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Little Sis Gets Her Revenge

Jessica's sisters are home from college and she's fed up with her mom thinking that they are perfect
Ava had always been a no nonsense person and now that she had just picked up her two oldest daughters from college everything had to be perfect. She would cook dinner, they would all eat as a family and then they would have family bonding with board games in the living room. Everything was going to be perfect.

“Where is that girl? She better not be late. I told her to be back from the mall by five,” said Ava referring to her youngest daughter Jessica.

“Mom relax, she is sixteen she’s having fun,” Rachel said, putting her hand on her mom’s shoulder.

“Yeah well she better be home for dinner or she’ll have fun getting a spanking,” Ava said taking the lasagne out of the oven.

“Mom, you still spank Jessica? I though you would’ve stopped by now,” Elizabeth said laughing.

“Why? That would be a foolish thing to do. Your sister is already a handful. Imagine I let her get away with all her wrongdoing. She would go amok. Dinner will be served in ten minutes and she better be there.”

But Jessica was a no show. Ava tried to reach her on her cell phone, but it was turned off. She was getting kind of worried. Usually if Jessica was late she would have her cell phone, so that her mom could reach her and know that she was okay. Ava, Rachel and Elizabeth dined without her and then they went into the living room where Ava had found tons of board games they could play. They were just about to start “Trivial Pursuit” when Jessica came in the door. Ava got up at once.

“And where have you been young lady?” Ava said folding her arms.

“Umh… at the mall. Sorry I’m late. Did you eat yet?” Jessica tried to look innocent and pretend that she didn’t notice her mom’s dangerous look and strict tone.

“Yes we did eat. At five when I told you we were having dinner. And did I not tell you to be on time? Did I not say that it was important for you to be on time today because your sisters were back from college and we were going to have a nice family dinner?”

“Yes mom. But Andrea and I met these really cute guys who like totally wanted to hang with us and so I couldn’t just leave. That would be totally uncool,” Jessica said trying to explain herself.

“I totally don’t care,” Ava said. “Jessica, I am very upset about this.”

“I know mom. I was being inconsiderate. I’m sorry.”

“Save it until after your spanking.”

“Mom, I said I was sorry, and you wanted everything to be perfect for Elizabeth and Rachel. I mean look at them, they are so ready to play board games right now. We shouldn’t keep them waiting,” Jessica said knowing that was pushing it.

“Don’t start with me. You are naughty all the time, what else am I supposed to do with you?”

“How about the silent treatment?” Jessica mumbled and her sisters laughed, but clearly her mother did not think it funny.

“Get over here,” Ava said grabbing her daughter’s arm. “You are going to get it. I am fed up with you talking back all the time.”

She dragged Jessica over to the sofa and sat down. Unbuttoned Jessica’s jeans and pulled both her jeans and her panties down to her ankles. Jessica just got a sight of her older sisters smiling before she was pulled over her mother’s lap for her spanking.

Ava gave it to her good, with painful spanks from start. Jessica was squirming over her mother’s lap and kicking with her legs.

“Ow mom! It hurts. I won’t be late anymore,” she said feeling her bottom stinging like mad.

“Save it Jessica. You always say that,” Ava said still smacking her bottom really hard.

Jessica’s bottom had turned pink when Ava stopped spanking her and rubbed her bottom.

“Rachel could you get the belt please? It is in the cupboard next to the board games,” Ava said letting Jessica up.

“No Mom! I’ve learned my lesson,” Jessica said, but Ava ignored her.

Rachel went over to the big cupboard and opened it.

“Wow mom. It this where you keep all the spanking implements these days,” Rachel said looking at her mom’s entire collection of things to punish with.

“Yes, Jessica has been testing me so often lately that I have them close to where we spend most of our time together. That way she knows that a paddle is only a couple of footsteps away.” She took the belt from Rachel.

“Bend over the sofa Jessica. I’m going to give you twenty. You are going to count them.”

Jessica did as she was told knowing that arguing was only get her into deeper trouble. She bent over pushing her bottom out. Her mom folded the belt in her hand and stood behind Jessica. SMACK! Jessica cried out in pain at the first.



“Ow… two!”


“Three!” Jessica started crying.

By the time she had gotten to ten Jessica’s face was wet with tears, but Ava showed no mercy. She was fed up with Jessica’s constant need to break the rules and talking back. She said twenty and that is what she gave her.


“Twenty! Ow…” Jessica got up and started rubbing her bottom like mad.

Ava put away the belt and hugged her daughter.

“I seriously hope that you have learned you lesson Jessica. I am sick of having to punish you all the time,” Ava said, but it wasn’t entirely true. She didn’t like Jessica being naughty, but giving her a spanking sure got rid of the anger she felt.

“Yes mom. I’m sorry,” sobbed Jessica in her mom’s arms.

Ava got Jessica a plate of food which she could eat in the living room, but only this once. Then they sat down to play the game. Jessica sat down very slowly on a cushion because her bottom was sore from the spanking she had just gotten.

They played the game without mentioning Jessica’s spanking for a while, but in the end Elizabeth couldn’t help bringing it up.

“You sure gave it to her good mom. I mean I know you spanked me once when I was sixteen, but it was nothing like this.”

“Well to tell the truth I never had to. You and Rachel have usually been such good girls; it is little Miss Jessica here who has been a handful,” She said winking at Jessica. “Even as cute little toddler, Jessica was the wild child; you and Rachel never did anything really wrong.”

At this Jessica laughed.

“Oh mom that is because you were too busy making sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Ava said looking at Jessica.

Jessica looked at Rachel. “Come on, you two are grown ups now, you should tell her about some of the stuff you got away with under her nose. I mean… I deserve that much don’t I? I never told on you guys.”

“Rachel what is this?” Ava said looking sternly at her twenty-three year old daughter.

“Okay Jessica, I guess we can take the spot light from your bad behavior for a little while," Rachel said smiling at her baby sister. "Mom the thing is… we weren’t that good. There were plenty of times we were naughty, but you were a single mom and Jessica was like you said' a handful' so you never caught us.”

“Yeah, like remember when you were 16 years old, Rachel and you said you were going with Amanda's family to their cabin, but really you and your friends went on a road trip, ” Jessica laughed.

Ava could not believe her own ears. She had talked to Amanda's parents that time and trusted that Rachel was in good hands. Or had she talked to someone else?

“And remember when you cut my hair, Elizabeth, and told me to tell mom that I did it myself because you didn’t want to get spanked? Or that time you got in such a big trouble at school for smoking in the bathroom that Rachel had to pretend to be mom on the phone?”

Ava got up and looked at her daughters.

“Oh and remember that time….”

“Okay Jessica, I think she got it now,” Elizabeth said seeing the dangerous look on her mom’s face.

Going away to college Rachel and Elizabeth hadn’t experienced much of their mother anger in a while, but they remembered the look she had on her face when somebody was in real trouble, and even now when they twenty-three and twenty-one years old they were terrified once they saw the anger on her face.

“Have you two any idea how hard it was for me being a single mom? Jessica was just a baby when you’re father left and I worked so hard to keep this a happy family. I trusted the two of you to behave seeing you knew how much responsibility I suddenly had to take on all alone.”

“Mom… it… it was years ago. We’re older now and turned out pretty great don’t you think?” Rachel said trying to calm her down.

“Yeah mom… we’re not like that anymore,” Elizabeth said, but Ava did not seem to care.

Jessica tried her very best not to smile. This was exactly what she wanted. She had just been waiting for someone to bring up her behavior so that she could finally tell her mom that they were bad too. And if she knew her mom, she did not care how old you were, as long as you lived in her house you we’re in for a spanking when you deserved it.

“Look mom… let’s not think about this okay? I think we should continue playing,” said Rachel giving her the dice.

“You know what I think Rachel? I think you and Elizabeth should get over my knee for a spanking,” Ava said.

“What! Mom I’m twenty-one and Rachel is even older,” Elizabeth protested.

“I don’t care how old you are Elizabeth. I am your mom, and you are currently staying in my house!”

“But…” Rachel tried.

“No buts. You are going to be punished and that is final. Rachel you first.”

Rachel hesitated, but got up and followed her mom over to the sofa. Ava sat down and pulled Rachel’s pants down along with her panties. She took her arm and guided her over her knees. Ava thought it had been a while since she had seen this bottom over her lap. Such a shame, she had always though Rachel the most behaved and now it turned out she was deceived all along. She started spanking her. Twenty-three year old Rachel felt so humiliated being spanked by her mom at this age and with her little sisters watching. She tried her best to lie still, but it was hard. She could feel her mom’s anger through the stinging spanks. After a while Ava stopped and rubbed her bottom.

“Jessica can you go get the hairbrush for mommy?” She said and Jessica got up at once and happily found the hairbrush knowing that she would just love to see her sisters get a good tanning.

“Mom please. This is really not necessary,” Rachel tried, but knew that it was no use.

“Oh but it is Rachel. You see going off to college you and Elizabeth seem to have forgotten that mommy is to be treated with respect otherwise one gets a good spanking. I thought you had grown up, but clearly I was wrong when it turns out you girls have been lying to me all these years.”

She took the hairbrush from Jessica smiling at her, knowing that she was enjoying this. She then started spanking Rachel again. Rachel could not help squirming. Ava did not save the force and it didn’t take long before Rachel’s bottom was nice and red.

“Ow mom please. This happened years ago, I’m sorry,” Rachel cried.

“Sorry are you?” Ava said still spanking her.

“You weren’t sorry enough to tell me yourself that you had lied to me! I remember calling Amanda's parents and making sure that you were going to be safe with them for a week. I even gave you your first cell phone for the occasion. You lied to me Rachel and I bet not getting the spanking you deserved back then made you think you could do anything you wanted. Is there something else you're not telling me? Are you the dorm slut in college?"

“Mom I’m twenty-three I can have sex when I want with whom I want!” Rachel tried to defend herself, but it was definitely not what her mother wanted to hear because she put the hairbrush aside and said,

“Jessica I think Rachel could use the belt too. Give it to me will you? Rachel take the same position as Jessica did.”

“But mom… My butt hurts so much already,” Rachel complained.

“Well maybe you should have stopped yourself from talking back to me,” Her mother said taking the belt from Jessica and guiding Rachel into the right position.

Ava had had it with her girls. All these years she had though that they were such good girls and now it turned out it was all a lie. It felt like she had failed as a mother. Jessica had always needed a firm hand, but she had no idea that the same went for Rachel and Elizabeth.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sound of the belt whipping Rachel’s bottom sounded through the whole room, and so did Rachel’s crying. She took it a lot worse than Jessica, but then again Jessica was used to getting spanked. She got a spanking at least once a week. Jessica felt no guilt though, because her sisters had always gotten away with things and sometimes Jessica had gotten spanked for something they did. This was her revenge.

Rachel got up still crying and rubbing her bottom.

“Rachel you can stand in the corner while I spank your sister,” Ava said to her after giving her a hug.

Rachel went without arguing. She was not about to test her mother’s patience.

“Mom, please don’t spank me too,” Elizabeth said nervous.

“You had it coming Elizabeth. Be a good girl and take your punishment without talking back, and I won’t have to give you the belt too,” Ava said to her.

“Yes mother,” Elizabeth said still looking nervous. She still had to be spanked by hand and get the hairbrush.

Elizabeth got across her mom's lap without hesitation and her mom pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down. She held her firmly down spanking her hard too. She took it a little better than Rachel. Elizabeth had been spanked a quite a few times too, though she was never as wild as Jessica. Or was she? Maybe Ava just didn’t see. Maybe Elizabeth had been like Jessica, maybe even worse. Being caught smoking in the girl’s bathroom at school? Jessica had never done that.

Jessica was overjoyed by seeing Elizabeth over her mom’s lap and her bottom getting redder and redder. She glanced over at Rachel in the corner and her bottom had gotten it good. Rachel “the good girl” had probably never been spanked like this before. Finally there was justice.

After a good hard hand spanking. Elizabeth was too in for the hairbrush and Ava did not save any force here either. Jessica was amazed that her mom could keep spanking like she did, because it looked very tiring. And though Elizabeth had taken her punishment a lot better than Rachel, she was now sobbing loudly over her mom’s lap squirming to get away from the hairbrush. But Ava had great experience spanking naughty girls. She had been doing it since Rachel was a little girl, though it was not until Jessica was old enough to cause mischief that she really got tested for real.

Ava stopped spanking Elizabeth and helped her up. She too got a hug and then was sent to stand face against the wall next to Rachel.

“And hold you skirt up young lady. Jessica you too can join them.”

“What? But mom you already punished me,” Jessica said pouting.

“Yes, but I did not give you any corner time, because I thought that we would actually get to have family game night at last. Go stand next to your sisters facing the wall, and pull your pants down so that you spanked bottom is visible”.

Jessica walked slowly to the others and did what she was told. Ava left them there while making a cup of tea. She came back and studied the work she had done on their bottoms. Three red bottoms were clearly visible and the girls would have a hard time sitting for the rest of the night.

“Now girls. I hope you have learned that in my house I do not tolerate bad behavior. It does not matter that you are legally adults because this is my house and you live under my rules. Is that clear?”

“Yes mom,” they said facing the wall.

“Can we finally have game night then? Can I trust that we will finally behave and have a nice time together?” Ava asked.

The girls agreed and they sat down to continue the game.

“Finally we can continue, I was about to win,” Jessica said.

“No you weren’t you cheat. You hadn’t gotten this far in the game?” Elizabeth said putting her piece back where it was before.

Ava had to laugh. “Girls may I remind you that a paddle is only footsteps away?” She said smiling.

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