Lisa’s Story

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22-year-old Lisa spanks herself, but when her Mum finds out she wants disciplinary control
“Lisa, can you come here please sweetie,” her Mum Sandracalled.

22 -year-old Lisa is slim, pretty and with a lovely figure, and a bubbly personality. Her Mum knew though that she also had a sharp tongue when she wanted to and was often belligerent as well.

“What is it Mum?” Lisa asked as she entered her bedroom.

Sandra is 45 years old, wearing a blue skirt just below her knee and a vest top. She is also slim, with firm breasts that are shown off well by the tight fitting top. She is divorced but that doesn’t stop her always out with her girlfriends going to the pub or local events.

Sandra asked her daughter innocently, “What’s this sweetie?”

Lisa looked at the hairbrush on the bed and scrunched up her face but managed to say in a tone that didn’t try to hide her sarcasm, “Erm, well Mum it’s, like, a hairbrush?”

Sandra ignored her daughter’s rude tone and replied, “I haven’t ever seen you use this one though. It has a wooden back, a paddle brush isn’t it?”

Lisa blushed. “I guess,” she said quietly.

Sandra maintained her firm stance. “What about this then?”

Lisa looked wide eyed at the sheets of paper and stuttered, “Erm, err, well, erm.”

Sandra said more impatiently. “You must know what it means Lisa. It’s in your hand writing after all.”

Lisa looked down the page. Saturday 36, Sunday 36, Monday 24, Wednesday 24, Friday 36. The list went on covering several weeks.

“Well Lisa?” her Mum demanded.

Lisa blushed as she looked from the list to the hairbrush and back to the list and her Mum saw the growing anguish on her daughters face. “Look at the heading Lisa,” Sandra said resolutely.

Lisa stuttered the word, “Spanks.”

“Yes Lisa, spanks. So what does it mean?”

Lisa stared at her Mum clearly knowing the answer but not ready to say.

Sandra guessed, “Are these the number of spanks you gave yourself with the hairbrush sweetie?”

Lisa closed her eyes and still blushing nodded.

Sandra took a deep breath and said, “I see. Come on then show me what you do. Let’s see, it’s Saturday and there were 36 spanks last week and the Saturday before and the Saturday before that. So, I reckon some time today you will be giving yourself another 36 spanks. Show me then.”

“Please Mum, its private,” Lisa said slowly, pleading.

“Rubbish Lisa. I’m taking an interest in what you do. Come on, show me.” Sandra picked up the hairbrush and held it out for her daughter.

Lisa closed her eyes again held out her hand and took the hairbrush from her Mum, turned and knelt on the bed lifted up the hairbrush and brought it down quickly on her bottom.

Sandra said, “I am sure you take your knickers down normally sweetie,” her tone making it a statement rather than a question.

Lisa again nodded silently, lifted her skirt up and slowly rolled her knickers down to her thighs. She lifted the hairbrush and again brought it down this time on her bare bottom. The 22 year old waited a few seconds then spanked herself again and a few seconds later spanked herself once again.

Sandra said, “That’s not very hard sweetie,” then after thinking about it said, “You know something why don’t you let me do that for you then you can relax.”

Lisa said sharply with the waspish argumentative tone her Mum was quite used to, “That’s how I do it Mum.”

Sandra said firmly, “Listen to me Lisa. If you spank yourself as often as the sheet says you do then believe me you will much prefer to be spanked properly.” After a pause Sandra said, “I tell you what. You know last night when you came home late and were short with me, to say the least?”

Lisa stayed kneeling and looking back at her Mum she nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Well, why don’t we just say its last night and I tell you for being rude I’m going to spank you? That way it has some realism.”

“Mum, I’m 22 years old. Isn’t that too old to be spanked?”

Sandra saw the irony and said sarcastically, “What, too old to be spanked but not too old to spank yourself? That doesn’t really add up does it Lisa?”

“Put like that I guess not Mum,” Lisa conceded.

“Precisely,” Sandra said enthusiastically, adding, “You may as well let me spank you as you will be spanking yourself later in any case.”

Lisa didn’t object which Sandra took as her acceptance “Right then, take your skirt and knickers off and get across my lap.”

“Can’t I just lower my knickers and lift my skirt. It’s embarrassing enough as it is Mum.”

“Nonsense Lisa, it is far better to be properly realistic.”

Lisa nodded and licked her lips as she stood up, slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and stepped out of her knickers. She looked embarrassed as she went over to her Mum who was now sitting on a chair, the hairbrush in her hand. Sandra held her hands up as her 22year old daughter eased herself over her lap and put her hands on the floor to steady herself.

Sandra ordered, “Now stay still Lisa. Obviously it will hurt and you won’t have the control you have when you spank yourself, but just treat it as the deserved punishment it is.”

“OK Mum,” Lisa said looking around as best she could knowing it showed how vulnerable she now was.

Sandra rubbed Lisa’s bottom and asked, “Would you like me to give you some hand spanks first Lisa? It will warm your bottom up.”

Lisa was surprised at her own reaction. Normally she would have given her Mum a sharp retort, but she knew her Mum meant well, and was trying to help her. So instead she again turned around and said, “Yes please Mum.”

Sandra smiled down at her daughter as she kept rubbing her bottom. She nodded at her Lisa who watched as her Mum’s hand was raised up.

Lisa looked back at the floor just as the first spank landed on her bare bottom. She gave out a gasp.

Sandra liked the sound of both the spank and her daughter’s gasp. She raised her hand again and brought down her flat open palm on Lisa’s other bare bottom cheek, enjoying the second little gasp. Encouraged by her daughter’s reaction Sandra proceeded to spank her daughter with a steady flow of spanks, with a mixture of spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and then several on the same bare bottom cheek and even the same spot.

Lisa wriggled her bottom but stayed obediently in position feeling the ever increasing stinging of her bottom. Sandra was resolute, kept on spanking, and watched her daughter’s bottom turn a lovely shade of red.

There was a short gap. Sandra said, “That will do for now Lisa, now for the hairbrush. Stay still sweetie. This is the bit you like don’t forget.”

Lisa gasped as her Mum tapped the hairbrush on her stinging bare bottom. She felt humiliated by the position, her bare bottom still unprotected, but stayed in place obediently just as her Mum was insisting she do.

Sandra said, “Now let me check your list again. It’s Saturday so that means 36 spanks. Of course if we include Sunday that would make another 36 so 72 in all. How about that Lisa, I’ll spank you for both days so you won’t need to worry about tomorrow? How’s that sound?”

Lisa wanted her Mum to keep going now she was across her lap so said quietly, “Yes Mum, whatever you say.”

Sandra pursed her lips as she raised the paddle hairbrush looked at the spot she was going to aim for and brought the hairbrush down hard on the 22 year olds bottom. Lisa gasped as it hurt more than she had expected. Sandra ignored her daughter’s moan and raised the hairbrush again. This time she brought the paddle hairbrush down hard on her daughters other bare bottom cheek and smiled at the resulting gasp.

Sandra gave Lisa spank after spank holding her daughter firmly by the waist as her daughter squirmed under the constant spanks. Sandra was enjoying changing the colour of Lisa’s bottom making it much redder as each spank landed and her bottom swirled around under the impact of the paddle brush. Lisa knew her bottom must be turning red but could only imagine the colour from her position.

After twelve spanks Lisa let out her first sob and after twenty four she saw tears running down her daughters face. That only hardened her resolve as her daughter was still staying in position and accepting her spanking .The next dozen she gave were harder and the following dozen even harder resulting in louder and louder gasps more sobs and lots of tears.

Lisa was struggling but had to accept being spanked by her Mum was actually quite arousing.

After sixty spanks Sandra pursed her lips again and the last dozen spanks were even more severe than the others. Lisa was howling as those final spanks landed on alternate bare bottom cheeks.

Sandra got to seventy two spanks and wanted to continue but seventy two is what she promised her daughter and so she stopped.

Lisa stayed draped across her Mums lap, tears flooding down her face, her chest heaving as she sobbed. Never had she been spanked so hard.

“Get up when you are ready sweetie,” Sandra told the 22 year old.

Lisa stayed where she was for a few seconds longer before easing herself off her Mum’s lap and when she stood up her hands flew to her bottom and she rubbed herself faster than she had ever rubbed before.

Sandra watched with a maternal smile enjoying her daughters discomfort as she watched her rub her bottom.

Lisa looked through tear filled eyes focussing on her stinging bottom far more than her Mum’s face. The spanking hurt much more than she had expected so rubbing was her priority but her pussy was quivering as well.

“Tell me Lisa that was far better than spanking yourself wasn’t it?”

Lisa sniffed but nodded. “I guess so Mum.”

Sandra picked up another piece of paper and said to her daughter. “Well as you spank yourself so often during the week and we both agree it is better if I spank you I have another list for you. I put it together before calling you in here.” Sandra held out the sheet of paper and Lisa took it still rubbing her bottom with her other hand. She looked at the page. Her eyes were still tear filled and whilst she could see the heading, ‘Punishment Rules,’ she couldn’t make out what it said. She just nodded though in agreement.

Sandra said, “Good girl. Anyway, you go and wash your face and then come downstairs. I’ll be in the living room.” Sandra left her daughter still standing and still rubbing and went downstairs.

After a few moments Lisa left her bedroom and went to the bathroom. She closed the door and looked at her bottom in the mirror. She gasped when she saw how red it was. She quickly washed herself still letting out short unstoppable sobs before going back to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and picked up her mobile.

“Hi Karen,” she said whispering but sounding enthusiastic, “Well it worked. Mum has just put me over her lap and spanked me with her hand and with the hairbrush and it was great.”

Karen is Lisa’s best friend and also 22 years old. She replied, “Me too Lisa, but only with the hairbrush. Did you get a list?”

Lisa said, “I did. I haven’t read it yet but I know Mum will enforce it so I will be able to get myself spanked whenever I want.”

“I know. I can’t believe it was so easy.”

Lisa whispered, “How do you feel?”

Karen said, “I have a really sore bottom but I also have a quivering wet pussy.”

“Me too. Look Lisa, I must do myself. Let’s speak later.”

“OK,” Lisa agreed.

Lisa picked up the list again which she could now read. She scanned the list and gasped when she saw the last item. If she masturbates after a spanking she gets 36 spanks with the hairbrush. She started again at the top of the page and saw that each misdemeanour has a number of spanks shown against it. Then she got to the caveat right at the bottom. Each number of spanks with the hairbrush was set but, and here was the caveat, the spanking will be preceded by an unlimited number of spanks with the hand and then another unlimited number of spanks with the hand afterwards. That was rather more than she had wanted but she thought that maybe she will be able to discuss that with her Mum.

Lisa started to get dressed and gasped as the elastic of her knickers tightened around her bottom but also felt the flutter across her pussy. Feeling aroused she decided that as Karen was almost certainly masturbating right now she would take the risk as well. All she knew was that she had to sort herself out. Lisa listened out for her Mum and when she heard movement downstairs she lowered her knickers again and covered her wet pussy with her hand, gently rubbing herself, faster and faster, catching her clit sending herself in to raptures of delight. Her breathing shortened as she edged closer and closer to orgasm letting out low erotic gasps as she came for the first time, slowed her caressing then increased the speed again as she achieved her second orgasm. She was sure the orgasms were so much better than when she spanked herself.

Happy with her orgasms and still breathing heavily she quickly pulled her knickers up again and stepped back in to her skirt. She wiped her eyes took a deep breath and made her way downstairs. She saw her Mum in the living room entered and stood in front of her smiling. “Mum, I’m sorry for being rude to you last night,” she said seeming to mean what she was saying but playing along with the supposed reason her Mum spanked her.

Sandra smiled and replied, “Well you have been punished so the slate is clear,” then after a moment adding in a sharp tone, “For that misdemeanour anyway.”

Lisa smiled.

Sandra said, “I feel much better myself Lisa, but I hope I didn’t spank you too hard.” After a moment she asked, “Let me see how red your bottom is sweetie.”

Lisa was still smiling as she lifted her skirt happily enough but froze when her Mum said sternly, “What’s that stain on your knickers young lady?”

Lisa blushed and gasped as she looked down and saw the dark stain standing out so clearly on her red knickers. “I’m sorry Mum, but I was so aroused with my stinging bottom I, erm, well, masturbated.”

Sandra was angry as she snapped, “Didn’t you read the list Lisa?”

Lisa looked wide-eyed and said, “Yes Mum,” and then remembered what was said about masturbating.

Sandra said sternly, “So even though you read the list, knew you weren’t to masturbate you broke the rule. Knowingly, and given yourself that stain in your knickers. Is all that correct young lady?”

“Well?” her Mum demanded.

Lisa blushed. “Please Mum, I won’t do it again. I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry? That’s all very well but rules are rules. You and I will go back up to your bedroom and deal with this. Right now.” Sandra was furious with her daughter and fully intended making her pay for her misbehaviour.

Lisa was speechless. She had engineered the whole thing so couldn’t argue. She had wanted her Mum to spank her and if she refused now then the whole thing might be in vain. On the other hand she didn’t particularly want another 36 spanks not to mention the hand spanking both before and after. She ran upstairs hoping her Mum would at least forgo the hand spankings. No such luck though for the 22 year old.

Sandra snapped, “I hope you read about the hand spankings as well young missy?”

Lisa groaned and replied, “Yes Mum.”

Sandra sat back down on the chair and in a stern voice said, “Right, hairbrush please.”

Lisa retrieved the hairbrush from the bedside cabinet and handed it to her Mum.

Sandra took the hairbrush and ordered sharply, “Skirt and knickers off again.”

Lisa did as she was told and stood once again in front of her Mum naked below the waist, this time realising her pussy hair was glistening with her sex juice. That was the least of her worries though as her Mum tapped her thigh and Lisa bent back down across her Mum’s waiting lap. Once again Lisa felt her Mum’s open palm rubbing her bottom as she closed her eyes and waited.

Sandra said, “Tomorrow you will buy six more of these brushes. Understood?”

Lisa squirmed around and looked up at her Mum. “Yes Mum,” the 22 year old agreed knowing that meant her Mum will be spanking her again. She looked back at the floor and thought maybe that wasn’t so bad as her Mum kept rubbing her bottom. She found being across her Mum’s lap humiliating but also exciting as was the loss of control. She looked at her Mums legs and started to think about all the times she will be spanked in the future and how her Mum won’t even suspect she had contrived this on purpose.

Lisa gasped as her Mum’s hand spanked her already stinging bottom. Soon she was squirming as the spanking stung more and more. She was surprised the hand spanking hurt so much but of course her bottom was already sore from the earlier hand spanking and 72 spanks with the hairbrush. The spanking went on and on and Lisa sobbed and before much longer knew tears were flowing down her face. Still her Mum was hand spanking her, maybe even spanking longer than normal because of the immediate breaking of her rules.

It was almost a relief for Lisa to realise her Mum had picked up the hairbrush and tapped her bottom with it. The grunt she let out after the first spank told Sandra her 22-year-old daughter was getting the point.

Sandra spanked the hairbrush down on alternate bottom cheeks as Lisa howled out squirming around on her lap but keeping her hands on the floor. Lisa kept her legs apart knowing if she squeezed them together there was the risk of her cumming as her pussy quivered with excitement. She was so turned on by the spanking but dare not let her Mum realise it.

Sandra watched her daughter’s red bottom glow ever brighter and knew Lisa will not be sitting on her bottom for quite some time. Her howls didn’t affect Sandra, in fact they only made her spank her daughter harder.

The 36 spanks were over too quickly for Sandra and even Lisa let out a long breath as she realised she was being hand spanked once again. Lisa was relaxed now, enjoying the spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks and even the stingier spanks on the backs of her legs.

Sandra was delighted her daughter stayed in place taking her spanking, hopefully starting to understand how rules really did mean rules. She waited for her daughter to cry freely and even then kept spanking the 22 year old for several more minutes before stopping. Sandra rubbed Lisa’s hot bottom as her daughter continued crying across her lap really hoping she had learned an important lesson. That was to accept her discipline when she needed it leaving it as her decision only.

Lisa calmed down and Sandra said, “Right sweetie, this time go and wash and no masturbating. Understood?”

Lisa sobbed as she replied, “Yes Mum,” with what Sandra hoped was a newfound respect.

Lisa edged off her Mums lap and the 22 year old again rubbed her bottom briskly this time hopping from foot to foot doing what Sandra knew was the spanking dance. Good one she thought. Sandra added sternly, “Go on Lisa wash your face unless you want to go back across my lap of course.”

Lisa gasped, shook her head, wiped away some tears and left the room.

Sandra picked up the phone. “Hi Melissa, how is Karen?”

Melissa laughed. 44 years old, Mum to 22-year-old Karen, said happily, “We’ve had a chat and she will accept my discipline. I gave her the list of rules and after reading them she came and saw me and agreed to every rule. So now I’m really in charge and will be spanking her when she breaks any of the rules.”

“Cool,” Sandra said. “Guess what, I just gave Lisa a second spanking.”

“What for?” Melissa asked surprised.

“She masturbated after her first spanking.”

“What a win Sandra.” Melissa laughed, continuing, “Well you were right. They both left the hairbrushes and lists in an easy to find place and wanted to be spanked. Two 22 year olds as well. Still, if Lisa masturbated then she finds being spanked sexual. Are we doing the right thing by helping them? ”

“Don’t knock it Melissa,” Sandra said happily. “I don’t care if they both get off on being spanked. Lisa has a horrid streak which needs to be corrected so as long as I can I will be spanking her.”

“You are right Sandra. Yes, that goes for me with Karen,” Melissa agreed. She added, “Do you think Lisa is masturbating again?”

Sandra said seriously, “Ooh, now that would be nice but I doubt it. She was crying really hard although I did see her pussy was wet so I guess she was aroused at the same time. Anyway that works for me. I really feel like I will be in control in my own home at last and will be spanking her several times a week.”

Upstairs Lisa and Karen were on their mobiles to each other. Lisa said, “I just had a spanking like you wouldn’t believe. Mum just went on and on and why? Because I masturbated. How crazy is that?”

“Well it was on the list.”

“But did you masturbate as well?”

Karen said, “Yes, but Mum didn’t find out. I’m going to do it again when in bed. It was awesome. Anyway, with the list I can decide when I break a rule and get spanked. So I am in control really aren’t I? How cool is that?”

Lisa said, “Really cool Karen.”

Lisa washed her face and went downstairs to find her Mum in the living room. She again apologised. “I’m really sorry Mum. I won’t misbehave again, and if I do know you’ll spank me.”

Sandra was still annoyed. “Tell me Lisa. Why should I spank you if you get an orgasm from it?”

Lisa wasn’t too sure what to say. “Well, I can’t help that Mum, but I know I have a bit of a mouth on me and I need to be reigned in. Getting spanked by you is what I need. Isn’t that a good enough reason to spank me?”

“Just so you understand I know you engineered this.”

Lisa licked her lips. Was it that obvious she wondered?

“So, I have decided I will discipline you, but on my terms.”

“What do you mean?” Lisa asked in a worried tone.

“Simple. I’m in charge. You obey me, do as I ask, do as I tell you, any shortcomings and you get spanked, there and then, in front of whoever is there, friends, family, anyone.”

“You mean with the list?” Lisa knew with the list she had some control over when she is spanked but without it her Mum had much greater control.

“No list, just my decision.”

Lisa swallowed hard as she saw a real downside to that. Her Mum looked really serious about that though so much as she hated the idea she wondered if she may have to accept it “What’s my choice?” she asked her Mum tentatively.

Sandra laughed sarcastically. “No choice Lisa. I just said it how it is. Like I said, my decision counts and becomes the household rule. Understood?”

Lisa wasn’t altogether happy with her Mum having full control. Having a list was one thing. Giving her Mum the unilateral say was something far less certain than she wanted. She wasn’t used to being so under the thumb of anyone let alone her Mum. Lisa decided she was good with it. Lisa bit her lip and Sandra saw her daughter’s quandary. Lisa knew at that moment her Mum had made the assumption her right to decide when she got spanked was now a given. Lisa decided it was.

Sandra continued emphatically, “Your sister gets to watch if I spank you and she is here.”

Lisa knew her sister would get to know very quickly she was spanked and didn’t really mind her watching even. Lisa was also aware that the more she agreed to the more control her Mum would have over her.

It all seemed settled then. Lisa reflected that all in all it was not so bad and reckoned on balance she had pretty much got what she wanted, and the main thing was knowing she will be spanked in future. OK, there is no list so she has less control but she reckoned that if it goes wrong she could always pull out of the agreement. At least she thought she could although in reality she wasn’t actually sure about that either. Wow giving her Mum disciplinary control sure had its drawbacks. Then she rubbed her stinging bottom felt the quiver in her pussy and knew it had its positive aspects as well.

Lisa was happy and conceded respectfully, “Sure Mum.”

To Lisa’s horror her Mum said sternly, “Wrong again sweetie. I don’t need your agreement. It’s done. You do as I say or get spanked.”

Lisa said testily, “OK Mum, we’ll see how it goes.”

Sandra said sternly. “No we won’t Lisa. It is going this way. I told you it’s my rules now.” Sandra looked at her watch. “It’s 5 O’clock so get ready for bed, lights out.”

“No way Mum,” Lisa blasted back. But froze when she saw how angry her Mum looked.

“Right then, that gets you a spanking.” She saw the look of concern on her daughters face and continued, “Tomorrow morning at 8 O’clock I will give you 50 spanks with the hairbrush.” Lisa swallowed and Sandra continued, “50 spanks is from now on the minimum ever. You will be completely undressed but bring your hairbrush to my bedroom.”

Lisa didn’t mind that. Being naked when spanked would be so humiliating but it felt so right. Another win for her Mum.

Sandra continued, “You will knock politely on your sister’s door first.”

That was a step too far for even Lisa. “No way,” She said loudly.

Sandra continued, “Now its 75 spanks.” Lisa closed her eyes for a moment regretting her attitude.

Sandra continued, “You will tell your sister you are going to be spanked and ask her, politely, to come and watch.” Sandra noted there was no irate retort from the 22 year old this time so she added, “You will ask her to smack you twice on each bottom cheek.”

This time there was a retort. “You can’t Mum, not Susie , she’s only four years older than me.”

Sandra gave her daughter a stern look and continued. “125 spanks now and don’t forget the hand spanking before and afterwards.”

Lisa covered her mouth with her hand. “Sorry,” she offered. Lisa was starting to regret the control she had given her Mum, and most certainly regretting what she had wished for now it was becoming a rather different reality.

Sandra was more conciliatory now she saw her daughter was properly worried about being disciplined. “Hhmm. Well, if I accept your apology and you accept me washing your mouth out with soap to teach you a lesson for being so rude and you take a hand spanking now I will reduce it back to 75 spanks tomorrow.”

Lisa thought. Was a mouth soaping and hand spanking worth 50 spanks with the hairbrush? She supposed so. “OK Mum,” she said quietly.

Moments later Lisa stood by the sink watching her Mum lather up a new bar of soap. When she was happy Sandra said, “Open wide and bite down when I say so.” Lisa opened her mouth and allowed her Mum to push the bar of soap inside before closing her mouth around the lathered bar. Lisa hadn’t had her mouth soaped for some years and it still tasted as awful although strangely she had never minded it as much as her Mum thought she did. Anyway she stood still with the lathered bar of soap firmly in her mouth for a full five minutes as her Mum watched hoping it would teach her 22 year old daughter to watch what she said.

Once the five minutes were up Lisa washed her mouth out with water but knew the taste would linger. Afterwards her Mum led her to the chair in her bedroom. “Get fully undressed sweetie. Don’t forget you get spanked naked from now on.”

Lisa moaned as she got undressed now not sure whether this would apply if others were watching her but too uncertain about her position to ask just now. Lisa stood in front of her Mum feeling humiliated but at the same time was aroused by her humiliation.

Sandra saw Lisa’s nipples were erect and Lisa was finding her Mums new dominant character both scary and erotic. The new disciplinary regime had started and that worked for both of them. The 45 year old Mum who wanted to maintain disciplinary control, and the 22-year-old daughter who wanted to be spanked to enjoy its sexual results.

Lisa bent across her Mums lap and Sandra rubbed her daughter’s bottom. “You will be getting used to a close-up view of the floor all over this house young lady. I know you wanted to be spanked several times a week but just so you know I am quite happy to spank you several times a day if you need to be so you won’t be able to sit comfortably on your pretty bottom much of the time from now on.”

Sandra raised her hand and brought it down hard on Lisa’s red bottom intent on making this an even longer spanking than before.

Lisa knew with her sharp tongue it will take a long time for her Mum to make her as polite as she wanted her to be so she will be getting literally dozens and dozens of spankings which she was looking forward to. Mind you her Mum could decide when to spank her which wasn’t what she had planned. Having to ask her sister to smack her bare bottom tomorrow morning will be a crunch point as well. She didn’t mind her sister watching her being spanked but didn’t reckon she would be allowed to smack her bottom as well. Where might that lead to?

Lisa’s bottom was stinging again after just a few dozen spanks. Still, as the spanking progressed Lisa was getting quivers in her pussy and knew her nipples were erect so that was good. Suddenly though she gasped when she felt some of her sex juice dribble down her thigh knowing it will stain her Mums skirt. That can only lead to another spanking.

The soapy taste in Lisa’s mouth lingered as expected and her bottom stung more and more as her Mum continued the hand spanking. Lisa was soon crying but before dissolving in to a crying frenzy she felt some more cum dribble down her thigh and had what she knew was an orgasm. That was unexpected but wonderful.

Sandra felt her daughter shudder and knew she had cum. That only made the 45-year-old Mum spank her 22-year-old daughter harder and more resolutely. Sandra knew it was going to be a battle but one she was certain in time she will win and in the meantime her daughters bottom will be on the receiving end of spanking after spanking. Sandra was sure that is what Lisa will react best to after all. No matter how much Lisa enjoys being spanked it will hurt and slowly but surely she will become a better young lady for it.

The harder Sandra spanked Lisa the more the 22 year old raised her bottom encouraging her Mum to spank her harder. Sandra saw her daughter’s cum dribble down her thighs and reacted to her daughter’s defiance with an increased self-assurance and indeed spanked her harder and harder. Soon the dribbling cum stopped but the room still resonated with the mixed sounds of Mum’s hand spanking her daughter’s bare bottom and the consequent gasping and blubbering from the 22 year old.

Although the Mum was intent on disciplining her daughter and the daughter was becoming both sexually aroused and struggling with the increasingly painful spanking right then both the 45-year-old Mum and her 22-year-old daughter were in a good place for themselves. Well, for the time being at least.