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Lexie's Master - Part One

Alexandria is taken prisoner by a handsome man who practices 'obedience training'.
I opened the door and saw a man standing there. He was good looking, extremely tall, and he had a very annoying smirk on his face. He was wearing a suit. He was standing on my porch like he was meant to be there, and I disliked him immediately. "Alexandria?" he asked.

"Lex," I replied. "What do you want?"

"I'm here to take you home."

"Is that right?"

"Maybe it would be better to invite me inside so we can talk."

"We can talk here."

"You're being rude, love."

I considered this for a moment before replying, "This is me being very, very polite."

"I was told you'd be a handful."

"So why are you here?"

"Since you insist on discussing business matters outdoors, I'll tell you. Your brother and I have a deal."

"I haven't spoken to my brother in three years."

"I'm aware of that," he continued. "However, your brother spoke very highly of you. He thought you'd make an excellent trade." I gave him no reaction, but I felt sick to my stomach.

"He has considerable debts. I could easily kill him. However I like to make the best of a situation, for all parties concerned."

"So I'm the pay off?"

"To put it coldly, yes."

"I'd take the money if I were you."

"Well," he spread his hands, "there's no getting blood from a stone."

"Blood from a person though, that's easy. And fun. Please get off my porch." I closed the door. I heard him knock again.

"Alexandria, open the door."

I stared at him through the glass panes on the door. I went into the kitchen and took my medications. "Those are a lot of pills." He shut the kitchen door but remained where he was. He even wiped his feet on the mat.

"Get out of my house."

"The door was open."

"Just because the kitchen door was open it does not invite you in. Now leave before I become impatient."

"I don't want to be threatening." He came towards me now. "But I could overpower you as easily as a kitten." I stared at the white material of his shirt, his chest level with my face. "We both know that." He stroked my hair. I recoiled.

"You think because you're tall, you're safe?" I turned my face up to him. "Please, try to over-power me. I don't think you'll enjoy the result."

"I don't want to fight with you."

"I don't want to be your slave. I will not. Your 'deal' isn't legally binding, and I won't agree to it. Get out of my house."

"You don't have a choice, love." His words were oddly gentle and affectionate. He tried to touch my face. I snapped his hand into mine, and twisted the fingers at a painful angle. He stared down at me, apparently unaffected.

"I could break your fingers, and I will if you try to touch me again."

He smiled.

"You cunt."

"Such a foul mouth. You're going to need a lot of discipline, aren't you?"

"You're going to need stitches."

I let his hand go and it fell to his side.

"You're so beautiful." He sounded genuinely awe-struck. His dark blue eyes invited me to lose myself in them.

I scoffed. "I'm glad you find me so appealing. Now, please, leave. This is the last time I will ask you nicely."

My words didn't register. He continued staring into my eyes. "Come here, my pet." He was actually going to gather me in his arms and lift me up. I struck my hand into his throat, kneed him in the groin as best I could and stamped on his foot. He stood there, and took it. But his eyes hardened. "We have something in common, Alex. My parents used me as a punching bag too. So I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Not that I appreciate getting pounded in the family jewels. But I'll put up with it. Once. For you. But try it again and I'll light your ass on fire."

"Oh," I said. "You're threatening to put me over your knee?"

"It isn't a threat," he told me. "It's a guarantee."

"Well, that's quite funny."

"You're tough," he admitted. "And I know you will fight me the whole way. That is why I will have to be strict with you. I won't tolerate any misbehaviour from here on in. Got it?"

I nodded.

"Go upstairs and pack your clothes then, Alexandria. I've wasted enough time here already and I have a meeting at 12."

"Alright," I said.

"Yes, Sir," he corrected.

"Yes, Sir," I repeated.

He looked suspicious but didn't comment. I went upstairs to my bedroom. He followed behind. I skipped ahead a few paces, turned and slammed the bedroom door. Then I locked it and got out my phone.

"Open that door right now, Alexandria, or you will regret it severely." He sounded dead serious.

"Ok," I sang out sweetly, "I'm just calling the police."

I dialed emergency and listened to the options. Press 1 for police. 1. Good. I waited for the operator.

A colossal thump sounded on the door. He was going to break it down. "Stand back from the door, Alexandria," he commanded. "I don't want you to get injured." I stood back, just in case. Hurry up. Someone picked up and asked me. "Hi, I-" The door caved in and splintered. He stomped into the room, looking giant and utterly mad. He was breathing like an enraged bull. Quite the sight really. I stopped speaking for a moment. He lunged for the phone. I jumped onto the bed. "There's a crazy man in my house!" He twisted my wrist behind my back and stole the phone. He pressed my face into the bed. He sat down beside me. I kicked and screamed on the bed but it was useless.

"Yes, it was just a misunderstanding." He explained it was a false alarm, sounding totally convincing while I gasped for air. He pushed me in harder until I stopped thrashing, till I was quiet. I also couldn't breathe. I was under the water. My mother's hands held my shoulders, gripping and bony. I watched her mottled image through my open eyes, the soap stung a little. I started to float, and the pain lessened.

"Alex? Alex." I vaguely felt him move me against his chest. "Alex, look at me. Are you alright?" He held my shoulders and I flinched.

"Don't... touch me. It hurts. Please."

"I'm sorry. But I explained to you I wouldn't tolerate bad behaviour. Look at me please." He held my chin until my eyes met his. "If you're a good girl you'll be treated well. If you're not you can expect to be restrained and punished. We need to go right now and I can see you're already shaken. So you just sit there on the bed and I will pack your things. Understand? Pet?" I nodded. He set about opening my drawers and packing clothes and underwear.

"Will you leave a note? Saying I've gone away?"

"You let me worry about that."

I wasn't going to just give in. This was my life. I hadn't belonged to anyone since I became legally emancipated from my parents at 16. "You have no right," I said. "You arrogant monster." He was going through my bottom draw. He turned to me, still bent over. "People are not property. They are not pets. And I am not your pet. I shouldn't be punished for what my idiotic parasitic brother has done. I don't care how much money he owes you. I frankly don't care if you kill him. I have nothing to do with him, or any of my family. Because they are all poison. I have been looking after myself for eight years. If you try to take me to be your toy I will kill you, and if you kill me instead, so be it."

He came over to me. I stood up. He regarded me evenly. "Alexandria. I thought you were going to be good. But obviously, you've changed your mind. Neither one of us is going to die. So stop being so dramatic. And stop testing my patience. It's running dangerously low." I opened my mouth but he cut me off with a look. He shut me up with a look? "If you come with me now you can take your hard spanking tonight. If you fight me, and make me late for my meeting, I'll give you a warm up now and you'll have one in reserve. Your choice, girl." His eyes left no room for negotiation. So intense. And kind of smoldering...

"Hmm," I said. "Or, I scream my head off if you try to touch me and my neighbours will call the police."

He took my arm. He pulled me towards the bed. I bit into his hand. I kicked his shins and hollered at the top of my lungs. I stamped on his shoe. "That's it," he growled. He threw me over his knee. I wasn't giving up, but he was determined now. He yanked down my pants and underpants. He forced his leg over mine. He secured my arm with one hand behind my back. I lost my breath when the first smack landed. He raised his hand and struck my other cheek. The sting was mind blowing. He slapped one cheek, then the other.

I listened to the sharp smacks echoing off my bedroom walls. I grunted into the bed. "Hard ass, are we?" He continued to spank cruelly, each slap harder than the last. I gasped at the unbelievable pain as he reigned down fire on my ass. It grew hot and the pain built steadily, growing to unbearable levels. He had a strong, large hand he welded expertly. Out of my mouth spilled a long, "Ouuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhh!!" He flicked each cheek with one last sharp slap (not really hard like the others) and stopped. He rested his hand on my back. "Any more opposition, Alex?"

"N, no, Sir."

"Good, then we will get going." We packed up and got in his car. I was stunned. He was serious and I was afraid to talk to him. How dare he spank me and humiliate me. I would not give up. I would just have to be less obvious about it. He would let his guard down some time.


"I have my meeting now. I'm sorry I have to do this." He showed me to the back seat. "Lie down. Face down." I lay down across the seats. He pulled my wrists together and tied them. He placed a blanket over me so it would just look like I was sleeping in the back seat. "I will be back in twenty minutes. I'd take you in if I thought you could behave." He patted my bottom and shut the door. I lay there scheming of ways to cause his death. After shooting, stabbing, and burning him alive, I heard the door open. He brought me up front and sat me in the passenger seat, but didn't undo my wrists. "We'll be home soon," he told me. "You'll like your room. I've had it specially prepared."

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