, “Right Laura,” she said emphasising my name and the fact she wasn’t addressing me as Miss, “Lift your dress above your waist and lower your knickers to your ankles, then you will go across my lap.”

I looked down at the Head Prefect and realised the unattainable dream of being spanked by her was about to become reality. Unbelievably so. I edged the dress up above my waist where it sat around my slim waist but was tight enough not to fall back down before putting my thumbs inside the waistband of my knickers and pushing them downwards, bending my knees to get them down to my ankles, well aware my pussy hair was showing through my legs. I wanted the ground to open up but it didn’t. Reality set in. I edged forward and levered myself down and across Casey’s lap, my hands resting on the floor my head inches above it.

I felt Casey’s hand on my bottom as she rubbed me in circles. She must have been smiling from the tone of her voice when she said to the back of my head, “Usually I will explain why I am having to spank you but I think that is clear enough. Don’t you think Laura?”

That of course only made my humiliation stronger. She was literally talking down to me, the 18 year old humiliating me the 28 year old teacher.

I turned my head trying to look up at her to answer but of course that was impossible and all I saw were all the smiling faces looking at me. I lowered my head again and said to the floor, “Yes Casey.”

Mrs Lewis said sternly, “Laura, I do think if you are under discipline you should address Casey as Miss, as a sign of respect.”

“Really?” I asked.

Casey spanked me hard on each bottom cheek and said, “Show respect Laura and do as you are told.”

I replied quickly, “Yes Miss Casey, sorry Miss Casey.” I was again beaten in to submission.

“Good,” Casey said with a very superior tone.

The rubbing continued for a few moments before she lifted her hand and brought her palm down on my bare bottom cheek, then again on my other bare bottom cheek. She spanked me quite methodically on alternate bottom cheeks almost in four segments up down and across and kept the momentum up for several minutes until I know my bottom was starting to sting. The spanking wasn’t as hard as others I had received but there was no let up, actually just the way I liked being spanked, and soon I allowed my head to drop as the spanking continued.

It seemed never ending until eventually Casey rubbed my bottom again, and then the backs of my legs. That was nice as I really did enjoy my legs being rubbed. I opened my eyes and saw Casey’s short school socks which reminded me I was being spanked by an 18 year old, but Mrs Lewis was correct, Casey really was very experienced. I shook my head when I again looked at the socks. So sweet really.

I didn’t think the spank on the back of my legs was so sweet, nor the next one nor the spank after spank that followed. I was gasping as the backs of my legs stung. Casey pressed my bottom cheek just at the sit spot as though stretching my skin and then with her other hand spanked me again and again right on that awfully tender sit spot. I was gasping louder and louder until, she rested a moment, said, “I do like symmetry,” as she stretched the skin on my other leg and started to spank that leg time and again. My eyes were filled with tears well before Casey had finished spanking my legs.

It wasn’t over though. Casey again spanked my bottom cheeks which stung again rather quickly. Mrs Lewis was right, Casey was more than just proficient at spanking. It was many more minutes before Casey stopped spanking me. I opened my eyes and had another close-up look of her ankle socks and without thinking, again, I put my hand on my bottom and started to rub, until I heard Mrs Lewis tell me in no uncertain terms , “No rubbing Laura, you know not to rub until the spanking has ended don’t you.”

I quickly stretched my hands out in front of me and said, “Sorry Miss.”

Just then the door opened and the Hotel Manager came in carrying a tray but from my position across Casey’s lap and my face inches from the floor I could not see what was on the tray. The Hotel Manager stopped short when he saw me across Casey’s lap, and said in a surprised tone, “Oh, I thought Miss Laura was the teacher and young Miss Casey a student?”

Mrs Lewis said with a smile, “Yes that is right my good man, but at our school junior staff are subject to discipline as well, not just the students, and Casey is Head Prefect so has special responsibilities.” I closed my eyes and dropped my head feeling so ashamed being spoken about like that to the Manager. Already being across the teenagers lap with a bright red bottom didn’t help.

The Manager’s tone was still full of surprise when he replied “I understand madam,” turning to Mrs Lewis and explaining, “I have brought a selection for you. They are all wooden backed hairbrushes but of different sizes and thickness.”

“Quite so,” Mrs Lewis said pouring over the selection. I squirmed around and watched her pickup a hairbrush, feel its weight, let it drop in to her open palm a couple of times, then try the next one. I supposed I knew then what was going to happen even before Mrs Lewis said, “This seems the heaviest and so we will take this one. Please add the charge to our bill.”

“I will madam.” The Manager then left.

Mrs Lewis said, “Well Laura, had I thought about it I would have brought a hairbrush with me, so it’s lucky the Hotel has a selection.”

Really lucky I thought sarcastically to myself.

“So, now is the question. Who is best to use it on your bottom?”

I supposed I didn’t really care as it was going to hurt anyway. I wouldn’t mind Mrs Jones doing it as I quite fancied being put across her lap. To my horror though Mrs Lewis said, “I suppose as you are already over Casey’s lap she may as well continue.”

More humiliation I thought. The 18 year old will now really make me cry my eyes out.

“I will be delighted to Miss,” Casey said obligingly.

Mrs Lewis handed Casey the hairbrush and she had quite some delight in flashing it in front of my eyes saying gleefully, “I think we will both benefit from this don’t you think Laura?” I didn’t answer but knew my face must have been a picture for everyone watching. It looked huge and wicked so close to my face, even more so when Casey bounced the hard wooden paddle lightly on my already sore bottom, practicing it seemed.

“You get started whenever you want Casey. I will tell you when to stop.”

Casey gave me a couple more light slaps with the paddle brush and then there was a gap, I felt her thighs tense and the next moment the brush thrashed down on my bottom. It wasn’t as hard as I had been given by others which I suppose helped but it still hurt. Casey spanked me several more times and then I heard Mrs Lewis say, “Casey, you can go much harder than that, it is supposed to hurt.”

Casey said an apologetic, “Sorry Miss,” and the next spank was much harder and I screamed out in pain as I did for each and every one of the subsequent spanks which were equally as hard. Surely too hard I thought but I heard Mrs Lewis say, “That’s better Casey, keep going like that, no stopping mind, just spread the spanks around her naughty bottom and just remember she deserves every last spank.”

“Yes Miss,” Casey said as she spanked me again and again and without stopping at all. I was squirming around on her lap and kicking my legs struggling to cope knowing my bottom will be a burning bruised red and blue if she went on like this much longer. She didn’t stop though and Mrs Lewis stood close by watching, ignoring my cries. The pain was awful, I didn’t care how loudly I cried out, Casey was giving me one of the hardest spankings I think I had ever received, and I had been given some really hard ones.

Eventually Mrs Lewis said, “OK Casey, another two dozen or so then that will be it.”

I wanted to scream out no more but knew if I did that I would be as likely to hear the order not to stop after all so I just accepted the two dozen spanks. Then it was over, at least the spanking was. The pain swam around my bottom, the stinging was intense.

“Get up Laura,” Mrs Lewis ordered.

I crawled off the teenagers lap and stood up. I found standing straight impossible but my hands flew to my bottom and I rubbed to try to dispel the pain. My bottom felt so hot as I rubbed, and I was sure bruises will appear soon.

“You need to learn my girl.” I heard Mrs Lewis say, “Now say thank you to Casey for disciplining you.”

I turned to Casey and said between sobs, “Thank you Miss.”

I kept rubbing and heard giggles from around the room knowing everyone was so unsympathetic at my punishment, and I supposed they were right as it was really my fault more than Emma’s and I needed to take responsibility. It was just being disciplined by an 18 year old was so humiliating after all.

As the rubbing seemed to help so I looked at Casey and I wasn’t surprised when I realised that I the spanking had got me all aroused, now it was over of course because the spanking itself was really hard, but as I stood there rubbing my bottom I just thought how my pussy was way damper than usual after a spanking and I couldn’t wait to get myself alone so I could masturbate.

“Go and face the wall Laura, with Emma, whilst we discuss what we will do this evening now.”

I dashed as quickly as I could to stand by Emma and knew automatically to put my hands on my head and press my nose against the wall. The 28 year old and the 18 year old standing side by side, both spanked, both sobbing, both with tear stained faces, both with burning red bottoms. I had so often sent my own students to face the wall, to spend time on the naughty spot where they could face the blankness and think about what they had done wrong, I now had time to think myself about how wrong I had been to buy that dress and how the spanking was so well deserved. I had one funny thought though. Now I was on my own naughty spot I really did see its benefit and will use even more often when I get back in charge of a class.

I listened to the discussion and it seemed there was in fact a later performance of the concert so we could all go anyway. What a turn up although I half expected Mrs Lewis already knew that when she ordered us all to be spanked. Still, I was to blame so deserved the spanking I got.

“OK boys and girls, the coach will be here in 10 minutes so get ready.”

I turned around to be confronted by a very cross looking Mrs Lewis. “Not you two. You will both go straight to bed with your lights out as an added punishment. Now face the wall again until I tell you both to get to your rooms.” To emphasise the point Mrs Lewis gave me a dozen very hard spanked on my still bare bottom which meant more tears as I turned and pressed my nose back firmly against the wall.

I waited listening to the chatter of the others as they left to go to their rooms and get ready to go out feeling ashamed at the number who discussed my red bottom and how well deserved my spanking had been. One student even said how it was worth going for Head Prefect if you get the chance to spank the teachers, giggling as she left the room.

Mrs Lewis said to the backs of our heads, “You will both stay here on the naughty spot watched over by me whilst I have some marking to do. As usual any movement or talking will be met by several spanks. Once we have all left you will go to bed and stay there. The staff will be given keys and told to enter your rooms without knocking and to tell me if you are misbehaving, and I include in that having a light on or being out of bed for anything other than the toilet. It will be the hairbrush in the morning if you are caught so don’t think you will get away with anything.”

“Yes Miss,” Emma said and I felt obliged to say it as well.

I stood with my nose pressed against the wall and all I did was think long and hard about my behaviour not wanting to suffer any more spanks, and of course thought about being in bed and how delightful that will be once I get the chance to masturbate. Eventually we were told everyone was outside in the coach Mrs Lewis sent us both to bed straight afterwards. I looked at my bottom in the mirror in the bathroom and sure enough it was bright red but with bruises that I knew would make sitting very uncomfortable for quite a while.

I lay in bed disappointed I wasn’t going to the concert but then my mind wandered again to the spanking and Casey, her ankle socks and very very hard hand as well as the even harder hairbrush. My nipples stood erect as my hands were rubbing my bottom but then I felt my pussy quiver and I lifted my tummy and my fingers soon found my wet pussy and gently rubbed edging inside me until I found my clit and I rubbed harder and faster my bottom rising and falling as I gyrated, thinking about Casey, her spanking me, and maybe her spanking me again. I was groaning and gasping as I brought myself closer to orgasm, beautiful, erotic, sensual, sexy, until I came in a long bursting groan. I kept my fingers inside me until I brought myself to a second orgasm, even better than the first, turned on to my back but cried out as even the soft mattress was too hard for my sore bottom and so raised my bottom off the mattress just as the key in the door turned and the senior housekeeper came in.

The woman, in her forties I gauged in tight clothing of a short sleeved shirt and a skirt, asked “Is there a problem. I was told to make sure you stayed in bed.”

I flipped myself back on to my stomach but the bedclothes moved, my nightdress was above my waist and the housekeeper immediately had a full view of my red and bruised bottom. She laughed and said, “I heard you got a spanking.”

I blushed and the housekeeper said, “I know you are the teacher. They sure spank hard at your place.”

“Very hard,” I replied. “Still, you only get spanked if you deserve it so I can’t complain.”

“Would you like some cream rubbed in?”

“I would but that’s against the rules.”

“Can I feel how hot your bottom is?”

I was surprised but said, “OK.”

The housekeeper sat on the bed and put her hand gently on my bottom. “Wow that is hot. It must hurt a lot.”

I said ruefully, “Yes it does, and I won’t be sitting very comfortably for a few days.”

The housekeeper asked, “How was the masturbating?”

“Great,” I answered then froze. “I mean erm,”

“I told you I was asked to check on you both. I just caught Emma out of bed and gave her a choice. I spank her or I tell Mrs Lewis.”

“What did she say?” The housekeeper seemed quite calm whilst my heart beat ever so fast.

“Well, she’s back in bed on her tummy crying her eyes out rubbing her bottom. Its several shades of red deeper than after her first spanking.”


“Exactly, so you get the same choice which is only fair don’t you think?” She smiled and added, “I’ll only use my hand which I guess won’t be the case if Mrs Lewis gets told.”

“I guess not,” I accepted, then added, “But I was in bed, just masturbating. That doesn’t break the rules does it?”

The housekeeper smiled. “I can imagine the conversation with Mrs Lewis, you telling her you were so turned on by being spanked you spent the night masturbating. How do you reckon that would end up?”

When told like that I knew only one way. “I’ll be spanked again I suppose.”

Exactly what I would expect her to do and after telling everyone why which you might also find rather humiliating. So, now we are agreed you need to be spanked you had better make a quick decision, do I spank you now or Mrs Lewis tomorrow?”

“You do it,” I accepted.

“You do it what, you show me respect if you want me to save you from the much harder spanking Mrs Lewis will give you?” she snapped.

“You do it please Miss,” I replied quickly realising I did need to show her proper respect.

I watched her sit on the corner of the bed, turn to me smiling, and ordered, “Come on, I won’t wait long and can tell Mrs Lewis quick as anything.”

I crawled over to her knowing I shouldn’t have masturbated. At least this way it’s a hand spanking anyway. I edged across her lap and my hands and toes touched the floor. Her hand rubbed my bottom and she said happily, “I’m doing you a favour really?”

“How is that Miss?” I found being respectful easy when the woman controlling me is so dominant.

“Oh I told Emma I wouldn’t come back in for an hour so if she stops crying she will have some time to go back on to her computer and chat to friends, though standing up to be fair. You on the other hand will have an hour to masturbate again, on your tummy anyway. That’s how.”

“Oh I see.”

“Yes, but that is for later. First I have to make sure you realise your bad behaviour is the reason you are being spanked. I can see you have already got a really well spanked bottom but I look on it that we should start from scratch and a full spanking is the order of the day. So I reckon I will spank you for about twenty minutes, and then I’ll leave you alone for a full hour. I’ll be back checking on you again after that so there is always the chance of a second spanking if you misbehave again but that is your risk to take if you want to. Anyway I’m a firm believer that naughty bottoms must be spanked ever so hard if they are to learn their lesson, so I feel rather good about spanking two naughty bottoms in an hour.

Anything to make her life better I thought ruefully. I looked at the floor and then at her legs and thought she had rather shapely bare legs and a nicely supportive lap. It made me compare the housekeeper with Casey. The housekeeper was a maternal woman in her forties, Casey a teenager in a position of authority over me. Did the age differences matter? Was there any distinction between me at 28 years old and a teacher being spanked by a teenager or a forty something woman? I reckoned not. I was willingly submissive to both and fully deserved to be spanked by both ladies for my acts of misbehaviour. Anyway I am right now once again in my favourite submissive position, lying across a dominant female lap, my bottom being rubbed and about to be given another well-deserved spanking. I wriggled my bottom as she rubbed me in circles and I waited for what I knew would be a very painful spanking.

The first spank landed on my so sore bottom and I gasped. Maybe it was a hand only but it still hurt like crazy. Spank after spank landed as I dissolved again in to tears heartened though by the thought of masturbating later on, at least I hoped I would stop crying long enough to be able to masturbate as the housekeeper was certainly spanking me very hard indeed and seemed to be relishing her task judging from the constant spanks she was giving me. I would exchange notes with Emma in the morning, if I stopped crying by then.

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