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Makalea’s Cakes

Makaela finds out cakes isn't just a description of her big butt
She was rich and gorgeous and felt she was above everyone else. Almost 21 years old, she was on break from college. Makaela wore a beautiful white dress with a white flower in her long hair. Her mother’s party was beautiful; pink and white flowers adorned the house. Well dressed millionaires filled the estate and were busy having a great time. Makaela’s mother couldn’t be more proud. Despite her daughter’s large ego, she was still a sweet and wonderful girl.

Even more beautiful than any millionaire’s model girlfriends, Makaela was the center of the party. All night any man who saw her took her hand and gently kissed it, telling her how lovely she looked. Proud as she was, her mother worried immensely that Makaela’s ego was swelling. Anyone who was less stunning than her (mostly everyone), and anyone who was poor was the target of her daughter’s scorn. She would worry about that later, right now her daughter was behaving so sweet and respectful; she was her princess.

Makaela went up stairs to her room for a moment. She looked in the mirror at how her dress went over her big, firm bottom.

“I’m a goddess.” She thought as she admired her own features.

Her raven colored hair was like shinning silk. She had big cute eyes, and long eyelashes, smokey and beautiful. She had a cute button nose, and very full pouty lips. She struck a sexy pose and made a kissy face. For a petite girl, barely 5’2, she had very large firm breasts. The silky white dress she wore could barely contain them. She smiled at how sexy she was.

Living in a city, she had a “phat” ass, firm and very round. She gently rubbed her bottom;she had been given a hard spanking last week. She lifted her dress, smiling seeing her bottom swallowed her white silk thong, her butt had gone from bruised red back to her fair brown skin. She absolutely loved the feeling of the soft silk on her bare bottom. Her black high heels shone perfectly.

“You’re admiring yourself again?”

Makaela turned around and smiled at her best friend Sylvia.

“I’m not admiring myself I’m just making sure I look ok.” She looked at her friend, “Honey couldn’t you have worn a nicer dress?”

Sylvia had just an average family, compared to Makaela she was extremely poor.

Sylvia walked up to her self-admiring friend and slapped her ass extremely hard. Makaela loudly gasped.

“Don’t you dare condescend to me,” Sylvia said angrily.

She watched her friend rubbing her bottom and looking ashamed. Makaela stood on her tip toes and kissed her friend on the cheek.

“I’m sorry Sylvia, I love you,” she took her friends hand. “Let’s go back to the party!”

Sylvia, still angry with Makaela, let her take her hand and lead her back to the party.

They got downstairs.

“Oh no,” Sylvia breathed.

Amber and her mother walked into the house, their mother’s happily greeting each other. Sylvia knew Makaela and Amber hated each other. Amber was jealous that Makaela was prettier than her. After Makaela heard that Amber was gossiping about her, Makaela seduced her boyfriend without even touching him. Then she cruelly dumped him. The two girls were on a war path. Two sexy stuck up girls going at each other is a scary thing. Sylvia felt the need to protect Makaela. Her friend had an ego but she was very delicate and soft, she was not a fighter.

Sylvia took Makaela outside and they sat on a big comfy rocking chair, talking and giggling. Suddenly they heard a huge bang and a woman’s screams, the girls rushed over to see what had happened.

A woman, Miss Luiez, was on the floor covered from head to toe with cake and fudge, a hard table on top of her. Makaela looked surprised, her mother had gotten a huge exquisite cake. Now the expensive cake lay all over the floor and the woman. The cake was huge and heavy, if it had fallen on that poor woman it would have hurt. The party guests all felt badly.

As Miss Luiez was getting clean, she angrily stated that she had seen someone push the table (It had wheels so the cake could later be presented) hard, right into her making her fall to the ground while the cake fell on her. All the guests angrily wondered who would ruin such a classy and enjoyable event. Makalea and Sylvia went back and sat on the rocking chair, gossiping about who could have done it. About a half an hour later Makalea’s mother called.

“Makaela, may I see you for a second?”

“Sure mommy.”

Her mother took her to a spare room and turned to her in rage.

“Did you push that cart with the cake on top of Miss Luiez?”

Makaela looked shocked.

“No mommy, how can you even think that!? I wasn’t anywhere near there. I was on the rocking chair with Sylvia.”

Her mother glared.

“How dare you lie to me? Miss Dubris’s sweet daughter, Amber, reluctantly told me that it was you.”

Makaela couldn’t even talk.

“That fucking bitch!!” She screamed in her head. Her thoughts were interrupted by her mother grabbing her ear.

“Get upstairs to my room right now, get in the corner hands on your head. You are going to get the longest and hardest spanking of your 21 years.”


“I said NOW!”

Tears welled up in Makaela eyes as she hurriedly went upstairs. Amber had won. She went into her mother’s room. The room was beautiful. It radiated with comfort. Makalea went to the corner and put her hands on her head. She stayed in the corner obediently for an hour before her mother came in.

“I had to excuse myself from the party for awhile to deal with you... baby what were you thinking!?”

Without turning around hands still on her head she said, “Mommy I swear to you I didn’t do it, a-ask Sylvia. I was with her.”

“Yes Sylvia tried to convince me of that, what a surprise that your best friend tried to protect you. No more lies, tell me what you have done and ask me for your punishment.”

Facing the wall, Makaela realized it was useless, her mother was already convinced that she had committed the crime. She closed her eyes feeling tears run down her face, but she knew the words she had to say.

“Mommy for what I’ve done, can I please have a long and hard bare bottom spanking?”

Makaela watched her mother take out the western style belt she used for good hard spanks. She then took out a wooden hairbrush and a rattan cane.

“I have a very special punishment for you young lady.” Her mother said angrily.

“Stay in the corner.” Her mother left the room. She came back in with Miss Luiez and Amber. Amber was smiling ear to ear. “Miss Luiez please make yourself comfortable. Amber you too honey.”

Makalea thought she was going to be sick.

“Miss Luiez will be watching, she deserves to see you punished. Amber has been such a good girl, so she will be watching as well.”

Amber was shaking with happiness and anticipation. There was nothing Makalea could do. Last week she had been spanked in front of Sylvia, it was too humiliating. That was nothing compared to being spanked in front of a grown woman and the girl she hated most in the world.

"Get that expensive dress off honey," her mom commanded.

Makaela got a sick feeling in her stomach. She slid the white silk dress off, standing in just silk bra and panties.

Her mother picked up the rattan cane, “Young lady, get on the bed on all fours."

Makalea slid her thong off and got on the bed. As usual, she got on the bed all fours and looked forward, arching her back and presenting her bottom for her spanking. Makalea knew she had to tell her mother the reason she was being punished, that she understood why she needed the spanking and then ask her mother to administer the spanking.

She also knew she didn’t deserve to be spanked. She DIDN’T push the cake.

“Mommy I have been extremely naughty. I know I hurt Miss Luiez, and spoiled your party. I deserve a long and very hard spanking on my bare bottom. Can I please have my punishment?”

“Oh you will get your punishment young lady, in addition to counting your strokes you will apologize to Miss Luiez. Miss Luiez would you please sit at the head of the bed so my daughter can look you in the eyes and apologize?”

“That would be wonderful.”

Makalea, still on all fours, had to look straight forward to arch her back so she would be forced to look Miss Luiez right in her face for the whole caning. She felt her mother tap her bottom with the cane. With a swish it landed on the very top of her bottom.

“One! thank you ma’am.” She looked Miss Luiez in her eyes. “I am so sorry Miss”


Makalea was given 20 hard strokes neatly down her bottom and the top of her thick thighs. She was weeping. Her mother put the cane down and let her daughter compose herself.

“Up young lady, remove your bra and stand with your hands on her head.”

Makalea stood bare naked in front of the girl she hated so much, with 20 welts on her bottom.

“Miss Luiez are you satisfied so far?”

“Very, she truly deserves this.”

Mother turned to Amber.

“Honey are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes miss!”

Makaela let out a sob, and her mother smiled. She picked up the hairbrush, instructed her daughter to bend over her lap. She positioned her so her hands were on the floor, and her legs dangled. Makaela puckered her butt presenting her bottom. The brush came down hard on the welts. Makaela didn’t want to give Amber ANY more satisfaction, so she tried to take her punishment quietly.

After two minutes she was clawing at the carpet whimpering, she was quietly sobbing. Her voice raised to shrieks as she received 15 good minutes with the brush. She didn’t care anymore that she was exposing herself as she kicked, or that she was pathetically begging and bawling she just needed it to stop. After awhile she broke, laying limp over her mother's knee as the brush cracked against her poor bottom.

Her big bottom was dancing, jiggling under the might of the brush, while under her she felt her breasts jiggling. Finally her mother stopped and rubbed her daughters very red and bruised bottom. When Makaela was calming and gasping hard, her mother instructed her to get up.

“Bend over and show Miss Luiez and Amber your red sore bottom.”

Crying in shame Makaela did as she was told. Her mother picked up that dreadful belt.

“Over the chair honey!”

“Mommy! Please mommy no more, please forgive me Miss Luiez. I’ve learned my lesson.” She said wetly sobbing.

“I don’t think you have, young lady, do you Miss Luiez?”

“Definetly not,” she said with dreadful satisfaction

“How about you Amber?” Her mother asked

“I think you can make that fat bottom redder still!” Amber exclaimed happily

“As do I sweetness.”

Makaela’s fate was sealed. The chair was think and cushioned. In order to clean the floor under it was possible to remove the pillow seat and fold it up, the arm rests could turn 90 degrees like a bar to hold the chair in place. Now her mother just moved the arm rest so that they were a bar. Makaela would have to grip it.

It was a realitively low backed chair but she was only a tiny 5’2 so she had to stand on her very tip toes to bend over it. She moved her body forward over the back of the chair straining and moving her body forward to reach and grab the arm rests. Her big butt was presented perfectly. It was well know that full figure girls were punished in this position.

The strap exploded across her bottom. It was agony and she could hear herself shrieking. Amber was the one who actually pushed the cake. She looked at the girl she hated being so soundly thrashed and felt such satisfaction. Makaela wouldn't be able to sit for a good long time. Amber knew she had won she smiled and looked at the reddest bottom she had ever seen.

The strap came down hard 20 times on her already sore bottom. Her mother made sure to strap her daughter’s meaty thighs as well. Over and over the belt cracked, while Makaela held the chair as hard as humanly possible. When the strap was done making her big butt jiggle, her bottom was the most sore, bruised and red that it had ever been. She couldn’t stop bawling it was like someone had pressed a burning hot iron on her behind and left it there. Her chest, big breasts jiggling, was heaving with sobs as she gasped for air. The chair hurt so much, her mother helped her off of it and hugged her.

“Show Miss Luiez and Amber your butt!” Her mom said.

Makaela spread her legs and bent over for them. Showing a very red, bruised and sore bottom, perfect welts from the cane. Her bottom felt like it was radiating heat, and swollen three times its size. She turned around breasts jiggling, looked Miss Luiez in the eye and truly meaning it, told her she was sorry.

Her mother informed her daughter, “Oh baby your punishment is not over yet...”

Makalea was about to recieve the most humiliating punishment of her life. Her mother instructed her to retrieve a plastic bag in a drawer. Naked and very sore she took the bag out.

“Remove the items that are inside.”

Makalea’s alredy big eyes opened wider as she pulled out a rosebud butt plug with an attractive pink jewel head. It was stainless steel and quite big. The one other thing in the bag was a jar of Vaseline.

“N-no...” She stuttered

Amber had her hand to her mouth and Miss Luiez a surprised smile. Her mother snapped on a white glove. Makalea’s body burned with humiliation her naked body glistened with sweat. She walked over and handed her mother the plug and vaseline.

“On that big ottoman honey.”

Makalea climbed onto the Ottoman on all fours, she spread her legs and lay face down on it, arching her back keeping her sore bottom up. Head down bottom up, in a groan of humiliation she spread her bottom as wide as she could. Her pussy was deliciously tight, two lips pressed lovingly together. Her little hole didn’t look like it could take the plug. With a lot of vaseline, her mother had her whole index finger all the way to the knuckle in her daughter’s ass. She twirled it and moved it in and out, while Makalea sobbed. Her mouther rubbed a good amount of vasilne on the plug. She put it to her daughters asshole and with slight force Makala’s ass swallowed it.

A beautiful round pink jewel was in place of Makalea’s asshole right above her thick pussy lips.

“Miss Luiez, Amber come and see...”

Face down ass up with her ass spread, the two women excitedly checked out the jewel.

“You may close your bottom honey,” her mother said. Makalea had such a big butt that the cheeks bounced back into place, just like normal. No one would know she had a butt plug in, unless they spread her bottom and saw the beautiful jewel.

Makalea’s mother pulled her daughter and lovingly hugged her.

“Baby, go look both Miss Luiez and Amber in the eyes, apologize and ask for them to forgive you.”

Makalea didn’t care she was naked, she didn’t care that Amber was so happy. All she cared about was the raging inferno that was her big butt, as well as the uncomfortable plug deep in her asshole. Miss Luiez forgave her, as she looked Amber in the eye, asking for forgiveness, she saw that she had completely lost to her.

“Baby, you may now rub. Go wash your face and put some cool cream on your bottom. Then put your clothes back on and come back to the party.”

“Yes mommy” Makalea said as she vigorously rubbed her red bottom.


Makalea cried and bawled for what seemed like hours rubbing cream on her bottom. Chest heaving sobs, she couldn’t catch her breath. She drank a glass of water that calmed her down. Still naked she went to the mirror and looked at her bottom. It was very red and bruised with welts. She then spread her bottom and looked at that beautiful jewel.

It had been so uncomfortable before but the heat of her bottom and her filled asshole felt so nice now. She knew Amber was the one that had pushed the cake, but she had been soundly thrashed, with such a sore bottom thinking about that bitch was stupid.

She had an image of a guy bending her over, and pressing into her wet swollen pussy. He grabbed her long her forcing her to look forward. She would back her ass up for him, it would be agony bouncing her sore booty against him, but it was warm agony. Her body felt warm. He filled her pussy while the plug filled her ass, she was so deliciously full. She moand as she orgasimed squirting her juice everywhere and soaking her sheets. She had never squirted before, lying face down on the bed, her bottom slightly lifted she let her fingers explore her soft squishy pussy.

She was so tight and as she brought her glistening fingers to her face. She put them to her soft full lips and sucked her own juices off aggressively. Juices from her mouth and pussy smeared her face as she continued to finger herself and then suck her fingers. Her big eyes were foggy and unfocussed deeply in pleasure. By the time she was finished her face was messy and dripping and the sheets around her mouth, and pussy were soaked.

Suddenly her door opened and Sylvia walked in. Makaela cried in surprise. Sylvia smiled and said, “You were masturbating?”.

“Makaela, get over my lap baby,” Sylvia said as she showed the jar of cooling cream she had brought.

As Sylvia rubbed cool cream on her friends inflamed bottom, she dipped her finger’s in Makaela”s juicy pussy.

Makaela whispered,“Oh god thank you Sylvia, oooooh I love you Syl.”

She got off of Sylvia’s lap, and moaning she pressed her lips to sylvia’s lips. Sylvia moaned in please and put her hands in Makaela’s hair. Makaela stuck her tongue in her friends mouth. Both girls massaged their tongues, getting the kiss wetter and wetter. Sylvia pulled away from Makaela’s sweet lips and juice. She laid Makaela down on the bed and began kissing her again, while reaching down and sliding her fingers in her friends tight fruit.

Sylvia was the dominant one and wanted to be pleasured. She bent over and pushed her ass out and said, “Clean my ass and pussy with your tongue."

Makaela hungrily buried her face in Sylvia’s ass. Sylvia closed her eyes as her friend ate her out, she felt Makaela’s tongue licking her asshole.

“Make slurping sounds while you lick my asshole, I want a lot of spit,” Sylvia moaned.

Makaela obediently licked and slurped Sylvia’s asshole in circles, trying to get her tongue in. Makaela buried her face in Sylvia’s pussy hungrily licking and slurping. Sylvia’ reached back and pressed Makaela’s head harder in between her butt cumming all over her face. Sylvia pulled Makaela’s face, smeared in drool and pussy juice from in between her ass. She looked at her friend’s face, her mouth and chin dripping, and kissed her juicy lips hard.


Makalea walked back to her mother’s party cleaned up and back in her beautiful white dress. Even with her bottom so sore and filled, and even knowing she had been unfairly spanked she ran and lovingly hugged her mother.

“I love you mommy,” the punished college girl told her mom.

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