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Lexie's Master Part Two

Alexandria takes her first punishment spanking
"Alexandria."He was sitting by the fire in a red leather arm chair. He looked handsome, other worldly, like something out of the eighteen hundreds. "Come here." I approached him and looked at him defiantly.

"Have you settled in?"

I nodded. It had been a few hours. He had prepared me a nice room. It was big and everything was purple, blue and silver.

"Is everything to your liking?"

I forced another nod.

"The reason I've called you here is to deal with your punishment."

"You already spanked me."

"No, I gave you a warm up. I told you you'd be getting another spanking for your behaviour back at the house. Your proper spanking."

"I don't want to be spanked."

"You chose to be spanked by behaving that way, so I have no mercy for you. I will always explain your punishment to you in this room. Then I will take you up to your bedroom and administer your punishment. You will go to sleep afterwards."


"Yes, Sir."

I took a deep breath through my nostrils. "Yes, Sir."

"Not so hard," he said gently, mocking me ever so slightly. "Now, sit down." I sat down on the foot rest in front of his chair and faced him.

"You have committed several offenses today, my pet. You physically attacked me back at the house after I had warned you not to. You did not open the door when I instructed you to. You displayed a lot of other general bad behaviour but you are new so I will let it go. I will give you twenty hard spanks over my knee. Those will be with my hand. You will thank me for stinging your bottom. You will bend over the bed and I will give you four smacks with the paddle, two on each cheek. Again you will thank me for punishing you. You will lie face down on the bed. I will give you two strokes of the cane. That will be the end of your punishment. Do you understand what you will receive and why you are being punished tonight?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Is there anything you'd like to say in your defense?"

"No, Sir."

He walked me upstairs. He sat down on my bed. "Come here, Pet." I lay down over his knees. He tugged down my pants and then slid my under pants to mid thigh. He placed his right leg over both of mine. He seemed like he had done this many times before. He gave my left cheek a mighty slap. The pain was shocking, it radiated through my body. My legs curled up. "That is one." I flinched before the next slap even landed. I gasped as I felt the fiery pain explode on my right cheek. He was not going to be gentle with my soft flesh.

"I can see you are tensing. The smacks do tend to hurt more on a stiff bottom. I suggest you relax to receive the rest of your correction, Alex. I will have some leniency if you respond as a punished girl should." He aimed the next spank at my right cheek. It doubled on his still burning hand print. I cried out and wriggled my legs, but there wasn't much room when they were pinned under his. I sensed him raising his hand for the next spank. My hands shot back and covered my burning ass. "Remove your hands, Alex." I slowly removed them. "Spread your legs."


"The penalty for trying to cover your bottom is a few painful spanks on your inner thighs, where the skin is most tender."

I spread my legs wide. For some reason, it wasn't hard to obey him now. "Now you will feel what it is like to have my hand bite into your creamy thigh, I suspect you will be eager for me to return to punishing your bottom." He placed his warm hand around my thigh so he could aim the spank. I let out a tortured cry. He repeatedly spanked my inner thigh. It was like being whipped. It stung so badly! It was a such a horrible, intense, sharp pain. I tried to close my legs. "If you clench your legs I'll need to spank your pussy," he told me matter of factly. "The more you fight your punishment, the more painful it is. You'll learn that."

I opened up my legs. The horrible pain assaulted my tender area. I whimpered. I felt his big hand encircling my thigh. He gently brushed it as he let it go. He grasped the other leg so he could treat my right thigh. "Here you go," he said quietly, as if giving me a present.

"Please," I whined. "I've had enough. I'll be good." My pussy throbbed. It felt hot. I liked this? I didn't realise how turned on I was until I felt the evidence. The feeling of his hand around my thigh and knowing he was going to hurt me in my most intimate places was terrifying, and it really did hurt. But he was so powerful, so measured, so dominant. Being helpless to accept his guidance turned me on. Me, the most independent person ever liked being spanked like a little girl. "You let me go right now!" I snarled. I kicked with my now uncovered legs. He forced my legs far apart by pulling one thigh and spanked my right inner leg. I yelled into my pillow. "I'm being generous restraining you rather than spanking your pussy," he reminded me. "So stop testing my will."

"Yes, Sir," I whispered.

"Now, how many spanks have I given you?"

"I don't know, Sir."

"Three. I have given you three spanks. Which means you have seventeen more to go. I suggest you lay still and endure the pain that you've earned. You may wiggle or cry out but do not struggle or complain excessively. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I can see you aren't totally opposed to being punished anyway. Your little pussy is inviting me to touch it."

I gasped. How humiliating. Ouch! I stopped caring about him seeing my slit. "I'll make this easier for you." He twisted my arm behind my back. He spanked one cheek, then the other. I listened to the thunderous smacks. Each one was like a bomb being implanted in my soft cheek. It would go off and release unbelievable red hot sting. I bit into the pillow and it muffled my swearing exclamations. His continued to assault my bottom with his huge, hard hand. I yelped as the pain built. "Youchhhhh! It's so hot," I complained, "and it stings so badly. I can't stand it! How long till it's over?"

"If you had kept count, you would know, young lady."

He gave me a few more as I strained against his grip, then it stopped. "Thank God," I said.

"Don't you have something to say?"

I gulped.

"Do you remember what to say? I hoped you haven't forgotten. Your little peach has turned bright, scarlet, red. I wouldn't want to give it additional punishment." He caressed it and I whimpered. I wanted him to stroke my pussy. No, I wanted him to plunge a finger into its sopping wetness. I was shocked at my own thought, but my pussy was wet. Apparently, I liked the bastard. He ran his finger up my slit. "You will learn to obey me," he said. "Now tell me what you're supposed to say."

I gulped. "Thank you for stinging my bottom, Sir."

"Good girl. Now stand up." He let me up. I rubbed my poor hot bottom. He smiled at me, amused at my display.

"A well spanked little girl, I'd say." He stood over me. He looked smug, and sexy as hell. He leaned down and touched his lips to mine. I kissed them. He pulled away.

"I'm sorry," I gasped.

He registered the hurt in my eyes and my apology, which was hard to wring out of me in general. "Alexandria," he said in a very kind voice, "I do not mean to slight you. I was not rejecting you. I was simply teasing you, my pet." He stroked my hair. "I can see intimacy is difficult for you, and kissing me pleases me immensely. However, you are being punished, and I don't want to confuse you by pleasuring you at the same time. So we had better get your punishment over with."

I nodded. He positioned me for the paddle. My pants and underpants sat around my ankles. I rested my elbows on the bed. I had to stand with my bottom sticking in the air. I heard the 'woosh' before the wood collided with my bottom. I yelped loudly. I recovered and stuck my bottom out again. The next spank came quickly. I took it better. "Very good," he assured me. He whacked my right cheek again. I bit my lip. My eyes watered with the pain. I could feel something else too. My juices flowed down my thighs from my sticky pussy. I moaned as the last stroke came down. "Thank you for paddling my bottom, Sir."

"You're welcome, my pet. Now, did you do as you were instructed? Have you brushed your teeth? I can see you are wearing your pajamas."

"Yes," I replied.

"Alright." He helped me out of my pants and underpants. "Lie down on the bed." I lay face down on the bed. "Two strokes of the cane and then it is all over. I will treat your bottom and comfort you until you go to sleep."

"Yes, Sir."

He tapped the cane on the fleshiest part of my bottom. I braced myself. I screamed at the blazing stripe of pain that landed on my vulnerable bottom. "Keep your hands away." He gave me the next stroke immediately. I howled. "There we are, Pet. That is the last."

I was shaking. He sat down. I climbed into his arms and hugged me securely. "I will go and get some ice now, Pet. Alright?" He kissed my ear lobe.

"Don't leave me." I clung to him. "I want you to hold me."

"If I don't get the ice now it won't be effective. I will be right back, little one." He did return immediately with the ice. My bottom was still sore, but it was divine having him rub my back and stroke my hair until I feel asleep. I began thinking if I would earn other punishments, or how a man like Derrick Hunter might reward his good girl....

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