Mary Part Two

By Otkfme

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Mary Part Two, Mary's Present (FF/M)

By (OTK-F/M-E)

As you probably know from my other stories, my wife spanks me. Also, she has a good friend named Mary who comes to visit us about every two weeks, and my wife allows her to spank me. Mary has spanked me on many occasions, and one time while my wife was out of town on a business trip, she had me go over to Mary's apartment for a spanking.

Anyway, my wife and I had just celebrated our second wedding anniversary several days ago and Mary came over to visit. She brought into the house a long thin box as an anniversary present for us. Although the present was for both of us, she had my wife open it. To my surprise and dismay, it was a long thin cane with a curved handle.

"I thought you would like the cane. It can be used to spank Clyde when he really has been bad or naughty," Mary said.

"I have read that you need to be careful when you use a cane. Can you show me how to use it?" My wife asked.

"Sure, we could spank Clyde right now," Mary said. "But first, we should warm Clyde up with an over the knee hand spanking," Mary said.

"That's a good idea," my wife replied. "Clyde, take off all of your clothes so that we can spank you and use the new cane on you. After you have undressed, go over to Mary for a hand spanking."

So I stripped down to nothing, and went over and stood by Mary. "I always like to examine you before I spank you, so stand still for a little bit," Mary said. Then she proceeded to examine my penis and balls. Soon, I had an erection, and Mary said;"Now you are ready for me to spank you." She hiked up her skirt, spread her legs a little, and over I went with my penis between her legs. She closed her legs together, and now my penis was held in place with her thighs. Then her hand spanking started. Mary has become very good spanker. She varies from cheek to cheek, and she also goes between rubbing my bottom and spanking me. This way I don't know what to expect, pain or pleasure.

Mary spanked me for about five minutes and then said,"I think I have warmed you up enough, now lets move on to the cane. Clyde, stand up now, and then go over and bend over the end of the sofa." So I stood up, and walked over to the sofa and bent over it. I had never been caned before, so I didn't know what to expect. Mary said to my wife,"Usually, a person can only stand six to eight strokes of the cane. Let me give Clyde the first stroke so that you can see how the cane should be used. The cane should NOT be used too high on his bottom, because it could cause too much damage. Also, you first tap his bottom with the cane so that you can measure your swing." I could now feel her tapping my bottom with the cane. "You should make sure the tip of the cane doesn't extend out too far. Otherwise, it will wrap around and cause a lot of pain on one of his cheeks. You draw the cane back, then try to make it land where you measured from. Like this."

I heard a whistle sound the SPLAT. Boy did that hurt. It felt like a hundred bees had just stung me in a straight line. Then Mary said,"See the welt it just left?" I could feel both of their hands feeling the new ridge on my bottom. "If you can, you should place the strokes in parallel to each other. You try it."

I felt the tapping, heard the whistle sound, the SPLAT. This time my hands went back real fast to rub my bottom. I didn't know that a cane could hurt so bad. "You can really feel the cane, can't you Clyde," my wife said.

"I sure can," I answered. "I won't want the cane used on me very often."

"Then you better be a good boy and always do what I tell you to do," my wife said.

"Usually, when someone is caned, it is customary for the person getting caned to count out loud the strokes, and to thank the person for the stroke. Do you think you can do that, Clyde?" Mary asked.

"I guess so," was my reply.

"You've had two strokes already, so your next count will be three. Also, if you forget to count out loud, or you stand up, the stroke is repeated," Mary said. "So give him his next stroke."

"Okay," my wife answered. "Here comes number three!" I felt the tapping of the cane, heard the whistle, then SPLAT.

I took in a deep breath and said,"Three, thank you, ma'am."

"Give him one more, then I want to give him the last two strokes," Mary said.

Tap, whistle, SPLAT. "Four, thank you, ma'am," I said. Now my bottom was really hurting. It took all that was in me to stay in place.

"You're doing a good job for never been caned before," Mary said. "Here comes number five."

SPLAT. "Five, thank you, Mary," I said. My whole bottom felt like it was on fire.

"Your last stroke I want to place in the crease between your bottom and the top of your legs," Mary said. "That way you will for sure feel this caning for a few days."

I felt the cane tapping me there, the SPLAT. That hurt so much that I stood up and rubbed my poor bottom. "You should NOT of stood up," Mary said. "Now I will need to repeat that stroke."

So I reluctantly bent over the sofa again, then SPLAT. "Six, thank you, Mary," I said.

"Stay in position while we examine your bottom," Mary said. Then I felt two pairs of hands feeling the new welts on my bottom. After about several minutes of this, my wife said,"Stand in the corner while we talk." So I stood in the corner while Mary gave my wife more pointers on how to use the cane. Then they went on to other subjects and soon Mary had to leave.

Before Mary left, she said, "Clyde, come over here so that I can give you another over the knee spanking before I leave." So I went over to Mary, went over her lap, and was spanked on my recently caned bottom. This hurt a lot more than when Mary usually spanks me. "Is it okay if I milk him, before I leave?" Mary asked while I was still over her lap.

"Sure," my wife answered. "Let me get a hand towel for you."

"Clyde, stand up and put your hands on top of your head so that I can milk you," Mary said. So my hands went on top of my head, my wife gave Mary a hand towel, and Mary began pulling and stroking on my penis and balls. Soon, I was coming in the hand towel. Mary wiped me off and said,"I hope you enjoy your new anniversary present. It should ensure that Clyde is always in his best behavior."

"I know that I will make good use of the cane, now that you have shown me how to use it," my wife replied. "Clyde, you can get dressed now and leave the room."

So I got dressed and left the room. I now had to really act good towards my wife. I didn't want to feel the cane, again.