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Lisa’s Cousins

When Lisa’s cousins find out she is spanked they want to be as well.
Twenty-two year old Lisa stood outside her sister’s bedroom, naked, paddle hairbrush in hand, and knocked, just as she had done so many times for the last few months since she had got her Mum to enforce discipline on her with a spanking. Just her and not her 26 year old sister. Susie opened the door in her dressing gown and looked down at the hairbrush first then at her sister and grinned wickedly.

Lisa said, “I’m going to Mum’s bedroom for my spanking.”

Susie smiled as she replied, “Yes, Mum told me when I got home.”

Lisa remembered explaining to Susie how she came to get spanked in the first place. “I had always fantasised about being spanked and me and Karen just thought we could work it that our Mum’s spank us if we misbehaved. I wanted to have a say in when I was spanked but Mum wouldn’t have it so giving her full control is better than not being spanked at all. It hurts, well it has to, but it’s also kind of erotic you know. Anyway, it’s been good for me Susie. I know I can be smart mouthed sometimes, well a lot actually, and being punished helps. Also as Mum normally spanks me in the morning I have all day to think about what I’ve done wrong, standing up mostly.”

Susie’s icy comment still haunted Lisa. Her sister said, “Your choice I guess.

Back to today and Susie said mischievously, “You know Mum will get me to spank you some time.”

Lisa had replied, “I guess. I never meant that to happen. Sorry.”

“Hey sis, it’s no problem. If it does you good then I’m up for it. I love you anyway sis so I’ll make sure when it happens I spank you just as long and hard as Mum does.” Susie beamed.

Lisa blushed and said sarcastically, “Gee thanks Susie.” After a moment Lisa added, “So can I have my spanks please.”

Lisa turned so her bare bottom faced her older sister.

Susie said, “Mum has upped it to six spanks from four you know?”

Lisa did know and replied, “Yes Sis, Mum told me.”

Susie put her hand on Susie’s bare and cool right bottom cheek, pulled her hand back and gave her younger sister a hard spank. Susie spanked each bottom cheek alternately until all six spanks had been delivered.

Lisa turned to her sister and said a respectful, “Thank you Susie.”

Susie grinned replying, “My pleasure Lisa.”

The two sisters quickly crossed the hall and Lisa knocked on her Mum’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” Sandra called from inside the bedroom.

Lisa opened the door and walked inside not concerned she was naked as she was so used to it now.

Her Mum, 45 year old Sandra, asked, “Did you give her six spanks Susie?”

“Yes Mum,” the 26 year old answered.

Sandra said a simple, “Good.”

Lisa saw the upright chair already turned in to the room and watched as her Mum sat down on it pulling her nightie tight across her lap. “Over you go Lisa,” she ordered.

Lisa quickly bent across her Mum’s lap balancing on the floor with her hands, her breasts hanging downwards. Lisa loved this position of submission and the telling off her Mum will give her. It gave her time to think about how naughty she had been and it built up both the tension of knowing the pain to come as well as her own erotic thoughts as they merged.

Sandra berated Lisa for breaking her favourite vase last night and Lisa knew she had been silly. She just wasn’t careful enough and knew as she went to bed that she will be spanked in the morning. That didn’t stop her masturbating, several times, as she lay on her tummy reminding herself of all the times she had been put across her Mum’s lap and spanked. Now it was time for the real thing once again.

Sandra scolded her daughter for several minutes as she rubbed her bottom and the backs of her legs getting herself ready to spank the 22 year old across her lap both for a long time and very hard. She knew her daughter was getting aroused by being told off but didn’t mind that because she also knew she will be howling in pain and crying her eyes out and the stinging feeling in her bottom will remain with her all day, at least.

Susie watched and listened as she did every time she was at home. There was something pleasing about watching her sister at first just gasp but then cry and kick her legs and squirm as the spanking gathered pace and the wooden backed paddle hairbrush was used.

Eventually Sandra was happy she had made her point verbally and started to spank her 22 year old daughter’s bare bottom. She always started by spanking on alternate cheeks for several minutes, occasionally landing hard spanks on the backs of Lisa’s legs which always brought satisfyingly loud yelps before spanking her bottom again. Sandra would look up at Susie and they smiled at each other as Lisa gasped louder and louder. Both got satisfaction from Lisa being spanked, Sandra got a sense of relief that she could vent her anger on her misbehaving daughter and also felt she was doing the right thing to discipline her daughter even though 22 years old. Equally Susie happily enjoyed watching her younger sister suffer knowing she had actually asked her Mum to punish her.

Sandra spanked Lisa’s bottom for some fifteen minutes before picking up the hairbrush which she used to splatter spanks across Lisa’s already stinging bottom. Lisa kicked and bucked and squirmed as the spanks rained down on her. However even through the pain she adored the feeling of submission as she lay across her Mum’s lap accepting spank after spank. Being spanked at her age and in front of her sister added humiliation to the punishment she craved knowing that her bottom will sting all day giving her lasting memories of her spanking.

Lisa dissolved in to a crying kicking squirming submissive contrite young lady ever respectful of her Mum, sorry now for being naughty but knowing whilst she will be ever so well behaved while her bottom stings her memory will be relatively brief and her good behaviour short-lived.

Sandra counted out 200 hard spanks with the hairbrush before deciding her daughter had been taught her lesson. She knew Lisa wanted to be spanked so when she deserved to be she made sure the spanking was long and hard just like this one. Equally she knew, or at least was fairly sure, that Lisa would masturbate before going out savouring the spanking. So it was a lesson learned but also satisfaction for Sandra and pain and lust for Lisa.

Sandra told Lisa to stand up and as the 22 year old slid off her Mum’s lap she stood and her hands flew to her bottom rubbing away the pain but of course unsuccessfully. Susie looked on as her sister’s breasts bounced and shook as Lisa quickly rubbed her stinging sore very warm bottom but now the spanking waited for her Mum’s sign of dismissal.

First though Sandra said sharply, “Don’t forget we have your cousins coming over for tea this afternoon.”

“Yes Mum, I haven’t forgotten,” Lisa replied.

Sandra looked sternly at Susie and gave a warning, “Best behaviour young lady.”

Lisa was still crying but said another sobbing, “Yes Mum..”

Sandra was satisfied with that and as her finger pointed to the door Lisa nodded to her Mum and left the bedroom.

Just as Sandra had thought, Lisa went to her bedroom and closed her door. She lay on her side on the bed drawing her knees up to her breasts still rubbing her bottom and wiping her eyes as she slowly recovered. Once again she promised herself to be well behaved as the spanking had been just so painful. Slowly though the initial pain turned to stinging and tingling. She eased herself off her bed, opened her bedroom door, heard her Mum and sister chatting downstairs, closed the door again, and returned to her bed. She opened her bedside cabinet and took out her vibrator, hidden under lots of clothes. She switched it on and the buzz from the battery was almost imperceptible. She lay on her side as she ran the vibrating head along her wet pussy lips and easing it inside was soon gasping with passion, sexually aroused, quickly bringing herself to the orgasm she wanted so badly. As she came she knew this is why she loved to be spanked, so she would reach such a fabulous sexual release.

Lisa kept her vibrator inside her after her first orgasm and easing it around her pussy she quickly reached her second orgasm and then her third. What a release for her.

Sandra listened out as best she could and was sure the floor above her creaked so was in no doubt Lisa was masturbating. She accepted it. It was a small price to accept for the power to discipline her daughter.

Half an hour later Lisa came back downstairs washed, her make-up put on, dressed in a short skirt and vest top, bare legs, no shoes, and went straight up to her Mum. “I’m really sorry Mum,” Lisa said, giving her Mum a hug. Sandra hugged her daughter back and they smiled at each other. Sandra knew this was normal for her daughter. The spanking was over and Lisa was always relaxed afterwards, presumably because she had masturbated several times.

Sandra said, “I hope you won’t be dressed like that for your cousins.”

Lisa laughed, “Hardly Mum,” as she turned around, “Because my legs are just so red from your spanking.”

Sandra smiled at her handiwork and said reproachfully, “That’s OK then.”

After lunch the four cousins arrived. They all met up once a month but they all got on so they looked forward to it. It was a family of girl’s ranging in age from Susie at 26 down to Tracey who was 16 years old . The six cousins chatted about clothes, of course, their social network updates, makeup and boyfriends. Today was unusual because the Mums, Sandra's two sisters, couldn’t make it for tea although one sister, Adele, would be over later. Sandra didn’t mind too much being left to it as all the cousins were a delight to have over.

It was a warm day so all the cousins went in to the garden. Sandra was preparing tea but became aware of a commotion in the garden and went out to investigate. Tracey was shouting at Lisa who looked rather sheepish when her Mum appeared.

“What’s going on out here?” Sandra demanded to know but thought she knew when she saw Tracey’s phone in her hand dripping water.

Tracey said sharply, “Lisa took my phone and tried to play piggy in the middle with it by throwing it to Emma who missed it and it fell in the pond."

Emma, 18 years old, looked as sheepish as Lisa. “I did say throw it to me but Lisa threw it too high for me. Sorry,” she said.

Sandra glared at Lisa and said sternly, “You should know better shouldn’t you Lisa? Fancy doing that to our Tracey.”

Lisa knew it was going to get her punished and for a moment forgetting that all the cousins were there asked, “Are you going to spank me Mum?”

The effect of the comment was mind shattering. There was silence in the garden but several of the girls had their mouths open but no sound came from any of them. Sandra put her hands on her hips and looked around at all the faces staring back at her with looks of disbelief. Sandra fixed a stare on Lisa and asked, “What do you think young lady?”

Lisa gasped and one hand covered her mouth and the other shot to her bottom which was still stinging from this morning’s spanking. There were gasps from all around.

Sandra continued, “When were you last spanked Lisa?”

Lisa said quietly, “This morning.”

This brought whispers from the girls such as, “No way,” and “Wow.”

Sandra asked, “Who spanked you?”

Lisa said, “Susie gave me six spanks and then you gave me a proper spanking over your knee.”

Everyone looked at Susie in awe then back at Sandra, almost holding their breaths to see what would happen next.

Sandra continued, “So, have you earned a spanking?” Sandra’s eyes flashed as they did when she was annoyed with her daughter.

Lisa nodded and said a quiet, “Yes Mum.”

Sandra said forcefully, “Pardon, say it louder so everyone can hear you.”

Lisa sniffed, blushed, and said louder, “Yes Mum, I need to be spanked.”

Sandra looked around at the still surprised faces, back at Lisa, and said, “Right everyone, in to the living room.” Sandra glared at Lisa and pointed towards the house and the 22 year old sloped off to what she knew would a humiliating experience.

Lisa entered the living room went over to the upright chair her Mum often used when spanking her downstairs and turned it in to the room. She stood still waiting for her Mum’s inevitable order.

Sandra first asked Susie, “Please get me a hairbrush will you?”

Susie went to the side cabinet and took out the wooden backed hairbrush. Sandra sat on the chair straightening her skirt. Some of the cousins were now whispering amongst themselves getting more used to the realisation they will soon be watching their 22 year old cousin being spanked.

Sandra said to the room, “Quieten down please and sit down all of you if you want to watch.” There was a hush except for the sound of scrabbling to find a seat. Soon only Lisa was left standing in front of her seated Mum.

Sandra said, “Lisa, you know why I am going to spank you so this time I won’t labour the point. I will just say this. I am going to teach you a lesson not to throw your cousins phone in to the pond. Understood?”

Lisa again nodded and said loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Yes Mum.” Lisa couldn’t look at anyone else so stared at her Mum suddenly remembering she is always spanked in the nude. Surely not now, not in front of her cousins she hoped?

Sandra announced, “Take your knickers down to your knees and lift your skirt above your waist.”

Lisa almost sighed with relief and quickly yanked her knickers down to just above her knees and pulled her skirt up holding it tightly above her waist. Lisa was aware of chattering behind her and realised they were all talking about her red bottom which was still tingling from the earlier spanking.

Sandra said, “Yes girls now you can see it is true, that Lisa still gets spanked when she misbehaves.”

There were whispers again and although Lisa made out some of the words like, ‘I bet that hurt,’ and, ‘At 22 though?’ and, ‘I would kill Mum if she tried to spank me.’ Little did the girls know just then that Lisa had asked her Mum to spank her, well as good as with her Mum’s ‘discovery’ about spanking herself. Sandra and Susie both knew though and found the comments from the girls amusing.

“Get across my lap Lisa,” her Mum ordered, and Lisa quickly stepped to her Mum’s side and lowered herself across her waiting lap making sure she kept her skirt well above her waist. Being told to fully undress was the last thing she wanted right now.

Sandra rubbed Lisa’s bottom and said to the room, “You can watch if you want girls but it is going to take quite a while, maybe 15 minutes with my hand and several more minutes with the hairbrush. You can go and play upstairs or in the kitchen or even in here whilst I do what I have to do.”

No one moved. All eyes were on Sandra and Lisa. Sandra raised her hand and brought it down hard on Lisa’s already red and sore bottom so Lisa’s gasp was far louder than she would normally have made when receiving her Mum’s first spank. Sandra ignored her daughters gasp as she kept on spanking her on alternate bare bottom cheeks. As much as Lisa gasped so her cousins looked on with growing wonder at the how their Aunt kept up the momentum, no breaks, no rests, just spank after spank on Lisa’s bare and ever reddening bottom.

Five minutes passed then 10 minutes and still none of the girls left the room. They watched captivated by the sight of a 22 year old being spanked, squirming around on her Mum’s lap, gasping louder and louder particularly when the spanks were aimed at the backs of Lisa’s legs.

Some of the girls felt sorry for Lisa not knowing she had brought this on herself. Emma’s thoughts were different. She knew she was partly to blame, maybe wholly to blame. She watched as her Aunt spanked Lisa harder and harder and knew she had to admit to her sense of guilt? So as the spanking progressed Emma went over to Susie and asked if she could have a word. The two of them went to the far side of the room.

Emma explained, “Susie, it’s partly my fault, well maybe wholly my fault. You see Tracey and I had an argument this morning. She really annoyed me. So when we started to mess around in the garden I picked up Tracey’s phone and threw it to Lisa. Then when Tracey started to shout at us I stood in front of the pond and called to Lisa to throw the phone to me. When she did I made out it was too high and it fell in the pond. That’s when Aunt Sandra came out.”

Susie said, “And you let Lisa get spanked without saying anything?”

“Sorry,” Emma said.

Susie thought for a second and asked, “So what should happen now?”

Emma said in a nervous tone, “Well I think maybe we should tell Aunt Sandra?”

Susie said firmly, “You do know what you deserve don’t you?”

Susie looked at the 18 year old who knew exactly what Susie was getting at. “I suppose,” and just to confirm she added, “I’ve never been spanked, ever.”

Susie said sternly, “Well you might be for the first time today, so if you are sure I will tell Mum.”

Emma nodded and swallowed hard as she followed Susie across the room .Just then Sandra stopped hand spanking Lisa looked up and said to Susie, “Can you pass the hairbrush please Susie.”

All the girls who were seated looked expectantly at Susie. However Susie said, “Mum, Emma has just told me something you need to know.”

Susie then explained to Sandra what Emma had told her and Sandra looked more and more cross.

Sandra said sternly to the 18 year old, “You know what you need don’t you young lady?”

Emma again nodded her head and said quietly, “Yes Aunty.”

Sandra thought for a moment and said. “It’s Emma’s first spanking so I will take her to the next room. Susie, you finish off spanking Lisa here for me will you please?”

Susie was elated. At last she was going to get to spank her younger sister and was grinning widely. However it was all happening so quickly for the other girls. They had got used to the idea of Lisa being spanked by her Mum but now Emma was going to be spanked by Aunty Sandra and Lisa was going to be spanked by Susie, her older sister.

“Get up Lisa,” Sandra ordered. And Lisa slid off her Mum’s lap and rubbed her bottom which was a welcome relief. She had heard her Mum decide she was going to be spanked by her older sister but her bottom was stinging so much she only thought about rubbing and didn’t think about complaining.

Susie sat down on the chair and pulling her sleeves up above her elbows and with an air of importance said, “Across my lap Lisa.”

Lisa sighed with acceptance as she bent down across her sister’s lap. Once across Susie’s lap looking at the floor her first thought was the difference in her Mum’s lap to her sister’s. Susie was slim and toned and she kept her legs slightly apart which made her feel more stable than when across her Mum’s thicker softer fleshier thighs. However once Susie started to rub her bottom Lisa focussed on the spanking to come.

Susie asked, “Mum, can I spank Lisa some more or do I need to go straight to the hairbrush?”

Sandra said, “No problem if you spank her some more. You are in charge and can decide what discipline she needs.”

“Great,” Susie said enthusiastically to the back of her 22 year old sister’s head. “Right then Lisa, I’ll be spanking you some more before giving you the hairbrush,” she told her sister as though she won’t have heard the conversation with her Mum.

Susie started to spank Lisa for the first time and Sandra watched for the first couple of dozen spanks. When she was satisfied Susie was ok to be left to it she got a second hairbrush from the cabinet turned to Emma and told her sternly, “Come with me young lady.”

Emma followed Sandra and all the girls watched as they left the room. Sandra purposely left the door open and when going in to the other room she left that door open as well.

Sandra asked Emma, “So, this will be your first ever spanking Emma?”

“Yes Aunty,” the 18 year old answered.

“Then it will be a new experience for you. Before you ask, it is meant to hurt and will hurt. In fact your bottom will be sore for quite some time and you will find sitting uncomfortable.” Emma looked uneasy and was more so when Sandra ordered, “As we are alone you can take your skirt and knickers right off.”

Emma quickly stepped out of her skirt and knickers and moments later was across her Aunt’s lap having her bottom rubbed.

In the next room the cousins watched as Susie kept spanking Lisa and again saw how Lisa’s bottom swirled around as Susie’s hand spanked her as hard as Aunt Sandra had done. They became conscious though of sounds from the adjoining room through the open doors. A second spanking. Emma’s spanking. The sound of an open palm, Aunt Sandra’s open palm, on a bare bottom, Emma’s, was clear to hear. Emma’s gasps were equally clear. Soon the girls heard the double spanking, Susie spanking Lisa and Aunt Sandra spanking Emma, albeit they could only see one of the spankings.

Susie was listening out as best she could for the gap in the spanking in the next room and decided she would keep on hand spanking Lisa until then. She found the feel of the bare bottom on her hand was so satisfying.

Sandra spanked Emma for several minutes not seeing why she should go lightly on her niece for what she did.

Emma squirmed around on her Aunt’s lap as this first ever spanking was hurting more than she had expected, even after watching her Aunt spank Lisa. The spanks on the backs of her legs hurt the most. Emma started to sob even during the hand spanking and her Aunt continued for quite a while after that before deciding it was time for the hairbrush.

The girls watching Lisa being spanked heard the far louder gasps, yelps even, coming from the adjoining room. So did Susie who picked up her hairbrush and after tapping Lisa’s bottom a couple of times spanked her with the wooden paddle side. The cousins were again enthralled by the use of this implement. After all it was a hairbrush, much like the ones they all used for brushing their hair. This though was a very different use.

Lisa was kicking and squirming on her sister’s lap as the hairbrush was splattered all over her bottom with several landing on the same spot time and again. She knew Susie was making the most of her chance to discipline her but Lisa was now reconciled to being spanked by Susie again. Her bottom was stinging awfully and Lisa’s yelps turned in to sobs and then unstoppable crying. Again some of the girls felt sorry for their 22 year old cousin as they watched her suffer. A couple though simply thought how lucky Susie was to be able to hand out such a good spanking.

Emma was struggling as her Aunt Sandra spanked her hard on her bottom and the backs of her legs and she couldn’t stop herself crying. However she knew she really deserved the spanking. After she got used to being spanked, as much as anyone can she thought, she rather liked the position, across her Aunt’s lap, looking at the floor and her Aunt’s feet. She had never forgotten watching a friend’s brother being spanked and wondered what it would be like so when she knew she had a real reason to be spanked today she plucked up the courage and admitted her guilt to Susie.

She was even more sure when she parted her legs when Aunt Sandra was hand spanking her legs and thighs and Aunty Sandra accidently brushed her hair mound. The pleasure that gave Emma was sensational. Just as she had imagined. Emma was so pleased she was experiencing being spanked.

Joy turned to pain when the hairbrush was used. Gone was the feeling she deserved it or wanted to be spanked as the hairbrush hurt so much. Emma cried out and kicked and squirmed and knew this was a real punishment. How many spanks was she going she get she wondered? The spanking with the hairbrush continued, went on and on, and she cried louder and louder.

Finally Sandra decided her niece had learned her lesson and stopped.

Lisa heard the spanking stop next door and also stopped spanking Lisa. Susie was breathless because of the effort it took to spank her sister for so long but also elated at the sheer emotion of at last spanking Lisa.

Sandra and a wet faced crying Emma came back in to the room and Emma and Lisa stood next to each other both rubbing their bottom madly whilst facing Sandra and Susie.

Sandra let the two girls stand there in front of their cousins for a few moments before saying, “You have both learned your lesson so we will say no more about the disgraceful events before and the slate is clean.”

“Thank you Mum, Susie,” Lisa said.

Emma followed suit. “Thank you Aunty, Susie.”

Sandra got up and gave both girls a hug. “No problem, just be good in future Now go and wash and come back for your tea.”

Lisa and Emma went to the bathroom. When there Emma asked, “Lisa, the spanking really hurt and my bottom is stinging so much but the strangest thing happened. I almost came. Even with my stinging bottom it feels like I had sex. Do you ever feel like that after a spanking?”

Lisa replied, “I love the way my bottom stings for ages afterwards after I’ve been spanked and I can masturbate loads of times. So yes I find being spanked painful but erotic.”

Emma enthused, “When Aunt Sandra told me to take my skirt and knickers off I felt so embarrassed as I got undressed and then humiliated when I bent across her lap. I’m 18 years old after all, but then when I was lying there knowing my bare bottom was on show and I had no control at all it was different, sexy, exciting even.”

“I know,” Lisa said smiling, remembering those matched her own feelings.

After a short gap when both girls kept rubbing their bottoms Emma asked tentatively, “So is it true? Did you really play Aunt Sandra and get her to make spanking you a discipline thing?”

Lisa looked surprised then relaxed. “Yes it’s true. I thought at first I could keep it a secret but I realised someone would say something and it was hanging over my head. So I decided I would get myself spanked in front of the whole family as soon as I could. Now everyone has seen me spanked it feels much better. Out in the open. Anyway, yes I got Mum to think it was her idea and she has spanked me for months now.”

Emma said, “Aunt Sandra mentioned it to my Mum a week ago and I overheard. That got me thinking that I would like to be spanked. Tracey got caned at school quite a lot so she knows what it’s like but I was too good to be disciplined.”

“So you found it sexy did you?”

“I did Lisa and want to be spanked again. After a moment Emma asked with an inquisitive tone, “Although Aunt Sarah can decide when to spank you, do you mainly only get spanked when you feel like it?”

Lisa replied, “It doesn’t work that way Emma. Mum insisted on full disciplinary control. If I step over Mum’s line then she spanks me. That line moves as well.”

“How come?” Emma asked surprised.

“It can depend on her mood. If she is stressed or is just in a bad mood she has less patience and I get spanked for something another time I might not be.”

“But there is no certainty then?”

“No certainty at all. In fact lots of uncertainty as I mainly get spanked when I don’t really want to be but that’s the price I pay for giving Mum full disciplinary control. Don’t get me wrong though. I decided that is what I want and am happy with it. I’m a far better person now than before. I just get spanked a lot.” Lisa smiled then added, “Twice each time of course, once when I earned it and again the next morning.”

That made Emma think but she made her decision. “Well if you like it that way then I am sure Tracey and me will as well.”

“Tracey as well?” That surprised Emma.

“Yes, we discussed it and Tracey agreed if we can get spanked rather than grounded that would be a real bonus and if we get aroused as well that’s a real win.”

Lisa laughed then asked more seriously, “So do you want Aunty Adele to spank you both?”

“We would love it if Mum did.”

Lisa said, “Maybe she will if Mum tells her.”

Emma agreed, “Hopefully she will now.”

Sandra called out from the living room downstairs, “Teas up girls.”

Lisa said, “Let’s go down and face everyone shall we?” Lisa and Emma smiled at each other as much as a sign of support as anything else.

Lisa and Emma walked back in to the living room and everyone stopped talking until Lisa and Emma both smiled. Lisa did notice Emma and Tracey catch each other’s eye and Emma nodded her head.

Moments later everyone was laughing and chattering, no one mentioning the spankings but each cousin giving furtive looks at Lisa and Emma who were now also quite relaxed. Mind you the two of them were standing and still rubbing their bottoms.

Sandra went to re-fill a plate of sandwiches and went to the kitchen. Tracey went over to Aunt Sandra and said, “Aunty, I have a confession and reckon I have to tell you.”

Sandra looked at her 16 year old niece and asked in a maternal worried tone, “What is it Tracey?”

Tracey looked embarrassed. “The phone. It wasn’t a new one. It was broken in fact.”

“What?” Sandra thought she had misheard and asked, “What are you saying Tracey.”

“I lied Aunty. It wasn’t really my phone I threw in to the pool.”

Sandra looked seriously at her niece. “I see. So you lied and Lisa and your sister got spanked? Is that what you are telling me?”

“Yes Aunty.”

“What should we do about it then?”

Tracey didn’t answer.

Sandra pressed her niece. “Well?”

Tracey was still silent.

Sandra decided to impose her decision. “You need to be spanked as well don’t you Tracey?”

Tracey blushed and nodded.

“Let’s go and tell the others shall we?” Sandra said pointing to the door.

Tracey went first followed by her Aunt. They entered the living room to find Adele already there.

Emma and Tracey’s Mum Adele turned to Sandra and said to her sister, “I hear we have two spanked bottoms in the room. How come?”

Sandra said looking at Tracey, “We were about to have a third,” continuing as she turned towards Adele, “But now you are here maybe not.”

Adele said, “I see. Please explain.”

Sandra gave a shortened version of events ending with Tracey’s admission.

Adele looked cross and said to her two daughters, “Right you two, you are grounded for a month.”

Emma said loudly, “Mum that’s not fair, I’ve been spanked for it.”

Adele said, “Too bad, but I think you deserve being grounded for a month.”

Sandra interjected, “You know Adele, why not give your girls a choice. If they prefer to be spanked in future like I spank Lisa why not agree?”

Adele replied, “There’s no way they will agree to that.”

Sandra said, “At least try them.”

Adele asked Sandra, “How often do you spank Lisa then?”

Sandra explained how she spanked Lisa straight away with her hand and the paddle hairbrush then gave her another spanking first thing in the morning so her bottom kept on stinging at least the whole day.

Adele sounded unconvinced looked at her two daughters took a deep breath and asked, “OK then. Girls, what do you say?”

Emma and Tracey looked at each other for a few moments then Emma said, “I’d prefer to be spanked Mum.”

Adele looked surprised and turned to Tracey.

“Me too Mum,” Tracey said.

“I see,” Adele said looking as though she hadn’t expected that answer at all. “There’s no going back girls. So from now on you both get spanked then.”

Emma and Tracey gulped at the decision but nodded in agreement.

The other cousins watched still in awe at seeing two of their cousins soundly spanked and agreeing to be spanked in future. It wasn’t over yet as Aunty Sandra said, “So Tracey, that means you still get spanked now for lying.”

Tracey bit her lip. She knew she had to be spanked, wanted to be.

Adele said sharply, “Sandra, will you spank her so I can see just how hard you spank.”

“Sure thing sis,” Sandra said sitting back on the chair crooking a finger at the 16 year old and Tracey quickly went over to her.

Sandra made the point to Adele, "Lisa is completely undressed when I spank her normally just to emphasise who is in charge, but today Tracey just take your knickers off and lift your skirt up. You saw Lisa do it.”

The 16 year old did as she was told feeling embarrassed even though everyone here was family. She would have preferred to have been spanked by her Mum but she was in no position to argue so she stood obediently by her Aunt waiting to be told to bend across her lap.

The cousins were still looking on avidly as yet another one of them was going to be spanked. The two Mums smiled to themselves that three out of the six cousins now accepted spanking as their discipline. As Susie was one of the six that just left two who were left. Not bad for one day’s work they thought.

Sandra looked at Adele. Both remembered the conversation they had had just a week ago. Adele had told her sister that grounding her daughters and giving them boring chores was so tiring for her and there was always a black mood in the house for the whole time either girl was grounded. Sandra told Adele she used to ground Lisa until she had manipulated her and was now spanked instead. Adele thought that a great idea. So the plan was hatched. They waited until they were sure 18 year old Emma would hear and that is when Sandra told Adele ‘In confidence,’ that she now spanked Lisa and that she thought Lisa became aroused by being spanked.

Emma was hooked. Adele knew Tracey would also agree because she got used to being disciplined at school. They gave it a week for Emma and Tracey to come up with their own plot for the next family get together. The unknown element was getting Lisa to play along. Sandra was sure she would be able to ‘Forget herself,’ and announce she spanked Lisa but as luck would have it Lisa spilt the beans herself. It made it all look so much more as though Emma and Tracey came up with the suggestion.

Adele watched as Sandra raised her hand, looked at Adele and said, “A hand spanking for a good 15 minutes and then at least 100 and usually 200 or more with the hairbrush. OK?”

Adele replied, “Sounds OK. That’s a lot quicker than being grounded for a month,” she added looking at her daughters.

“Oh, and more often than not I give Lisa another long hand spanking after the hairbrush.”

Adele replied, “I agree with that as well sis.”

Sandra added, “The same in the morning don’t forget. Just as long and just as hard.”

“I won’t forget,” Adele replied emphatically.

Sandra looked at Lisa and said, “Just because Tracey lied it doesn’t let you out. You still shouldn’t have thrown the phone so you also get a spanking tomorrow morning.”

Lisa blushed but knew her Mum was right and that she deserved her spanking. Lisa rubbed her bottom thinking how tomorrow she will have to stay standing up again.

Sandra brought her hand down hard on the 16 year olds bottom and then proceeded to spank her constantly for a full 15 minutes. Sandra glanced at Adele who was nodding her head as though learning how to spank properly. Tracey’s bottom was turned a deep shade of red. She coped with the hand spanking but struggled once Sandra picked up and started to use the hairbrush and succumbed to crying after a 100 spanks and cried squirmed and kicked her legs throughout the next 100 spanks before Sandra decided she had been punished sufficiently and let her up without a further hand spanking.

Tracey slid off her Aunt’s lap stood up and kept crying uncontrollably as she furiously rubbed her bottom. The tears flowed down her face but whilst her bottom stung she also felt her pussy quiver. Even as she cried she knew the throbbing pain mixed with the exquisite sexual sensation was wonderful and knew choosing to be spanked was the right decision.

Lisa squeezed her thighs together and knew her pussy was soaking wet from her own spanking and from watching Tracey’s. She still had to rub her bottom and dared not sit down yet on a hard chair but was glad her own decision to be spanked was now out there, and it even helped Emma and Tracey.

Emma’s pussy was also wet and her bottom stung and had to admit it was exciting to watch her younger sister getting spanked as well. Tracey and Emma exchanged glances that told each other how pleased they were of getting rid of being grounded for weeks on end in exchange for being spanked.

Sandra and Adele exchanged glances. It didn’t matter to Sandra that Lisa had manipulated her in the same way as Sandra and Adele had manipulated Emma and Tracey. They got what they wanted in the end. F rom now on the two Mums were very much in charge and they intended using spanking to make all of the girls better behaved.

The three daughters, 16, 18 and 22 years old, fully accepted that they would each be getting spanked time and again, almost whenever their Mum’s decided to in fact. That was the upshot of handing disciplinary control to their Mum’s and they were each well aware that the result would be painful but also erotic. They each already had tomorrow morning’s spanking to look forward to. It would be long hard and painful of course but they would be thinking of little else when in bed tonight with their sore bottoms and wet pussies as they had orgasm after orgasm as they masturbated. Not bad at all really they reckoned as they each kept rubbing their well spanked bottoms.

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