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Mathew's humiliation in front of the whole family!

Mathew is punished for the first time without underpants in front of the family

Mathew's mum Janet had just come off the phone and was both angry and disgusted.  Mr Nesbitt who owned the local newsagent had called to tell her that he was detaining her teenaged son Mathew after catching him red handed stealing. The shop owner was a no nonsense sort of man who had a dim view on sticky fingered youngsters.  It was only that he had a soft spot for  Janet (or a hard one more like) that he didn't bother reporting Mathew to the police, which was his usual course of action.

When his mother arrived he couldn't look her in the eye, although she insisted on it. With the 'shop closed' sign turned outward temporarily they went into the back of the shop and Janet had Mathew on the verge of tears, mumbling apologies to Mr Nesbitt and his wife who nodded her approval when the lad's mother promised that when she got him home her son was going to be severely punished.

Indeed Mathew thought he might be physically sick when Janet stood him before the gathered family and spelt out explicitly what his punishment would be. His father was working in South Africa at the time teaching English and the job of giving out punishment was in Janet's hands until he returned. Janet was no stranger to giving corporal punishment having not only dealt with her own daughters in their younger days, but also as a teacher herself. With Joanne and Karen his two older sisters and his Auntie Dawn (from his father's side) Janet announced that for this most serious offence that Mathew must be punished not just in front of the whole family, but on his bare bottom as well! Auntie Dawn nodded gravely. "About time too!" she thought.

Mathew was mortified and tears of shame welled up behind his eyes. This was 1952 and like most traditional,  religious families they never ever saw each other in anything less than full attire.

Mathew had heard of such punishment methods, but never for a moment thought he would ever have to endure it. Time seemed to go into slow-motion as he stood having his trousers unfastened and then slid from his hips and down his legs to his ankles by Janet. The cool air of the living room on his goose pimpled thighs made him feel so exposed and naked before the female family members. Joanne and Karen were fascinated to see their brother being undressed this way, and how silly he looked standing there in his underpants! But of course it was about to get worse - a lot worse.

"Right then young man, I don't want any fuss or nonsense from you. I want you to put your hands on top of your head, out of the way." Janet advised.

"B-But why?" stammered Mathew rather pointlessly.

"Why?" answered Janet crossly "Because I'm taking off your underpants!"

True to her words Janet did just that. Auntie Dawn helpfully placed a steadying hand on top of Mathew's, resting upon his crown, while his mother mercilessly peeled the white woolen undergarment down. Instantly Joanne and Karen looked straight at the exposed penis, which was so shrivelled  up with embarrassment that it was less than half it's usual size. Being fair, his willy was surrounded by golden brown pubic hair, although Mathew was not a particularly hairy male.  But before long Mathew was being led to the settee, and the girls were both tickled by the sight of his bare pink bottom walking across the room. Mathew already knew his mother could smack hard, but just the contact of her bare hand on his bare seat made it far worse. Auntie Dawn helped by holding his shoulders down and Joanne and Karen saw their first male bare bottom spanking. It didn't take long before Mathew's pent up emotions finally erupted and the tears flowed as he blubbered pitifully. The room echoed with the crisp sharp smack smack smack of bare hand on bare bottom. By the time she had done Mathew's backside was a deep red hue, and as he was dragged back to his feet there was another first for the girls. Mathew's penis was standing up proud and erect. It was only a few seconds before he realised and clasped his hands over the rude looking protrusion, but the image was indelibly burned into Joanne's and Karen's memory. Poor Mathew was still not finished with his ordeal. Janet wanted him standing at the mantelpiece, hands on his head to show his bare red bottom for a full hour. It was a day that Mathew would revisit many many times in his mind in the years to come.

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