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Learning about one another

Julie finds out she really loves a good spanking.
Julie is a petite middle aged school Principal from the States who is now living in England. She is now employed as headmistress of a small private school by the coast. This is where she had met and fell head over heels in love with her younger boyfriend Mike, a surfer, who she moved in with after dating for a while. He's a caring and thoughtful lover and at 6'1, Julie calls him her gentle giant. She enjoys looking at his body that is fit and muscular from his surfing. She goes to the gym regularly and at just under 5'is a size 4 with a nice curvy bottom.

Julie smiled, waking up to see Mike walking quietly around the bedroom. She could hear the surf breaking on the shore and knew where he was off to. She had purposely bought underwear that was a little too tight for him, then thrown all his old ones out, just so she could see his manhood held tightly, his bottom being shown off from the thin cotton like a second skin molded to his firm cheeks. She never grew tired of watching his bottom at times like this.

 Watching Mike bending over in his tight underwear got Julie excited and her silk pj's were soon wet from her arousal. As excited as she was, she hated to call Mike back from his morning surf so she decided to take care of business herself. After she heard the back door close and knew that Mike was safely gone, she slid her fingers into her silk panties and touched herself intimately as she thought about Mike and his muscular body. Moving her fingers and rubbing her magic button, she imagined his tongue flicking it. Then, while she rubbed with one hand, she took her other hand and put 3 fingers between her wet lips and made love to herself. Oh, that felt so good. Thoughts of Mike raced through her mind as she quickly came to a climax.

As Julie lay in bed listening to the waves and thinking of Mike she started to feel a little guilty. Mike has always been such a great lover that she really didn't have to take care of herself. If she had just been patient and waited for him to come back he would have happily taken care of her. She decided that when Mike came back from the beach she would tell him how naughty she's been and ask for forgiveness. He might be a little upset but she was sure he would forgive her right away because he was such a caring and understanding boyfriend. She immediately felt better and soon fell back to sleep.

A while later Julie was woken up by the sound of the back door closing. She lay with her eyes closed listening to Mike walk through the house. She slowly opened them as she heard him walk into the bedroom. Mike, seeing that Julie was just waking up, smiled at her and walked over to the bed for a good morning kiss. As he kissed her Julie remembered what had happened earlier and that she needed to tell him. Mike sat down on the bed and said, "Good morning sleepy head. It's about time you got up. Are you planning on staying in bed all day?"

"Well, truthfully, I woke up earlier when you were getting ready to go out and watched you walking around and enjoyed checking out that nice bottom of yours. It got me wanting you but I know how much you love starting the day in the water so I didn't say anything."

"Sweetie, if you had said something you know I would've been happy to come back and take care of you. Why don't I take care of you right now?"

"Well, I have something to tell you."


"Well, it's just that you make me so hot I couldn't wait for you to come back so....."

"So what?"

"Well.......I kind of took care of myself."


"I'm really sorry, Honey. Will you forgive me?"

Mike sits quietly looking at Julie. His mind is working fast. He'd been wanting to try spanking but didn't know how to bring it up to Julie because he'd never done it before and didn't know if Julie would be willing or think he was weird. He's thinking, "This is great." Julie had just given him the perfect opportunity to spank her and he wasn't going to pass it up.

Mike tries to keep the excitement out of his voice as he tells Julie, "That really hurts my feelings. You know I would've been happy to come back and take care of you."

"I know you would have but I just thought I was being considerate."

"Well, why didn't you just wait for me to come back then?"

"I already told you. You get me so hot I just can't wait sometimes."

"Well, where does that leave me? I feel as if you don't need me any more. Do you want me to just start jacking off from now on every time I'm hot instead of waiting for you?"

"No, not really. I really am sorry. I'll make it up to you. I promise. I'll do anything you want. I didn't think you'd get so upset. What do you want to do spank me "Julie giggles saying it, "Or something to make up for it. Really. I'm sorry, Honey."

By now, Julie is starting to get a little pissed off. She never would've thought that Mike would make such a big deal about her taking care of herself. She was really beginning to regret having told him.

Mike couldn't believe how it was all falling into place. He couldn't have planned it any better if he had tried and was having a hard time keeping from smiling and letting Julie know how excited he really was.

He asked Julie, "Are you really sorry?. Do you really mean it when you say you'll do anything I want to make up for it?"

"Yes, of course. I said so."

"I think you were being a really naughty girl for not waiting for me."

"Yes, I know I was and I already told you I'm sorry."

"Do you think naughty girls should be punished?"

"Yes, I think they should."

"How do you think naughty girls should be punished?"

"I don't know."

"Would you like me to tell you?"

"Yes, I'd like to know."

"Naughty girls get their bottoms spanked."


"I know you heard me. What happens to naughty girls?"

"They get their bottoms spanked? Are you sure?"

"Yes", Mike says, in a firm tone. "Now come here you naughty girl and get your spanking."

Julie is thinking that Mike is treating her like a little girl but if a spanking will make him happy then she decides she'll go along with it. She gets up and stands up in front of him and turns around and offers her bottom to him.

 "Naughty girls get spanked across their boyfriend's lap." Mikes says, Julie turns around to look at Mike to see if he's joking like he usually does. He looks pretty serious so she decides she'd better listen to him and does as he says. She lays across his lap.

 Laying across Mike's lap she immediately feels Mikes huge erection. She turns to look at him, wondering about it, but Mike says blushing, "No, you can't look at me. Look at the floor." As Julie is about to say something she feels a stinging sensation on her right cheek.

"Ow, that hurt!"

"Of course it hurt. It was supposed to. Be quiet. Naughty girls are not allowed to talk."

Julie tries to rub her bottom. She is starting to feel a tingling sensation on her cheek and finds that she kind of likes it.

"Can I get up now please sweetie" Julie says a little embarrassed at the whole situation.

"No, I'm just getting started and put your hand down." Julie's heart skips a beat. "Just getting started?" she thinks to herself as she wonders if the tingling will get better.

Mike can't believe his luck. The girl of his dreams is now over his knee, her silky white pajama shorts just covering her luscious bottom. Savoring each spank, Mike feels his erection getting harder and harder. Mike adjusts Julie's tiny shorts a little, pulling them up so he can spank more of her bare bottom cheeks. He opens Julies legs a little so he can spank one cheek at a time.

Julie allows this, feeling Mike's hands adjusting her position. Her mind is racing now, the spanks were not hard. In fact, the sensation was actually warm and tingly. There was no doubt that Mike was enjoying it because she could feel his erection throbbing against her stomach. It made her wonder if he really was upset with her or was he just pretending so he would have a reason to spank her. Has he been wanting to spank her before or is this something new that just happened? The thought of him wanting to spank her was getting her more excited.

Mike runs his hands, soft from the ocean, up the inside of Julie's thighs. It is such a light touch that she can barely feel it, but as his fingertips draw closer to the tops of her thighs it feels like there is electricity in them. As he runs his fingers gently over her panties, now wet from her juices, she feels a wonderful tingling sensation course through her body.

Julie lifts her hips to feel Mike's touch again. As she does this it Mike can see more of her bottom as her silky shorts ride up. Mike strokes with one hand tracing the same line again. As he does this he gently spanks her with his other hand.

"What happens to naughty girls Julie" Mike whispers.

"They get spanked?" Julie couldn't believe what she was saying, but it felt so natural. She had clearly been very naughty. The spankings she used to get as a little girl had never made her feel like this before. This was one of the best feelings she had ever had. Julie can't help her self and pushes her hips up more, hoping to get more attention from Mike.

Mike is in heaven having his beautiful girlfriend was across his knee.
He can tell by the way her panties got so wet so quickly that she was loving it too. In fact he was having a hard time keeping himself from ripping her pajamas off and making love hard and fast to her right now but he had been wanting to try spanking for a long time and he wasn't about to end it so fast.

 Slipping his fingers underneath the edge of Julie's silk shorts Mike slips a finger in to Julies wetness, feeling Julie tense and then relax, he is amazed how wet she is, Julie moans softly. Then pulling up her little shorts at the back, he smiles as he sees the seam start to slip in between her wet lips. Her shorts now showing off most of her cute bottom cheeks, Mike spanks a little harder, just bringing up the tempo a little. Keeping tension on the top of the shorts, seeing the seam slip up and down in time to the spanks between his girl friends soft wet lips.

Julie can't believe that the silk shorts can feel so good, and pushes back in to the shorts, trying to get more pressure on her wetness, her hips now lifting and a falling in perfect time to Mikes spanks. Her bottom warm maybe even hot now, but the heat is most definitely spreading through her..

 "Please Mike spank me harder, I am so naughty, please harder my love" Julie whispers, a little embarrassed at her request but right at this moment she had never been hotter.

 Mike smiles and looking around and sees Julie's mothers old wooden hairbrush on the bed side cabinet, a hard rose colored brush the back of it easily as large as his hand, rolled soft rounded edges, and a very contoured round long handle.

Taking the hairbrush, Mike applies it gently to start with, Julie gasps at the new stinging sensation, but can't help her self to try and push her bottom up and out waiting for another spank. Mike places his hand under Julies tummy and slips his hand inside her silk shorts finding her magic button, spanks with hairbrush with one hand and with the other massages and plays with her tiny wetness. Julie moans starting to buck.
 "Spank me harder Mike please harder" Julie just can't control her self, embarrassed and shocked at her own actions but she has never been so turned on.
 Julie gasping comes, a very strong orgasm pulsing through her body, she pushes back against the stinging hairbrush rocking forward on to Mikes hand massaging her sex, then again she cums, she can't believe she is still so hot, she hardly ever has orgasmed again and again, but she just could not stop, the feeling of the spanking hairbrush, the silk rubbing between her wet lips and Mikes massaging fingers are just stimulation overload. Collapsing over Mikes lap, panting gasping for air, her eyes closed, her mind again racing, embarrassed being over her boyfriends lap, cumming in her panties. This was all so new, the sensations the position, the feeling. Also a little shocked how hot she had become from a spanking. A spanking she thought, a spanking how could I enjoy this so much.

 Slowly opening her eyes, and becoming aware of Mike rubbing her bottom, the soft silk gliding over her slightly sore cheeks. Blushing she looks back at him, Not sure if to apologize or to thank him for one of the best orgasms she has ever had.

 "It seems to me you're a very naughty girl sweetheart, I think we might have to spank you a little more often, shouldn't we?" Mike says seeing his sexy girlfriend looking round at him. Her face flushed and red, blushing.

 Julie just doesn't know what to say, she is still so embarrassed as to what has just happened. Spanked at her age. Mike scooping her up in his strong arms takes her to there large open plan shower, turning on the shower and then a moment later stepping in still holding her tightly. Looking down he kisses her passionately, she responds instantly feeling back in familiar territory, kissing him back.

The rest of the day, Julie just cant concentrate, after taking care of Mike in the shower her emotions were just playing havoc with her concentration, replaying the whole mornings activities. She still just could not believe how hot the spanking had made her. Even now every time she sat down to teach her kids, she could feel her tight skirt rubbing against her well spanked bottom. Her panties also had been wet all day, just thinking back about what had happened. Obviously Mike loved spanking her, she had never felt him so hard, and giving him a blow job in the shower she was amazed at how hard and steel like he had been.

 She did know one thing for certain though, she really wanted another spanking, but was tonight to fast to get one, her tight little skirt rubbing against her bottom, just made her self even hotter, from feeling the results of the hairbrush and it's effect. Maybe if she slipped into her school girl outfit and did something naughty, she wouldn't have to ask for one, she was still embarrassed remembering how she had asked for a harder spanking. Oh what had she discovered about her self, she was just so confused.
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