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Makalea’s Cakes Part 2

Takes place after Makaela's Cakes. Amber finishes what she started but not in the way she thought
It was the middle of spring break, Makaela laid in her bed naked. She loved the feel of the cool silky bed covering on her naked body. She couldn’t help but think about all the times she had been spanked during the first half of summer break. She had been given a hard spanking by her mother the day she had come back from college for wearing revealing clothing, her best friend Sylvia had given her a hard spanking on the beach, just a few weeks ago she was given the longest, hardest spanking she had ever received, at on of her mother’s party. Recently the professor of her summer class had thrashed her behind so hard that a week later she could still see fading welts.

Thinking about her spankings she lid her hands down her smooth soft body and let her fingers stop in between her legs, she didn’t know why but the image of her being spanked turned her on. She was dripping wet as she stood up in front of her mirror striking several sexy posses and taking pictures on her phone. She laid back against her bed’s headboard and spread her legs wide, taking a picture of her tight soaking sex. Finally she couldn’t take the heat between her legs, anymore she grabbed her vibrator and slowly pressed it into herself.

“Oh god” she moaned.

She turned around and bent over so she could look in the mirror as she masturbated. Her perfect lips opening her glistening white teeth, she pulled the vibrator from her soaking pussy and slid her beautiful red tongue over it before licking all her juice off of the sex toy.

Makaela wanted to be bent over so badly and pressed into. She wanted to spread herself and have a man press into her asshole. She laid on her bed cumming over and over.

“Oooohhhh” she moaned smiling.

Just as she closed her eyes her phone rang loudly right beside her scaring her. She looked questionably at the message, it was from Amber. Amber was the girl she hated the most in the world and the feeling was mutual for Amber as well.

Both girls had hurt each other, but in the end Amber had won. Makaela opened the video message and in absolute horror saw herself on her mother’s bed on all fours absolutely naked, her big breasts swaying beneath her. It was the first time she ever saw her mother spanking her, she was usually looking at the wall or the carpet having her bottom thrashed. From this side view she could see her huge round ass, until a cane came down so hard on the cheeks they bounced, jiggling lovely. She watched her mother swing the cane so hard at her own jiggling cheeks. She heard herself shriek

“11 Thank you ma’am!”

She thought about the spanking she received a few weeks ago. It was such a hard and humiliating thrashing. Makaela was framed by Amber, then Amber got to watch her spanked...naked. Makaela had lost and she knew it, Amber got to watch her humiliated.

Makaela stared in horror hearing her squeal and beg her mother to stop spanking her. Amber had filmed it. Makaela immediately called Amber and pathetically begged her not to show the video to anyone, smug and happy Amber told told Makaela to come to her house “they had things to talk about.”

Amber hung up the phone grinning, it wasn’t enough that she had seen the girl she hated humiliated and thrashed to tears. No. Makaela had seduced the man Amber was to marry after college. Amber had lost “the one”. The thing is Makaela promised she could take Amber’s man without even touching him, and she did it.

It wasn’t enough to see her humiliated. No, Amber was going to break this girl, show her that she wasn’t better than everyone else because of her looks. Amber was going to teach Makaela that she was a worthless slut.

Amber heard her doorbell ring and opened it to see a shamed face Makaela. It enraged her that Makaela just looked more and more beautiful everytime she saw her.

Amber would tackle that issue

“sit down here in the living room, no one is home.”

“Amber ple-” Makaela began.

But Amber cut her off “you need to learn obedience, and know when to be quiet. Talk again and everyone on campus sees this”

Amber hit power and the TV came on showing a very naked Makaela getting a very hard spanking. Makaela’s already big eyes were wide

“have a seat bitch, let’s watch” Amber said turning the volume up loud.

Amber watched as Makaela fidgeted through the whole video of her punishment. As the video ended Amber jumped up happily

“what did you think?” she asked.

Makaela’s light brown skin looked blushed, she put her head down and wiped tears from her eyes.

Amber looked on with no mercy at all “get up Makaela.”

Makaela slowly stood.

“Get that dress off” Amber commanded.

Makaela grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled it down, letting the soft silk slide down the curves of her body. She stood in a beautiful white silk bra, and a white silk thong. Amber could see Makaela’s nipples pressed against the fabric of the bra.

Amber’s sadistic smile left her face. She saw what everyone did, Makaela was beyond gorgeous. She looked adorable and small, but her body was nothing but curves. Amber looked down at the soft silk around Makaela’s ankles, and let her eyes slide up her body. She focused on the crease of the silk panties in between Makaela’s legs were her pussy was. Makaela’s body was such a soft carmel color, she had her navel pierced, her eyes traveled up further. Amber was surprised that Makaela’s silk bra could hold those big firm breasts. Her hair was black silk that fell to her shoulders. Finally she studied Makaela’s adorable face. Full voluptuous lips covered in gloss, a button nose and big brown innocent eyes.

Amber walked over, she was 5’6 taller than the petite Makaela, who was barely 5’2. Amber put her hand on Makaela’s cheek, who flinched thinking that Amber was going to slap her. Instead Amber was focoused on her lips, Amber needed to know what Makaela tasted like. She kissed the semi-naked girl, deeply sticking her tongue in and massaging Makaela’s tongue. Amber pulled away shaking, Makaela tasted like sweet chocolate.

Makaela moaned as Amber’s lips left hers’. She thought Amber was going to severely punish her, which she felt she deserved. Instead Amber moved down from her lips and kissed Makaela’s neck gently.

Amber gently reached back and undid Makaela’s bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her huge breasts spilled out, firm with small nipples that were a a deeper carmel than her skin. Amber slid her hands down the petite girls smooth body, and slid down the silk thong. She backed up to look at the naked girl in front of her, Amber was so turned on. In lust she kissed Makaela deeply, she had never tasted such a sweet mouth, never felt such full soft lips.

“Be my pet” Amber said looking into big brown eyes.

“Y-your pet?” Makaela asked.

Amber slid her hands in between Makaela’s thighs, feeling a tight wet pussy, Machela’s body trembled

“my pet, i’m your mistress. I want to own you.”

Makaela gasped moaning in pleasure “if I don’t you’ll show everyone that tape?”

“No” Amber whispered “the tape is mine to enjoy, it is for no one else’s eyes.”

Makaela’s body betrayed her, she had never been so wet, she needed release. Her body was already Amber’s. She was Ambers’

“Yes mistress” Makaela whispered.

Amber’s pussy leaked hearing Makaela say that.

“I own you, Makaela.”

“yes ma’am” Makaela replied.

“you’re nothing but my filthy whore pet, tell what you are” Amber said looking deep into those big brown eyes.

“I am nothing but your filthy whore pet.”

Amber sat down on the couch “over my lap Makaela.”

Obediently she layed over Amber’s lap.

Amber drooled at Makaela’s ass, so huge and round. Amber rubbed her hand in circles on that soft ass, she slapped the right cheek hard watching it bounce

“what are you?” she asked.

“your filthy whore” Makaela said softly.

Amber made sure she had a tight grip and began to spank Makaela hard with her hand. When Makaela’s ass was a glowing red and she could hear sobs, she stopped spanking and rubbed the sore ass

“get up and bring me that oval oak wooden paddle on the sofa.”

With a, yes ma’am, Makaela eased off her mistresses lap and retrieved the paddle. She handed it to her and without being told laid back over Amber’s lap.

Amber rubbed the heavy paddle in circles on Makaela’s ass. She had intended to thrash Makaela until every inch of her ass was black and blue, but now all she wanted to do was lovingly show Makaela who was in charge. She brought the paddle down hard achieving the lovely jiggle she wanted. Amber began spanking hard and fast making those lovely cheeks dance in fire.

It wasn’t long until Makalea began to cry, soon she was thrashing over Amber’s knee shrieking and begging for it to stop. Minutes passed as Makaela thrashed as hard as she could, she may as well have been sitting on a stove. Amber made sure to drag on a long and hard 20 minutes, a truly lengthy spanking. Makaela’s bottom and the tops of her thighs were incredibly red, while the punished girl bawled like an infant over her mother’s lap.

Amber stroked Makaela’s hair

“sweetie I want you to take the cane now, can you take the cane for me?”

Makaela’s body shook with sobs over Amber’s lap, she sniffled and said

“yes ma’am I can take the cane. Please administer my punishment.”

Amber picked up the cane and instructed Makaela to spread her feet wide and grab her ankles

“after each stroke I want you to thank me and tell me you are a worthless whore.”


“One! Thank you ma’am, I am a worthless whore”


“Two thank you ma’am! I am a worthless whore.”

The canning was agony over her already sore and bruised bottom but she loved it. She couldn’t take anymore of the cane, but she needed more of the caning.

Makaela had no idea when her caning had ended, her mistress held her and shushed her. Makaela didn’t think she had ever been spanked so hard. 100 swats with the paddle and 40 with the cane.

Her mistress let her drink water to calm her sobs. Amber cleaned the 21 year old’s face like she was a baby, she wiped Makaela’s nose and dried her tears.

“Oh mistress it hurts! it hurts” Makaela cried in renewed sobs.

Amber held her and finally said “up.”

Slowly and gingerly Makaela got up and looked at Amber

“ma’am may I rub my bottom?” she said shifting from right to left foot and wiggling her bottom hoping the air would cool the fire.

Amber looked at her “you know better than that honey, hands on your head.”

Amber beheld the sight of such a beautiful goddess naked, chest heaving with sobs and a red and bruised ass and thighs. Amber got up and retrieved a dog collar from a drawer

“put it on honey” she said holding it out to Makaela.

Makaela pouted but took the collar and put it on, then placed her hands behind her head. Amber pulled a chain leash and attached it to Makaela’s dog collar. Amber then got up and went to the kitchen she came back holding a red devil’s tail butt plug, and a bottle of pepper sauce.

“For my bad little girl” Amber said pouring and rubbing copious amounts of the hot sauce on the plug

“baby get on your hands and knees then spread your bottom.”

Amber beheld the spectcle that people would kill to see, Makaela’s treasures all on display. Using vasiline she lubed Makaela’s asshole and slid the plug covered in burning pepper sauce right in her asshole

Amber stood up holding the chain leash and looked down at a naked Makaela. The girls naked body shone with sweat, and her face was up big eyes swimming with tears, lips pouting. Amber looked at Makaela’s devil tail

“Shake your ass” she commanded Makaela.

Makaela shook her sore ass making her cheeks clap, the devils tail bounced up and down. Amber could tell Makaela’s asshole was starting to turn into fire.

Amber pulled her jeans and panties down, she needed to cum, she needed to cum now. She leaned down on the couch and spread her legs wide showing a pretty dripping pussy

“Makaela pleasure your mistress” Amber commanded in ecstasy.

Makaela buried her face in Amber’s beautiful pussy. Amber roughly grabbed the back of Makaela’s head by her long hair, rubbing her pet’s face up and down on her pussy.

Amber heard herself scream as she came over and over again tightly holding

Makaela’s face to her spraying wet snatch.

She pulled Makaela’s head back to see a glistening face completely covered in pussy juice and drool. As Makaela gasped for air Amber turned around and spread her ass

“now my ass” she whispered.

Amber closed her eyes as she felt wet soft lips and then Makaela’s tongue licking in circles.

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