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Lexie's Master Part Three

Derrick sits Alexandria down to talk about their arrangement. It's uncomfortable but necessary.
Part Three

My eyes opened slowly. I wasn't in my room. It all came flooding back. The way he took me from my home and claimed me as his property because of my brother. My brother. Of course, at the time, I hadn't really struggled. I mean I didn't scream or anything. I had actually gotten into his car because it felt... right. Because I wanted to go with him. No, wait, I must have been out of my mind! Temporary insanity! I would sort this out right now! I lurched out of bed. I was wearing kiddie pajamas. They had fucking Eyore on them. And my ass was sore.

"You!" I thundered.

Derrick turned to me, one hand covering his cell phone. "Hold on Vince, I'll have to call you back." He looked me over. He was wearing his usual business attire, maybe slightly less formal than yesterday. Tight black jeans and a white button up shirt. He was bare foot.


"You cunt."

"Not a morning's person, then?" He walked over to me and smoothed some hair from my face. "You're shaking, love." He ducked his head to be able to look into my eyes better. Those kind, deep blue eyes. He slid his thumb around my cheek and rested his fingers lightly on my neck. "What's the matter?"

"What's the matter?" I began, sounding deceptively calm. "You kidnapped me, assaulted me, tortured me and dressed me in these!" I motioned to my outfit. "You'd better let me go right now or I will be pressing charges. That's my final offer, you wretching sputum of a man."

"Wretching sputum of a man," he pondered, "I like that. Now, I have a counter offer for you, little one. You go upstairs and clean yourself up and get dressed. Then, since I am working from home today, you will assist me cheerfully and productively all day long. Understand?"

"You're a criminal. You're a piece of shit and I won't do anything for you."

"Do you need a freshly smacked bottom, Pet?" he asked me. He held my face in one hand, using it as a bridle so I couldn't move my head.

"I'm not a child," I fumed. "You're not my father or my owner or anything. You won't get anywhere by assaulting me again. I can promise you that. You can't break me with pain. If you know my history you should know that." I was shaking hard. I had to make my position clear and stick to it if I had any chance of getting away from this asshole. I wasn't going to be anybody's pet or sex slave. I had my own business, my own home, my own life. I had worked hard to build that. And my brother, after all these years, he couldn't cause it to be taken away from me, not after everything he'd already leeched out of me. The fucking vampire. It was sick, sick and unfair. It was a nightmare. It was a waking living Hell.

It took me a second to register I was in his arms. He cradled me into his chest. He kissed my hair. I felt so small when he held me. It scared me, but it wasn't an entirely unpleasant sensation. It was... intense.

"You're panicking because you're not in control," he said quietly. "You've never had somebody take care of you. And you hate being vulnerable. Now, I'm not going to force you stay here, but I will explain why you should, and I think you'll make the right decision."

"Fine," I huffed, "explain."

"Let's have a little talk then." He gently steered me into the living room.

We sat down on the couches.

"Do you really think I tortured you?" he asked me. He was trying to get me fixated on those hypnotic eyes again, the sneak. "Considering your background and mine, I wouldn't throw that word around."

"No," I muttered. I looked at him, "But you spanked me really hard!"

His face twitched. He was fighting a grin. And he looked delicious doing it. The prick. "Yes," he replied, "I spanked you really hard, Alexandria. I corrected you, but I did not abuse you. Would you agree?"

"Yes," I sighed. "And ok, you didn't kidnap me. Fine! But I don't understand why I like this stuff. It's not me. And it's weirding me out. Majorly."

"I understand," he told me. "Needing to be dominated comes from deep down." He came and sat next to me. He placed one large hand on my sternum and the other one on my back. He splayed his fingers over my collar bone. "Did you notice how I used the word need, not want, Alexandria?" He brushed his lips over my ear. My stomach flipped. He bit my ear lobe gently.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Do you really want to leave, then?"


"What are you frightened of, love?" He turned my face to meet his, his fingers so light I shivered.

"Not being myself. I'm sort of... innocent around you. Not dark like I normally am. I thought I'd lost that." I looked away from him. "I'm used to just being... dead," I settled on. "I don't do feelings. I don't trust them. I'm like a raw nerve around you. My instinct is to flee."

He stroked my hair as he spoke. "That's reasonable, but have you thought that I could also heal you? That maybe I'm the best thing to come into your life? You're so doped up on medication and clamped down emotionally that you call yourself dead. How much worse could your life possibly get, Alex?"

I flinched. I hunched up like I'd been struck.

"I'm sorry." He said. "That was harsh." He gently eased my limbs out of my defensive position. He stroked his fingers down each one as he did.

"Good girl. Are we ok to keep talking?"

I nodded. "I want you to stay here. But I also get that you think I could take advantage of you. When I command you, you feel a pull towards obeying me, correct?"

I nodded.

"And it frightens you?"

I swallowed and nodded again. I wanted to crawl back into my little ball.

"Look at me when I'm speaking to you, Alex," he told me gently, but firmly.

I met his eyes. He squeezed my hand. It was so warm, and it enclosed mine so easily. He leaned in and nibbled on my bottom lip. I moaned. My whole body relaxed. He brushed his thumb over my wet lip. I wanted to suck his fingers.

But he drew back. He gazed into me. "Do you understand what a safe word is, Alex?"

I nodded.

"Then explain it to me."

"I said I know, ok," I grumbled. How clueless did he think I was?

"OK, but I don't want you just nod and say yes, I know what a safe word is. I need to know you understand what it is before we go any further."

I sighed. "It's something people use when they're doing sex play. They say it when they really mean no. Like someone might be saying, oohhhh," I moaned loudly, "no, no... but they really mean yes. So it's a different word that either person can say to make the other one stop."

"That's exactly it," he affirmed. "It's a word you can say when I'm hurting you, scaring you, or you don't want me to go ahead. You can say it any time and I'll immediately stop what I'm doing and ask if you're ok. Do you understand?"


"I don't want you to misuse it though. If you say it every time you get hesitant or you're experiencing mild discomfort it will lose its power."


"Do you know yourself well enough to know the difference?"

"I think so."

"Good. Now I'm going to test your knowledge. I'm spanking you and it hurts terribly but you know you need to be punished. Do you use the safe word then?"


"I have you tied up and you get a muscle cramp, do you use the safe word then?"


"You would use the safe word then."

"But don't I just have to put up with it? I mean I'm not going to die or anything."

"God, no. If you're in pain that I'm not inflicting on purpose in a controlled and measured way then it's not right. You would signal me immediately."


"Trust your instincts. You will learn the pleasurable sensation of reluctance, versus the panic of really needing me to let up. It's hard for me to explain but you will get a feel for it. I'm also very observant, so I will watch carefully and study your reactions. If I feel you're struggling I will check on you."

"You do that already."

"And I bet you're glad I do."

"It's..." I was shocked at the tears springing me up in my eyes. "It's nice," I said gruffly. "I haven't had anybody care about me like that in a long time."

"You mean ever," he corrected softly. He brushed some hair from my face.


"You're all hunched up again."

"I just feel really uncomfortable," I admitted.

"You don't like being vulnerable. I won't abuse your openness. It's a privilege."

"That sounds corny," I whined.

"It is," he told me fiercely. "When you are open and honest with me that is all I can hope for. I know it's hard for you and I love it when you work for me, doll."

I laughed softly. "Yes, we're working right now, Pet. We're forging a relationship. How does it feel?" He smiled at me. Such a fucking gorgeous smile.

"It feels funny," I laughed.

He took me in his arms and held me tightly. I was shaking. I started crying. Jesus. I was fucking crying. I tried so hard to stop. If he could just be mean to me right now, I could stem the tears. But he was so kind, so totally devoted to comforting me. He let me cry into his shirt. He rubbed my back. He didn't ask me to please not cry like most men would have. I was probably getting snot everywhere.

"It's just... feelings. It's kind of letting out the cork I guess," I sniffed and rubbed my hand against my nose.

"Alex," he scolded, but not really. "You needn't be embarrassed."

"But I am," I sulked. "I used your shirt as a tissue."

"Would it help if I did something embarrassing too?"

I looked into his face and laughed.

"God, you're beautiful," he gasped.

"Yeah right, with my red face and snot everywhere."

"Yes, even with your red face and snot everywhere, you're still the most resplendent thing I've ever seen in my damned life."

"That's... really stupid," I said, but I felt a big grin coming onto my face.

"See, now I've embarrassed myself. Happy, Lexie?"

I grinned. "Happier. Lexie? You normally call me Alex."

"I'd rather call you Lexie. And you can call me, Master."

I bit my lip. "I want out of this arrangement any time."

"If you try to leave I'll stop you. I'll hold you down and overpower you. If you try to leave," he spoke slowly, "and you use the safe word, I'll let you go. I'll only ask you to stay long enough to let me call you a cab and pay the driver. I don't want you flying out of the house half dressed when you're upset because somebody not nice might get you. OK?"

"Ok," I agreed. "But what about my house and my work and-"

"We'll get it sorted out. You will have a job here. You're my Pet but you're smart and capable and I need your help around the house and with my business."

"Yes, Sir," I nodded. This was safer territory for me. Completing tasks, achieving, throwing myself into my work. Ignoring my feelings.

"Good girl." He patted my knee. "I'm glad we had this talk."

I frowned for a second before speaking. "Can the safe word be 'potato'?"


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