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Mary Part Three

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Mary Part Three, Mary's Next Visit

The last time Mary had visited my wife, I made loud noises in the basement and both my wife and Mary spanked me for being "naughty" by making all of that noise. My wife also told Mary that she could spank me again, the next time she visited us. So I was NOT looking forward to another visit from Mary.

Although Mary was expected to be arrive at any minute, my wife had an errand she had to take care of. So she wrote a note for Mary, and she gave it to me to give to Mary as soon as she arrived. The note read like this:

Mary- I am sorry I am not here to greet you. I have a short errand to take care of. I should be back, shortly. Clyde has been a naughty boy this week and deserves a spanking. Go ahead and start his spanking. I will join the two of you later. Joyce

Before my wife left, she wanted to be sure that I gave the note to Mary and that I follow every thing Mary says to do. Then she went out the kitchen door. After reading the note for myself, I knew that I was going to receive another spanking from Mary and my wife. About five minutes after my wife had left, the doorbell rang and there was Mary. I invited her in and gave her my wife's note.

She sat down in the living room and read the note and then said to me, "Well, Clyde. I see that you have been a naughty boy and deserve another spanking. Take off all of your clothes and then stand next to me for the first part of your spanking!" I couldn't believe that this was happening all over again for me. Also, Mary was about to spank me and my wife wasn't even present. I didn't want to get into more trouble with Mary, so I took off my clothes and was soon standing naked next to Mary. I had an erection already, and Mary noticed it and said,"Stand with your hands above your head while I examine you before your spanking." So I put my hands above my head and soon felt Mary's smooth hands on my penis and balls. But after a while, she hiked up her skirt and said,"Bend over my lap for a good spanking that you deserve." I soon felt her strong thighs hold my penis and me in place, and then she started to spank me.

She was spanking me a lot harder than the first spanking I had received from her. I could really feel my poor bottom heating up. She also was rubbing my bottom between spanks, so I didn't know if I would receive a moment of pleasure or pain during the spanking. After about five to ten minutes of an over the knee spanking from Mary she said,"I thought Joyce would be back by now. Clyde, do you know where she stores the other spanking instruments she uses on you?"

I sometimes need to bring the spanking instruments out to my wife when she spanks me, so I said, " Yes, they are stored in a drawer in the bedroom. Do you want me to get them for you?"

"Yes. Let me give you a few more spanks, then you can stand up and get them." So I felt a few more hard spanks, then she said, "Okay, stand up and get the spanking instruments for me." So I stood up and went to the bedroom to retrieve the instruments. When I got back to the living room, Mary had taken a wooden chair from the kitchen and placed it in the middle of the living room floor. Mary then said,"For the next part of your spanking I want you to bend over this wooden chair." Once I was bent over it, she said,"Bend over even more, and thrust out your bottom more than what you are doing now." So I bent over even more. I had a feeling that I was about to receive a really hard spanking from her. She grabbed a paddle, and really laid it into me. She was also making sure that every inch of my poor bottom was being paddled.

After about five minutes of this, my wife finally walked in. She said,"I see you have Clyde's spanking under control. Keep spanking him while I put away a few things. I'll join you in a few minutes."

"No problem," Mary said. "I know that Clyde will be staying in one place!"

So after a few minutes, my wife grabbed a paddle and both women were spanking me. "I see you have Clyde's bottom almost a bright red already," my wife said. "You do good work! I think Clyde should get a spanking from you everytime you visit us. Don't you agree, Clyde."

I had no choice but to say,"Yes, Mary." Now I knew for sure that whenever Mary would come over, that I would receive a spanking.

Then after about five minutes of both of them spanking me with the various instruments, my wife said,"I think he's had enough of a spanking for now. Clyde, go stand in the corner while I visit with Mary." So I stood in the corner while they talked and talked.

Before Mary was about to leave, she said,"You let me milk Clyde the last time. Can I do it to him again?"

"Sure, I guess so," my wife replied. "Let me get a hand towel from the bathroom for you. Clyde, stand over here in front of Mary so that she can milk you before she leaves."

When I walked over to Mary, I still had a semi-erection from the spanking and she said,"Put your hands on your head and act like a good boy!" Soon I felt her hands on my penis and balls, and after a few minutes of her caressing and pulling on my penis, I came in the hand towel. "You have been a good boy and I look forward to spanking you again," Mary said.

I was then allowed to get dressed and leave the room. I wondered what would be in store for me the next time I saw Mary?
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