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Learning to Swim (Part 2)

Sarah soothes my spanked cock but then Miss spanks us both before we get our revenge..
I was seventeen and only just learning to swim. My parents were paying for me to have lessons but Miss Phillips, the attractive and very hot teacher, had the parent’s permission to spank me, Ed or any of the three girls if we did not do what she told us. We were all the same age but she had caned both Sarah and I on our bare backsides during this lesson and because I had been unable to control my erection she had given my cock six strokes with a bendy plastic ruler.

Before leaving the pool Sarah had stroked my cock and suggested meeting up after the lesson. I didn’t take long getting showered and was waiting outside when she left the swimming baths.

“Did you mean it when you said we should meet up and you’d make my cock feel better?” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Of course, we can go to mine if you like.” When she saw my hesitation, she added, “My Mum and Dad are away until this evening so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

Sure enough the place was empty and Sarah wasted no time doing what she promised. No sooner had the front door shut when she told me to kick off my shoes and she started undoing my trousers. I could feel the blood rising as she pulled them off and slipped her fingers into my pants, stroking my penis and balls. She slowly pulled down my underpants and slid her lips along my rigid cock using her tongue to give me sensations I had never felt before.

“Take off my clothes,” she suggested.

I lifted her to her feet and removed her blouse, then undid her skirt which fell to the floor. As I turned her round my cock stroked against her bum and slipped between her thighs. I moved close to undo her bra and my rigid member pushed the lips of her slit.

I had watched her breasts bounce as Miss Phillips spanked her at the swimming baths but they felt magnificent as I held them from behind. I turned her round letting the bra fall to the floor and I stroked these wonderful breasts down to her nipples bringing a moan from Sarah.

I sank to my knees, sliding my hands down her flat stomach and hooked my fingers into her pants. Pulling down I revealed a soft down over her mound and her glistening slit was all ready for me. I ran my tongue down her stomach and made her spread her legs to get my tongue inside. I could feel the hard ridge of her clit which she pressed against my tongue.

She took my hand and led me up to her room and told me to lie on my back on the bed. Then she took out a springy plastic ruler with a sparkle in her eye.

“Will you let me spank him with this?” she said, “When I saw Miss Phillips do that to your cock it was the most exciting thing I have ever seen, it really turned me on.”

It turned me on too so nodded my agreement. She began striking my cock, gently at first, then a little harder as she saw I liked it. The strokes were very arousing as the ruler hit me on the shaft, then the head, under the shaft and right on the tip until she sensed I would come soon. She stopped, pulled out a rubber and slid it over my aching cock.

Then she climbed on the bed and lowered herself on to my hard-on and leaned forward so that I could touch and kiss her beautiful breasts and magnificent hard nipples.

She began to move her body slowly up the length of my cock close to the top and then back down up to the top and back, over and over. I felt the hardness of my penis running along inside her pushing against her as she came down on me. She leaned back to push me deeper and then groaned and I felt her vagina grip me as she came bringing me to an amazing climax seconds later.

We lay there some time and began talking about our experiences at the swimming pool. We had both enjoyed the arousal of seeing each other spanked and Sarah admitted that she even found it exciting watching Miss Phillips spank Mary and Alison. She told me she was turned on on both occasions when Miss Phillips had spanked me and wanted to see Ed get spanked. We agreed that he seemed to be ‘teacher’s pet’ and was unlikely to do anything to get him punished so we needed to think of a way to get him into trouble.

The following week we were back at the swimming baths, changed into our swimming gear and waiting at the poolside for Miss Phillips. Sarah and I stood just behind Ed and as soon as we heard her coming we nudged Ed so that he fell into the water with a great splash. Then we moved away with the others.

“You’re not supposed to ‘dive bomb’ into the water,” shouted Sarah, “You know Miss has told us to always get in gently.”

“Thank you, Sarah, you are quite right. Get out of the water now, Ed,” she instructed. “I will not have you playing and making a lot of noise when you should be learning how to swim. Hurry up please.”

Ed got out and immediately. “I didn’t jump, I was pushed in.“

“I am going to punish you Ed for jumping into the water and you will get extra strokes for trying to get out of it by telling fibs”.

“I’m not lying,” he whined, “someone pushed me, I’m sure.”

“Take off your trunks.” Then as he looked wildly around him to see if he could work out who might have pushed him, “Now!” she added.

The rest of us stood in a group on the poolside looking straight at the poor lad. Miss Phillips was to one side of him and gave him one flick of the tawse on his leg. “Now, I said.”

Reluctantly he pulled off his trunks revealing a very respectable erection which drew a disapproving comment from Miss.

“Bend over the chair. I will deal with that later,” she said, flicking his cock.

She picked up her tawse and thwack, the first stroke put a red mark across his cheeks. Thwack, thwack, thwack. The last one flicked between his thighs catching his balls and he leapt to his feet, his penis bouncing to the delight of the girls.

“Bend over. If you get up again before I tell you, you will get extra strokes.”

Thwack, thwack a stinging finale that left a bright red mark.

“Stay there, you will now get three strokes with the cane for lying.” Ed began to say something and thought better of it.

We had all crept closer to get a good view. Swish, swish, swish as Miss brought down the cane across his bum.

“Stand up and face me.”

Ed stood and cupping his penis in his hands turned towards us. “Hands on your head,” she instructed. He took away his hands and his rigid penis sprang up, getting a reaction from the girls and an reminder from Miss Phillips to stand with his hands on his head, facing forward.

She picked up the plastic ruler, gave it a couple of flicks to demonstrate it’s springy nature, then thwack, she flicked the ruler along the shaft of his cock. Thwack, thwack, then thwack, one on the head of his cock, thwack another on the shaft and thwack a final stroke on the very tip making Ed yell out.

“Right, everyone in the water, quietly, please. And let us hope that I am not forced to punish anyone else today.”

She didn't but there were still two more lessons to go!

The following Sunday all of us were there except for Miss Phillips. We got changed and still she hadn’t turned up. Of course we started messing around and Ed found her cane, tawse and ruler and was just mimicking her when she came into the pool area.

“How dare you mock me. You will be the first to be punished this morning. All of you get in the water while I get changed, everything has gone wrong this morning and I’m in no mood for any messing around.”

We all got in the pool and began our practice moves. A couple of minutes later Miss came out of the cubicle still wearing a skirt and top.

“With all that’s gone on today I’ve forgotten my costume so start swimming and I’ll be back shortly.”

I don’t know what made me say it but I got out of the pool and called to Miss as she returned to the cubicle. “That’s not fair miss. When I forgot my trunks you made me get in with nothing on.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she retorted, “I’m the teacher. I’ll be back in a short while.”

“What does everyone else think,” I continued feeling a little isolated.

Gradually all of them began to say “A rule is a rule. Get in with nothing on.”

“And you’ll get a spanking for forgetting your costume,” I added.

“Yes,” murmured the others.

For a short while she tried to back out but could see we had logic and reason on our side.

My cock rose as we waited. A few moments later she reappeared stark naked. WOW, she was fit. We knew this from seeing her in her costume but to see her undressed was amazing. I studied her as she walked towards us, her breasts stood out firm and bounced beautifully as she moved, her body was toned, her slit shaven and she had such long tanned legs. I had a hard on to beat all hard ons.

“Come over here,” I instructed and stood her in front of the bench. “Bend over.”

As she bent over I could see her beautiful swollen lips which were definitely aroused.

I picked up the cane, slid my hand over her bum.

“Spread your legs,” I said as I parted her legs a little more, though she jumped as my fingers touched her slit.

Swish, swish, I delivered the first two strokes across her taut cheeks. Swish, the third stroke brought up a red line at the top of her thighs and she shrieked and leapt up, her breasts swinging as she rubbed her bum.

“One extra stroke for getting up,” I added. “Now bend over and stay bent over the bench until I tell you it’s over.”

Swish, swish, another stinger and she gripped the bench and cried out.

“Last two,” I announced.

Swish, swish, two more lines appeared across her gorgeous bottom.

After getting her composure back she stood up and faced us, “Right, get in the water. Let’s have no more distractions.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her body, her beautiful breasts, tanned body, flat stomach, toned thighs and her unshaven slit……..

I said “Back in the water,” she commanded. My cock was straining against my trunks and I saw that Ed was having the same problem.

Without warning she flicked the ruler across the straining bulge of my trunks and then Ed’s. “You boys seem unable to exercise any control over your penises and as you cannot stop staring at my body I think we’ll even the score. Take off your trunks and put them on the bench.”

Ed started to argue and received a stinging swish across his backside. We slid off our trunks to reveal the extent of our excitement. Sarah, Alison and Mary shrieked their approval much to Miss Philips annoyance.

“You do not seem to learn do you. Get in the water now and if your penises are still erect.” Another shriek from the girls “…..I will spank them again.”

As soon as Miss turned away Sarah moved next to me, stroking my cock and balls and I knew why; she wanted to see my cock spanked again and I enjoyed the sensation and I have to admit I got a high from the girls reaction to the spanking.

The lesson continued as normally as it could given that Miss was naked and so were Ed and I. By this lesson all of us had made good progress and were swimming the full length of the pool. However Sarah and Alison were doing their best to keep Ed and I erect. Whenever she had a chance she would kiss me and touch me and I saw Alison do much the same to Ed, not that we were complaining.

“Right, everyone out of the water.”

The girls leapt out and stood waiting near the bench. Reluctantly Ed and I climbed out, trying to hide our erections.

“I warned you what would happen if you were still aroused, didn’t I.” she said picking up the springy ruler. “Ed, lie down on the bench.”

Ed lay face down hiding his cock and got a stinger across his cheeks. “The other way,” she said, trying not to smirk.

Ed lay on his back, hands by his side. The girls moved closer as Miss flicked the ruler twice across the top of his shaft, then the same underside before finishing with two across the helmet.

Now it was my turn. As I lay on my back my cock bounced rigid pointing skyward. To shrieks from the girls Miss reached forward and slid my foreskin back to ensure the head was uncovered.

Flick, flick, flick she swished the ruler back and forth across the shaft. Flick, flick two across the head and I reached forward with a shout.

“Another stroke for trying to stop me,” she smiled and I realised she was getting her own back on me.

Flick, a stinger across the tip and before I could react, flick a second followed.

“Shit, shit, ow,” I cried.

“No swearing or you’ll get another caning,” she pointed her ruler at our cocks, “and in future keep those under control, do you understand?”

“Yes miss,” nodded Ed and I.

The girls however had drawn closer enjoying the show and our cocks were the highlight.

“All of you, get showered and dressed and I’ll see you for your last lesson next Sunday.”

As we walked to the showers, Sarah grabbed my cock, out of sight of miss. “He is a very naughty boy. Would you like to come back to my house and show me how naughty?”

What could I say?….

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