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Mary Part One

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Mary PT 1 My Wife's Friend Mary (FF/M) From: (Otkfme)

My wife has always spanked me to keep me "in my place", as she says. It has always been a private thing, and up until recently, no one else had really known about it. My wife always has me strip down to my birthday suit when I am spanked, and she usually starts with an over the knee spanking, and then continues from there. I am usually spanked for doing something that annoys her or that she feels is "naughty". I have actually begun to enjoy the spanking now. I guess it shows me that she really cares about me.

Anyway, yesterday my wife invited Mary over to the house to catch up on their friendship. Mary has been coming over to our house about once a month, so I have gotten to know her, too. Mary is still single, and she is about my same age. They usually talk "girl talk", so I usually get bored and do something else. This last time I went downstairs and started working on a project with my big, noisy electric saw. I guess it was making a lot of noise because soon my wife was yelling at the top of her lungs for me to shut off that noisy saw and to come upstairs.

I thought all she wanted was for me to turn off the noisy saw, but then she called me into the living room where Mary and her were sitting. I stood in front of her and she said, "What do you think you were doing? I only see Mary once a month and you disturbed her visit by making all of that noise downstairs. I think you have been a naughty boy, and you owe Mary an apology, and you also should be spanked."

So I turned to Mary and apologized to her for making all that noise, and turned back to my wife and said, "There, I have apologized to Mary. I guess you can spank me later." I didn't like the fact that Mary now knew that my wife spanked me, but I was further surprised when my wife said,"I feel that you should be spanked right now, and since you have disrupted Mary’s visit, I feel that she should also help out in your spanking."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I said to my wife,"You've got to be kidding. You always spank me in private."

"I know, but I don't want you to disturb Mary's visit ever again. So prepare yourself for a spanking," my wife said.

I knew this meant that she wanted me to undress, so I started to take off my clothes. While I was taking off my clothes, my wife said to Mary,"I always spank him when he is nude. It has a better effect on his behavior that way."

But when I was down to just my briefs, I pleaded to my wife,"Can't I at least leave my briefs on. This is so embarrassing in front of Mary."

"No," my wife said,"Everything must come off for your spanking. You never have any clothes on when I spank you." So I slowly took off my briefs and was now standing totally naked in front of my wife and Mary. "Go over my lap for the first part of your spanking", my wife said. So I went over her lap and soon she was spanking me with her hand. Mary and my wife chatted while she was spanking me. My wife told her that she spanks me every time I am "naughty" and that it has really improved my relationship and respect with my wife. My wife never lets me talk while she is spanking me, so I didn't say anything.

After she had spanked me for about five minutes, she said,"Now Mary wants to spank you. Stand up and go over to Mary and ask her to spank you." I couldn't believe that my wife really wanted me to do this so I just stayed over her lap. Then I felt two hard spanks and my wife said, "You're just going to make this spanking last longer by you staying here. So go over to Mary so that she can spank you."

So I went over to Mary and said,"Mary, will you please spank me."

But Mary surprised me and asked my wife,"Before I spank him, is it alright if I first examine him?"

My wife said,"Sure, it's okay with me." Then she commanded me,"Put your hands on your head while Mary examines you."

Then I felt Mary's hands on my semi-erect penis and balls. I couldn't believe that my wife was actually allowing this to happen!

Mary next hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. "It's now time for your spanking. Bend over my lap and put your penis between my legs," Mary said.

So soon I was over her lap and I could feel her thighs close together to hold my penis and myself in place. Her spanks weren't as hard as my wife's spanks, so soon my wife noticed this and said, "He is used to being spanked harder than that, so don't be afraid to spank him harder. He is a big boy, he can take it." So now she was spanking harder, and I could really feel it.

Then my wife said,"While you are spanking him, let me get the instruments to be used on the second part of his spanking."

My wife usually spanked me in two parts. At first, an over the knee spanking by hand, followed by me bending over a chair, sofa, or whatever; and then getting the paddle, hairbrush, slipper, wooden spoon, or whatever else she wanted to use on me. So I wasn't surprised when my wife came back carrying some paddles, a hairbrush, slipper and wooden spoon. She laid them down on a coffee table and told Mary,"This is for the next part of his spanking, as soon as you are done spanking him with your hand."

Mary stopped spanking me and said,"You can stand up, now."

Then my wife commanded,"Bend over the end of the sofa." Once I was bent over the sofa my wife said,"Mary, grab a paddle or whatever you want and stand on one side and I'll use a paddle and stand on his other side. That way both of us can spank him at the same time. I like to spank him like this until his bottom is bright red." Then I next felt the paddles hitting my poor bottom. My wife has been the only one to spank me, so it felt different having two women spank me at the same time.

"Mary, you can switch to another spanking instrument, if you would like to. That way he gets more variety in his spanking," my wife said. I could really feel the difference when Mary and my wife switched to different instruments. Soon my poor bottom was really hurting and felt quite hot. So I was glad to hear my wife say,"That should be enough of a spanking for him for now. Stand up, now, and go stand in the corner."

My wife usually had me stand in the corner after a spanking, but this time I had to stand in the corner of the living room while they continued on with their girl talk. "Keep your hands at you sides and don't rub your bottom," my wife said. My wife talked to Mary about how she usually spanks me, how often, and so on. She also told Mary that whenever she was over to our house and she felt that I needed a spanking, that Mary could spank me. They finally talked about other things and soon Mary needed to leave.

But before Mary left, my wife said to me, "Go over to Mary and apologize for ruining her visit, and ask her to spank you again before she leaves."

I couldn't believe what my wife wanted me to do! But I reluctantly went over to Mary and said,"I'm sorry I disturbed your visit here. I won't do it, again. Please spank me once more before you leave."

Her eyes lit up and she said,"I'd be happy to. Bend over my lap again." She hiked up her skirt and over I went again. This time I could really feel her spanks on my already sore bottom.

She spanked me for about three minutes when my wife said,"That's enough of a spanking for him for now. You can spank him some more when you come over, again." Then she said to me,"You can stand up, now" But now I had an erection, again. My wife saw it and said, "Mary, if he still has an erection after a spanking, I usually milk him. But since you are here, do you want to do the honors?"

"I would be delighted to," Mary responded.

"I'll get a hand towel for you, and I'll be right back," my wife said. Once she returned she commanded me,"Stand with your hands on your head and let Mary help you get rid of that nasty erection." Then I felt Mary's hands on my penis and balls, again. It didn't take much time and soon I was squirting my cum into the handtowel my wife had given Mary. Then my wife said to me," Thank Mary for spanking and milking you, and ask her to please spank you again the next time she visits us."

So I said to Mary,"Thank you for spanking and milking me. Please spank me again when you visit us."

Mary said, "I look forward to the next time I visit here so that I can spank you, again. I hope to see you in just two weeks from now. Be a good boy until then."

Then my wife said,"You can get dressed now and go back to making your loud noise now that Mary is leaving." I was so glad to get dressed again, but I was not looking forward to seeing Mary and getting spanked by her. Now I wondered how many other of my wife's friends knew that she spanked me, and if she was going to allow her other friends to spank me. Mary left with a big smile on her face, and I now had a very red and sore bottom. I wondered what it was going to be like when Mary visited us, again.
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