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Mary Part Four

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Mary Part Four, Mary Brings a Friend

My wife spanks me when I have been "naughty". She also has a friend called Mary, and my wife lets Mary spank me whenever she comes to visit us. Anyway, last Sunday I went with some of my male friends to a baseball game. When I got home, Mary's car was parked in the driveway, so I had a hunch that I would probably receive a spanking, but I wasn't expecting what really happened to me.

My wife, Joyce, heard me come in the door, so she called out to me,"Clyde, come into the livingroom. Mary is here to visit with us, again." But when I entered the livingroom, not only did I see my wife and Mary, but also another woman. She looked about ten years younger than myself, and she was wearing a nice black skirt and white blouse. "Clyde, this is Ann," my wife said. "She wants to talk to you and know you better. Go over and talk to her."

"Hi, Ann. Glad to meet you!" I said.

"I'm happy to have a chance to meet you, too." Ann said. "I have so much about you from my friend, Mary. Is it true that you let Mary spank you?"

"Yes," I said.

"And is it true that she spanks you when you are completely naked?"

"Yes," I said.

"Will you let me spank you?" she asked.

I looked back towards my wife because I wasn't sure how to answer her. My wife was nodding her head, and said,"Clyde, tell her that you would love to be spanked by her."

So I said,"Yes, you can spank me."

"Good, I was hoping you would say that. Stand in front of me and take off all of your clothes for your spanking," Ann said.

So there I was stripping before a younger woman who I had never met before. By the time I had taken off all of my clothes, I had an erection just thinking that she was about to spank me. When I had all my clothes in a neat pile, I faced her again.

"I see that you are excited about being spanked by me," Ann said. "Come closer so that I can examine you." Soon her fingers were around my balls and stroking my penis. This made me move from side to side and she said, "Hold still and keep your hands on your head while I examine you. Otherwise, I will give you an even longer spanking." So I put my hands on my head and stood as still as possible.

After a few minutes of this examination, she said,"Mary tells me that if I hike up my skirt, you will put your penis between my legs and I can control you better that way. Is that true?" she asked.

"I guess so. If that is what you want." I said.

"Good, let me hike up my skirt and you can come over my knees for a much deserved spanking," she said. So over I went and I soon felt her thighs holding me and my penis in place. "Joyce tells me that you have been ignoring her lately, and you went off to a baseball game with the boys. Is that true?"

I felt a SPANK, and I said,"Yes, I was at a baseball game, today."

"You also haven't been helping her with the housework. Is that true?"

Another hard SPANK, and I said,"I guess so."

"Then you deserve this spanking. I'll spank you first, then Mary and your wife also want to spank you," Ann said. So then Ann really started to spank me, and hard. I was soon squirming in her lap, but her thighs tightly gripped my penis and held me in place. "You are moving around too much again, Clyde. Try to stay still or I will keep spanking you for a long time." So I stayed as still as I could, and soon the spanking stopped. My poor bottom was already hot, and Mary and my wife hadn't spanked me yet! "Stand up and go over to Mary," she said, "It's her turn to spank you."

Soon I was standing next to Mary, and she said," Put you hands on your head and turn around. I want to first see how red Mary made your bottom." Then I felt her hands on my hot bottom. "You did a good job of spanking him! But I guess his bottom will be a lot redder after Joyce and I have spanked him." Then she said to me,"Turn around and keep your hands on your head." Then I felt her hands on my penis and balls. "I always like to examine you before your spanking. Lay over my lap so that I can spank you." Mary had hiked up her skirt and over I went. Soon the spanks started raining down on my bottom again. After about five minutes of this, she said,"I'm not done with your spanking for today, but go over to your wife for a further spanking."

Thank goodness, my wife didn't need to examine me. But over her lap I went, and now I was being spanked, again. This continued for another five minutes and while I was still over her lap, my wife said, "He usually gets the paddle and other instruments used on him next, but since all three of us have given him a good handspanking, let me get just the paddle or Ann to spank him with."

So she let me up, and Mary said,"He usually bends over the end of the sofa for the paddle. Is that okay with you, Ann."

"Sure," Ann said. "Clyde, bend over the end of the sofa so that I can paddle you." I couldn't believe that I was letting three women spank me, but I went over the sofa and bent over it. Soon, my wife came back with a paddle and gave it to Ann.

I usually don't have to count out loud my spanks, but my wife said to Ann,"Since he has had a good spanking already, why don't you give him twenty spanks with the paddle and have him count them out loud for you!"

"Did you hear that, Clyde?" Ann asked. "Count these out"

Then WACK, "One," I said. WACK, "Two." I did pretty well until I got to twenty. At twenty, I raised up and rubbed my poor bottom.

"Bend back down, again. You forgot to count and don't move until we say you can. Ann, give him that last one again." Then WACK.

"Twenty," I said. Then I felt three pairs of female hands on my poor bottom.

"MY, you do have a red and hot bottom," Ann said.

"Go stand in the corner while we talk, somemore." My wife said.

So while I stood in the corner, they carried on their girl talk. Ann talked about never had spanked a grown man before, and that she really enjoyed spanking me. My wife told her that she allows Mary to spank me whenever she comes over, and that Ann could also spank me when she wanted to. This I was NOT looking forward too.

Then right before they left, my wife said,"Clyde, Ann and Mary are about to leave, so bend over Ann's lap for a quick spanking before she leaves."

So I bent over Ann's lap for another spanking. After about a minute or two, she let me up again. I now had an erection again, and Mary said, "I usually milk him if he has an erection at this point, but since this is his first spanking by you, I think you should do it."

"Good idea," my wife said. "Let me first get you a hand towel." So soon Ann was pulling on my penis and balls, and I came in the handtowel.

Then Ann said,"I had a good time getting to know you, Clyde. I look forward to when I can see you and spank you, again."

"You can get dressed now," my wife said.

So away Mary and Ann went. I wondered when I would see them and be spanked by them, again.
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