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Meeting a Lush Friend and Her Fantasy Girl

Candy wanted to try out her friend Jenny, so I helped convince Jenny to play.
After she told me where to find her, I loaded my 2012 Coachmen Concord 31’ motorhome and crossed several states to get near her. I located an RV park and set up camp. I went to several stores and gathered the supplies I needed to make this an unforgettable experience for her.

She sent me a picture of the woman she coveted and the address of their work. I drove my pull car over to the area and located a coffee shop they both frequented. I waited at that coffee shop until her friend Jenny showed up and I quickly approached her and introduced myself.

“Hi Jenny, we have a mutual friend who is afraid to approach you herself,” I explained.

“I don’t understand,” Jenny said trying to walk away.

“Give me five minutes of your time. If you don’t care for my explanation, I'll leave and I will never bother you again,” I continued.

“Well, I usually don’t let complete strangers approach me, but you do have me intrigued,” Jenny said taking a seat.

“We have a mutual friend who is bi-curious. She is interested in having sex with a woman and the woman she wants most is you,” I said emphatically.

“Who is she?” Jenny asked as I collected our drinks.

“She will show herself, if you are interested in women at all. She is afraid of what you might think,” I added.

“I have actually had a few women partners over the years,” Jenny said shyly.

“Anyone around the office ever catch your eye?” I asked.

“Of course there are some beautiful women at our hospital,” Jenny said with a smile.

“Well you have caught the attention of this busty lady,” I said sliding a picture of Candy’s huge tits.

“I fucking know those tits. They belong to Candy. I have wanted to taste those forever,” Jenny said almost drooling on the picture.

“Then you should,” Candy said as she sat down at our table.

I told the ladies that I had booked us a room nearby and if that was not convenient or private enough, there was my motor home. They agreed that the hotel would be better for our first get together. We planned to meet the following day for a very long lunch. I gave them the address and room number of the suite.

I got there early and set up the goodies I brought along. I booked a room with a king sized bed, a mini fridge, coffee pot, and microwave. I had ice available and drinks poured before either lady arrived. Candy arrived first. Candy is 5’3” tall with amazing 36C breasts, brown hair, green eyes and an ass made for fucking. I hugged her and copped a feel of her luscious ass.

I handed her a glass of wine as someone knocked on the door. Candy opened the door and let Jenny in. Jenny is 5’5” tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Jenny is a slimmer version of Candy. She has firm 34B cup breasts and a slim round rump. Candy kissed Jenny and started unbuttoning Jenny’s blouse before the door was closed. I crossed the room and worked on Candy’s blouse from behind her. I unhooked her bra and freed her fat full tits to rub all over Jenny’s bra covered tits.

Jenny unhooked her own, sheer black, bra and was soon rubbing her now naked breasts against Candy’s bigger boobs. I unhooked Candy’s skirt and slid it down her sexy thighs. She stepped out and stood in her thong. She was so sexy it hurt. The lust in both women’s eyes was enough to make you cream. Candy stood in her black heels and red thong. Her camel toe showed through the sheer panel in the front of her thong. Jenny’s trembling hand soon clamped over her mound.

I stripped naked and let my hard cock nestle between Candy’s full ass cheeks as I kissed the back of her neck.

“Please help Jenny get undressed,” Candy begged.

I moved to Jenny and first removed her high heels, so I could get her pants off easier. I then peeled off her loose blouse and bra. I unhooked her slacks and shoved them down her long slim legs. I was thrilled that she was going commando. I kissed her tiny ass as my face neared it. I then bit her playfully. Jenny moaned as she stepped out of her slacks now fully naked before Candy. Candy immediately reached down and found the tiny blond strip of hair covering Jenny’s nether lips. She slid a finger up and down until moist enough to slide it inside Jenny.

Jenny had slipped her fingers beneath Candy’s panties and was seeking entrance to Candy’s wet puss. She slid two fingers inside Candy and started fingering her roughly. Candy rewarded Jenny’s actions with a moan and an additional finger added into Jenny’s increasingly wet pussy. These ladies could care less that I was in the room and the effect they were having on me.

Candy leaned down and claimed one of Jenny’s nipples in her hot mouth. She sucked so hard her face turned red from the effort. Both ladies were fingering the other faster and faster. I could tell by Candy’s panting she was going to cum soon. I figured I would even the score. I knelt behind Jenny and spread her ass cheeks and licked her rosebud. She quivered as I pointed my tongue and shoved it inside her tiny and tight anus. She squirted as she came sending Candy over her own orgasmic edge. I kept wiggling my tongue until every contraction of her asshole subsided.

“That was awesome,” Jenny said breathlessly.

“I think amazing is a better term,” Candy said still panting.

“You ladies are both pretty fucking hot if I do say so myself,” I agreed with them both.

We moved to the big king sized bed. The ladies both drained their drinks and I refilled them both. I rummaged through one bag and brought out the whipped cream and strawberries I had brought. Candy smiled since she knew what was in store for her. I sprayed the whipped cream directly into her still leaking pussy then up her lips and stopped at her cute belly button. I then made a trail of the strawberries and inserted two inside her hot wet box.

Jenny shoved me aside and buried her face in Candy’s whipped cream covered mound. She sucked a strawberry out and showed it to us before she ate it. She lapped at Candy for a while then snaked a finger inside her slippery pussy and found the second strawberry. Jenny fed that to Candy who gobbled it down and licked Jenny’s fingers clean too.

I pulled out the chocolate syrup and shoved Jenny down on her back. I heated the sauce in the microwave, tested the heat, and then squirted the warm sauce all over Jenny’s tits then down her belly and all over her pussy. Candy and I started licking from opposite ends. Jenny moaned and squirmed as we licked chocolate sauce from her slim sexy body. Candy added whipped cream and we made a sundae out of Jenny.

I reheated the chocolate sauce and poured some between Candy’s full round ass cheeks. While Candy worked on Jenny, I worked on her. I licked and nibbled all over her ass. I slid two fingers in her leaky vagina and added a single finger in her ass. Candy squirmed under my ministrations. I poured some of the sauce in her tight anus and licked it clean. Candy loves ass play.

I pulled out a decent sized dildo and lubed it up. I shoved it in her wet puss and left it inside her. I got out my string of balls. The balls are about an inch and a half in diameter and every six inches on the string. I started feeding those inside Candy’s chocolate covered asshole. I stopped after I had seven inside her quickly filling ass. Jenny’s eyes were wide as she watched me shove those inside Candy.

“You are next,” I said with a leer.

“When I get close to my next climax he will yank those balls out of my tight asshole. The feeling is exquisite,” Candy cooed.

“There are a few things about Candy that will shock you. Your shy, prim, proper coworker has a dark side,” I told Jenny.

“I find that hard to believe,” Jenny said doubtfully.

I retrieved my bag of tricks and removed several more items. The first was a leather mask that I quickly pulled over Candy’s head. I zipped it closed. Candy was totally enclosed in the mask. There was a hole at the mouth for breathing and playing. I then placed a collar around her neck and secured that. I then reached under Candy and clipped clamps on her labia and tugged them hard. Candy moaned loudly.

The clamps had two chains connected to two additional clamps. I was about to clip those on Candy’s nipples when Jenny bit one nipple then the other before she snapped the clamps on her friends nips. Candy gasped as Jenny roughly snapped the clamps on to Candy’s soft flesh. I attached a leash to the intersection of the crisscrossed chains. I could pull once and yank all four clamps.

I also pulled out my homemade paddle. It is solid oak with an eight inch circle that tapered down to a perfect grip for my hands. I had run a router around the entire edge before flipping it over and repeating the process. I drilled holes all over the round head for additional sting. Finally, I sanded the entire paddle until it was smooth as Candy’s big plump ass. I would hate for Candy to get a splinter.

I spun the paddle in my hand getting a feel of the weight before I started on Candy’s ass. Candy turned her head towards the sound. I let a spank fly and hit Candy squarely on her creamy white ass cheek. She let out a yelp and reached for her ass. I grabbed her hands and let five more swats fly for her disobedience. The holes in the paddle made little red bumps form on Candy’s soft flesh. It looked like she had chicken pox.

“She knows better than to try and cover up,” I said in way of explanation.

I moved Jenny around behind Candy and off to Candy’s left.

“Are you right or left handed Jenny?” I queried.

“I am a lefty and proud of it,” was her reply.

I repositioned her to Candy’s rear and right side. I took Jenny’s left hand and generously lubricated it in its entirety up to her wrist. Jenny looked at me quizzically but I just smiled and moved her to where she could reach Candy better. She reached forward and slipped two fingers into Candy’s oozing hole. She ran her fingers in and out of Candy as I let my solid oak paddle fly again.

Candy’s moans were all the encouragement I needed.

“Add another finger,” I instructed Jenny.

Jenny quickly had three fingers inside her co-workers hot leaky vagina. Her hand was soon covered in Candy’s natural lubricant. Jenny was slamming those fingers in and out as she slid a finger up and down her own labia. Jenny’s finger disappeared between her own moist lips and she moaned softly.

“Now fulfill Candy’s fantasy Jenny. She wants to be fisted. Let’s lube your hand again before you shove your whole hand inside Candy,” I said with authority.

Jenny pulled her hand out of Candy’s well stretched box. We lubed her hand and she started back into her friend’s lady part. Candy shuddered and moaned. Jenny wiggled her hand and pointed it as she shoved harder and harder. Candy’s labia spread wide and we heard a pop as Jenny’s hand slid inside Candy’s gaping hole. Jenny started punching Candy’s insides all the way to her cervix. She was ramming her fist like a piston, faster and faster.

Candy started rocking back and forth meeting each thrust Jenny made. I pulled on the heavy chain connecting the four clamps on Candy’s nips and pussy lips. Candy screamed as she started cumming. She started pouring her lady cum out in waves. Jenny yanked her fist out of Candy’s abused pussy and shoved it back in. I yanked the first glass ball out of Candy’s ass then quickly the second. Candy started pouring her cum out all over the bed. I yanked the next ball out and stopped with the fourth ball half in and half out of Candy’s stretched anus.

Candy screamed again, so I yanked the remaining ball out of her ass. Candy was bucking and writhing wildly as she came in huge waves. Jenny was now slamming 2 fingers in her own pussy as fast as she could. I moved behind Jenny and slid my rock hard cock into her from behind. Jenny shoved back acknowledging her approval. I grabbed her thin hips and started sliding my erection into her balls deep. I reached around Jenny and squeezed both of her pert breasts as we neared our own orgasms.

I started cumming deep inside Jenny just before she had her own Earth shattering climax. Her friend’s dark side had Jenny on edge since she shoved her fist inside Candy. I unzipped the leather mask and removed it from Candy’s head.

“Now clean out your friend’s cum filled pussy Candy and do it quick,” I ordered.

Jenny laid on her back and spread her legs wide. Candy crawled between Jenny’s legs and started licking her friend’s slim thighs up to her cum dripping snatch. Candy licked a huge dollop of my cum up and swallowed it. She went after more. She found more of mine and a lot of Jenny’s. Candy crawled up and kissed Jenny sharing our cum with Jenny. Unfortunately, these beautiful women had to get back to work but we were not finished yet.

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