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Master and Misty. Lessons Learned

Misty learns harsh lessons in respect, disobedience and more
Misty and her Master are settled comfortably into their respective roles within their chosen lifestyle. Although their relationship isn't a typical ordinary one, they compliment each other perfectly.

Her Master, who likes to be addressed as Sir, is proving to be strict with house rules and there are consequences for Misty if these rules are broken. Misty has blossomed from a wayward teenager into a lovely young woman.

Sir maintains authority with hands on discipline, and Misty, while a kind, caring girl, does exhibit behaviour which results in her receiving his hand of correction.

Sir's word is final on the matter, infractions being dealt with accordingly, as he, as Master of his household decrees.

Misty doesn't like being punished, though she knows she deserves and needs discipline in her life.

Sir makes sure she learns each lesson well, by ensuring her bottom is a shade of red matching her trade mark rose red nail polish.

Sir uses not only his hand on her bottom, but also his slipper, her hairbrush, his belt and the most dreaded implement of all, a fearsome strap which Sir keeps in a cabinet in his study to be retrieved and used, when a serious lesson requires to be learnt.

Sir calls this implement a strop, and he seems quite fond of it, whether this is because it produces desired behavioral results on the few occasions it had been used on Misty's bottom, or because it reminds him of discipline meted out to miscreants in times long past, is anyone's guess!

One morning in early Spring, Sir announces they are going to visit a local Garden Centre to purchase some flowers and various shrubbery for the garden.

Sir remarks that as Misty had been a good girl and not been punished lately, they will stop for pancakes and ice cream on way home.

This was great news for Misty as she has been a good girl and has not required to receive correction by Sir's hand for a few weeks now, a record for her.

On leaving the driveway, they notice a removal van sitting outside the house next door.

"Old Mr Clarke must have sold his house at last!" Sir exclaims in surprise.

"Yes," Misty agrees, "I hope the new occupants are nice, it would be nice to have a new friend".

As they proceed to drive by, Misty sees a figure coming out the front door. The primly dressed woman seems familiar. Misty is sure she knows the figure from somewhere. Then, realization dawns, the lady in question is Mrs Pringle, her old English teacher from High School.

A while later, they arrive home, after buying a load of blooms for the garden and feeling satisfied after pancakes and ice cream.

Sir instructs Misty to put the plants in the greenhouse while he puts the car in the garage.

Misty begins to arrange the selection of tubs and is having fun arranging them in the greenhouse. She lifts up a pretty, fragrant miniature rose bush intending to put it near the entrance to the greenhouse.

Obviously caught up in her task, Misty doesn't hear next door’s back door open.
A high pitched, very proper voice calls out.

"Misty, is that you, my, how you've grown... turn round till l see you."

That loud, shrill, voice startles Misty and she turns awkwardly towards the direction of the sound, promptly losing her balance and dropping the plant pot on the concrete slab.

“Oh fuck! Sir will be so angry with me, he loves that plant!”

Mrs Pringle, the tyrannical English teacher who taught her in High School stares at Misty and proclaims that she hasn’t changed a bit from the schoolgirl years ago whom she sent to the corner and caned.

Mrs Pringle’s comment brings back memories she would rather forget of getting six of the cane for not reciting Shakespeare sonnets to her satisfaction.

Sir appears in the doorway and makes his way towards Misty.

“Misty what on earth is the commotion, what happened? Did l hear a swear word escape your lips?"

"I’m sorry Sir, this is Mrs Pringle, she was my English teacher at school, and she surprised me when she called out, and I dropped the plant pot, I’ll clean it up, Sir."

Mrs Pringle haughtily interjected, "Well... I'm not surprised this girl has turned out like this, goodness knows, she was a handful at school, a cheeky little madam, who spent more time in my office being disciplined than studying!”

Sir responds with "Mrs Pringle, Misty is a well adjusted, caring girl, and she will be disciplined appropriately for her expletive language, you can be assured of that, now if you'll excuse us please!"

The strict teacher stares at them both, mouth open. It is almost funny, seeing someone stand up to her and answer her back.

"Misty, go inside and get your hairbrush and come straight back to the kitchen,” Sir orders Misty.

She fetches the hairbrush from her room and returns to the kitchen.

The back door is wide open and so is the kitchen window. Misty knows where this is going.

Sir is going to punish her in the kitchen, and the old bat is going to hear everything.

Without a word, Sir takes the hairbrush from Misty and pushes her over the high backed kitchen chair. Her hands are placed on the seat directly in front of her with her legs parted for balance.

Sir usually orders her to strip but in the circumstances, Sir decides on the spot discipline is justified.

Bent over the chair, Misty’s tight jeans are stretched even tighter and she can feel the material rubbing against her intimate parts, her high heeled ankle boots give her height, making her bottom the ideal target.

"Misty, I'm not going to give you a spanking on your bare bottom just now, but it will be a hard spanking. I am not tolerating bad language and rudeness from you for any reason, now stay still"

Misty knew she deserved the spanking, but also knew Sir’s speech was for Mrs Pringle’s benefit.

Whack... Thud... Whack... Thud

Sir smacked the hairbrush off each buttock in turn, hard.

The force of the fifth and sixth raise Misty off her feet and her jeans are on fire and rubbing against her. She is tingling. Sir spanking her always turns her on and also the thought of Mrs Pringle within earshot, listening to every word and sound, is arousing her too.

Thwackkk... Thwackkk... Thwackkk... Thwackkk.

Sir shouts out, "Do you understand, Misty, l will not have this... you will be respectful at all times and watch your mouth, young lady... and you will receive my belt tonight for a lesson in controlling yourself and obedience."

Misty feels Sir’s arm on her shoulder and realises he has stopped spanking her.

Loudly, Sir orders her to put the hairbrush away and go and apologise to Mrs Pringle.

"No, Sir... l... l can’t!"

Sir’s face shows his disapproval and he grabs Misty, turns her around and spanks her bottom twice more with the hairbrush, hard.

"You can and you will... NOW!"

Misty rubs her bottom, tears prick her eyes and threaten to flow.

Resigned to her immediate fate, Misty heads out the back door and lo and behold, there is Mrs Pringle standing there with a smile playing on her lips.

"I'm sorry for my language earlier, Mrs Pringle, please accept my apology?"

"Of course, Misty. l really hope that spanking wasn't too hard on you... accidents will happen... not to worry, I'm sure your belting later won't be too bad either. Discipline is what you need and you clearly are getting it!"

With that, she walks up the steps into her house, her heels clicking and her straight pencil skirt clinging to her ample bottom

Misty watches her walk away and daydreams of teaching Prim Pringle a lesson with a leather belt.

Misty returns home, and Sir is waiting, he hugs her close and tells her he is so proud of her and knew how hard that was for her to do.

Misty cries in his arms, remembering the school days she would rather forget.
Her bottom is smarting and she asks Sirs permission to go and lie down in her bedroom.

Sir agrees and reminds her he will attend to her later. She knows what he is referring to and her bottom tingles in anticipation.

Misty eases herself slowly onto her stomach on top of her bed, her bottom still burning from the hairbrush spanking.

The familiar tingle between her legs is beckoning for release, she slips her hand inside her jeans and begins caressing herself with her finger.

Misty is lost in her reverie and pleasuring herself when suddenly she hears her bedroom door open and Sir enters.

"Misty, get up and arrange your pillows for punishment and assume position… MOVE!”

She jumps up and quickly positions the pillows to make her bottom higher to receive her discipline. She notices Sir's hand is on the buckle, ready to unbuckle and remove at any moment.

As she has been taught to do, she immediately drops to her knees and gently takes his hand away from the belt buckle and kisses his palm. She then unbuckles the belt Sir is wearing, slowly slides down the zip on his trousers and reaches in.

She releases Sir’s stiff manhood and does her best to bring his member to full hardness. He responds by moaning softly as she kisses and licks his cockhead. He thrusts hard and in no time is ready to shoot his load.

Misty plays with his balls and massages them, tilting her head to receive his male essence.

Sir shoots his white seed down her throat and feeling contented, he places his hands on Misty’s shoulders. She stands up and pleads with him.

"Oh, please Sir, don't spank me hard with your belt!"

Looking straight into her eyes, Sir whips his belt through the loops of his trousers, doubling it in half and pulling it apart again, making a cracking sound.
She shivers and knows any moment, the cracking sound will be the sound of the leather on her bottom.

"Misty, I'll discipline you however l see fit, this spanking is for putting me in the position of explaining the dynamics of my household to a virtual stranger. l don't care if she was your former teacher, she has nothing to do with you now. Yes she is our neighbour. You will show respect and be courteous but that's it. Also, you are getting a few extra licks because you ruined a plant pot... So over the bed with you."

Misty nods and bends over on top of the pillows, Sir has let her keep her jeans on but that means they're coming off later for the final lashes.

Swish …. Slap…. Swish…. Slap!

The thick belt lands across the middle of Misty's bottom.

Again and again, Sir rains down lashes, covering her lower buttocks and top of her thighs.

The belt is clearly penetrating through the fabric.

"Ok, Misty, take your jeans and panties down for me!"

She obeys and unzips and pulls both garments down to knee level.

Sir draws in breath at the state her bottom is in, covered in large pink spots and matching stripes.

Misty obediently lies on top of the bed, the final six lashes are on the bare bottom.
Sir lifts the belt up over his shoulder and delivers slap after slap on her bottom.

She yelps and wiggles around; the fiery strip is really cutting into her flesh.
He continues relentlessly until all six lashes have been delivered on her tender bottom.

Misty is on the verge of collapse but dare not move until her Master is finished.
Finally, Sir puts the belt down on the chair and she drops onto the bed, she is exhausted.

Next thing, Misty feels some cool lotion being applied to her hot buns. It is so soothing and she lies there, relishing the relief of the cream. She carefully pulls her panties up over her toasted bottom, and her tight jeans are proving to be a challenge too.

Sir kisses her cheek and tells her to lie still, and when she’s ready, she is to join him in the study.

He sees the look of alarm on Misty’s face and touches her cheek reassuringly and tells her not to worry, it's not for discipline or punishment, but a lesson of another kind.

She moves the pillows back up to the headboard and rests her head. Lying back, she moans with the lingering burning and stinging sensations in her bottom. She quickly turns onto her stomach and almost immediately feels the warm moisture building between her legs. She pulls her jeans up further and feels the denim rubbing against her clit.

“Hmm… heaven!” Misty murmurs to herself.

The sensations building, her bottom is tingling with the effects of the spanking and her bud is seeking attention and release.

She decides to prolong the delicious agony and ecstasy combination and gets up from the bed and stands in front of her full length mirror.

Her face is flushed, she is panting and unbuckles her belt from round her curvy hips and pulls her jeans down, next to come down is her black lacy panties, both garments gather around her knees.

Looking over her shoulder, she shivers at the sight of her bottom, red stripes of varying width and direction cover her round buttocks from top to base. The hairbrush has clearly left it's message with what looks like deep pink blusher has been applied all over her bum cheeks. The 'rouge' is punctuated by thick horizontal lines which the leather belt left.

Knowing Sir gave her these marks as discipline, turns Misty on even more and Sir always punishes his bad, naughty girl and today, she has been spanked soundly, both by hairbrush and belt, delivered by his hand.

Misty relishes his discipline, and always thanks him appropriately afterwards as he taught her to do. She knows he is aroused by spanking her and she, herself, could cum thinking about him wielding that belt or hairbrush.

Misty loves the aftermath feelings of a good thrashing and sometimes brats just to feel his hand. She loves this Submissive lifestyle and pleasing her Master.

Misty puts her finger inside her panties and goes to lie on the bed to continue pleasuring herself.

Her bud is rock hard and so wet, it won't be long before she cums, her finger strokes her clit from the base to the tip, the most sensitive area. It's very sensitive and she strokes it gently, back and forth, maintaining her rhythm and mind set. She finds herself imagining Sir lecturing her and lashing her bottom, giving her the smacking she deserves and needs.

Her bud has grown with arousal and she is virtually a puddle of female nectar. She rubs harder and concentrates on the tip, swirling her finger round and round.... the wave builds, intensifies. More moisture is pooling at her fingertips. She is losing control of her senses and muscles. Her vaginal muscles begin to contract, clearly acting as if a penis was inserted there. The waves washes over her, crawling up her spine, her clit hood pulls back and she ejaculates, again the honeydew is pooling inside her. Another wave crashes over her. For a few moments she experiences pure ecstasy.

Misty is revelling in the after effects of her multiple orgasms. She lies there, enjoying the peace and tranquillity that envelopes her.

After a few minutes, she rises and changes into fresh knickers, then heads to the bathroom to wash her hands and then downstairs to the study to join Sir.

She remembers her place and knocks on the door. Sir grants permission to enter and looks at her and comments that her face is flushed. He then smiles and gives her a knowing look and pats the seat next to him, beckoning her to join him.

"Come sit here, Misty, I've something to show you!"

Misty wanders over to the desk and notices that Sir is leafing through a large leather bound book. It's brown leather, looks like it's decades old; the spine is well worn, and the cover has that wrinkled look that old books have acquired with age.

She leans closer to see what Sir is looking at and he is pointing at a diagram of a tree with quite a lot of branches.

"Misty, I'm clearing out some files and came across this book... it is a Genealogy record of my family tree. Look... along with some photographs!"

"Oh Sir, how interesting, l love history... especially family history!"

"Well, it goes back to Victorian Times and l've come across an interesting ancestor of mine."

"Really, let's have a look, please"

"Of course," Sir says and shows Misty an old fashioned photo of what looks like a staff picture and points to a stern looking gentleman.

"This man interests me. He was a House Master, a butler who oversaw many servants in a big house, he managed the household with an iron fist. Look you can see a thick leather strop hanging from a hook in the background on the door!"

Misty listens with genuine interest and continues studying the photograph, her eyes focussing on the razor strop.

"Look at the maid with the blonde hair in a bun, seated to his left ... remind you of anyone?" Sir looks up to see her reaction.

Misty looks more closely, the resemblance really is uncanny. It's like looking at herself only the lady in the photo is dressed in old fashioned clothing. She then looks at the gentleman Sir was talking about. She looks from the picture to him and back again, not quite believing her eyes.

"Yes, Misty, the gentleman is my great, great uncle Edward Tannard, a strict Victorian man, and the girl next to him is actually your great great grandmother, her name was Maisie, also known as Misty. l do believe we have inherited some of their traits as well as looks"

"Sir, that's amazing, but l thought Mr Tannard and the Head Cook we're an item, when you've told me little stories before?"

"That's right, but the Head Cook served her sentence, was released and decided to visit her sister abroad but died of typhoid months later. Tannard always had a soft spot for Maisie and believe he tamed her and they fell in love and had ten children!"

"Aww, l like a happy ending. Sir, do you think he still disciplined her after they married and had a family?"

"Yes Misty, l imagine so... once a spanko, always a spanko. Now it's time for bed... go on, I'll be up shortly to tuck you in and say goodnight."

Misty smiles and leans forward to place a gentle kiss on her Master's cheek.

"Goodnight Sir, I'll see you later then. Will you smooth more cream on my sore bottom please?"

Sir, smiles and the stirrings from his nether regions shows promise that he will visit Misty's room soon and the soothing lotion wouldn't be the only cream he would give her.

The End ... or is it?

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