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Lust Lesson

I wanted a lesson from my lover.
This was it. I was so nervous I could hardly speak. My cheeks were flushed pink and sweat was beading on my face. I wanted this. I was sure I did. The only way he would ever be mine is if I totally submitted to his dark desire. Up until now all we had done was flirting and general fucking, but he couldn’t be faithful. When I had asked him why, he said that he NEEDED to be in complete control. He fucked other women because they let him do as he desired always. My instructions were clear. I must come to him on my own. I must undress outside and enter his home completely naked. My hair must be down, and I must have a completely bare pussy.

My heart pounding, I slowly undressed on his front step. When I was standing naked in front of his door I rang the bell. I was hoping no one would see me. The door slowly opened and he stared at me wordlessly. Nothing gave away his thoughts. No hint of a welcoming smile, no kiss, no hug. He told me to come in and I did. He gave me a drink, saying to me, “You will need this. It is going to be a long 24 hours”

He led me to his special room. The one I had never been in before. I gasped in shock. There were all kinds of things in there. There were places to be tied, hooks in the wall, various things to spank with, and spread out on the desk were all kinds of sex toys ranging from vibrators, to huge double headed dildos. I gasped in shock. I hadn’t expected this at all. I felt my pussy clench in anticipation. This was the ultimate experience he had said. He promised to take me to pleasure heights I had never been to. He told me I must go and willingly let him strap me to the wall. I stared at him and walked slowly over to the wall. I put my hands over my head and he clipped the manacles around my wrists and hooked the same around my ankles. He asked me one last time…..

“Is this what you want? Do you agree to be totally in my control?”

“Yes.” I whispered, looking at him. He was much older than me. Twenty years or so older, and I was mad for him. He had taught me things no man had ever taught me. I wanted him to control me totally. I trusted him.

He walked over to the toy desk, and found an odd device which he strapped to my pussy. It had a probe for my tight pussy, and a round thing that stuck out and when strapped firmly on the round head on it pressed directly on my clit and the probe went inside my pussy. He then walked away and showed me a remote. He turned it on and the head began vibrating and rotating on my clit and the probe began buzzing inside my pussy. He sat in his chair watching me, and alternately reading a magazine.

“You know you aren’t allowed to cum. If you do you will be punished.”

He played with the buttons on the remote, alternately buzzing me hard then soft then stopping. I felt the pressure building inside, and I couldn’t stop myself. I tried to hide it when I came, but he saw the jerking, and even though I didn’t make a sound, he knew. He walked over and glared.

“Jesus Christ you are so fucking weak. The others lasted much longer. I am afraid your punishment will be harsh.”

He unstrapped me from the wall and told me to go to the bench and bend over it. He told me if I moved he would double the punishment. He went over and selected a medium sized rod. It looked pretty flexible. He told me that the previous girl had lasted twenty minutes before cumming. I had lasted 6. He told me that left a 14 minute difference and I would receive 14 strokes of the cane before he was satisfied. He fondled my round ass with a firm hand. Squeezing and rubbing. The anticipation had made me sweaty with fear and lust. He drew back with the rod and the first strike hit across both my ass cheeks dead center. I gasped in shock. If you move your hands I will double the penalty. I kept my hands firmly on the floor. The next blow landed slightly above the other. He hit me 5 more times in quick succession. I had my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Tears leaked out through my clinched eyes. Halfway there. I felt the vibrator kick on, and the pleasure mingled with the pain.

Whap!! The sting of the rod again. Suddenly he stopped. I heard him walking around when he came back, he rubbed oil on my ass and said, “I haven’t heard you cry out yet. I want to hear you beg me. “

WHAP! Again the cane slapped, and again, I couldn’t contain my shrieks of pain. I begged and pleaded. The oil made it burn worse. I heard him chuckle and he finished off with 14…then the hardest blow yet…He said, “That’s, for MY pleasure.” He helped me to my feet and told me to kneel.

I knelt down on the floor and he lifted my face. He held out the rod and told me to kiss it. My face was tear streaked and my hair clung in wet tendrils to my face. I kissed the rod of pain and pleasure. He liked what he saw, and told me to open my mouth. He unzipped his pants and told me to suck him. I sucked him hard into my mouth, wanting him to see how good I was sucking as much of him as I ever had, when he whispered. “Not good enough Delilah, I want it down your throat.”

He gripped the back of my head and shoved me down on his cock. His hands gripped my head, and he held me in that spot fucking my throat. Then he pulled out with a pop. Spit hung in ropes from his cock and dribbled down my chin. He shoved it back in again…fucking my throat. Telling me how good it felt. My eyes watered and ran streaks down my face…and I choked on his big tool. He pulled out and I sucked him hard and fast and he said he was going to cum. He told me to swallow it. I had never swallowed cum before, and I thought it would be gross. As the first salty stream shot into my throat I nearly gagged it up but swallowed quickly. He told me to open my mouth…he jerked the rest of it onto my tongue and I swallowed the thick stuff down.

“Good, you get a reward now.”

He turned the vibe on high and I gasped as orgasm tore through my body again. I shuddered in pleasure….I was hypersensitive and it was almost painful but he kept the vibe on. I felt another one building, and gasped as it took over. He ordered me to stay on my knees. I could barely hold myself up….he kept it on high and I became completely helpless. Cumming over and over…till I finally collapsed in a heap. Shaking and jerking and crying and screaming from the intense pleasure. The vibe shut down. I was almost unconscious with pleasure, and he carried me over to a special chair. It had no bottom. Only sides.. He tied my hands firmly to the sides of the chair and my feet to the feet of the chair. Then he pinched my nipples hard they stood out diamond hard. He put clamps on them…The pain was intense but faded soon to a dull throbbing. He moved around under me and I felt something hard pressing against my asshole. It was thankfully lubed and it still hurt. It was huge. He pushed it in until I thought I would tear then just left it there. He walked away. I was throbbing and so wet I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to struggle against my bonds. I wanted the nipple clamps off.

He came almost a half hour later and took them off. Then he took a tiny crop and started slapping my tits with it. The stings at first were pleasant, but got sharper as he relentlessly, expertly slapped my tits. He hit across my nipples and I screamed. I begged for him to just stop and fuck me. It’s what I wanted. He untied me quickly, and without even a kiss, jerked the strapped on vibrator off. Shoved me down on the bed and holding the huge dildo in my ass shoved inside me HARD.

He jammed into me like an animal. Holding me down, as he fucked me so hard, I screamed. He pounded into me. Grunting and rutting like an animal. He grabbed me by the hair and jerked my head back. His teeth grazed my throat. He bit my collar bone. He kept thrusting into me, and bit each of my nipples in turn. I screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body. He slapped me. Told me to beg. God help me I did beg. I cried out for him to fuck me in every nasty imaginable way possible and just when I couldn’t take anymore, he jerked the dildo out of my ass and thrust inside with the hardest thrust ever and shot his hot cum inside me. The room darkened as my body became nothing but sensation. I jerked 6 times with the best orgasm of my life and passed out. Nothing but sweat and cum and passion, touched me.

When I woke, he was smiling and trailing his fingers over my sore exhausted body. He whispered in my ear. Not bad for a beginner. He pulled me to him and at last we slept.

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