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Let's Make a Deal

(I is for Ingrid) What would Ingrid do to get her hands on concert tickets?
"Oh my God, how did you get those?"

Ingrid looked at her coworker and friend Cindy with barely disguised envy. Cindy was holding two tickets to Saturday's Simone Estevez concert. Ingrid had called into work sick the day the tickets went on sale, madly clicking on the 'reload' button on her computer, frantically trying to buy tickets. But her luck didn't hold up. The website was jammed and stalled until finally a notice popped up that all the tickets were sold. She was devastated. This was not quite 24 hours later during their coffee break and here Cindy was with the two hottest tickets in town!

"I got in line last night after work. Even then, the line was so long I almost didn't think I'd score."

Cindy was tall, with long, raven-black hair. Her long sleeves barely concealed the tattoos on her arms and she had an eyebrow ring. She was extroverted, outspoken and forward. She had outed herself as a lesbian to Ingrid during their first conversation. Ingrid was straight, but she wasn't prejudiced, and they had become close friends. Ingrid knew she was a tough girl. She could see her holding her own in a bustling line, guarding her spot. Ingrid was shy and reserved. She would have hated it. That's what drove her to try her hand at the Internet ticket office.

Ingrid asked, "I didn't even know you liked that kind of music. You've got two tickets, who are you going to take?"

"Oh, I don't know. Do you want to go?"

Ingrid's eyes lit up, "Hell yes!"

Cindy's eyes narrowed and she asked, "How much?"


Cindy smiled, "What would you do for one of these tickets?"

The question hung in the air for a moment. Ingrid finally said, "I dunno... What do you have in mind?"

"Well, the concert is Saturday night... Why don't you come over Saturday afternoon and we'll work something out?"

Ingrid's face changed to a look of puzzled curiosity. What was Cindy up to?

"Hey, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. But if you don't want to go to the concert-"

"No, no. What time do you want me there?"

"The concert starts at 8, why don't you come by at 4?"

Ingrid still wasn't sure what Cindy was up to, but she didn't really have anything else planned for Saturday, since she had originally planned on going to the concert. And, she supposed, if Cindy tried to do anything weird, all she had to do was leave.

Ingrid finally decided, "Alright. It's a deal."


Ingrid spent the early part of Saturday getting ready for the concert. She had striking Nordic features. She was tall and thin, with long, blonde hair. People always told her she looked exactly like someone named Ingrid would be expected to look. She had on a white Simone Estevez T shirt that she had knotted at the hem to expose a bit of her midriff and pair of tight, faded jeans. It was just before 4, the appointed hour she was to arrive at Cindy's house, when she parked her car. Cindy lived in a loft in what once was the industrial part of town, but had been gentrified into the quintessential bohemian quarter. Ingrid walked up to the front door and buzzed the intercom. Cindy's voice scratched back a moment later, "Be right down."

After a minute, Cindy opened the front door. Ingrid was shocked. Cindy was wearing a black leather knee-length, hip hugging skirt, a black plunging-neckline shirt and a leather jacket. Her hair was in a tight bun on top of her head. Her make-up was gothic - heavy black eye makeup, and dark red lipstick.

Both of them just stood and stared at each other. Cindy spoke first,

"Wow, Ingrid, you look hot."

Ingrid suddenly felt warmer. She said, "Thanks, Cindy. You look... Wow..."

Cindy giggled, "I hope that's 'wow' good." Ingrid smiled.

Cindy showed Ingrid into the entryway and into what must have once been a freight elevator. Cindy grabbed a pull chain which brought a huge gate down and pressed a button. Deep in the bowels of the building, the elevator lurched to life.

Cindy said, "Sorry for this. I know it's kind of industrial, but it's totally worth it for the space. You'll see."

The elevator stopped and Cindy hoisted the gate up and they stepped out to the landing. Cindy walked over to a door on the opposite side of the landing, and Cindy opened the door and invited Ingrid in.

The front door opened into a huge two story high room brightly lit by the afternoon sun streaming through the windows. Ingrid was wowed. The room by itself was almost bigger than her whole apartment. In the far corner was a kitchen area. Opposite the kitchen was a king sized bed with a giant wooden headboard behind it. On the wall next to the front door was a sofa facing into the room. On the adjacent wall was a desk with a laptop.

Cindy headed for the kitchen. She said, "I'm kind of thirsty. Want anything? Beer? Wine?"

Ingrid said, "No, thanks. This place is amazing! It's so bright!"

Cindy answered, her head in the fridge, "Yeah. It's bright, but you see all the windows? They're kind of high on the wall, so it's private. I like that." Cindy rooted around in the fridge and brought out a pitcher. She brought the pitcher to the counter and pulled out two glasses from a cabinet. She filled both from the pitcher and walked back to Ingrid.

"Here. Try this. It's my own little concoction."

Ingrid took the glass. The liquid inside was green. Ingrid sniffed at it and asked, "What is it?"

"It's supposed to be like an Appletini. Give it a try."

"Ooh! I love Appletinis!" She took a sip. The tart-sweet apple flavor was perfectly balanced, and it was not overly strong. She took another sip.

Cindy was looking at Ingrid. There was a momentary lull. Ingrid broke it.

"So... What's the plan?"

Cindy took a sip of her drink.

"Well, the concert's not for another four hours. And we still have a question to answer: What are you willing to do for these tickets?" As she said this, she reached into her jacket pocket and pulled the tickets out. She stepped closer to Ingrid and continued, "Let's find out. Take off your shirt."

Ingrid blinked, her mind a blank. Cindy stared expectantly. Ingrid started to blush. She took a gulp of her drink and handed the glass back to Cindy. Her hands trembled a bit as they reached for the hem of her T shirt and slowly peeled it off, revealing a plain white bra hiding her 36B breasts. Cindy's mouth showed just the faintest echo of a smile. Ingrid tossed the shirt onto the floor.

"Shoes and pants next."

Ingrid's blush deepened. She kicked off her shoes and then reached for her waist and unsnapped and pushed her pants down her hips and legs and stepped out of them. She wore white cotton bikini style briefs.

"Turn around once. Slowly."

Ingrid started to take small steps, rotating herself around. As she did, she felt almost like Cindy's eyes were pawing at her. She was embarrassed, but she felt something more. She felt the beginnings of warmth, spreading outwards from her groin.

Cindy set the two glasses on the floor and pulled the tickets back out of her jacket pocket and walked over to Ingrid, finally standing only about a foot away, looking into her eyes and at her face. She started to walk around Ingrid. She dragged the tickets down Ingrid's back, half scratching, half tickling her. Ingrid shuddered and moaned in spite of herself.

Cindy said, "Ingrid, the boys talk about being in the 'friend zone,' and how much it sucks, you know?" Ingrid nodded. Cindy continued, "well, I know what they mean." She moved her mouth to behind Ingrid's left ear and half-whispered in a sultry voice, "it sucks."

Ingrid's pussy was starting to distinctly tingle with Cindy's seduction. Cindy reached up and unfastened Ingrid's bra, letting it fall forward. Ingrid moved her arms, allowing it to fall to the floor. Cindy slowly walked around to face Ingrid. "You've kept me in the 'friend zone,' Ingrid. That's very mean of you."

Ingrid's mind was going so fast she didn't know what she was feeling. She was feeling guilty and she was feeling sorry for slighting her friend. Another part of her brain was outraged - Cindy had no right to be giving her a guilt trip for being her friend. Added to that was the erotic undercurrent, and the throbbing of her very horny pussy.

Cindy dragged the tickets across Ingrid's panty-clad ass cheeks. Ingrid closed her eyes. Cindy's sultry voice said, "what are we going to do about that?" She put the tickets back in her pocket and put her hands on both sides of Ingrid's waist. She then slowly moved them down to the waistline of her panties and started peeling them downwards. Ingrid's crotch had a triangle of fine, blonde hair. As Cindy lowered her panties, Ingrid's thighs parted to ease their removal.

Cindy walked to the side of Ingrid again and whispered in her ear, "I think you need a spanking, Ingrid, for being so mean to me." She took her fingernails and raked Ingrid's naked ass cheeks, making her gasp.

Ingrid said, "A sp... oh, please, no-"

Cindy reappeared and put her index finger on Ingrid's lips. "No? You don't want to go to the concert?"

Ingrid bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and nodded, and said, "Please, not too hard."

Cindy took her hand and led her over to the bed.

"Bend over and put your hands on the bed. Spread your legs."

Ingrid did what she was told. Her heart was pounding. Cindy stood close by her left side and caressed her ass with her right hand, holding her left and on Ingrid's lower back.

Without warning, she slapped Ingrid's left cheek. Ingrid made a surprised "Ooh!" sound with the impact. Cindy waited a few seconds before striking again, drawing an "Ouch!" from Ingrid's lips.

Cindy spanked slowly, and never very hard. Ingrid's ass felt warmer, but the spanks were more sensual than painful. After a couple of minutes, the spanks started drawing moans out of her lips. Cindy started rubbing Ingrid's ass between the spanks. She moved her rubbing downward as she did, punctuating the movement with spanks as she did. Finally, placed her hand on Ingrid's molten pussy and rubbed that instead, making Ingrid moan loudly.

Ingrid's voice was husky. She said, "Oh, God, please..." and moved her hips. Cindy answered by dancing her hand over Ingrid's pussy lips, drawing the pleasure out of Ingrid with her practiced hand. Soon Ingrid was panting, her voice breathy and high pitched. "Oh... God... Yes... Oh.... That's so... Oh! Oh!"

She turned rigid and came. Still, Cindy's hands kept working Ingrid's pussy, drawing out her orgasm. Finally, Ingrid's arms gave way and she collapsed on the bed, panting and unable to speak.

Ingrid calmed down and her breathing slowed and became more regular. Cindy came over and offered her her hand and helped her stand. She then held Ingrid in her arms and kissed her tenderly. Ingrid returned the kiss hungrily. Eventually, they stopped kissing and just looked each other in the eyes for a long time. Ingrid spoke first.

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I know you like men. But I had to have you." Ingrid saw the hunger flash in Cindy's eyes.

"You don't really want to go to the concert, do you, Cindy?"

"Not really, but hey, a deal's a deal."

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