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Learning the Meaning of No

Tags: spanking, oral, sex
When Sandy says no she means it.
"Eric, not tonight, I'm really not up to it. Guess it's PMS," Sandy said trying to remove his hand from her breast.

Eric then went down to her labia thinking I know I can turn her on when I stroke her clit and get her juices flowing. Feeling her love button get hard, he continued feeling her outer lips expand as he stroked them and inserting a finger he smiled to himself as she began to get wet.

Squirming Sandy said, "I said no and I mean it Eric. I'm bloated and my vagina is sore." Mad because she couldn't control her physical feelings, Sandy began to feel aroused in spite of herself even as she tried to push away from Eric's hand. I wish he didn't know all the things that turn me on, but then he wouldn't be the great lover that he is. "Eric please stop."

"Come on Sandy, all I want to do is give you some enjoyment, I won't enter you, I promise," as he grabbed her hips and started using his curled tongue in all the places and ways he knew she liked.

Sandy couldn't stop the waves of passion that came over her and knew she was beyond the point of no return. But that still didn't stop part of her from disliking the fact that Eric had ignored her request. The intensity of her orgasm surprised her and she found herself even gripping his tongue as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. As she came down she didn't have her usual afterglow, instead she felt hurt and mad as she raised herself so that her torso was against the headboard and straightened her legs. "Eric get over my thighs, I'm going to spank you."

"Sandy, you know how that turns me on. I promised we wouldn't and we didn't, I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me. After you spank me I'm not sure I can hold back." Eric was hoping she would spank him as he arranged himself so that his hips were where she wanted them. He made sure that his erect penis was between her thighs. Grinning, he thought they always had great sex after one of them spanked the other. Maybe she changed her mind after her orgasm.

The first smack should have told Eric that this wasn't going to be one of their usual bedtime spankings. He felt it and the ones that came right after it as his buttocks began to sting and get warm. "Oww that really is stinging, Sandy. Take it easy."

Reaching over to the night stand she picked up her hairbrush and told Eric, "It's going to do more than sting before I'm finished." She began to swat him hard covering both cheeks making sure they were getting a deep red color.

Eric was squirming and trying to avoid the blows and with each one was now feeling more and more pain. After one hit right below the crease on his upper most thigh he yelled, "Sandy, that's enough I'm really hurting."

Sandy replied, "I'll decide when you've had enough, Eric, and it won't be until I'm satisfied that you know what no means." With each swat she said, "No" and soon all that could be heard was, "No."

"Ouch… no… please… no… I know… no… no more," Eric was twisting from side to side trying to make his butt a smaller target. As he did his penis began to rub against Sandy's labia and once again she found herself getting aroused despite herself. When she saw bruises start to form on Eric's cheeks she knew she had to stop spanking him. And then a sly grim came across her face as she told Eric to get on the floor on his back.

"Sandy, that's going to hurt, even the carpet won't help my backside."

"Do it Eric," he heard in reply. Fearful of being spanked some more, Eric gingerly got on his back as he tried to keep his buttocks off the carpet and was surprised to see his very erect penis starring at him. The last thing on his mind was sex.

Sandy rubbed his penis from base to tip to insure he was hard as she lowered herself impaling herself on him. Then she sat on his hips forcing Eric's buttocks into the pile carpet. Eric yelped as the pile bit into his stinging cheeks and when he raised up Sandy slapped them. In spite of the pain he also felt the pleasure of the coital act rising to the point where he could no longer hold back and with a final push he came with force that surprised him as he fell back on the carpet. With a few more pushes Sandy came as she rubbed his penis against her clit.

With arms around each other they rolled onto their sides and Sandy began to rub Eric's very sore backside saying, "I hope you learned what no means," as she slapped his still very sore right cheek.

"Ow, enough, please no more Sandy. I know, I know - believe me I know - no means no!"

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