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Laura’s Music Lesson

Laura tutor’s a friends Mum but her plan to help her friend backfires
I was worried about today. Melissa was coming over for a music lesson. Melissa is Steph’s 50 year old Mum. Steph is 28 years old like me and we are great friends. Melissa asked me to give her some help with her music which on the one hand seemed strange, tutoring a friends Mum, but I knew her well enough.

Steph has been to the house loads of times so Beccy knew her well, and had met her Mum quite a few times. Still, it was agreed Melissa would come to ours for her lesson which meant Beccy would be around and I knew I sometimes got quite heated with my students and I didn’t know how Beccy might react if I had to tell a 50 year old off. I was determined to stay calm, very determined, but then I was always determined and that didn’t stop me boiling over and getting in to trouble.

I must have known actually because the music lesson wasn’t going well as Melissa kept missing notes but seemed to think it was funny and it was getting me annoyed as I reckoned she was just losing concentration so when she missed a note the next time I did what I did to my younger students and smacked her hand saying in my best teachers voice, “Focus Melissa, take it seriously.”

Melissa snapped back, “I am taking it seriously,” and continued to play. She missed another note and I smacked her hand again, not hard, just sharply enough to make her think. It usually got the student motivated again. On the third occasion Melissa stopped playing and said in an annoyed tone, “Will you stop smacking my hand Laura.”

I retorted, “Well Melissa I will if you play properly.”

Just then Beccy came in to the room and asked, “What is all the shouting about?”

Melissa said first, “Your Laura keeps smacking my hand and I have asked her not to, that’s what Beccy.”

I refuted what Melissa said and retorted, “It’s not that at all, I’m trying to teach her and she is not listening and for a teacher that is most frustrating.”

Beccy said, “Now Laura, that’s no way to talk to Melissa, show more respect.”

“That’s not fair if you want to know what I think.” I was just about to give Melissa a piece of mind when I looked at Beccy who was obviously cross.

“I don’t,” Beccy said holding up a finger but I ignored her and continued, “Well I think Melissa isn’t interested at all.”

Melissa retorted with, “That’s not fair Laura, I do want to learn.”

“I doubt it,” I said crossing my arms, and continued, “Well in my opinion,”

Beccy said sternly, “That’s enough Laura, no one wants your opinion, and as we have discussed many many times you are far too quick to give your opinion as it is. I repeat, show Melissa respect. Anyway I won’t be having your rudeness so let’s deal with you properly, I’ll have your knickers please.”

“That’s not fair at all, I’m doing a lesson.”

Beccy responded crossly, “First, you crossed your arms like you do when you sulk and you know I don’t do sulking. Second for answering me back you get a second spanking. Now I want you to give me your knickers.”

I blushed as I knew I had talked my way to a double spanking. Why have I still not learnt? Why didn’t I stop arguing when told I was getting one spanking? I could not believe how I got carried away with my own opinions, again. Beccy was furious as she held out her hand and accepting her decision stood up pulled my knickers down stepped out of them and handed them to her.

“Take your skirt off and go to the naughty spot over there. I’ll deal with you down here today.”

I closed my eyes just as Melissa asked, “Erm Beccy, what’s happening?”

Beccy answered, “I am going to give Laura a good spanking, two in fact, because of her rudeness toward you.”

Melissa sounded rather surprised. “Really, but isn’t Laura 28 years old so rather old to be spanked.”

“Well yes she is 28 years old Melissa, but not too old for a spanking, not by a long way in fact. Laura has behaviour problems, in particular being very self-opinionated to the point of rudeness and to help her overcome that problem and several others we agreed I should spank her when she needs to be, at least when I say she needs to be that is.”

Beccy was quite emphatic about it being whenever she decided I needed to be spanked but I was well used to having no say and accepting her decisions on when I was to be spanked.

“Oh, I see. Well I guess I should go then.”

Beccy insisted, “Goodness no Melissa, I’ll give her a spanking, the first one, she will then continue your lesson in what I trust will be a far better mood, and then I’ll spank her again afterwards.”

“But you said you will spank her here. Where shall I go?”

“Melissa, you will stay here and watch. It’s part of the discipline regime. She was rude to you so you watch her being disciplined for it.”

Melissa perked up at that I thought and said enthusiastically, “Oh, I see, well then, yes, why not.” She added, “Can I have a drink perhaps?”

Beccy laughed. “Of course, there’s an opened bottle of red on the side.”

“Just right. Thanks.”

I was already on the naughty spot my nose pressed against the wall and my hands on my head as Melissa poured herself a glass of wine. “Oh my,” she said as she turned and said, “I must say I like the naughty spot touch. What must the poor girl be thinking standing there with her bare bottom all on show?”

Beccy said light heartedly, “I can tell you Melissa, she’s thinking how silly she was to be rude to you because her bottom is going to sting like crazy soon.”

She was right, that is exactly what I was thinking. Beccy was going to make me pay for what I did. In fact I wasn’t expecting the second spanking. One spanking would have been fine really, painful and all, but my pussy was wet at the thought of the one spanking. I suppose I am even wetter at the prospect of two but Beccy was certainly right that my bottom was going to sting and I wondered how I would be able to sit and continue the music lesson.

I was standing on the naughty spot for several minutes before Melissa said, “Is the spanking going to start soon Beccy?”

“Why’s that Melissa? I like Laura to be on her naughty spot for at least 10 minutes and usually longer so she has some good thinking time.”

“Oh no, there’s no rush, It’s just I will fill my glass up again if I won’t be interrupting.”

Beccy replied in a friendly tone, “You go ahead Melissa, there’s plenty of time still.”

I kept my nose pressed against the wall feeling smaller and smaller the longer the chatter went on. There Melissa was drinking wine whilst I am facing the wall like a naughty girl, well in fact I am a naughty girl of course, but that wasn’t the point. My bottom will soon be stinging and no doubt Melissa will ask for another glass of wine.

The minutes passed by until I was almost glad that Beccy said, “Come here Laura and let me deal with you.”

I turned to find Beccy on the chair, a wooden backed hairbrush in her hand, and she was glaring at me, looking so dominant. My pussy quivered as I walked over to her, her green eyes blazing, and as I got to her she tapped her lap, I glanced at Melissa who was smiling and looked as though she was really enjoying my humiliation, and I bent down across Beccy’s waiting lap. As soon as my hands landed on the floor Beccy started to rub my bare bottom as she usually did which I always found so erotic, admittedly as always mixed with the tension of knowing I was only a few rubs from a spanking but it settled me down.

I didn’t have too much time to think about being watched as Beccy lifted her hand and brought what I knew to be her open palm down hard on my right bare bottom cheek, then a second later on my left bare bottom cheek, and I knew spanks would rain down in quick and constant succession on alternate bare bottom cheeks several dozen times before Beccy would focus on one bottom cheek for a few dozen spanks, then the other bottom cheek for a few dozen spanks, until she spanked me on the very same spot several dozen times, changing the spot for another several dozen spanks, not forgetting the tender sit spots when she stretched my bottom cheeks for a better target. Of course there would be another several dozen spanks on the back of each leg.

I was stinging all over and gasping louder and louder as the spanking progressed. It never ceased to surprise me how Beccy could keep spanking me with her bare hand for what must have been literally hundreds of times without any break. I reckoned that initial part of the spanking lasted a good ten minutes. Beccy rubbed rub my bottom and the tops of my legs for twenty or thirty seconds scolding me before raising her hand and giving me another couple of hundred spanks.

I asked her once how she managed to keep going for so long. She told me what she found was that it was easier to keep spanking me and that her hand almost lost all feeling except she knew she was spanking me hard. However there was a pain threshold to get through, which was about a hundred spanks, and after that it was easier to keep going than to stop. She must be right because I have been spanked by some very experienced women and the more dominant ladies all spanked me for a long period without stopping.

Of course as the pain dulled in Beccy’s hand so the pain increased in my bottom and legs, so much so that tears welled up in my eyes well before the hand spanking was over. I didn’t normally cry during this stage but today I did.

When Beccy stopped to pick up the hairbrush Melissa said, “Oohh I bet that will really hurt Beccy.”

I wanted to cry out, ‘Well of course it does you stupid woman,’ but I knew what that would cost me and whilst my short temper had earned me a second spanking I didn’t particularly want to earn a third spanking.

Beccy answered, “Well yes Melissa, these paddle brushes are a real deterrent you know. Laura hates it but I don’t see why that should stop me using it.”

“Quite so,” Melissa said agreeing, I am sure if you weren’t so strict she would be a far naughtier young lady.”

Beccy said, “Yes she sure would,” and I could hear in her voice the hairbrush was already on its way down towards my sore bottom. The next second my right bottom cheek exploded in pain and before I could recover the hairbrush was brought down on my left bottom cheek. Beccy was so experienced at spanking me with the paddle brush and I knew I was going to be in floods of tears before many more spanks. I think I held out for a dozen spanks although holding out was of course the wrong intonation. I didn’t hold out at all. A dozen spanks with the paddle brush was how long it took for me to gasp, yell out in pain, and for the tears to cascade down my face. Once the crying started all I could do was keep crying and as the paddle brush did its work so effectively I squirmed around on Beccy’s lap and kicked my legs as my head rose and fell and my hair flew around my face, I only saw a blur if I opened my eyes and didn’t make out what anyone was saying although knew Melissa was talking to Beccy and Beccy was answering but it was just a sound, mixed in with the whacks from the hairbrush and my own howls of pain.

Eventually some of the sounds disappeared, namely the sound of the hairbrush spanking me and the sound of my screeches, and then the voices started to make sense, I could understand what was being said as Beccy rubbed my bottom and shush shushed me, calmed me down, and I thought again how I had deserved to be punished. I knew it was my own fault and as usual I needed the spanking.

Melissa seemed to be trying her best to belittle me when she said, “Do you know Beccy I don’t think I have ever seen someone as old as Beccy being spanked.”

Beccy kept rubbing my bottom which did calm me down and bring me back down to a modicum of normality when she answered, “Well I very much doubt Laura is the only 28 year old spanked regularly.”

Melissa continued her chatter. “It’s strange though as it was a week ago I was talking to my Steph, well we were arguing actually and I told her I thought she was being rude and I told her not to be, well she argued back and I eventually said it’s just a pity she’s too old to be spanked.” Melissa thought a second then continued, “You see Beccy I never did think spanking was right but as time went on and all Steph’s friends who got spanked turned out to be well behaved young ladies and Steph who didn’t get spanked was always so argumentative I started to realise I had got it all wrong and that I should have spanked her, and her younger sister of course. So when I told Steph that she laughed at me and said if I find anyone who’s 28 and still spanked then tell her and she’ll let me spank her, just once mind, but I thought that would be quite something anyway.” Melissa stopped again for a moment then added, “It’s strange that Laura and Steph are close friends but Steph didn’t know Laura was spanked. I suppose if I had known I would have said and spanked her there and then.”

Beccy said, “Lots of people know Beccy gets spanked but I guess it never got to Steph and you.”

I was still sobbing but I knew Steph wasn’t telling her Mum the truth as she jolly well did know I was spanked, we had discussed it often, I had even shown her the results of a spanking by dropping my knickers and letting her see for herself. We knew though that Melissa didn’t know I was regularly spanked, although of course now she did know as she had watched me being spanked, sipping wine no less.

Beccy had rubbed me long enough and said a sharp, “Up you get Beccy and go back on your naughty spot, think about what you have learned.”

Still crying I slid off Beccy’s lap, looked at her through blurred eyes, rubbed my bottom madly as I walked to the naughty spot knowing I only had a few short seconds to try to eradicate the pain which as always was unsuccessful before I pressed my nose against the wall and put my hands back on my head, the pain seeming to spin relentlessly around my bottom.

I half listened to what was being said behind me but mainly I was thinking my own thoughts I was 28 years old and once again spanked so hard and for so long and of course so effectively. I could never really understand how I found the thought of being spanked so erotic but still I did, not whilst crying but always afterwards when my bottom was recovering from the throbbing and smarting that always followed and somehow the soreness of my bottom and legs permeated my pussy and within just a few short minutes after a spanking my pussy was quivering and demanding the comfort of my fingers. I just needed to be by myself but knew that wouldn’t be for a while yet.

I had stopped sobbing when Beccy said to the back of my head, “Right Laura, I think you should finish Melissa’s lesson. Steph will be here soon to pick her up.”

I turned and Melissa seemed so chirpy still as she sat on the stool. I eased my knickers back on and stepped in to my skirt zipping it up. I noticed the cushion on my stool had been removed, the usual added punishment for me, and as I sat down I gasped as my very tender bottom touched the hard stool seat. I opened my eyes and saw Melissa smiling at me, and as though nothing had happened asked, “Shall I play the same tune Laura?”

I sniffed and said, “Yes please Melissa, that’s a good idea.”

Melissa turned to me a final time and said in a firm tone, “You won’t smack my hand again will you Laura?”

“No Melissa, I won’t. Please start playing.”

Just as Beccy had said I was far quieter for this session and even when Melissa made some mistakes I just pointed them out and Melissa would say, “Oh yes, sorry, let me try again,” but she didn’t learn much making the same mistakes right up to the end of the lesson. I knew smacking hands worked and would have worked with Melissa, but I wasn’t allowed to, mores the loss for Melissa I thought. It emphasised to me the power of deterrent just as I knew the threat of being spanked myself was an excellent deterrent for me.

We both got up and Melissa thanked me for the lesson and booked another one just when the doorbell rang and a few moments later Beccy had answered the door and Steph walked in. She took one look at me and asked, “Wow, what happened to you?”

I turned around lifted my skirt and Steph saw a lot of red skin below my knickers and on the tops of my legs. “Ouch,” she said, adding, “Wow Laura that looks like it stings.”

Melissa asked her daughter, “Why don’t you ask how come Laura is so red on her bottom and legs?”

Steph looked quizzical, turned to me, and said laughing, “Well Laura, if I didn’t know better I would say you have been spanked.” Steph stopped laughing when she realised I had been spanked.

I said quietly, “Exactly right Steph, Beccy spanked me and you’re Mum watched.”

Steph looked at her Mum who was smiling, blushed, and said, “Oh.”

Melissa jumped in with, “Yes Steph, and what did we discuss last week?”

Steph stayed silent looking like she was thinking back to last week.

Melissa said still smiling, “Let me help you. You said if I could find someone who is 28 and still spanked I can spank you for being so rude to me. Remember?”

Steph swallowed hard, looked at her Mum, then at Beccy and me, then back to her Mum. “I remember that Mum but like I didn’t think, I mean didn’t reckon.” She fell silent.

“Well whether you thought or reckoned the fact is Laura is 28 and I have just watched her get her bottom spanked, and now I am holding you to your word.”

Steph kept blushing and Melissa pressed, “I think my girl you need to come with me to another room so I can give you a spanking, and not before time I must say.”

Beccy said, “Oh Melissa, I think you will find it far better if Laura and I watch.”

Steph’s mouth dropped open but no sound came out.

“Good point Beccy.” She turned to her 28 year old daughter and said firmly, “Follow me,” as she walked to the chair Beccy had sat on when she spanked me. “Quickly Steph,” she said sharply.

Steph looked bewildered but started to walk over to her Mum and once she had taken the first step picked up speed and was across the room standing next to her Mum looking down at her lap.

“Knickers down please Steph, unless you want me to do it.”

“No I’ll do it,” Steph said quickly and she hurriedly lifted up her skirt and lowered her knickers. Embarrassed she allowed the skirt to drop down again covering her bare bottom. She looked at her Mum waiting for further instructions which came soon enough. “Hold up your skirt and bend over my knee my girl.”

Seconds later Steph was across her Mum’s lap with her hands were on the floor and her bare bottom staring up at her Mum.

“No arguments. Good girl. Now let’s see what happens when it starts to hurt.” Melissa raised her hand and brought it down hard on Steph’s right bare bottom cheek and Steph gasped but remained in place, gasped again when her Mum spanked her other bottom cheek, and gasped repeatedly as the spanking progressed. Melissa spanked Steph for quite a while but I judged it wasn’t as hard as Beccy spanked but then Melissa had never spanked her daughter before.

There was a gap and by then Beccy had collected a hairbrush and handed it to Melissa. Steph looked sideways at Beccy’s legs and then back at the floor. She seemed to be struggling with the hand spanking so I reckoned the hairbrush will take its toll very quickly. It did. After only the third spank with the hairbrush the 28 year old was shrieking and kicking although to her credit did stay in position. I watched intently as the hairbrush splattered down on her red bottom and her bottom cheeks flowed like a wave. I watched Melissa for a while but decided Beccy was a far better spanker. Mind you, the spanking did go on a while and Steph was crying and begging her Mum to stop, but Melissa seemed to be enjoying the pain she was causing her daughter and it was several dozen spanks with the hairbrush before she stopped.

Melissa rubbed her daughter’s bottom and much like Beccy became concerned for her daughter’s well-being, rubbed her bottom, shush shushed her, and waited for her to calm down before ordering her, “Up you get Steph.”

Steph stood up and immediately rubbed her bottom tears still flowing down her face. Melissa looked very satisfied and said, “That was good Beccy, I can see why you spank Laura anyways.”

I asked, “Can Steph and I go to the bathroom so she can wash her faces?”

Melissa gave me a stern look then smiled and said, “Go on then Laura.”

I took Steph’s hand and led her upstairs and in the bathroom. She rubbed her bottom the whole way upstairs and when we got inside the bathroom she quickly turned and looked at her bottom in the mirror, rubbed her bottom some more, turned to me and said, “Just like you said Laura, it sure hurt but it’s now lovely and warm,” and smiled, a wet smile it had to be said with her tear stained face. I had my own sense of satisfaction seeing another 28 year old with a tear stained face after a spanking, especially as Steph was such a close friend.

I asked, “”How did you feel going across your Mum’s lap?”

“Also just as you said. It felt humiliating when I had to actually bend over and put myself across her lap but once I was over and my hands hit the floor it felt just like I hoped, completely exposed and helpless and I had no control and like when Mum rubbed my bottom it felt so cool, and that first spank was something else.”

“So what do you think?”

“I want to be spanked again that’s what, just the ……”

Just then the bathroom door was pushed open and Beccy stood there, eyes blazing, looking furious. “Well Steph I can help you there.” Beccy glared at both of us in turn and said in her, ‘Don’t mess with me,’ voice, “Downstairs both of you.”

I didn’t dare look at Steph as we went back downstairs both of us still rubbing our sore bottoms and went in to the living room. Melissa looked up surprised, and as soon as Beccy walked in behind us she said, “Steph, tell your Mum what you said.”

Steph blushed as she was still rubbing her bottom and Melissa looked quizzically. Steph stuttered, “I’m sorry Mum.”

“About what Steph?”

“Well, like, I have thought about being, well, erm, spanked, for a long time but didn’t know if it was a fantasy or a real desire, so, well.”

“Hurry up Steph and tell your Mum,” Beccy ordered.

Steph carried on quickly, “So we hatched up this plan, and.”

“We?” Beccy asked sternly, actually looking both surprised and annoyed at the same time.

I answered, “Well Beccy, I thought I could maybe help Steph and we are friends.”

Beccy asked Steph sternly, “Why not tell your Mum what you said upstairs just before I opened the door?”

Steph looked helpless and said, “I said I want to be spanked again,” then added, “But Beccy came in before I could say not many times, just once more then after that maybe once a month or just when I want to be, but not for discipline.”

Melissa looked surprised but a knowing look spread across her face. “Right then and it just so happens I have also been thinking how I have had enough of your arguing and your moods and that maybe a good spanking is what you need. So you know what my girl, you are going to get what you wished for, although rather more perhaps. I am reintroducing spanking at home for you, that’s what your plan has got you.”

“But Mum, I just said I didn’t mean you spanking me as a punishment, just when I want to be spanked.”

“No way my girl. That won’t be happening. You misbehave and you will be going across my lap.” Melissa turned to Beccy and asked, “Isn’t that what you do with Laura?”

“It most certainly is Melissa and I can tell you that you will feel a whole lot better for it. Steph will feel a whole lot sorer but then she will be the one who has misbehaved.”

Beccy looked at us both and I stood there knowing how this will most likely end up and Steph and I won’t be enjoying it. Beccy looked at Melissa and said, “They need a lesson.”

Steph tried, “But Mum I’ve said I’m sorry.”

Melissa said sternly, “It’s too late for that Steph. Beccy is right. I am so cross with you so you need another spanking.”

I saw Steph concede looking at the floor and nodding. Well I knew this didn’t go as planned, not by a long way. It had sounded so easy when we hatched the plan. Steph says she will accept a spanking if her Mum knows of another 28 year old who is spanked. I get spanked in front of Melissa. Melissa spanks Steph, and Steph leaves the door open for another spanking or two, then back to normal for Steph and just the odd spanking. Of course there was the risk when Steph had told her Mum to find someone else of 28 who got spanked that Melissa would want to impose the same discipline regime on Steph as I am subject to, and guess what, I was right. I won’t say that to Steph though as me being right is one thing, but Steph having to accept regular spankings from her Mum is something quite different.

Whilst I felt sorry for Steph Beccy took over and I watched as she pulled out a second chair and placed it opposite the first chair before going to the cabinet and picking out two hairbrushes from the drawer.

“Melissa, you sit on the chair opposite,” and once she was seated she looked at me and said, “Laura, knickers please.”

I knew there was no arguing with Beccy when she is in this mood. I stepped out of my knickers and stood next to my chummy mummy and watched Steph stand to her Mum’s side. She hadn’t even put her knickers back on from her first spanking.

“Right, both of you get across our laps.”

I lowered myself and lay across Beccy’s lap and looked sideways to see really close up Steph’s legs and when I looked slightly behind me I could see Steph’s bottom, and of course knew Steph would have the same view of me. I watched Melissa rub Steph’s bottom whilst feeling Beccy’s hand rub my bottom. It felt better, sexier, somehow actually seeing a hand rub a bottom whilst feeling a hand rub me. Next moment I watched as Melissa’s hand was raised and when I saw it brought down hard on Steph’s bottom so I felt Beccy’s hand spank me, and as Melissa ‘s hand rose and fell so it matched the hand spanks Beccy gave me. I heard Steph gasp and cry out but what was so surreal was watching Melissa’s hand and feeling Beccy’s. It was even more fantastic when I watched Steph pick up the hairbrush raise it above her head and bring it down so hard on Steph’s bottom just as the hairbrush bit in to my bottom. I saw Steph’s bottom swirl around when the hairbrush bit deep whilst at the same time crying out as Beccy’s hairbrush bit in to my bottom. On and on the spanking went the pain matched by what was happening to Steph’s bottom. That was until the tears took over and my sight blurred and as I cried I realised that Steph was also crying and as I saw the blur of Steph’s legs kicking I knew mine were kicking as well.

When the spanking eventually ended and we were told to stand up I kept crying as did Steph and we both stood there rubbing our bottoms as our Mum’s stared at us looking so smug until Beccy said with her green blazing eyes, “Both of you, go to your naughty spots.”

“Good thinking Beccy,” Melissa enthused as she stood up took Steph’s arm and led her to the wall. I followed and stood two feet from Steph, pressed my nose against the wall and put my hands on my head. I glanced sideways and saw Steph also had her nose pressed against the wall and her hands on her head. I stood as still as I could and waited.

Nothing was said for several minutes until Melissa said, “I do like the naughty spot thing Beccy. It really puts the girls in their place doesn’t it?”

Beccy enthused, “We get to look at red bottoms, naughty bottoms at that.” After a moment she continued, “And if we think the naughty bottom wasn’t spanked enough we can stand behind her, put your left palm on the naughty girls tummy, and then with the other hand spank the naughty bottom hard.”

I gasped as Beccy spanked me adding, “And you get to choose whether it’s one spank, several spanks, or several dozen spanks.” I kept gasping as Beccy spanked me several dozen times.

Melissa said, “You are right, I feel so empowered, in control.”

“You are in control Melissa, just as long as you hold the threat of spanking over the naughty bottom, and speaking of that I still owe Laura a spanking and I will give it to her at 8.30 tonight before sending her to bed.”

Melissa says, “Good idea, I’ll spank Steph at the same time. Hey, her younger sister will be home by then so she can watch me spank Steph. I’ll tell her then that her older sister is now subject to spanking.”

Melissa thought a moment and asked Steph suddenly, “Does your sister want to be spanked as well Steph?”

I held my breath and Steph licked her lips. Melissa knew the answer and said almost triumphantly, “Well I guess that means you get spanked tonight and your little sister is told spanking is reintroduced for her as well.”

Beccy went to the drawer and got out two hairbrushes and handed them to Melissa. “Take these as you’ll need two if you have two naughty bottoms to spank.”

“Thanks Beccy, I’ll replace them and get another half dozen so I have stock.”

Beccy added, “I tell you what Melissa, Laura is always over at yours so if Laura is naughty you should spank her.”

“Thanks and you should spank Steph when she is at yours.”

“That’s very good of you Melissa. I guess it will be far easier to control them when they both know they can get spanked.”

I noted how Beccy emphasised the word, ‘Both,’ and looked at Steph who heard that as well. Anyway, this was sort of getting out of hand but I was finding the conversation a real turn on.

Beccy added, “I tell you what Melissa, if I spank Steph I’ll leave a message on your home phone so you know.”

I nearly came with that. Wow, that means anyone coming to the house could hear the message and know Steph was spanked.

“I’ll do the same Beccy,” Melissa said, and my pussy quivered and my breathing deepened. So the same can happen to me, how cool is that?

Beccy added in a stern tone, “Of course if Laura earns a spanking at yours then she will get another one from me as soon as she gets home.”

That really sent my pussy racing. Harsh of course and it will make the journey home more worrying knowing I was going to get another spanking but actually I reckoned that was perfectly fair and justified. Beccy should discipline me if I was so naughty at Steph’s. I could not believe that what was supposed to be one spanking has turned in to multiple spankings for me and for Steph. All I knew now was that out of hand or not I was getting so aroused by the conversation and hoped Steph was as well.

Beccy and Melissa told us we could rub before going to the kitchen. I stood facing Steph and we were both rubbing our bottoms. We smiled at each other, two 28 year olds rubbing our just spanked bottoms. There was a funny side to that.

“How are you with all this Steph?” I asked.

Steph said ruefully, “Well I got the spanking I always wanted but I don’t think I like the reintroduction of spanking as routine, that wasn’t what I wanted at all.”

I sympathised, “I know, but we got caught out.”

“That will teach me I suppose,” Steph replied sheepishly still rubbing her bottom.

“Yes Steph but then spanking is about teaching and learning. You do the learning and your Mum does the teaching that is.” I smiled.

“Very funny Laura,” Steph said at last smiling.

We heard laughter from the kitchen. I said, “Well your Mum seems pleased as punch she will be spanking you in future.”

“I guess. I suppose she will be her usual enthusiastic self about it as well so I had better watch out.”

I smiled and rubbing salt in to the wound said, “Well that’s another spin off from being spanked, watching your step more.”

We laughed still rubbing our bottoms when Beccy and Melissa came back in to the room, both with maternally stern looks on their faces. Melissa announced she had better get home and told Steph to get dressed. Beccy left me undressed until they were ready to go and then told me to say my good-byes. I hugged Steph and whispered in her ear, “Good luck,” and gave Melissa a kiss on her cheek.

Melissa said, “So I will see you next week for my next lesson.”

I smiled, just, thinking this will be novel, me the teacher teaching someone who has spanking rights over me.

When Melissa and Steph had gone Beccy made me spend another fifteen minutes facing the wall before telling me to go upstairs and get washed.

I ran upstairs and in to the bathroom to have a look at my bottom. It was still red and so sore and when I rubbed it my bottom was so warm. My breathing returned to normal and after washing I went to my bedroom got fully undressed and lay on my tummy and still rubbing my bottom before I dozed off.

My mobile went off and I recognised from the ringtone it was a text from Steph. I knew getting caught using my phone after a spanking would earn me more discipline but I wanted to know what Steph had to say so took the risk grabbed the phone and read, ‘Just masturbated thinking about my spanking, it was so cool, can’t wait for 8.30, thanks loads, S.’

I replied by text, ‘That’s awesome Steph, glad I could help. L.’

Well I was just so pleased as Steph was looking forward to her next spanking at least. My fingers found my wet pussy and I started to think about my spanking and as I rubbed myself gently, getting firmer and firmer and I pressed my fingers inside my pussy lips and deeper and deeper until I flicked my clit and I was getting so close to orgasm when my mobile went off again and it was another text from Steph.

I picked up my phone and read the message, ‘Just read your text, am going to spank Steph now for masturbating, have texted Beccy to say you used your phone which she said gets you a spanking. Enjoy. Melissa.’

I was still lying on my tummy masturbating with my finger flicking my clit and was too close to my orgasm to stop and as I came with a long orgasmic gasp my bedroom door opened, Beccy stood there a hairbrush in her hand watching me come down from my orgasm, looking at me, then at my bottom as I still lay on my tummy. She came over, sat on the bed, put the wooden paddle back of the hairbrush on my bottom and said, “So, maybe we need to teach you a lesson before your 8.30 spanking,” and she raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard on my bottom, telling me sternly between spanks, “Don’t .. use.. the .. phone .. and .. don’t.. masturbate .. after ..a .. spanking ..get.. it?”

I was screaming as each spank landed on my so sore and stinging bottom. “Sorry Beccy,” I just managed to say.

Beccy said firmly, “You’ll be sorry all right young lady, because after I give you several more spanks you will get downstairs and stand by the chair. A spanking first, then a long time on the naughty spot, then at 8.30 you’re promised spanking. I’ll teach you to try to trick us Mum’s young lady, and this will be a lesson you had better learn well.”

Beccy raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard again on my bare bottom again and again, maybe two dozen times, and when I was crying she bent down until I felt her breath on my ear and she told me firmly, “Downstairs young lady.”

I stood up and my bottom stung but I knew not to rub, not until Beccy let me, but looking at her, controlling me, her green eyes blazing, I knew I deserved every last spank and that the lesson she was about to give me would make a real impression, several actually, as she used the hairbrush on me. I might be 28 years old and a teacher, and used to telling students off when they are naughty, but Beccy really knew how to tell me off so I listened. It’s just that I didn’t learn well enough. Maybe looking at how cross Beccy was, just maybe, today, I will start to learn, and as we got downstairs and Beccy sat down on the chair, and I stood naked in front of her she asked, “Do you need to rub your bottom Laura?”

I was so thankful as my bottom was still stinging and my hands flew to my bottom and I rubbed.

Beccy said, “It’s unusual isn’t it? Rubbing just before your spanking.”

I knew what she meant. So many spankings in one day and here I stood looking down at my so dominant chummy mummy rubbing my bottom knowing in a few moments I will be told to bend across her lap for another spanking.

Beccy asked sternly, “You know you deserve this next spanking don’t you Laura?”

I wavered, just a moment, not to protest but to think how right she was, but I wavered too long.

“Shall I help you there Laura?” Beccy enquired.

I said quickly, No need Beccy, I mean,”

I couldn’t finish as Beccy’s hand rose and that was her sign to be immediately silent. I knew what would happen next. Beccy rubbed the back of my leg and said, “Maybe this will help ypou give me the right answer,” and I saw Beccy pull her hand back and like a blur her hand thrashed down on to the back of my leg and the loud slap was followed a split second later with the pain of her open palm on my fleshy thigh. I gasped, bent my leg, looked down and saw Beccy’s hand pulled back for the second smack and a moment later the slap was followed by more pain and another gasp. Six smacks later the blurred movement of Beccy’s arm ened but the pain spread across the back of my leg.

Beccy asked again, “Do you deserve this spanking Laura?”

“Yes,” I said as quickly as I could.

“Right then, and what kind of spanking?”

I again spoke quickly. “Please put me across your lap and give me a long and hard spanking Beccy.”

“Yes I will then Laura, so get across my lap.”

I bent quickly down across Beccy’s lap and as I opened my eyes and saw the carpet inches from my face Beccy said,” Please hold this for me and pass it to me when I ask for it.”

I looked sideways and saw the huge wooden paddle brush in Beccy’s hand. Well it looked huge as it was right next to my face. Beccy was really imposing her control over me as I took the hairbrush and held the handle firmly knowing there was every chance I would let go of it as I was being spanked but if I did it would be worse for me.

Beccy rubbed my bottom and said, “You do have a warm bottom already and so red, it must sting. Does it Laura?”

By now I was well aware I had to answer immediately. “Yes Beccy, my bottom is sore and it does sting.”

“But your legs are lovely and clear, well except for the smacks I have just given you.”

I felt a slight stinging in my leg but not nearly as much as across my whole bottom.

Beccy continued, “However, I will spank your bottom this time, and as you have so rightly asked it will be a long spanking. Then I will give you a couple of hundred with the hairbrush, maybe more but not less anyway. I will wait until your 8.30 spanking to really spank your legs hard. I know that is the best way to teach you a lesson and help you cry yourself to sleep.” Beccy said after a moment, “You have really earned these spankings today Laura, fancy trying to trick me like that?”

“Sorry Beccy,” I said again.

“You will be young lady, you most certainly will be.”

I lay across Beccy’s lap, I was still naked and liked it that way, another measure of me being subservient to my chummy mummy. I wondered momentarily about Steph who was probably being spanked right now as well. I knew my bottom will be stinging like crazy in a few moments and there was still the 8.30 spanking to come, and all I could do was look at the floor as the hairbrush was tapped on my bottom a few times. This will be my third spanking today and all I knew from my quivering vibrating wet pussy and my erect nipples was how I was even more excited about how I would feel afterwards than after my second spanking.

“Bottom up Laura,” Beccy demanded. She so liked me to stick my bottom up towards her as another sign of submission and that I fully accepted my punishment, which I did.

The first spank with her open palm hurt my already stinging bottom and as the spanking proceeded at its usual fast pace I was quickly gasping and close to tears, but I knew my pussy was quivering as my bottom was being turned an even darker shade of red, just how I liked it to be.

“Pass my the hairbrush Laura, “Beccy demanded and I was so thankful I had kept a hold of it. I was almost cumming as Beccy tapped my bottom with the hard wooden paddle brush and whilst I knew I would be crying uncontrollably very soon I was also looking forward to later on, 8.30 in fact. I had to get through this spanking first and spend some good thinking time on the naughty spot, before my fourth spanking. I was so excited just thinking about how I will have to bend over Beccy’s lap again and submit my sore bottom to her when she will again spank me so hard and of course there will be a focus on my legs as Beccy promised me very red and very sore and stinging legs during my fourth spanking of the day. Afterwards though, when in bed, I will have the most ecstatic orgasms that can only come with the hottest sorest stingiest of bottoms.

I knew Beccy’s main concern was my behaviour and that she wanted me to learn from my mistakes and felt with a maternal instinct she needed to spank my naughty 28 year old bottom. I know she hoped that one of these days my behaviour might improve but she had told me often enough she doesn’t mind how many times she has to spank me, she loves me and is doing it for my own good.

Of course I knew that bit was right and I accepted I needed to be spanked. Maybe I was just lucky though that later on in bed I could bring myself to orgasm even whilst crying with the pain. Just handing over full control to Beccy made me wet and my pussy quiver, even as I was looking at the floor with my bare bottom over Beccy’s lap in just the right position for my chummy mummy to spank me, even as I was waiting for the most dreadful pain from Beccy’s hairbrush still my pussy shuddered erotically.

My erotic thoughts ended as I felt Beccy’s lap tense and a moment later the first spank made me cry out, and as always whilst actually being spanked for breaking Beccy’s rules I knew a good hard spanking was again exactly what my 28 year old bottom needed. Not that I had a say in how hard I was spanked or for how long of course as Beccy decided everything about my spanking. I could only accept Beccy’s decision on when she had spanked me enough, and as the tears ran down my cheeks my face already scrunched up in pain would arch up and fall again whilst my legs kicked and I cried out in pain I knew that was still a long way off. I had a lesson to be learnt from my strict chummy mummy who knew exactly how to teach the teacher.

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