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Learning a Lesson (his)

An experiment with the same story changing the girl out for a guy ........

I received a comment on my story Learning a Lesson . . . the commenter thought that the story appeared to be written by a guy.   This intrigued me because I have never been accused of anything like that before and it made me think .. . what was it that made the person think that?   I wasn’t sure but it inspired me to think about the story from another perspective.   What if the main character was male instead of female?   Would it still seem like it was written by a guy?   I don’t know.   But I thought it would be fun to re-write from that perspective so here goes…..


I was a teenager when my parents went to Hawaii for two weeks on a second honeymoon.   My Aunt Clare (my fathers 27 year old younger sister) came to stay to “keep and eye” on me.  


I didn’t know it at the time but Clare was a lesbian.   My parents described this aspect of her to me as “she didn’t particularly care for men.”   I assumed, naturally enough for a young man, that she just didn’t like guys.   I wasn’t mature enough to attach any sexuality to it.   But I do remember thinking how cute she was though.   She had short brown hair, a roundish face with hazel eyes and a small nose.   There was a spread of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks that I had thought was very attractive.   Her chest was rather small but she had a nice round bottom that she usually showed off in very tight jeans.


Clare was also something of a disciplinarian.   She told me after my parents left that the two weeks would go just fine as long as I obeyed the rules and kept things neat and picked up.   Well, teenage guys and neat just don’t go together.   So the first day I came home from school I faced a very angry Aunt Clare who hollered at me about the mess in my room.   Considering it had started messy before she arrived, I assumed that cleaning it all up wasn’t part of “keeping things neat.”   I told her that, but this just pissed her off even more.   She warned me that I had 24 hours to get my room in shape or I’d have to face the consequences.   I had no idea what this meant.


That evening I made a half hearted attempt to clean up my room.   But this is simply not something a teenaged boy can focus on for long.   I got tied up playing a video game for hours and eventually feel asleep.   The difference in my room was negligible but for me it was mostly out of sight, out of mind (my Aunt that is).


The next day I got home from school without even thinking about the ultimatum.   Well clearly Aunt Clare had.   She started in on me immediately hollering and threatening me.   I was very taken aback, my parents were simply not like this.


“Get over here!” she demanded and slowly I crossed to where she was sitting on the couch.   “Sit right here next to me.   You are going to learn to obey and I’m the one to teach you,” she said sternly.


This actually seemed kind of funny to me.. But I sat down and she quickly pushed me across her lap with my ass up in the air.   “You’ll take this punishment like a young man.   You’ve earned this with your disobedience!”




I gasped as she struck me.   The blows were incredibly strong and I simply couldn’t believe she was spanking me.   I was a young man!!!




I moaned in pain as each strike hit the same spot on my left cheek.


“I said, to take it quietly and like a man,” she insisted.


I simply couldn’t help myself, the shock and pain were amazing.   Tears dripped from my eyes and rolled down my face.   I hadn’t been spanked since I was 3 or 4 and even then it was just a swat.   I just couldn’t believe it!


Aunt Clare saw my tears and rolled her eyes.   “I can’t believe you think this is that bad,” she said.   “You’re soft and need real punishment.”


She pushed me up off her lap and quickly undid my jeans.    The next thing I knew they were down around my ankles and I was back across her lap with my naked rear end sticking up into the air.   I was stunned with her strength and control.




I squirmed in agony, my ass on fire.


“P-p-p-please stop!   I’ll clean my room!   Honest I will, right now!!!


Aunt Clare paused, “Really?   But your bottom is just turning pink.   This is hardly enough punishment considering your disrespect.”


She started spanking me in earnest now, left, right, left, right, over and over.   Each smack wasn’t particularly hard but the effect was cumulative.   She hit each cheek in turn and then worked her way to my upper thighs, alternating sides.   My ass turned red and grew hotter and hotter.   I gasped from the pain attempting to keep silent but the tears flowed down my face.   The pain was bad enough.   But the humiliation was even worse.   My grown Aunt was beating my naked butt.   I prayed no one would ever find out.


Slowly I realized that my penis was rubbing against her lap with every smack.   While not erect, it was starting to grow.   I also realized that my legs had separated and she could see between them through to my scrotum.   Given the humiliation I squeezed them closed.   But my Aunt was stronger than I could have believed.   She reached between them and pulled them even further apart.   Everything was completely exposed to her.


“I’m not sure what you think you were doing young man, but this spanking is going to be thorough.   The inside of your legs is very tender and this will help you remember to mind your superior.”


Crack, her hand came down on my inner thigh.   The effect was electric, I couldn’t believe the pain.   I had never been hit there.   She then hit the other side and my thighs were twins of agony.   I moaned and cried, begging her to stop.   Her next blow came in right down the middle.   It struck me from the bottom of my balls back across my asshole.   It was paralyzing.   I simply couldn’t move.


“We’re not even close to being finished young man!” she cried and continued methodically working the area over.   Soon the entire area was red, hot and swollen from the slapping.   It hurt tremendously.   But I noticed that my dick was getting hard at the same time.   It was very strange and confusing to be in such humiliation and pain but also to feel my hardness pressing against her legs.


Now at that age I was an old hand at masturbation.   I had much experience with my father’s Playboy collection and had practiced self pleasure many, many times.   I knew that if this kept up not only would my Aunt notice, but I could actually have an accident.


About that time Aunt Clare did notice because she made a disgusted noise and paused in her ministrations.   Then she said, “You’re not supposed to but I think you are enjoying this young man?   Aren’t you?


There was nothing I could say in response. I was horrified that my Aunt was referring to my erection and it just tied up my tongue.


“Well, we’re not going to let that problem stop you from receiving your just punishment,” she declared.


So she adjusted her legs and my erection slipped between them pointing straight down.   She continued striking my ass with a   fury.




As much as it hurt, it didn’t seem quite as bad to me now.   The friction on my penis rubbing between her legs was more than making up for it.   But I was scared and worried because like most guys my age, I had a hair trigger.   Sure enough, I was soon moaning instead of groaning.


My Aunt noticed and again made a disgusted sound.   “Just like all men,” she murmured.   Turning me on my hip, she looked at my erection which popped free.   To me in spite of my humiliation, it looked swollen larger than it ever had before – and it was just about ready to explode.   My Aunt reached out to touch it and as she did, it let go.




She just shook her head as she held it and I ejaculated all over everything.   It was out of my control.


When I was finished, she rolled me back with my ass sticking up and spanked me for another 5 minutes never mentioning my indiscretion.


Later she told me that she didn’t think I had taken my punishment very well and that as much as she hoped I had learned my lesson, she doubted it.   I was silent as I simply didn’t know how to respond.   Eventually she pushed me off her lap, told me to pull up my pants and get going on my room.


“You know, I expect that room to be perfect,” she said.   Because if not you’ll be punished until it is.“


My butt still throbbing, I went to my room still pretty confused.   I didn’t really like the spanking and the wrong parts of me were very sore.   But that one part I did like very much . . . . And to think, my parents wouldn’t be back for 11 days.   I started picking up my room.


Well, there it is.  Not sure if I like it better or not but it was interesting re-writing it with the change.  Let me know what you think.


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