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Live The Dream

Zoe and Mike help each other live their dreams
Mike looked lovingly at hiswife, so beautiful dressed in her knee length black sleeveless dress, low cut showing off so delectably her C cup breasts. The dress fell tantalisingly a few inches above the knee showing off her firm bare legs and two inch black shoes.

Mike was dressed in his designer dark blue open necked shirt, herringbone blazer, tailored trousers with a sharp crease, and lace up Derby shoes. Mike looked at Zoe and wondered how come he was so lucky to have her, a beautiful 35 year old bombshell, with long black hair that flowed over her shoulders. She looked gorgeous. They both go to the gym twice a week so had trim figures which were the envy of many of their friends.

Tonight was special. It was their fourteenth wedding anniversary and had booked a private room at Angels, the new very classy restaurant in by the river. It had quickly achieved a reputation for providing a dinner experience to remember.

They also decided they should give the other a surprise present, something the other may have particularly wanted as an added surprise.

Zoe set about working on a surprise for her husband. Mike had often spoken about a teacher of his, Mrs Scott, had tracked her down, and invited her to join them at dinner.

Mike’s treat was to arrange a stretch limo to take them on a two hour drive where he wanted to help Zoe fulfil a lifelong dream, and then they would be dropped off at the best hotel in the area with a lot of pampering on the agenda.

They booked a cab to take them to the restaurant, “So drinking won’t be a problem,” The cab dropped them off and they entered the restaurant where they were met by a lovely young oriental lady in her twenty’s dressed in a colourful sleeveless satin mid calf length dress with a short cap sleeve.

“Have you a booking?” she asked politely.

Zoe said, “Yes, on the VIP floor.”

The girl smiled and said, “Oh yes, you must be Mrs Smith.”

Mike turned to Zoe as Smith wasn’t their name at all.

“Yes, I’m Mrs Smith,” Zoe said with a straight face.

“It’s this way Mrs Smith,” and led Zoe and Mike up the stairs to the first floor.

Zoe went first and Mike followed, now eager to know how come his wife gave a false name. Mike climbed the stairs looking at Zoe’s eye-catching legs and her quite divine bottom clothed in her tight skirt.

Zoe arrived at the top of the stairs and they were met by another very attractive oriental girl dressed in the same style. “Hullo, I am Zuki and I will be your waitress tonight.”

They followed Zuki to the room and as she was about to open the door Zuki turned around and said, “Your guest is already here.”

Mike looked surprised but Zoe didn’t and she replied, “Thank you.”

Zoe walked in and said a cheery, “Hello,” and Mike followed his wife in. He looked at the guest, eyes opened wide, then looked at Zoe who said smiling, “You remember Mrs Scott don’t you Mike?”

“Erm, er, yes, of course,” he said slowly, blushing.

Zoe wasn’t sure why her husband was so reserved. “Come on Mike, you keep telling me about your old teacher Mrs Scott.” This time it was Zoe who blushed as she turned to Mrs Scott and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean old like that.”

Mrs Scott laughed and said, “Don’t worry Zoe, I know what you mean.”

Mrs Scott was in her fifties, dressed just as Mike remembered her in a crisp white short sleeved blouse and tight black skirt reaching just below the knee, bare legs, and black flat heels. Her hair as always was in a bun.

“Hello Mikey,” Mrs Scott said.

Mike replied, “Hello,” and with her smile felt more at ease and smiled.

Zoe said, “Well Mike, after telling me so often how you liked Mrs Scott I surfed and quite by chance found her contact details. A month ago we exchanged emails and as soon as I said who you were Mrs Scott was very happy to come and help celebrate our anniversary. Good huh?”

Mike smiled, “Yes Zoe, it was a great thought.”

Zuki served champagne, well it was their anniversary after all, and the three of them settled in to a happy conversation which inevitably turned to Mike’s schooldays when Mrs Scott was his form teacher.

Mrs Scott said, “I must say Mikey, I’m a bit surprised actually that you speak so well of me because of the number of times I had to discipline you.”

“Huh?” asked Zoe, taken rather by surprise.

“Oh, so he didn’t tell you that. Well Zoe I can tell you Mikey was one of my more disobedient pupils.”

Zoe asked lightly, “So lots of detentions then?”

“Oh yes, plenty of them” Mrs Scott explained, and with Mike blushing a deep red she continued, “But it was a pro discipline school so we teachers were allowed to spank the pupils in class.”

“No,” Zoe almost screamed. “Really, in class?”

“Oh yes,” Mrs Scott continued enthusiastically. “I would sit on a chair at the front of the class. The naughty boy or girl had to lower their trousers or raise their skirt and bend across my lap. Then they had to lift their tummy so I could take down their knickers or underpants before giving them a hard spanking. It was different if the pupil had to come to the staffroom to be spanked. In the staffroom they took their own knickers or pants down before going across the teachers lap.”

“So how often did you spank Mike then?” Zoe was smiling in wonderment and simple enjoyment watching Mike squirm on his seat. This was getting better and better.

“Well I seem to recall at least once a week.”

“No way,” Zoe said incredulously.

“Mind you, “Mrs Scott continued, “I think he quite often annoyed me on purpose just to get himself spanked.”

”Surely not Mike?” Zoe said looking at her husband but the deep shade of blushing red told her he did. “Go on,” Zoe said turning back to Mrs Scott.

“Well two years after leaving there was a reunion and after a couple of drinks guess what Mikey said to me?”

“I can’t guess Mrs Scott, you’ll have to tell me.” Mike was really uncomfortable now.

“Well, if a pupil got two detentions in a week they were sent to the Headmistress who first put the pupil across her lap for a bare bottom spanking and then made them bend over to be caned.”

“And Mike?” asked Zoe.

“No, but he said to me he thought on one occasion I had given him two detentions.”

Mike looked on anxiously as he remembered that Mrs Scott was so strict and as well as spanking several pupils every week she handed out detentions like they were confetti. Quite often friends of his received two detentions in a week from the dreaded Mrs Scott and part way through the detention they were summoned by the Head and given two strokes of the cane for each detention.

He recalled how he so wanted to be given a double detention and sent to the Head to be caned. At last one week Mrs Scott did give him two detentions. One for passing notes to a friend and another for a flippant reply. On one of the occasions she even sent him out of the classroom to stand in the hallway where everyone passing knew he had upset the teacher.

On the Thursday, detention night, he was quite conditioned to being told he had a double detention and take the punishment that would follow. The school secretary came to the classroom, when Mrs Scott was teaching his class, and when she called out all the names of those due to sit detention his name was omitted. The rule was though that it was up to the pupil to be sure they were not on the list so Mike had put his hand up and asked if he was on the list. He was blushing as he looked towards Mrs Scott who smiled back, well actually he thought it a smirk, and the secretary checked the list and said to him and the class, ‘No, you your name isn’t here.#’”

Mike said, ‘Thank you Miss,’ although quite distraught he wasn’t going to be caned. That was the closest he came to getting the cane and he regretted it. So two years later at the reunion he admitted to Mrs Scott he had wanted to be caned.

When Mrs Scott had finished relaying the story as she remembered I Zoe turned to her husband and said, “Wow Mike, who would want to be caned?”

He turned to his wife and just said, “Dunno, I just did.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Mike looked at Zoe and the thought crossed his mind just how many times he had imagined being across her quite exceptional lap being spanked and then made to stand up and be caned, but unfortunately he had never plucked up the courage to ask Zoe to discipline him. Maybe if he had he wouldn’t be discussing discipline with Mrs Scott right now. Mike knew he wanted to be disciplined and found the thought erotic. The trouble was he still did, which is why right then he had a hard on just talking about it.

Mrs Scott continued, “So Zoe when you invited me here and told me it was your anniversary and you wanted to do something really special for Mikey you will recall I said leave it to me. Anyway, I brought this.” Mrs Scott lent down and picked up a sports bag, unzipped the top, and took out a really wicked looking cane with a hooked end.

Zoe’s mouth dropped open and Mike gawked at the very sight of the cane.

Zoe asked, “What, you will give him the cane here?”

Mrs Scott said, “It is what he has always wanted.” She looked at Mike and said, “It’s up to you.”

Before Mike could answer Zoe asked first, “What did you spank him for normally.”

Mrs Scott shook her head but with a smile. “Oh several reasons actually. He would speak over me, or answer questions for someone else, or make a flippant comment that was just plain silly and sent the class off on a tangent.”

Zoe looked at Mike and said sarcastically, “So you haven’t changed then have you Mike.”

Mrs Scott put on her strict voice and said, “Well Michael, maybe I should give you a spanking first and then the cane.”

Zoe queried with Mrs Scott, “You called him Mikey and now Michael. How come?”

Mrs Scott explained, “When he was good everyone called him Mikey, but when he was naughty I always called him Michael.”

“Oh right,” Zoe said understanding.

Mrs Scott persisted. “Well Michael, do you agree you need your bottom spanked as well as caned?”

Zoe looked at Mike who just kept blushing but he knew his erection got even stiffer. He looked at Mrs Scott and then at Zoe and didn’t know what to say. He wanted to shout out ‘yes yes yes’ but was worried about his wife’s reaction.

Zoe wanted Mike to find the evening special which was why she went out of her way to find Mrs Scott. Little did she think it would lead to this but if her husband agreed to the caning he always wanted so be it, and if he got spanked as well, then she reckoned that was also Ok. No harm would be done. As she watched her husband struggle to reply Zoe reckoned more than no harm, in fact it just might make the evening even more special. She realised she was actually turned on by the thought of watching her husband being spanked, and as he didn’t say anything she thought she would give him a steer and said firmly, “That sounds like a very good idea Janet .”

“That’s settled then,” and she turned to Mike and said, “Right Michael, a spanking first then the cane.”

Mike suddenly realised it was going to happen but they were in a restaurant, even if it was a private room. He started to panic and asked, “What if Zuki comes in?”

Zoe said, “She won’t Mike, You have to press the button to call her in to clear the table or bring the next course. That’s how you can be sure of no interruptions and is part of its upside. I already told you that. Don’t you listen to anything I tell you?” Zoe made herself sound annoyed.

“Oh right,” Mike said remembering.

Mrs Scott smiled seeing Zoe take such a firm line with her husband. She said more sharply than before, “Right Michael, stand up then.”

Zoe was wide eyed as her husband stood up looking not so much displeased as uncertain and almost shy. Well this really was turning out to be a special event for her husband and she was getting aroused as well. She didn’t know why she said it but blurted out, “You know Janet maybe I should be the one to spank him. He was so childish with me and my Mum yesterday I was ready to give him a slap anyway.”

“Now that’s a good idea Zoe,” Mrs Scott said. She turned to Mike and said, “You have just shown so little respect for Zoe it does make far more sense that she takes you in hand the way I did, and today can be the first time she spanks you.”

Mike and Zoe both noticed how Mrs Scott emphasised the word ‘first.’

Mike swallowed hard and shook his head but Zoe knew that didn’t mean no, more like he was uncertain. Well she was certain. “Yes Mike, you are going across my lap for what I can only say is a revenge spanking.”

Zoe smirked at Mike’s discomfort but when he stood up it was quite apparent from the bulge in the front of his trousers he was turned on. Zoe saw it and so did Mrs Scott.

Zoe continued using the stern voice Mrs Scott used, “Well we both wanted this to be a very special night. You will get your wish to be caned, but you will also learn not to mess with me which is why I will also spank you. Understood?”

“Yes Zoe,” Mike replied looking guiltily at Zoe’s thighs imagining himself across her lap.

Mrs Scott said firmly, “Miss Zoe now Michael just like you called me Mrs Scott.”

Mike nodded, looked sheepishly at Zoe and said, “I understand Miss Zoe.”

Mike scrunched his face up but it’s true he had always wanted to be caned so this would be a dream come true for him. He had also often masturbated in bed thinking about Zoe spanking him and even imagined it happening as he was making love, so it will be even better if Zoe spanks him first.

Mrs Scott ordered Mike to bare his bottom, just as she did when he was at school. Moments later his trousers and underpants were around his ankles and both women smiled at the size of his erection. Even Mike smiled sheepishly although he was still blushing a deep red.

Zoe sat on a chair. Mrs Scott said, “Zoe, you might want to lift your dress above your waist so he is lying across your bare thighs. I recall Michael often left a stain on my skirt when I spanked him.”

An ever more incredulous Zoe yanked her dress above her waist before sitting on the armless chair. Mike looked down at his wife’s smooth legs licking his lips in anticipation. Zoe slapped her thigh and as Mike almost came at the sound he bent across his wife’s bare cool soft legs, his erection pressing down on her thighs under his weight. Mike knew this was far better than being across a skirt and far sexier.

Zoe enjoyed the feel of her husband’s erection on her thigh and when she put her hand on his bottom and rubbed in circles she was sure the erection became even stiffer, more pronounced. This was going to be great she thought.

Zoe looked up at Mrs Scott who nodded and Zoe raised her hand, looked at the spot on Mike’s bottom she would aim for, brought her hand down hard and the sound of the thwack filled the air. Zoe immediately raised her hand again, saw the next spot she would aim for and brought her hand down again. She landed spank after spank all over her husband’s bottom and was really in to this now. She raised her hand and brought it down hard time and again, enjoying the way Mike’s bottom was changing colour first to a delicate pink and then a darker pink.

Mike enjoyed the gentle rubbing of his wife’s hand, something Mrs Scott did for a few moments whilst she was scolding him. Even those first couple of dozen spanks were lovely as he had such a close up of Zoe’s pretty legs as her hand splattered stinging pain all over his bare bottom. After a while though he squirmed around on her lap as his bottom stung slightly and then stung more as Zoe spanked him more intensely. Zoe going to the gym all those years doing weights was paying off, for both of them.

Zoe spanked Mike’s bottom and the tops of his legs getting quite carried away and more importantly was getting more and more aroused feeling her pussy quiver deliciously. She watched Mike’s bottom turn a darker pink and reckoned that as he lay there, grunting but staying in place, that he was also enjoying the sensation. She assumed so anyway as she kept on spanking him, time and time again, not sure if she was doing it properly. She almost laughed at herself. What was properly after all? Just spank his bare bottom as hard as you can, that was properly right now. Nothing scientific. Just enjoy yourself girl she told herself and reckon Mike was enjoying being spanked.

Mike was getting more pleasure from the spanking than even Zoe thought. In fact he found the whole sensation of submitting to his wife, bent across her lap, his bottom being spanked, really electric and was so glad the two women made him accept it. He was so aroused and knew his penis was rubbing against his wife’s thigh but didn’t want to cum. That would spoil it but he was getting so close. Luckily for him though the spanking stopped and as the pounding stopped so his penis wasn’t bouncing against her thigh and he reckoned there would be no orgasm, yet.

“Get up Michael,” Mrs Scott ordered.

Mike eased himself up and rubbed his bottom still conscious of his erect penis.

“I told you Zoe didn’t I?” Mrs Scott said.

“You did Janet,” Zoe replied.

Mike looked at his wife who was looking at her lap and sure enough there was a squirt of his cum on her lovely lap.

“Sorry,” Mike said, blushing.

Zoe looked up laughing and replied, “No problem Mike, at least we know you are enjoying it.” Then becoming serious again, role playing in fact, she said more sternly, “That will give me a reason to spank you again Michael.”

Mike blushed an even deeper red if that was possible. Yes he was enjoying himself and as Zoe was laughing he knew she was as well. Now the prospect of being spanked again was being discussed his heart missed a beat. The evening was getting better and better.

Mrs Scott increased the intensity of the evening when she said sharply, “Time for the cane Michael.”

Mrs Scott ordered, “Bend over, grab the chair, and make sure your legs are well apart.”

Mike did as he was told and when bent over Zoe was sitting behind him and saw his ball sack hanging deliciously between his legs.

Mike was feeling tense about to get the cane for the first time. He remembered how his school friends came out of the Head’s Study crying and rubbing their bottoms and wondered if he had was going to regret living his dream.

Zoe again took the plunge and said, “Janet, I would like to cane Michael as well, if that is OK?”

“That is exactly what you need to do Zoe. If you are going to discipline Michael in future.”

Mrs Scott picked up the cane, stood behind Mike and to one side, and rested the cane on his red bottom. “I will give you two strokes and then Zoe will cane you.”

Mike was immediately aroused and his penis stiffened standing erect again. Mrs Scott and Zoe saw his reaction and smiled. Mike was actually enjoying his humiliating position again, and Zoe knew her pussy was getting wetter at the thought of caning her husband.

Mrs Scott tapped Mike’s bottom three times before raising the cane and bringing it down with a fierce flick of her wrist. Zoe saw the red line appear across Mike’s bottom just as Mike screamed out in pain. Zoe almost came as she clenched her thighs tight to increase the sensation in her pussy.

Mike bent his legs as the pain vibrated across his bottom. It hurt, oh boy it hurt. He held his breath and closed his eyes tightly shut trying so hard to keep hold of the chair. The struggle was a delight for Zoe to watch and even Mrs Scott enjoyed the pain she had caused her ex-pupil, her ex very naughty and frustrating pupil.

Mrs Scott waited for Mike to calm down before again placing the cane on his bottom. Mike was more prepared this time, and Mrs Scott knew it, so a harder stroke could be given, Seconds later Mike felt the searing pain again as he screeched out once more.

Mrs Scott said sternly, “Mike you stay bent over while I show Zoe how to use the cane.”

Mike was pleased he had time to relish the first two strokes of the cane he had been given. Yes, they were worth waiting for.

Mrs Scott looked at Zoe and said, “Try the cane on that cushion so you can see how hard to make each stroke.”

Zoe immediately stood up anxious to get hold of the cane and use it on her husband. A try out made sense to her of course and she took the cane. Seconds later she brought it down on the cushion. Mike had to stay in position, bent over, grabbing the chair, his bottom stinging, as Mrs Scott told his wife to make it harder, and it wasn’t until three harder and harder strokes later that she said it was about right. “Now use it on Michael, just like that last stroke.”

Zoe took up her position placing the cane across Mike’s bottom saying sternly, “Four more Michael and no getting up.”

Mike looked backwards and saw his wife’s unmistakeable legs and wondered at the tone of her voice. So dominant, and so sure. He felt the cane tapped three times on his bottom and then there was a gap. He watched Zoe’s calf muscle and when it tensed knew the cane was travelling, and a split second later felt the searing pain across his bottom, harder than when Mrs Scott caned him, but sexier. He screamed out but at the same time had a rather different feeling to the cane strokes from Mrs Scott. Gone was the feeling he was being disciplined by his ex-teacher. Now he was being caned by his wife and he found it so erotically exciting. Yes it hurt, but his wife was now the woman making his dream come true.

Zoe watched in wonder at the fierce red line across Mike’s bottom. This one was special because she had caused it. Her breathing deepened, she was excited, felt a quiver in her pussy, a shudder, close to an orgasm. She licked her lips, tapped Mike’s bottom again with the cane focussing on where to place it, reckoning just below the last one. She aims, raises the cane, uses slightly more strength this time and as the cane bites in to Mike’s bottom again she hears him scream, his head bucks, one knee bends, she knows he is hurting. Was it too hard she wonders? She looks at Mike’s head. He is shaking it, his lips pursed, but he stays in position, bent over, bottom presented, waiting for the next stroke even as a tear slips down his cheek.

Zoe was on fire, excited, exhilarated even, and feeling so turned on. Mike was accepting being caned by her and she was finding it so sexy. She tapped his bottom again, eager now, wanting to make sure the next stroke was as hard, maybe even harder. Yes she was sure Mike can take harder, will want it harder as he always pushes his boundaries.

Mike found the last stroke the hardest so far and his bottom stung. It hurt and he felt the tear run down his face. He just managed to hold on as the pain raced across his bottom and back again, or so it seemed, as felt Zoe tap his bottom again. She would cane harder he knew, she always knew how to push him, tease him, especially when making love and right now he felt they were making love, as painful as it was.

Zoe pulled the cane back and brought it down with that bit of extra pace. Mike howled louder, shook his bottom from side to side faster, but still held on, forced himself to, knowing he had to. It was a battle, a sex filled, erotic, orgasmic battle with the wife he loved and who loved him. Maybe it was better than sex as it was the first time but he wanted to test them both by taking harder and harder strokes.

Mike was almost upset when he heard Zoe say sternly, “Last one Michael and it will be the hardest.”

Mike stuck his bottom out almost in defiance and tried to make a flippant comment but couldn’t speak, only tears flowed and his mouth dribbled, but he waited for the last stroke bent over, his legs apart. In anticipation.

Zoe saw Mike stick his bottom out and loved him for it. Defiance as always. Testing her as always and she wasn’t going to fail. She will make the stroke harder so he cries out and as her pussy quivered she wondered if she would have an orgasm there and then. She tapped Mike’s bottom, pulled the cane back, pursed her lips, and aimed the cane at the lowest point of Mike’s bottom. She watched the cane bite in, another red line appeared, Mike shrieked, and she came. Just slightly, letting out a squeak that was well covered by Mike’s scream, but she had come nevertheless.

Mike howled as he clung on to the chair, his bottom stinging, tears flowing down his face, never thinking a caning would hurt so much, nor be so erotic. Amazingly erotic. He felt Zoe rub his bottom as though fingering the welts he knew would be there, her hand first running along the fierce red lines then down the backs of his legs, moving to his inner thighs and brushing his ball sack.

As Zoe’s hand enclosed his balls and squeezed he felt the surge of cum travelling up his stiff penis and saw it squirt on to the chair. First one squirt then a second and a third. What a release, exactly what he wanted, needed. There will be time later when he subsides a bit to take his wife properly. He felt so wonderful. Just like when Zoe would suck his penis and take his full load in his mouth, or as he would kneel between her beautifully soft thighs and lick her pussy until she came all over his tongue.

Zoe knew Mike was going to cum, and what better way than with him still bending over, just caned, by clasping his balls in her hand.

Both were breathing heavily, the new experience so wonderful, so mind blowing.

Zoe recovered first, well it was easier for her. She suffered no pain, not as the giver. She turned and saw Mrs Scott, a moment of surprise as she had forgotten she was there, and then gave a beaming smile. “Poor old Mike,” she said still smiling.

Mrs Scott replied also smiling, “Satisfying isn’t it, punishing someone who can be so frustrating, like I did at school?”

Zoe looked at her husband as he eased himself up and his hands flew to his bottom. He rubbed himself hard and fast but it didn’t help, not really. “That hurt,” he said again to the two women.

Mrs Scott said lightly, “It didn’t seem to stop your enjoyment,” as she looked at the stain on the chair.

Mike blushed. No it didn’t he knew. He looked at Mrs Scott who said, “Zoe is still on a high and needs you to sort her out you know.”

Mike looked across at his wife who was smiling as she walked back to the table and sat down. She shifted around and seconds later Mike watched as she dangled her knickers in front of her and let them drop on the table. She crooked her finger and Mike walked over to her and she was so turned on as he rubbed his bottom as he walked.

Mike reached the table and fell to his knees.

Mrs Scott said as though reminding them she was there, “I’ll just pop to the ladies.”

Zoe and Mike both murmured something unintelligible and as Mrs Scott closed the door behind her Mike crawled under the table cloth until he was wholly under the table, the table cloth settling back hiding where he was. He edged his face between his wife’s parted legs kissing her thighs as he closed in on her pussy hair, his tongue first licking her slit up and down before pressing forward and entering her, licking her sex juice. Zoe held the back of his head firmly though knew that wasn’t needed. It just felt the right thing to do.

Mike licked harder and harder and Zoe’s breathing deepened. She smiled a wicked smile as she pressed the buzzer requesting Zuki to enter the room. Mike heard the door open and Zuki ask if it was OK to clear the tables. He froze. Zoe held his head firmly pressing him against her and sensing the excitement of making his wife cum like this he licked her again and felt the pressure of her hand ease.

“Please do,” Zoe said.

“Erm I saw the lady go to the toilet but where is the gentleman.”

Zoe said a breathless, “He’s busy.”

Zuki didn’t react but Zoe reckoned she must have known. How exciting, to have her husband kiss and lick her pussy as the table was being cleared.

Zuki asked, “Would madam like something to drink perhaps?”

Zoe was still breathless as she half spoke half whispered, “Champagne please.”

Mike heard the door close and he licked harder, faster, flicking Zoe’s clit with his finger delighting in how his wife clenched her thighs together and started to groan, sexily, erotically. It only took a few more moments for Zoe’s groans to turn in to louder sighs and shrieks and a long sexy groan as she came. Mike kept licking until Zoe came again, and sucked and kissed her wet pussy until her third orgasm. Zoe pressed Mike’s head again, her signal she needed to rest, that she was satisfied, for now. He stayed between Zoe’s legs, liked to as she breathed heavily, just as Zoe would keep gently licking and sucking his penis whenever he exploded in her mouth.

Zoe said wistfully, lovingly, “Thank you Mike.”

Mike eased himself out from under the table and stood up, needing to rub his bottom again. The light clicked on by Zoe’s finger so they knew Zuki wanted to come back in. Quickly Mike pulled his underpants and trousers back up, did up the zip, did up the belt, and he sat down. Too quickly actually because he gasped, half got up, then eased himself down again.

Zoe pressed the button and the door opened. Zuki came in holding a tray with the bottle of champagne and three glasses. Zuki smiled at them both but said nothing, and particularly nothing about not having seen Mike re-enter the room.

Mrs Scott came back in and sat on her chair. Zuki left the room.

Mrs Scott asked, “Well, was the evening as good as you had expected?”

“Far better actually,” Zoe said enthusiastically.

“And for you Mike?” Mrs Scott asked.

“I think you know Mrs Scott.” He could have kicked himself. How come he called her Mrs Scott and not Janet? Mind you when he saw the broad smile on her face he knew she was thinking the same. Still, he let the moment pass. It had been a wonderful evening and she had helped make it so.

The champagne glasses clinked until half the bottle had gone. Mrs Scott said, “Well Zoe, Mike, thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”

Zoe smiled and said, “No, thank you Janet, this was the best anniversary ever.”

Mike added his thanks in a slightly more reserved tone. “Yes Janet. It was great to see you again, and erm, live my dream.”

Zoe snapped, “Michael, its Mrs Scott to you.”

Mike blushed, half smiled, and said, “Actually, I will always think of you as Mrs Scott, so, erm, thank you Mrs Scott.”

Zoe and Mrs Scott laughed. Minutes later Mrs Scott bade her farewells and Zoe and Mike sat in the room finishing the bottle of champagne.

Zoe asked, “Well Mike, how do you feel?”

“Like a million dollars Zoe,” adding after a moment, “Or should I say Miss Zoe?”

Zoe smiled back saying crisply. “You better had, when I spank and cane you next.”

“Will you be?” Mike asked pensively, “I mean spank and cane me again?”

Zoe replied firmly, “Yes. I am still flying and when we get home I will be showing you who the boss is.”

“I get the feeling it’s going to be you, erm, Miss Zoe.”

Zoe said, “Too right, which is why when we get home you will get undressed, fully undressed, and you will go across my bare thighs. After a long spanking I will give you twelve hard strokes. After that.”

Mike interjected, “You and I will make love like never before,” and after a lingering look at his beautiful and now so dominant wife added, “And it will be the best sex ever Miss Zoe.”

Zoe lent across and kissed Mike. “Correct Michael.”

Mike said, “Well before we go home there is my surprise.”

Zoe smiled as Mike pressed the buzzer, Zuki came in and he paid the bill, and five minutes later he and Zoe left the restaurant arm in arm, laughing, Mike’s bottom still stinging but then he knew it would be sore for several hours. He liked the feeling.

Zoe saw the stretch limo outside and shrieked happily, “No way Mike, are we going to do what I think we are?”

The chauffeur opened the rear door and Zoe and Mike stepped in and sat on the rear seats. The chauffeur said, “It’s very private. The windows are blacked out although you can see out pretty well. I can’t hear what you say unless I buzz and that red light is showing,” as he pointed to the light just behind the glass divide between the driver’s seat and the rear cabin. “I can’t see through the glass either.”

Mike knew all of this as he booked the car especially knowing what Zoe had always said she wanted to do. ‘Make love in the back of a stretch limo,’ Zoe said enthusiastically. “You are a marvel Mike,” she gushed as she looked at the double width seat running down one side, having ample room to make love on.

“I know Zoe. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed our session with Mrs Scott.”

Zoe laughed. “Are you sure you are up to this? I bet your bottom is really sore.”

Mike said ruefully, “Well I am sore, but I’ll do my best.”

Zoe playfully tried to divert attention from his embarrassment by saying, “All I mean is that if your bottom is sore maybe you won’t be able to keep that up long enough,” Zoe said pointing at Mike’s penis.

Mike had cum in the restaurant and so was a bit concerned Zoe might be right.

Zoe saw his thoughtful look and said impishly, “Maybe rubbing cream in to your bottom will get it up for you?” and added, “Well for us actually.”

Mike laughed and said, “You are right. Cream on my bottom sounds good.”

Zoe said, “Right, so get undressed then.”

Mike’s glanced out of the window and Zoe said, “Hey, the chauffeur said no one can see in didn’t he?”

“Yes,” Mike said sheepishly.

“Right then, get your gear off. You may as well get undressed now for me.” Zoe licked her lips and winked making it clear she was going to stay dressed.

Mike quickly decided to play along. After all this part of the evening was his surprise for Zoe and he wanted her to enjoy it as much as her surprise for him. He nodded and started to undress as Zoe sat on the seat waiting for her husband to disrobe. He slipped his jacket off and unbuttoned his shirt and took that off as well. Then he undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them down and stepped out of them. His socks followed. Finally he yanked his underpants down and put them with the rest of his clothes.

Zoe was licking her lips enjoying the whole undressing thing as she looked out of the window and saw people walking by as the limo drove smoothly along the road.

“Over my lap Mike and I’ll rub the cream in.”

Mike was getting aroused at the thought and his penis stiffened as he bent across his wife’s lap. He groaned with delight as she rubbed his bottom with the cool soothing cream and as Zoe edged her fingers down the inside of his thighs he parted his legs.

Mike groaned as Zoe deliberately rubbed her hand against his balls and he lifted his tummy to encourage his wife to rub his whole ball sack. Which she did with a smile.

“OK Mike, that’s enough cream,” Zoe said, adding, “You can get up.”

Mike stood up and Zoe smirked at the sight of his erection. “I know what you can do with that,” Zoe said eyeing his stiff penis.

“That’s what I thought,” Mike answered. “Now we are going to make love in the back of one this limo.”

Zoe said happily, “Yes. Every time I see one with blacked out windows I imagine those inside making out and wanted to do it myself.”

“Well, now’s the time,” Mike said. “Why don’t I help you out of those clothes?”

“Sure,” Zoe said.” She looked down at her dress and her mood changed. “Look Mike, you’ve stained my dress with your cum,” she snapped.

Mike blushed and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Zoe said firmly, “Well mean to or not you have. Just as Mrs Scott warned.” Zoe said after a moment, “That means I will have to discipline you again Michael.”

Mike panicked. “Not here Zoe. The driver will hear for sure.”

Zoe appeared to think about Mike’s request but had already decided. After a few moments Zoe noticed his penis had drifted back in to its sheath, and said “OK, Mike, I’ll discipline you when we get to the hotel.”

A relieved Mike was so glad he actually said, “Thank you Zoe, of course.”

Zoe smiled at Mike’s distress, but had other things on her mind as she watched Mike’s penis stiffen again. She slipped the dress off, turned, and said to Mike, “My bra please.”

Mike happily unclipped Zoe’s bra running his hands underneath and cupping her breasts. Zoe groaned in delight as Mike kissed her neck and the bra slipped down Zoe’s arms on to a seat. Mike turned Zoe around and kissed her, gently edging her back on to the seat. Once sitting Mike put his thumbs inside the top of Zoe’s hi cut knickers and eased them off. Zoe parted her legs and Mike saw her glistening pussy which told him his wife was already so aroused, maybe even because of the threats to spank him again.

Mike put Zoe’s knickers with the rest of her clothes and lifted her legs up on to the bench seat and he lay next to her. Soon they were entwined, kissing, caressing each other, Mike sucking gleefully on Zoe’s breasts and sucking her nipples, whilst Zoe hungrily rubbed and pinched Mike’s bottom, now understanding why he so often directed her hands there when making love.

Mike was taking his time but Zoe was already close to orgasm as the thought of at last making love in a stretch limo was close to happening. He eased two fingers into Zoe’s pussy, and instead of having to play there for a while he just slipped in telling him she was already so wet and wanting him.

“Now Mike, now,” Zoe gasped.

This was so new to Mike. Normally he took charge in the bedroom and Zoe complied enthusiastically but today Zoe was giving the orders and he actually liked it. Mike eased on top of Zoe, raised himself and placed his stiff penis at her waiting vagina. He pushed gently and he eased himself inside as her pussy enveloped him, clenching his penis. Slowly he eased out and then back in slightly deeper but not meeting the normal resistance as Zoe was so ready for him. When Mike gave a final push and went the whole way in Zoe grunted in delight. The sound aroused him and he lifted her legs and she crossed them over his back as he gyrated again and again until with a loud climatic gasp she exploded inside him, her sex juice spurting on to his penis.

Mike waited for Zoe to climax a second time and when he felt she was done again started to gyrate more fiercely, still hearing Zoe gasp with delight as he gyrated faster and faster. He felt Zoe tense and arch her back and as she gaped louder than before Mike knew she had reached an even higher climax and allowed himself to go, spurting his cum deep inside Zoe.

Zoe’s breathing was deep and satisfied and she kissed Mike’s neck and rubbed his bottom as they relaxed with each other, in each other, as one. They lay there for some minutes as the limo rolled on, stopping perhaps at lights then moving off again. Zoe and Mike looked deeply in to each other’s eyes and thought at the same time how close they were to people in the street or in other cars, maybe only a couple of feet away, and they were naked, and have just made love, Mike’s penis still inside her although now quite small and she had to clench her pussy to feel it. Still it was always so lovely to lie like this after making love.

Zoe whispered to Mike, “This is the best ever darling.”

Mike whispered back, “It hasn’t finished yet. We have all night at the hotel to make love.”

Zoe laughed teasing, “Are you sure Mike? I have to cane you again for staining my dress.”

Mike arched himself up and looking at Zoe said, “Cane? You said discipline so I reckoned on a spanking.”

Zoe said sternly still holding on to her husband, “You’ll be spanked for, sure, but I think you should get the cane. Anyway, you have wanted to be caned for so long it would be a shame if it only happened the once.”

“True,” Mike agreed letting out a long sighing breath which Zoe knew was a reluctant sounding way to agree but that he was really up for it.

Zoe half asked, “I just can’t decide if it should be six or twelve strokes.”

Zoe felt Mike’s penis stiffen at the question, and when she added, “Or maybe eighteen,” Mike’s penis stiffened again.

Mike said quickly, “I think twelve Zoe, don’t you?”

“Hhhmm,” Zoe mused, then added sternly, “What I do know is that I get to decide just as Mrs Scott always decided.” Mike’s penis was now fully erect.

Just then the buzzer went and the red light lit up. The chauffeur said, “Sir, Madam, We’ll be at the hotel in fifteen.”

“Thank you,” Mike replied, and the light went back off.

Zoe and Mike gave each other a last lingering kiss.

Zoe enthused, “Thank you Mike, it’s been so great and I know we still have the rest of the night but I thought I would just say it.”

“Zoe, it was great for me too. We both lived our dreams tonight.”

Zoe thought, yes, a really special evening and maybe one that has changed their lives as well now she knew her husband’s secret desire behind Mrs Scott. She felt so special tonight and hoped Mike felt the same, in fact was sure he did. Her pussy was wet and she wanted him again, and will do straight after caning him.

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