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Laura’s Weekend at the Heads House

Laura spends the weekend at Mrs Fellows house where bad behaviour is met with firm discipline
I arrived at Mrs Fellows house on Saturday morning and she welcomed me with a broad smile and pointed me towards the living room saying, “You have arrived at an opportune time Laura. My son has earned a spanking and you will need to watch me spank him.”

Need to? Wow, I just get here and will be watching a spanking, how cool is that?

I walked in to the living room to find Toby standing facing the wall with his hands on his head.

“Toby turn around.” Mrs Fellows looked at me and said, “This is Toby, my son.”

Toby turned around and I was rather taken by surprise. Mrs Fellows had told me her son would be in the house as she had grounded him, but he was much older than I had expected. Mrs Fellows saw my surprise and said sternly, “Maybe I should have told you Laura. Toby is 24 years old, but frankly I expect good behaviour at whatever age and as long as he is under my roof he must obey my rules.”

Toby was blushing which I found rather becoming, and rather enjoyed seeing him looking sheepish, and certainly embarrassed, but I gauged quite used to being spanked in front of visitors. Mind you, who was I to talk, 28 years old and now accepting I was susceptible to being spanked at Mrs Fellows whim. Still I was pleasantly taken aback to find a soul mate who like me was liable to be spanked for disciplinary reasons well in to our twenties. Of course I also still remembered the very sound spanking Mrs Fellows had given me during the week so I felt obliged to agree. “Quite so Mrs Fellows.”

“Toby,” she said sternly, “Say hello to Laura.”

I looked at Toby and smiled, a sympathetic smile really.

Toby said obediently, “Hello Laura.” He wasn’t smiling, probably thinking about the spanking he was about to get and if it was anything like the one his Mum gave me it was going to hurt.

“Well Toby now I will teach you the lesson I promised and Laura is going to see me make you cry young man.”

I watched as Mrs Fellows went to the cabinet and got a hairbrush out of the drawer, went over to the upright chair and sat down, flattened out her skirt, just as she had done when about to spank me. Mrs Fellows looked cross as she ordered, “Toby get your trousers and pants down and be quick about it.”

The 24 year old looked sheepishly at me. Mrs Fellows said sternly, “Don’t you worry about Laura being here Toby, she’s a teacher and has seen naughty boys being disciplined.” After a moment she added, “In fact that is why she is here, for spanking a student when she shouldn’t have done.”

It was my turn to blush and as I met Toby’s eyes there was an affinity, maybe even an attraction by two people who had suffered across the lap of the very dominant Mrs Fellows. Still, I nearly coughed. For a moment I thought she was going to tell Toby how she spanked had me straight after spanking the student. Even though she didn’t I was now blushing almost as much as Toby. Moments later though Toby took down his trousers and pants standing with his hands behind him, and I could not look away from his penis, probably the most shrivelled up one I had ever seen. I reckoned this was a young man who wasn’t turned on at all by being spanked. Not like me as I knew my pussy was already quivering with emotion and wet with my sex juice as I watched the 24 year old get ready to be spanked.

A few moments later Toby was across his Mum’s lap, his hands on the floor on the far side of his Mum’s lap his toes also touching the floor. Toby’s bottom though was on plain show, nicely balanced on his Mum’s lap and I was so turned on to see her hand rubbing his bare bottom in circles as she told him off. Mind you I wasn’t listening. I held my breath waiting for her to give him the first spank and watched breathlessly as her hand rose up high and almost in a blur was brought down hard on his bare exposed unprotected bottom. The slapping smacking sound caused Toby to gasp just as I put my hand to my mouth and stifled a gasp of my own. My hand was still at my mouth as the second spank thrashed down on to his bare bottom and Toby gasped again.

I watched fascinated as Mrs Fellows spanked her son time and again and was spellbound by his bottom cheeks as they swayed around and around as her hand was brought down time and again harder and harder and then even harder, her lips pursed, her eyes focussed on his bottom, and her hand working its way around his bottom and along the tops of his legs.

When Mrs Fellows picked up the hairbrush and tapped the 24 year olds already red bottom my eyes opened wide as the wooden paddle brush was aimed at his bottom, and brought down quickly, and when it smacked down on his bottom Toby’s head rose up, his back arched, his bottom pressed down on his Mum’s lap, his mouth opened and he screamed out. It was electric, I knew my knickers were soaked as I watched, I tensed my legs, squeezing my pussy, felt it quiver, and again I gasped. Almost a squeak, but I knew I was about to have an orgasm, closed my eyes, held my breath, desperately trying to stop my sex juice flooding out in to my knickers. I almost succeeded but what worried me was that I let out the smallest of gasps but neither Mrs Fellows nor Toby saw or heard. Well it was no surprise Toby didn’t hear as he was gasping and yelling as the paddle brush spanked down on his bottom. Mrs Fellows was focussed on spanking the 24 year old and if she did notice she didn’t show it. What I knew though was that I had actually had an orgasm, albeit stifled as best I could, as I watched toby being spanked.

I didn’t know how many spanks Mrs Fellows gave Toby but by the time she stopped his bottom was bright red, a burning red, tinged black where I could see the bruises would appear just as they had appeared on my bottom when Mrs Fellows spanked me. Toby lay across his Mum’s lap for several moments as he cried and his bottom shuddered. Slowly he shuffled off his Mum’s lap and stood up, rubbing his bottom madly, his floppy penis and ball sack bouncing as he rubbed. I watched mesmerised first at his penis and then when he turned I looked spellbound at his red and bruised bottom as his hands rubbed upwards and downwards. I did feel sort of sorry for him when I heard him still sobbing as he wiped the tears from his cheeks, well for a moment anyway.

The strange thing was I didn’t really feel sorry for Toby as I supposed he must heave deserved to be spanked, but I did admire Mrs Fellows and the power she had wielded over her son, the control she exerted over Toby and in so many ways also over me as I watched obediently, thinking how it could have been me, and indeed probably will be before the weekend is out. Yes, I knew I wanted to suffer that indignity. I was breathing heavily when Toby was told to return to face the wall, soundly spanked, totally humiliated in front of a stranger, me, and all I could do was wonder at his Mum. A woman I felt closer to now than ever before. My boss, the woman who has spanked me once and who I was so sure would spank me again. Actually, with another quiver of my pussy, I wanted to have spank me again.

Mrs Fellows smiled at me as I stared at the reddened bottom of her son. I smiled back feeling like she was my friend and was half expecting her to say I could call her by her first name, but that offer never came. Instead she said, “Why don’t we get you settled in to your bedroom Laura, it’s at the top of the stairs, come on I’ll show you. Toby will be fine facing the wall until we get back.”

I obediently followed Mrs Fellows up the stairs and the first bedroom was going to be mine. I walked in put my case on the bed and looked around. It was a very comfortable bedroom with a double bed, desk, upright chair, a chest of drawers and a built in cupboard. I looked at Mrs Fellows and smiled in appreciation.

“You do look nice Laura,” she said. I glanced at myself in the mirror wearing a short sleeved t shirt, short skirt and bare legs. I liked the look.

“Thank you Mrs Fellows.” I really did feel good that she complimented me.

Mrs Fellows was holding a piece of paper. “I need to tell you a few things Laura, now you are here. I do have some house rules for my special guests who are preparing for the camp so perhaps you would read these as soon as you can. I mentioned that breaking the rules at the camp led to being punished and the same applies here which helps you get used to the rules.” Mrs Fellows let that sentence sink in before continuing, “You need to make sure you are on his best behaviour at all times as not keeping to the rules is frowned upon and has, shall we say, consequences.” Again Mrs Fellows paused but I knew from the look on my face she will know I was taking it all in and suddenly I was feeling rather less than my 28 years. I felt my bottom tingle and although I was sure it was only worry, but I was sure then that my bottom was definitely going to be spanked before the weekend was out.

Mrs Fellows continued, “I also want you to be thinking about the camp. There are two types of nominee. Staff side and student side. If the nominee has already shown potential to succeed we start them on the staff side. That gives them a supervisory role over the student side nominees, which includes spanking rights. You might like to know I intend recommending you to be staff side, in view of the potential you have already shown.”

I gasped. Spanking rights over fellow nominees. Cool I thought, maybe I won’t be getting spanked after all, and with an new exuberance and asked, “Does that mean anyone staff side doesn’t get spanked themselves Mrs Fellows?”

I saw from the look on her face I had got that very wrong and Mrs Fellows said in an almost exasperated tone as though not understanding how I could possibly think that, with, “Not at all Laura. There are supervisors as well who have spanking rights over staff side nominees and student side nominees. Spanking rights for staff side students acts as an incentive to them to stay staff side and is an encouragement to student side nominees to improve, and out of everything we have tried the deterrent of a spanking has been shown to work the best. So no, Laura, even though you might well be staff side you are as liable to be spanked as any of the nominees.”

“Oh,” I said, admittedly getting quite aroused by the whole prospect of going to the camp, particularly if I will start staff side. Having watched Toby being spanked and seen him squirm around on his Mum’s lap I started to wonder what it would be like to spank another teacher.

Mrs Fellows snapped me out of my daydreaming as she continued in a wearisome tone, “Yes well Laura, that’s why I use the same principles with guests like you who stay with me. It’s the best way to prepare you for your camp experience believe me.” Mrs Fellows gave me a moment to think about what she was telling me and I can tell you I was thinking hard. She was clearly getting me used to the idea I was very likely to be spanked this weekend. Of course I knew it was a possibility when I first accepted her ‘invitation’ to stay the weekend but had convinced myself I would get through it without a spanking. Now though I wasn’t anywhere near as sure. Anyway, I felt I was now fully conditioned to understanding how close I would be to being spanked at every turn during the weekend and I supposed Mrs fellows was happy she had been clear enough as she continued in a more friendly tone, “Anyway, you settle in and unpack but if you could make sure you are back downstairs in fifteen minutes because I want to explain about the camp and discuss how you might well improve yourself as a teacher.” Again a pause before she added, “That’s fifteen minutes sharp.”

I looked up, thankful at least she will recommend me to be staff side so it wasn’t all bad, not by a long way so I said cheerfully, “Yes Mrs Fellows, oh and thank you.”

Mrs Fellows left the room closing the door. It was then I saw four hooks on the back of the door, one of which had a dressing gown on but the others were empty which I thought was strange. The thought didn’t last long as I heard Mrs Fellows shout an instruction to Toby and I again fantasised about her. I had to admit to still being quite aroused by the power of the woman, she was scary for sure and I now knew for sure she was going to spank me again if I wasn’t on my best behaviour. I knew she wanted to get me used to the type of thing I would have to do at the camp, so being threatened with a spanking was OK, I reckoned, but I’m 28 years old after all. Still, I had an open mind, wanted to learn, and so kept my thoughts to myself. I remembered all too well what happened last time I stated my opinions and the extremely sore bottom that followed.

I sat on the bed and quickly scanned the set of rules. The first two were daunting enough:

1 Do what you are asked to do expeditiously.

2 Ask pertinent questions to clarify what is required if unsure.

The list went on in that vein but to be fair there was no mention of being spanked. Feeling happier I unpacked as I was conscious of only having 15 minutes. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I changed in to a favourite red vest top which showed my breasts off beautifully even though I say so myself, a short white skirt that was longer than usual as it fell a good twelve inches below my bottom, and as it was so warm I had bare legs and high heeled black shoes. I curtsied to myself, feeling more confident, and went downstairs.

As I walked in to the room Toby looked up and double took, his eyes looking straight at my breasts. That made me feel good. On the other hand Mrs Fellows had a most disapproving look. Maybe I had misjudged the situation. Still, I felt I had to wear what made me feel confident and this was it.

Mrs Fellows said, “Well Laura, perhaps somewhat underdressed, but so be it.”

The reference to my clothes threw me as she had said she didn’t mind what I wore. Still, she pointed to the table and I saw plenty of papers there so reckoned that was what we were going to work on. I was right, and I threw myself into the studying. Mrs Fellows was a very thorough teacher and I picked up lots of valid pointers. I knew early on that far more sedate clothing was needed for a kick off, and she made it very clear that so many students drooled, her word, over me because of my clothes. I felt I was learning so fast I even offered to change now but she said that wouldn’t be necessary.

The morning went quickly and Mrs Fellows made a very tasty lunch. The afternoon flew by with more lessons whilst Toby sat on the sofa reading.

Mrs Fellows announced she was going out at 7.00 pm and after that I would be free. I had seen a piano in the other room and asked if I could play it later on and she gave me permission with a smile. “You and Toby can have a sing song.” I smiled and we both looked at Toby who was almost bewildered, nodded, and turned back to the newspaper he was reading.

It was just before 7.00 pm when Toby dropped a plate and said the most awful swear word. I stopped in my tracks and Mrs Fellows looked furious. “What have I told you Toby? You will not swear, particularly when you are grounded. Well, that gets you a spanking.”

“It’s only a word Mum, and we have a guest.”

That didn’t wash with Mrs Fellows. “You know better than to object Toby, so that gets you extras.” Mrs Fellows looked at her watch and said to herself, “The trouble is I need to leave.”

“I can wait Mum,” Toby said sarcastically.

Mrs Fellows looked daggers at her son. Sarcasm just didn’t work with her. Even I knew that from School. She was thinking hard, looked at me, then at Toby, and said, “You will do it Laura.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but Toby must have and shouted out, “No Mum, she’s only just older than me.”

Mrs Fellows replied acidly, “But at least she is older than you young man. I can tell you Toby, you are digging a very deep hole for yourself.” She turned to me and said, “Laura, you have shown real promise today the way you have approached your studies. I was right to put you ‘staff side’ and as such I will delegate to you the task of disciplining Toby.”


“Yes Laura. Rather like you spanked Jason I think. Except much harder and much longer. I will get you the implements as well.”

“Mum!” Toby was far from happy.

Mrs Fellows ignored the 24 year old and continued, “Quite a long hand spanking, then the hairbrush whilst he is still across your lap.” She glared at Toby who was blushing but now more subdued presumably at the realisation I was going to spank him.

Mrs Fellows went to the cabinet against the wall and took out the wooden paddle hairbrush put it on the table and turned a chair in to the room. “You get started Laura. I’ll take a few minutes to get changed and I’ll pop in before I go. Oh, and because of the outburst,” Mrs Fellows paused and looked at her son before looking back to me and continued, “I would normally give him somewhere between a hundred and a hundred and twenty spanks with it, but because of his outburst you will give him an extra thirty. Understood Laura?”

I looked at Toby who was still blushing, then back at Mrs Fellows and replied, “Yes Mrs Fellows.” This was a total surprise. Here I was, in Mrs Fellows house, 28 years old and about to spank her 24 year old son. I felt really quite good about the prospect. I had thought over the last few days about the spanking I gave Jason and whilst I had to admit my other thoughts and fantasy’s of being dominated by Mrs Fellows were sexually even more exciting, the prospect of having a grown man across my lap was erotic.

I sat on the chair and Toby came and stood by my side and I ordered in awe and expectation, “Take your trousers down Toby, and your underpants.”

I watched as he undid the button and zip of his trousers and lowered them to below his knees before slipping his thumbs inside the waistband of his underpants and watched them pushed downwards. Toby stood up straight and I saw his penis, this time not the floppy penis he had when he was about to be spanked by his Mum. This penis was erect, standing proudly, and Toby wasn’t cowered like he was when waiting for his Mum to spank him, no this time he was looking at my legs, my bare legs almost fully on show as my short skirt had ridden up as I sat. I suddenly realised Toby’s erect stiff penis was about to press down on my bare thighs. Toby was breathing evenly as I tapped my lap and watched the 24 year old bend down until he was lying across my lap and I looked down at his bare bottom. I placed my open palm on his bottom and rubbed. This wasn’t like Jason. This was a man’s bottom, an aroused man judging from the stiffness of the penis pressing down on my thighs.

I heard Mrs Fellows coming down the stairs and knew it had been too long since being told to spank Toby. I raised my hand and brought my open palm down on the 24 year olds bare bottom and immediately raised my hand again, spanking down a second time on his other bare bottom cheek, then again and again on alternate bottom cheeks. I heard the door open but dared not look up. I kept spanking alternate cheeks as I felt her presence, Mrs Fellows, who stood watching a few moments before saying,

“Laura, I knew I could rely on you. I have a good feeling so just keep up the good work.”

I looked up, smiled, and kept spanking Toby under the watchful eye of Mrs Fellows. After several dozen spanks with my hand I felt behind me and picked up the hairbrush lifted it high and brought it down hard on his bottom, feeling his bottom press down on to me, and felt his penis, still erect, stiff. I spanked him again and again and as he gasped in pain and kicked his legs he was also squirming around on my lap so his penis rubbed along my bare thigh, feeling hot and starting to squelch as I felt his warm cum on my thigh. I just kept spanking him harder and harder as I got more and more aroused just as I knew Toby was aroused.

I heard Mrs Fellows leave and I kept spanking as I heard the door close. Instead of stopping I kept on spanking him, still harder and harder, and as I spanked so Toby kept squirming and his penis kept rubbing against me. After quite a while I stopped spanking and looked down at his red bottom and his heaving chest as he slowly recovered although I continued to sense his squirming, rubbing his penis on my leg, and his gasps turned in to moans, his body rose and fell, the rubbing continued until there was a loud final long drawn out gasp and I felt the sticky cum on my leg. I knew he had cum, on me, and didn’t mind, not really. I had had my first sexual spanking experience and whilst I would have preferred him to cum inside me he did actually cum whilst being spanked, because he was spanked, because I spanked him.

Toby slowly recovered and knew what he had done, he looked around and up at me, blushing again, and said, “Sorry Laura, I am so sorry.” Tears ran down his cheek, he was sobbing almost uncontrollably, and I found that exciting, though actually remembering how I cried when Mrs Fellows spanked me.

I looked down at him smiled, and said, “What will your Mum say?”

Toby panicked, saying in what was a scared tone, “No please don’t tell Mum, she’ll kill me.”

I was surprised. “Surely not Toby.”

“She will Laura, I mean Miss.”


“Yes Miss, of course, Mum told me I had to call you Miss when she was out, to show you respect.”

“Oh, I see.” I felt the power Mrs Fellows had so clearly held, and I now held that power over Toby. It felt, well different, and sexual judging from the dampness between my legs, my sex juice not Toby’s, but not mind blowing, not exquisite, not what I expected. Still, I did have power over him and in a whim decided to wield it.

“You have cum Toby, but I haven’t. I need to and I need you to do it.” I looked at the back of his head as I said, “You will do it or else.”

Toby was still sobbing occasionally from the spanking as he stood up, his penis wet with his cum just as my thighs were wet. I parted my legs and he knelt down. He put his hands on my thighs, moved them upwards, under my skirt, on to the waist band of my slinky knickers, and pulled my knickers downwards and as he pulled I raised myself up and felt my knickers yanked downwards, passed my knees, over my toes, away, and allowed to drop on the floor. He put his hands on my knees and gently pressed my legs apart, I was breathing heavily as his head nestled between my legs, my head flew backwards as his mouth sucked on my pussy, his tongue licking along my pussy lips, edging inside me, and as he licked so I was breathing more heavily, and gasping as I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm until Toby’s exploring tongue was overpowering, empowering, and then it happened, I arched my back, I pressed down on his tongue, I let out a long loud sexy sexual gasp and felt my sex juices flow. Still Toby licked me, deep inside me, and more of my sex juice flowed, my gasps continued, extending my orgasm.

My gasps stopped, I pressed my thighs together around his head, and Toby knew I was done. He looked up and asked, “Was that good Laura?”

I looked down at him, smiled, nodded, and said in a sharp tone, “Was that good Miss?”

Toby smiled, “Yes Miss, sorry Miss.”

I kept smiling as I said, “Yes Toby that was good for starters, but now for the real thing.”

I grabbed Toby’s ear and pulled upwards and together we went to his bedroom, and I pulled back the covers. We both stood and quickly removed our clothes until we stood naked, my arms around his neck, his around my waist, his erect again penis against me as we lay fell together on to the bed, and enjoyed each other’s body, kissing and caressing, licking and sucking, until my pussy was wet, eager to take in Toby’s throbbing penis which I held in my hand, guiding it between my legs, passed my hair mound into my pussy, going deeper and deeper, then edging out again and inwards again, gyrating, throbbing inside my pussy as I gyrated with him, in unison, our breathing now much heavier, I let out a long gasp of orgasm just as I felt his cum shoot out in to me. I let out another long orgasmic gasp as he kept gyrating and a second rush of warm cum shot out of his penis in to me. We held each other tightly, kissing each other’s neck.

Time passed. I fell in and out of sleep, savouring the excitement of the evening, until suddenly I heard a noise, looked up and saw Mrs Fellows looking down at me, with Mrs Dean standing next to her. I caught my breath as I tried to get up but my hand was caught by Toby’s sleeping body. We had fallen asleep and had spent the night together, under the covers but that didn’t save me. I watched open eyed as Mrs Fellows pulled back the bedclothes and saw both my nakedness and of Toby. I looked up and saw the anger in her eyes as she spoke so sternly.

“Laura, how dare you.” She continued, “Get out of bed now and get back to your room.”

I shot up and out of bed, standing, looking at Mrs Fellows, scared, alarmed but under her spell, having little doubt things will now be very different. I gave Mrs Fellows a last look and ran from the room in to the hall and in to my bedroom. I sat on the bed still naked as I dared not do anything unless I was told to so and Mrs Fellows definitely said nothing about getting dressed. Moments later I heard a loud gasp which was undoubtedly caused by pain. Then another long anguished gasp. I could tell it was Toby. I listened aghast, a second spanking so soon after the first.

My door opened and Mrs Fellows entered just as a screech filled the air. “Mrs Dean is dealing with Toby.”

Of course, Mrs Dean. She was in Toby’s room and Mrs Fellows was in mine, presumably to deal with me.

“I have obviously overestimated your progress Laura.”

I swallowed, waiting to hear what that meant.

“I have some different rules for you which you had better read now.”

I looked down and saw the first two rules, and the emphasis was so different to the first set.

1 Do what you are told to do immediately.

2 Ask no questions but do exactly what is required or suffer the consequences which are described below.

I looked up and saw Mrs Fellows hanging three items on the spare hooks. A leather tawse with three fingers, a thick leather belt, and a large wooden backed paddle hairbrush. All three hung there, looking menacing, next to the dressing gown.

“These are for my use as required, as I decide, and I can tell you I will have very little patience for your misbehaviour so you had better condition yourself to feel all three Laura,”

I looked at each of the wicked implements and wondered how much they would hurt. I heard another long shriek from Toby, and knew they will hurt a lot.

“Another decision I have made Laura, I will be recommending you are student side at the camp and so subject to constant disciplinary control by anyone staff side. You assume everyone is staff side unless you are told otherwise. Understood?”

I nodded.

“So Laura, also consider yourself under disciplinary control for the rest of the weekend. Mrs Dean is certainly staff side, as is any visiting adult who is in the house from time to time. When under disciplinary control you will only dress in the dressing gown hanging on the back of your door and a pair of knickers, but not anything sexy as that would be most unwise of you. It makes it easier for us on the staff side if we need to discipline you. This is the same as will happen at the camp so get used to it”

I looked at the dressing gown and knew Mrs Fellows wasn’t going to leave the room as I undressed. I pulled my short sleeved t shirt over my head and unclipped my bra putting both on the table. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor and pushed my knickers down lifting each foot out in turn. I put them on the table as well. Now naked I glanced at Mrs Fellows who was indeed watching me. I caught my breath when I saw her look me up and down. Did she find me attractive I wondered? I hoped so. I found the power she wielded so erotic after all. My glance lingered just a moment before I took out of the drawer a more ‘sensible’ pair of knickers and stepped in to them conscious of Mrs Fellows looking at my pussy then took the dressing gown off the hook and put it on. It had no tie so I would have to hold it closed if I didn’t want my breasts on show.

Mrs Fellows ordered, “Let’s go and watch Mrs Dean deal with Toby shall we Laura?”

I followed Mrs Fellows obediently taking a last look at the implements on the door and then went in to Toby’s room. Toby was on the bed, lying on two pillows, naked, and as Mrs Dean brought the three fingered tawse down hard on his bottom it bounced around and Toby let out another gasp. The tawse rose and fell time and again as I watched. Toby’s fingers were grasping the sheet and it crumpled up as he clawed at the sheet reacting to the pain he was so clearly suffering. I knew I was finding the experience exciting, arousing, and my pussy was damp. I closed the dressing gown around me again but slipped my fingers along my pussy to confirm. Yes I was so damp.

Mrs Dean had continued to smack the tawse down hard on Toby’s bottom. I looked at Mrs Fellows and wondered how she could allow another woman to spank her son like this but I supposed that that was all part of the training. Toby was crying and his bottom continued to swirl around as the tawse landed again and again.

Mrs Dean looked at Mrs Fellows who indicated she should continue. So Mrs Fellows controlled all the discipline it seemed. I stood watching, allowing my dressing gown to fall open, wanting to see if Mrs Fellows looked at me, my firm breasts and flat stomach, and I could see she did, and that made me feel good. However, Toby’s spanking ended and my erotic thoughts were interrupted by Mrs Fellows saying sternly, “Right Laura, back to your bedroom so I can deal with you.”

My mouth opened but before I could ask Mrs Fellows said, “Mrs Dean and Toby will be along in a minute so they can both watch me thrash you.”

I breathed in deeply, looked again at Toby’s bottom and reckoned mine would look very similar before Mrs Fellows was finished. Mrs Fellows pointed to the door and I walked out of the room and back along the hall to my room, entered, and walked over to my bed. Mrs Fellows followed me in and told me sternly, “Take your dressing gown and knickers off Laura put two pillows on the bed and lie on them so your bottom sticks up in to the air.”

I removed the gown and knickers, and as I stepped out of them I once again felt much younger than my 28 years, probably more like a teenager as I stood naked again. I knew Mrs Dean and Toby would be here soon. I placed the pillows on the middle of the bed and lay down on top of them, my pussy lying on the cool pillow covers, my bottom sticking upwards. I bent my arms and lay my head on them, looking sideways and watched Mrs Fellows take the tawse off the hook and come over to the bed. I was still breathing slowly but when I looked in to Mrs Fellows eyes I was again smitten, aroused at being under the control of such a strong woman.

Mrs Fellows lay the tawse on my bottom and looked down at me. I was thinking about the pain I was about to suffer but could feel her eyes beating in to me and looked up at her, licking my lips. She said sternly, “I left you in charge and you just thought of your own selfish enjoyment.”

“But Mrs Fellows, I did spank Toby, long and hard and he cried believe me he cried.”

“So what happened Laura?” Mrs Fellows wasn’t giving me an inch given the strict tone of her voice.

“His erection, he had an erection and I felt it on my thighs, hot and stiff, and it got me so aroused, and I thought that well his spanking was over so maybe that was that, he had learned his lesson from me and now it was OK to make out.” I sniffed, looked up again and said, “You have to make allowances Mrs Fellows. You went out and I had to decide and that is what I decided,” then added, “That’s my opinion anyway.”

Mrs Fellows snapped back, “Well now I am back and in charge and I don’t think much for your opinion young lady. When you are in charge you are in charge all of the time not just when you want to be. Discipline is discipline”

Well I could see the sense in that. Maybe my opinion was wrong, it probably was wrong, and bearing in mind the very experienced Mrs Fellows was the one holding the tawse and resting it on my bare bottom as I lay naked on raised pillows on the bed I supposed her opinion meant more than mine. That was emphasised a few moments later when I felt the tawse lifted up, I closed my eyes as I heard the whoosh of air, my bottom stung, I threw my head back gasped whilst I arched my back pressing my tummy in to the pillows. My head dropped back on to the sheets, I opened my eyes and glanced sideways seeing the tawse on its way back up, it hung in the air, I saw Mrs Fellows arm drop but the tawse took a moment to follow as it bent upwards whilst her arm kept coming downwards. The tawse landed again, my bottom stung, my head shot backwards again and my tummy pressed downwards. This was more pain than I had thought, more than the hairbrush, much more than her hand.

There was a noise as the door opened. I remembered Toby, and looked up as he entered my bedroom and Mrs Dean followed him. His dressing gown was open and as he rubbed his bottom I saw his penis. It wasn’t stiff, not erect at all. So why was I still aroused I wondered? How come I wanted Mrs Fellows to keep spanking me? I wondered if it mattered that I was being watched and whilst I reckoned part of my arousal was watching Toby being spanked my feelings were more intense now with Mrs Fellows spanking me. I was still confused and my bottom was stinging but when I saw Mrs Fellows I felt happy being under her control so my pussy quivered. Even when her arm was again raised and the floppy whippy tawse followed it upwards I was inwardly accepting it was right to discipline me. Yes surprising, but reassuring.

I buried my head in the sheets as I knew the tawse reached as high as it was ever going to go and gasped again and again as the tawse spanked down on me. Tears were filling my eyes and running down my cheeks but as well as the pain I also felt something else. I looked sideways and saw Mrs Dean and Toby looking at me, well I reckoned it was them as my eyes were tear filled and my vision blurred, but as I thought I saw them so I raised my bottom, welcoming them seeing the tawse thrash down on my bottom and as I threw my head back uncontrollably, a natural reaction to the hard bite of the tawse, I thought maybe Toby will see my breasts and get a thrill, maybe even Mrs Fellows was aroused, maybe she was spanking me harder than normal as she was aroused. Maybe all of those things but I didn’t know the answer to any of it.

I lay on the pillows, crying freely as the spanking continued, not caring I was naked, not caring others watched, accepting I deserved the spanking, after all if I hadn’t fallen asleep, or rather if we hadn’t fallen asleep, after making love Mrs Fellows would have been none the wiser. I would have got away with it, and yes she was right, I mustn’t be allowed to get away with things, I needed to accept I had done wrong and suffer the very painful consequences. Yes, this was a good lesson to learn, painful, and the bruises will last an age but then sitting down will be wonderfully stingy, if I can sit down and maybe I won’t be able to for quite a while, and as I must wear only the dressing gown and knickers I would enjoy the stinging in my bottom and rubbing my finger along my wet pussy will be so easy.

The spanking ended and the room was filled only with the sound of me crying as Mrs Fellows said firmly, “Get up girl.”

I was crying and my bottom hurt so much but I managed to get up on to my knees and edge myself off the bed. My bottom stung more than I imagined possible but that was good, good for me to know that if I earn another spanking before the weekend was out it will most likely be as painful as the spanking I had just been given. I still cried but thought it was good for Toby to know he and I are likely to be spanked again with the other watching, and good for Mrs Fellows to know she has a willing bottom to spank. My willing 28 year old bare bottom.

I stood in front of Mrs Fellows, rubbing my bottom, stepping from foot to foot, knowing my breasts bounced and my pussy was in full view, no doubt glistening in my sex juice that I could tell was dribbling down my inner thigh.

Mrs Fellows didn’t see anything of this. Instead she ordered, “Right Laura, you will face the wall with your hands on your head, twenty minutes I think, then, once I tell you and not before, you will put your dressing gown back on, come downstairs, and your punishment will be over, for now at least.” Mrs Fellows smiled, a friendly smile, and said happily, “You said yesterday you were going to play the piano and in fact you are a music teacher so when you come down you can play the piano for us. Yes, I rather think that will be great fun. Is that ok with you Laura?”

My bottom stung, I was sobbing, but knew I had to answer Mrs Fellows. She was demanding an answer. I just about got out, “Yes Mrs Fellows.”

“Good girl,” Mrs Fellows said cheerfully. A moment later her stern manner returned and she ordered,” Now go and face the wall young lady.”

I faced the wall, my nose pressed against it, conscious of Mrs Fellows in the room, that she was staring at my reddened and bruised bottom. Twice she came up behind me and rubbed my bottom, I gasped because of the feel of her hand not with the pain. It was lovely to have my bottom rubbed that way although painful as well.

Mrs Fellows said in to my ear, “This is just the start Laura, I will make sure you learn and learn well, but spanking will be my tool and your penalty but by the end though you will be far better for it, a better behaved young lady and far more understanding and so will be better placed to be a good teacher.”

I felt her hand on my bottom, then it was lifted away, and I felt her open palm spank me hard, I jumped, my nose pressed against the wall as did my tummy. I held my hands tightly on the top of my head. I was confused I knew. On the one hand Mrs Fellows gave no leeway and was so strict, but on the other hand there was something sexy being across her lap, naked, her hands holding me tight, at least the hand she wasn’t spanking me with. I actually really enjoyed being controlled like that, by a powerful woman, a strict woman.

There was something else I knew. I would really have to sharpen up for the camp because if I don’t control myself I will be spending a lot of time with a close up view of the floor across someone’s lap having my bottom spanked. Yet all I wanted to do right then was lie on my bed and masturbate. I needed to masturbate I felt so aroused and that told me exactly how I felt about being controlled and spanked. 28 years old, I’ve just been spanked, but felt so close to an orgasm. How great was that.

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