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Learning to Swim the Hard Way

I had never realised that swimming lessons could be so exciting and so painful at the same time
I couldn’t swim. I was a fit young lad, just 17, did plenty of exercise but I’d never learnt to swim though I’d often told my parents that it was time I learnt.

Then my mum saw this advert in the local paper ‘Your teenager can’t swim? With my help they will - guaranteed. Following my unorthodox methods they will be swimming in weeks. Limited places on the course, telephone Alice Phillips xxxxxxxxxxx.’

Mum talked to me about it and agreed with me that I really should learn to swim and it would get harder and harder the older I was. She wanted to know that if my parents paid for these lessons would I put in the work to make it worthwhile. I promised I would go and try hard so she said she’d book a place for me.

She rang the number provided and spoke to the young lady who’d placed the ad. I could only hear one side of the conversation but I heard mum ask about the lessons, how many pupils there’d be and then about the ‘unorthodox methods’, followed by a long pause and then “Really? But it works?”, then, “Yes please, we’d like to sign Jim up for that”. “Yes, I’ll make sure he understands about your system ……. and the punishment”.

“What was all that about?” I asked nervously.

“You said you wanted to learn and this lady will help you learn to swim. There will only be about four or five of you, all about your age, but …. she’s found that with some pupils she has to encourage them along with a bit of persuasion.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if any of her pupils is not doing what she tells them, or if they have learnt something one week but then forget to do that next time, she……….er……..spanks them”.

“No way”, I said, “no woman is spanking me”.

“You were the one who kept on about learning to swim and you promised to go along and try hard, and on that basis I’ve said yes and paid. So you will go. You were right, it really is time that you could swim”.

When I started to argue again she told me that I’d have to explain to my father if I was going to waste their money and refuse to go. That stopped me in my tracks because I knew he’d probably cane me too for being so disobedient. So I had no choice, reluctantly, I agreed to go, and promised to keep going till I could swim.

The lessons took place in very old fashioned baths in town and started at 7.00am each Sunday morning, before anyone else was around. I went in and introduced myself to the teacher, Miss Phillips who turned out to be a very fit woman, about 28 or so in a tight fitting swimming costume. One other lad and three girls arrived and introduced themselves to her.

“Now, you all understand that I will teach you to swim but I need you to do what I tell you. You all know what will happen if you do not do what I tell you?” At that we all looked embarrassed and mumbled something. “I need to hear you say you understand and accept that you may be punished.”

“Yes”, we all agreed, sheepishly.

“Good” then she told us to find a cubicle at the side of the baths and get changed.

A little while later we were in the water and getting started on lesson one. It all seemed to be going well except that one girl was a bit of a comedian and kept making jokes about what Miss Phillips told us to do.

“Stop that now Alison, or you’ll be the first to have a taste of my punishment”.

Alison went quiet but then just couldn’t help herself and started mucking about and joking again. “Right, come out here Alison”. We all went quiet and Alison started to argue. “Enough of that. Your parents have paid for these lessons, they agreed to my punishing you if need be and you agreed when you arrived, so there are no excuses”. Alison got out and stood in front of Miss Phillips who picked up a leather tawse. “Peel down your costume and bend over this bench.”

Alison went white, “But……… I ………”.

“Don’t argue, just do what you are told or I’ll give you the cane too”, she said picking up a swishy long cane.

Alison was made to stand facing the pool and hesitantly she peeled down her wet costume and we watched in silence as her breasts came into view. Soon after, as the costume came down, we could all see her mound covered in a fine blond hair. “Take it off and bend over.” Alison took off her costume and bent over the bench, next to the wall. “Feet apart.” Miss Phillips instructed. So she spread her legs looking back at us in the pool in horror, as she realised just how much would be on show.

Miss Phillips took up her position to one side and proceeded to give Alison six strokes of the tawse. When she’d finished she instructed Alison to get up and face the pool.

“Now, that is what you will get if you do not do what I tell you or you misbehave. Do you all understand?”

Silence as we all stared at Alison. She wasn’t as fit as Miss Phillips but had nice tits and as I ran my eyes over her body I felt my penis growing.

“Well, do you understand?” Miss Phillips repeated, looking round at us all. With the silence broken, we all muttered “Yes, Miss”.

“Right, leave your costume there Alison, it’ll be too difficult to get on now. As you were everyone; Alison, get back in the water.” And we finished the lesson with Alison stark naked and I took every opportunity to check her out during the rest of the session. No-one else got spanked before the end of the first lesson.

The following week, I was determined to do everything right and avoid punishment. We all went to get changed and ……………………. I had no shorts! I had a towel, shampoo, everything but my trunks. I put back on my clothes and went to find Miss Phillips and explained that I would have to go home as I hadn’t got my trunks.

“Get back in there and strip down to your pants then make sure you are ready for your swimming lesson by ten past seven. I was about to argue until I saw the look in her eyes and quickly obeyed. I joined the others in my underpants, at exactly 7.10am, getting a few rude comments from the others.

“Today,” said Miss Phillips, “we are going to learn to float on our backs, so get in the water and wait for my instructions.”

I moved to get down into the shallow end when Miss Phillips stopped me. “You can’t get those wet,” she said, “what would your mother say? Take them off.” By now I realised it was useless to argue and quickly pulled them off and was hoping to slip into the water unnoticed.

“Take them back to your cubicle, and be quick about it.” I realised the others had noticed that I was nude so I tried to dash back to my cubicle but Miss Phillips shouted “Don’t run!” leaving me in full view as I had to walk back down the pool side. Worse still, I was getting a hard on knowing the girls were watching me so that by the time I returned to the shallow end my cock was bouncing from side to side as I walked.

I got in the water and waited with the others but the girls were now giggling and chattering to each other. Miss Phillips gave us all a glare,

“Be quiet or I’ll be giving out some punishment. Right, all of you, take a deep breath and slowly lie back in the water, keeping your head clear of the surface.”

Mary, standing next to me, gave a shriek as my cock rose rigid out of the water. A display that Miss Phillips did not miss.

“Get out of the water ………… both of you”, she said pointing at Mary and I. As I was already stripped, she bent me over and gave me six with the tawse. As I stood up and turned she gave me a sharp swipe across my penis, “And he will get six too if you don’t learn to control him quickly.

“Remove your costume Mary and bend over.”

Mary removed her swimming costume in full view before taking up the position, feet wide and breasts facing down for all to see. This was not helping my erection. Mary took her punishment and got back in the water stark naked.

Miss Phillips turned to me and seeing no change told me “Face the pool, put your hands behind your head and stand up straight”. My cock throbbed, waiting, then thwack, thwack, thwack she gave me the first three strokes with a springy plastic ruler across the shaft before shifting position slightly, thwack, I cried out as the first stroke hit the head of my cock. “Stand still. One more move from you and you’ll get another six.” Thwack, thwack - two more strokes across the head before I was told to get back in the water.

Sarah was the third girl in the group and obviously a little naughtier than the others. She moved over to me, while Miss Phillips was otherwise distracted getting into the water. “That must sting,” she said and gently stroked my cock and balls, giving me a big warm smile. “Is that any better?”

I could barely speak and was very nervous in case Miss Phillips noticed. “Shall we meet up later so you can check? I asked and Sarah nodded and moved away to avoid being spanked herself.

Miss Phillips was a good teacher and we were all making reasonable progress. By the middle of the second lesson she made sure that we all were able to float on our backs, although I did get a few additional strokes with the ruler as my cock refused to behave. She then taught us the principles of the breast stroke which we did upright, walking across the shallow end. Both Ed and I found it hard not to stare at Mary’s breasts as she was still without her costume. At the end Miss Phillips told us we should remember these principle moves as she would be testing us next week.

A week later and we were back in the water, chattering away, waiting for Miss Phillips to come back from the office.

“Quiet now,” she shouted, “all move to one side of the pool and walk across to the other side and demonstrate the moves I showed you last week.”

Mary set off first and one by one we followed trying to recall exactly what we’d been shown. Ed seemed to have it, so did Alison but I kept turning my head the wrong way and Sarah couldn’t even get the arm moves right.

“Well done, Ed and Mary, not bad Alison, you got it sorted once you’d seen what Mary did. Sarah, Jim, get out and come over here please.”

My legs started to shake; I knew what was coming. “Remove your costumes, please….... Now!” she added as we hesitated. We had no choice.

I found myself staring as Sarah peeled off her costume, she had a fabulous body with perfect firm tits, a flat stomach and ………… just as my eyes moved down to her slit, I felt the swish of the cane across my trunks. I took them off and heard the other girls comment as my cock sprang out, rigid.

A few moments later I was bent over the bench again, taking six strokes of the tawse. As I stood, she gave my hard-on one stroke and warned me she would again have to deal with him later.

Then Sarah was bent over, stark naked and with her legs apart but I was on the poolside unable to see her slit, though I did have a wonderful view of her breasts. My cock hurt as I watched Sarah taking each stroke of the tawse, thwack, thwack, thwack. Red marks started to appear across Sarah’s perfect taut orbes and I watched in awe as her breasts sprang forwards with each stroke. Thwack, thwack, thwack. Sarah stood up and rubbed her bum, making her breasts bounce and I had to cover my erection which now hurt.

“Back in the pool,” Miss Phillips ordered Sarah and me, “Jim take your hands away. I’ll deal with him at the end of the lesson.” She added, pointing to my untamed cock.

Back in the pool, she painstakingly reminded us of the moves and got us all doing them well. Now we’ll try that in the water. Start off on your backs again and remember what it feels like to float. Before I turned, Sarah who was in front of me, slowly leaned back and spread her legs open as she began to float. My hard-on had started to fade but seeing her slit brought my erection back with a vengeance. Thwack, the ruler struck my cock as I lay back to float. “How many times do you need to be reminded, Jim?”

We had all got the hang of floating and were all swimming breaststroke tolerably well by the end of the lesson and feeling pretty chuffed we began to get our stuff and get changed.

“Just a moment, Jim. Don’t think you are getting away without your other punishment. Get out of the pool and come over here.”

As Miss Phillips towelled herself dry, Sarah edged next to me and I felt her breasts brush my back, then she cupped my balls in her hand and stroked my penis which grew rigid. “We could meet up afterward and I’ll try to make it feel better.” she whispered in my ear.

I climbed out to stifled giggling as my erection could not be hidden. The girls received an icy stare from Miss Phillips.

“Face the pool, stand up straight, hands behind your head.” Thwack, Thwack, thwack and as the third stroke hit the shaft I put my hand down to protect my cock.

“Hands back on your head. You know you get extra if you try to avoid your punishment.”

I put my hands back. Thwack, another stroke on the shaft and I saw the red marks appearing.

“Oow!” I shouted, as thwack, the next stroke was right on the tip, thwack, one on the underside of the shaft and finally, thwack a stinger across the head of my cock.

Miss Phillips drew the ruler along the underside of my cock and studied her handiwork, then looking across at the rest of the class she reminded everyone that all we had to do to avoid this sort of thing was to behave and to do as we were told. I looked up to find all eyes on my throbbing erection but I didn’t dare move my hands.

“Right, that is enough for this week, we’ll be having another go at breaststroke next week then you’ll start to learn the crawl. All get changed.”

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