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Meeting her at her office

Caught stealing from boss's account

I honestly didn't think anyone would notice. It was only $300. I was out on a business trip and it was Saturday, and a tire blew, strapped for cash and out in the middle of Texas, I used money from a business account hoping to put it back in on payday. Like any guy I forgot, it just slipped my mind. My cell phone rang, it was Miss Allison, my boss. She said I needed to meet her immediately at her office. It was 8 pm. I work as an independent contractor selling software for a small company owned by a husband and wife team. The Allison's have full time jobs and Miss Allison works for a medical office.

"Miss Allison?" I answered "Rob, we need to talk can you meet me at 8pm at my office where I work?" she asked. "Yes, ma'am" I said." Good, we need to talk about some missing money out of my account." she said" Miss Allison I can explain, I..." I started to say before she cut me off" Rob, you need to get your ass over here, if you want to save your job" she angrily stated. "yes ma'am" I replied.

I got in  my truck and drove over to her workplace. She was standing outside smoking a cigarette when I arrived. I opened the door and began to try to explain and she "sshed" me. "I want you to follow me inside" she said stomping out her cigarette. I followed her in. I had only been there to collect my check, and under normal circumstance she was always bubbly and nice, but not today. She sat at her desk and told me to be seated in the chair across from her.

"My husband has no idea how much money you stole" she began. "I was going topay it back on pay..." I began. "Shut up, Rob! She hammered. "If my husband knew that you even took $3, he would have fired you." she said" But I haven't told him, because I don want to go through the hassle of finding another salesman, besides I know you need this job!" she said" Yes, I do need this job," I replied. "Well I have already covered you on the money, but you need to pay this back immediately." she said. "I have the $300 in my pocket" I began to say." Well now wait a minute Rob, you owe me interest, you now owe me double, it is $600." she said with a grin" I don't have 600 Miss Allison, rob, I think I have arranged an way for you to pay it back to me." she said. "Ok," I replied. "I think you need to learn your lesson, but I also think I should get something extra out of this arrangement." She said. "I promise..." I began." Promises , promises aren't what I had in mind, rather a contract i have written seems to be more better arrangement to get the job done." she said handing me a paper. Here is what it said:

I, Robert Keller, understand that I owe $600 to Miss Jadine Allison, and I agree to pay it back in the following way. Instead of paying the money back in return, I Robert Keller would have to be punished as well as made to do some cleaning work at Miss Allison's office The 600 is to be divided into 2 parts 300 an 300. The first 300 would be the amount of swats that I would have to take bare bottom over Miss Allison's lap and a chair. The other 300 would be turned into hours of me smelling Miss Allison through her clothes and panties as well as licking and eating Miss Allison's pussy and ass. My work would solely be about pleasing Miss Allison's, and getting her off, helping her relieve stress, and gibing her as many orgasms possible, and the only thing that Rob would  be allowed to is to j/o after Miss Allsion's came while sitting on His face.

I was in shock. I didn't know what to say." Doesn't your husband take care of you orally ?" I asked" Not as often as I need it." She said. "But Miss Allison isn't this inappropriate for a boss to insist upon me doing this?" I asked" Was it appropriate of you taking my money?" she questioned. "No ma'am" I answered" The is your answer, rob" she said sternly. "When and where will this happen" I asked." It begins tonight, after you sign the contract, you are going to sign it aren't you?"She asked. "Yes ma'am" I said. "Good, sign it and take off your pants and boxers, I want to see what I have to work with" She said.

I signed the contract, and unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my zipper and let my khakis drop to the floor. I slipped my thumbs into the spandex around my boxers and allowed them to drop to the floor as well. My heart was racing, my erect 6 inches saluted her all seeing eyes. She had on her scrubs, they were light blue. "Rob I want you to come  with me to the exam room you are going to take your punishment there." she said I followed her  down the dark hall. It felt like it was taking forever. She opened a door and turned on the light, where a chair without arms was positioned next to the examine table. It was then and there I realized she worked for a gynecologist, because the stirrups were positioned as if it were ready for her to put her feet in them. She sat down on the chair as my throbbing cock stood looking into her face.

"Rob....... bend over my knee." she said. I walked up next to her and eased myself over her lap, as she quickly grabbed my hard cock and positioned it between her legs, and gripped it with her knees." Ready to begin?" she asked." Yes ma'am." I answered." You will be taking 50 swats, and once you receive a swat I want you to count them by saying "One.... Miss Allison, two... Miss Allison and so on, ok?"She asked. "Yes , Miss Allison" I feverously answered. My cock was writhing, my ass fully exposed, I felt her hand stroke the insides of my thighs and she ran her nails around  my balls, it felt so good. Smack....." one Miss Allison...... smack.... two Miss Allison.... smack...... and so on and so on. Honestly all I remember is how hot my ass was when she told me to stand up. The A/c outlet above was situated where it blew right on my ass.

She stood up and sat down on the table. She motioned me to stand up in front of the table."Rob...get on your fucking knees now" she said" yes ma'am. I got on my knees and she took off her tennis shoes and scrub pants and put her socked clad feet in the stirrups. Nervously I knelt, but her panty clad crotch we was staring me in the face. Her panties were blue and green little frogs on them, and her scent was musky and warm" Now, Rob, i really need to get used to having your face between my legs, so I want you to put your nose right her on my scrub pants" She said as she pointed to where her pussy laid underneath." But Miss Allison, aren't you going to take a shower before I smell you?" I asked. "No, rob, you have to smell me just as I am, I have been working all day sitting on my ass thinking about what I was going to make you do for me tonight and I know those panties stink, but you can handle it cant you?" she asked. "I guess so" I replied. Reluctantly I began my descent. As I got closer, I could see that her panties were soaked with sweat and pussy juice. I held my breath just in case, and allowed my nose to rub across her panties. I felts her lips separate and then I felt a vivable ridge where her clit was raised up.

"Um Rob, you need to exhale, and breathe through your nose now." she said looking down at me. " Yes ma'am " I said as I exhaled as I took in her scent through my nose. Instantly my eyes began to water, without hesitation I pulled aside her panties and began slurping her hot wet pussy.  She smelled so fucking hot, I had to open her up and eat every bit of her. My tongue slipped between her pouty lips, her clit was so swollen as I flicked it with my nose" Don't stop" she exclaimed. I took the thickness of my tongue and began to rub my taste buds against her hard little clit, as I allowed her lips that I held apart, to envelop my face. I licked up and down and pulled her clit into my lips as I sucked her into my mouth. Her juices flowed down my chin onto my neck. As I sucked her clit , my tongue flicked it over and over again.

"AAHH" she said. And without hesitation she grasped the back of my head and came as she squirted all over my face. She pushed me away from her clit, so I pulled apart her ass cheeks and began lapping her cum squirt out of her asshole."MMMMM He never tongue fucks my ass." she said exasperated. I rimmed her asshole tasting her cum and sweat. She got her ass and pussy scent all over my face. By now my cock was throbbing. "Miss Allison, may I jack off? I asked impatiently. "Yes Rob, but I want your nose up against my asshole while I play with my clit." she demanded. I pressed my nose up against her tight purple asshole as she played with her clit. I gave it a few hard slow strokes, watcher her fingers rub her clit." I am going to come, open your mouth bitch, I wanna squirt in your mouth." she demanded. I opened my mouth and with ease her juice shot deep into my throat. Once she had finished squirting she told me to get up off my knees. I did as I was told, face soaked with her scent as I continued to stroke. "Cum in my mouth, bitch" she said. I had been stroking for an hour, it takes me awhile to cum I explained." Good because you are going to begin giving me your cock soon." She embellished. "MM MM" I clamoured. Gush I exploded and filled her mouth with my long awaited load. She choked a little and unexpectedly swallowed." Damn it Rob, I didn't want to swallow all of it, now I am going to smell like cum." she said disgustedly.

"Rob, you owe me 297 hours of this, think you can handle this? she asked" Yes Ma'am" I answered. "Good I will see you here tommrow night same time, don't be late" she said. "Sure thing Miss Allison" I said beginning to wipe my face with a napkin."Noo Noo Noo, don't wipe , I want you to smell me all the way home." she said.

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