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Mike and I Were Spanked Outdoors by my Girlfriends

I told my friends about Mike I being spanked and now they want to spank us both, outdoors
If you’ve read ‘We were spanked for dares in the garden’ you’ll know that I’m Angie, just 18 and my friend Mike is a couple of months younger than me, he’s tall and very fit. 

I’d been gossiping with two of my friends and I ended up telling them what happened the last time I’d been with Mike, and how two neighbours had spanked us; and used a springy ruler on his cock.

I was now about to phone Mike to see if he was up for what they suggested.

Mike answered the phone; that saved any awkward explanations.

“Hi Mike, it’s Angie, how you doing?” I began breezily.

“Hi Ange, I’m fine, how about you?”

Well that was the pleasantries out of the way. “Can you speak freely? Are you alone?” I said.

“Sounds intriguing. Yea, I’m alone. Dad’s away and Mum’s gone to work, won’t be back till 4 o’clock.”

“Good,” I started, “Look, I have to confess I really enjoyed our day together last week and I may have mentioned it to Lisa and Claire.” I waited for his reaction but he just gave a long drawn out mmmmmm?

I continued, trying to fill the silence, “Er, they got very excited and wanted to know more.” Still no response from Mike.

So I blurted it all out, “Look when I told them everything they suggested you and I do our bit again and then they’d take the part of your neighbours ,Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Martin, and be the ones to catch us and spank us both. What do you think?”

I could hear Mike’s breathing getting heavier, “Did you tell them about all the punishments?” he croaked.

“I wasn’t going to but they were so excited and I was so impressed with your lovely cock,” I added, “I ended up telling them everything.”

I could hear the change in his voice as he responded, “It sounds quite exciting but I have a better idea which involves Claire and Lisa getting punished too. Tell them yes, we’ll do it but at the end we’ll turn the tables on them and they get a spanking from us.”

“I love it,” I shrieked, “I’ll give you a ring when I’ve spoken to them. OK at yours for the rest of the day?”

“Oh yes, but don’t be long, I’m getting excited, if you know what I mean,” he replied.

I knew exactly what he meant and couldn’t wait to see his excitement.

I called Claire at her house and Lisa was there as well. I told them what Mike suggested and Claire said she wasn’t sure about the idea, but when she told Lisa I heard her shriek, “Hell, yes. We’re up for that aren’t we?” and I had a feeling that Lisa would talk Claire round.

Just 10 minutes later and Claire phoned back to say they wanted to give it a try. We sorted out the details and agreed to meet at Mike’s house in half an hour.

Mike answered the door and the expression on his face left me wondering if he was nervous or excited by what was to come. He offered us coffee but Claire and Lisa were keen to get on. Mike told us he’d kept the pile of dares we’d written out the week before if that was OK with everyone.

Lisa immediately piped up, “We’ll take a look first.” and sat down on the sofa with Claire. After a few oohs and shrieks she said “Oh my god you are so naughty. We’ll shuffle them and you start.”

Mike took the shuffled and re-folded dares and put them in the dark bowl we’d used last time then sat down on the floor in front of the Trivial Pursuit game. I joined him and disconcertingly Claire and Lisa sat on the sofa to watch.

We began to play and did quite well, each getting three questions right until I got a geography question. I’m rubbish at geography and although Mike said my guess was not bad it was wrong. I was really nervous now as Mike went over to the bowl and gave it a good swirl before pulling out a dare.

Lisa said she’d read it out so Mike handed it over and sat down. “Stand on a chair in the kitchen, remove each item of clothing until you are naked and allow yourself to be touched all over.”

I knew it was no point arguing so I stood up, went into the kitchen and climbed on a chair. Mike stood in front of me with Claire and Lisa either side as I began to strip off feeling more vulnerable with my friends there than I would if it was just Mike. I hesitated in my bra and panties but Lisa began to chant “Off, off, off.”

With a flourish I removed my bra and saw Mike adjust his trousers then I slipped off the panties knowing that my shaved pussy was at eye level.

Claire said to Mike “Now you touch her all over.”

They watched as Mike stepped up to me and ran his fingers around my nipples, then held my breasts before letting his hand go down my stomach, around my waist to my bum cheeks before he slipped his fingers into my slit making me groan as he worked them in and out. He left me wanting more but gave my bum a stinging smack. “You can get dressed now.” he said.

My revenge came quicker than I’d expected as Mike got his next question wrong. I was on my feet in seconds swirling the bowl and hoping for an exciting dare. Claire was getting into the swing of the game and took the dare as I pulled it out.

She sat next to Lisa and read, “Remove all your clothes, go out through the front door across the front lawn and bring back a garden cane. Come back in here and bend over the table in the bay window where you will get three strokes of the cane.”

“Shit. Are you sure it says front garden.”

Claire let Mike read the dare for himself. Accepting his fate he stripped down to his pants and checked through the window that no-one appeared to be looking. Then he yanked down his pants allowing his impressive penis to leap out to cheers from us all.

He opened the door cautiously and then ran across the lawn, ducked down as an elderly lady walked past on the other side of the road, then collected the cane and raced back, his cock swinging wildly.

Lisa took hold of his cock as he entered the doorway and pulled him through before shutting the door.

I bent him over the table and spread his legs wide and pulled his cock down so it was in full view. Swish, swish, swish I landed three hard strokes across his taut cheeks. I made him turn to face us so we could watch his cock bounce as he rubbed his stinging bum.

Lisa picked up the springy ruler and flicked Mike’s cock, “You are very naughty Mike, waving that around in front of two innocent young ladies. I think it’s time for us to re-enact the neighbours punishment in the back garden. Angie get undressed and then go out into the back garden to wait for us.”

I stripped off. I was no longer embarrassed and felt positively horny as I removed my damp panties.

We checked the coast was clear and slipped out through the back door to await our fate. I was flattered to see Mike’s erection twitch as he studied my body.

Lisa took charge, “Stand there where we can see you Mike and you can see all of Angie’s delights. Angie bend over the patio table. Spread your legs more.”

With that she flicked the cane on the inside of my thighs leaving me no option. I felt very vulnerable and was sure I was oozing so I slid my fingers across my slit to check and found my lips swollen and very moist.

“Claire and I will each give you three strokes of the cane and if you move or try to stop us you will get more. Also if you are aroused at the end of the punishment we will spank your slit.”

Swish, I leapt up, “Shit that was hard. Remember we are spanking you next”

Claire whispered something to Lisa who said she would bear that in mind.

Swish, swish, two strokes landed dead centre. I felt a hand on my back to prevent me rising. Swish another stinger at the top of my thighs and I was allowed to rub my bum.

Again Mike’s cock reacted as my tits moved in time with the rubbing.

Claire pushed me back down for my second session. Swish, swish, swish three milder strokes but they landed close to Lisa’s efforts.

As I stood, Lisa told me to face her and open my legs. Before I knew what was happening she slipped her fingers inside me and found my throbbing clit, as rigid as Mike’s cock.

“Just as I thought, lie down on the table on your back.”

“What?” I cried.

“Do what you are told and bring your knees up and apart. Three strokes of the springy ruler should make you wish you hadn’t got so horny.”

She lined up the ruler, parted my thighs and, thwack, flicked my slit. Strangely I enjoyed the sensation. A momentary sting then a warm glow ran up inside me and I spread my thighs wider. Thwack, thwack, each stroke stung but sent tingling waves through my body.

Claire took the ruler and parted my thighs more. I saw Mike struggling to keep his cock under control as he stared at my swollen slit.

Thwack, thwack, thwack. I nearly came but held back and managed to stand on shaky legs as Lisa made Mike bend over.

Claire took the cane, swish, swish and I watched as red lines appeared on his beautiful firm cheeks. Swish one last singer diagonally across his bum.

Lisa told Mike to rub his bum which we all enjoyed as his cock swung from side to side.

Lisa bent him over the table then took his rigid penis and pushed it down under the lip of the table so it was visible through his parted legs.

I saw Mike’s face react as swish the first stroke landed. Swish, swish, two more hard strokes but he didn’t move.

Lisa’s delight was obvious as she saw his hard on was still very much in evidence and instructed him to lie on his back on the table.

Before he had chance to move she flicked the ruler across the tip of his full on erection, “You'll get three strokes of the ruler to remind you to keep that under control.”

He climbed up and lay down with his cock pointing skyward. Giving him no time to react she pushed the ruler against the base of his cock and pressed the tip against the ruler to read out the length. “7 inches. I thought it looked good.”

She gently put one finger on the tip of his cock and with her other hand eased back his foreskin to reveal a glistening helmet and thick throbbing shaft. Thwack, the first stroke landed on the top of his shaft, thwack one on the underside and thwack one on the helmet.

Claire was becoming more enthusiastic by the minute. She stroked his cock, sliding the foreskin up and back down and rubbed the pre-cum around the tip making Mike groan. Her hand looked tiny as she gripped his thick shaft before picking up the ruler. Thwack, one stroke along the length of the shaft, then thwack, thwack two stingers across the tip bringing a cry of surprise from Mike before giving him one extra flick across the helmet.

Mike stepped down from the table, “Right, now it’s your turn girls,” and at that his rigid cock seemed to grow harder.

To be continued………………….

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