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Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Elizabeth - Part 2

Miss Bentner takes complete charge of 36-year-old Mrs Carson
This continues the efforts by 24-year-old Miss Bentner to have disciplinary control over 36-year-old Elizabeth, as she already had control over Elizabeth’s 17-year-old daughter, Emma. The discipline came first. Now though comes the manipulation of both mum and daughter to ensure both submit to her:

Miss Bentner looked at the two bottoms still bent across the table. She knew Emma will be wet with anticipation for her ‘afters,’ finger and tongue sex. It happened regularly after she spanked the 17-year-old. She knew Elizabeth also got aroused by being disciplined. After all, why else go with Sarah Parker to the nurse’s room after they were caned by Mrs Denver? A close look at the 36 year old's pussy confirmed it. Her pussy glistened with her sex juice. She was sure a few caresses with her finger will have the 36 year old gasping in orgasm. Not yet though. Emma was still bent across the table.

Allowing herself a last lingering look at the two red wealed bottoms and their glistening pussies, the teacher ordered, “You may both stand up and rub your bottoms.”

Emma and Elizabeth both eased themselves up and immediately rubbed their bottoms. It was quite a sight for Miss Bentner. Two naked women rubbing their bottoms furiously. Their breasts jiggling about beautifully. Sexily. Both women jumping from foot to foot in a dance like movement. The spanking dance. Miss Bentner felt flutters float across her pussy as she watched. She wanted them both. She fully intended to have them both.

It took a while for Elizabeth and Emma to calm down sufficiently to stop their dance. They stood with their hands on their bottoms, both looking at the teacher, both trying to smile through their tears. However, within those few moments both women again had erect nipples. Miss Bentner saw them and knew. They were both hers to be dominated.

Hannah Bentner knew that Elizabeth enjoyed being spanked. Most parents in the Parent Discipline Scheme openly enjoyed being spanked. The teacher had held back any advances towards the 36 year old because although Emma was her student, she was also her lover. Not full sex, but finger and tongue sex. Beautiful still. Exquisite in fact. However, how many people hadn’t dreamed of sex with both a mum and her daughter, separately. Maybe even together? A threesome, but with the sexual contact only between the dominant teacher and her two subs. Not between the subs. They were both the dominants playthings. Hannah had dreamed of just that. Her dreams became more intense the more she came to their house. Her conversations with Elizabeth had hidden meanings. She teased Elizabeth to see if she had feelings towards her and soon realised she did have. Hannah put in to Emma’s mind that if she were to spank her mum it would not mean their own relationship would be affected. Emma readily agreed. She thought she would even enjoy watching Miss Bentner spank her mum. This was the manipulation by the teacher to secure the submission, both disciplinary and sexually.

Elizabeth recovered from her caning and as she stood naked, her hands on her head, watched by the seated Miss Bentner. She was far more relaxed than when with Mrs. Shilton and Maisie. Even with her daughter standing next to her, also naked, also just caned, also with a tear stained face. So she looked at the 24 year old teacher and wondered if today they would have sex together.

Elizabeth mused over how things had changed. As a mum she knew she had a responsibility towards Emma, which included disciplining her when necessary. She did spank Emma each time she brought home a Punishment Letter. To be frank though she never really enjoyed spanking her daughter. Much to her surprise though, she did look forward to being spanked herself. The spanking hurt but she quickly got used to that. On the other hand she found being bent across another woman’s lap or made to bend over a table or chair for the cane both exciting and erotic. When Mrs. Denver gave her finger sex after a caning, she was sold. She even looked forward to her meetings with Mrs. Shilton. Except for Maisie. She never really liked having the 16 year-old watch her being spanked. This was different though. Her daughter was family, and family often watched as one member or other was spanked.

So things had changed. Elizabeth was spanked regularly and enjoyed it.

Emma looked at her teacher with thoughts of love. She had been spanked and caned but she always was, irrespective of whether her homework was good or bad. She was a good student but often hid her good work giving Miss Bentner the reason to discipline her. Then miraculously in just a few minutes left alone the work was transformed. It was the way they both liked it.

Emma could see Miss Bentner was particularly aroused today. She looked so sexy in her vest top. Emma saw her teacher’s nipples pressing out through her bra and knew she was already aroused. Emma knew those nipples very well. She had tasted them, caressed them, and squeezed them. Time and again as Miss Bentner ran her fingers along the teenager’s pussy, delving inside her, flicking her clit, making her cum. Afterwards Miss Bentner would caress Emma’s nipples as the sex was returned, the teenager eagerly bringing her teacher to orgasm after orgasm. That will come later. First though she knew she must correct her homework.

Miss Bentner looked at the two women. One a 36 year old and the other a 17 year old. Both were submissive. Both there to be spanked and caned at her will. She felt her pussy quiver as she pressed her thighs together. A mum and her daughter both under her control. Now that she had spanked the mum she was feeling even more aroused. She had to get Emma out of the room though.

Miss Bentner snapped an order. She glared at Emma and ordered, “You will go upstairs and correct your homework, young lady.”

Emma replied, “Yes, Miss,” and rubbing her bottom walked out of the room, still naked. Both she and Miss Bentner knew very little work was needed to perfect the homework. Emma walked to the door still rubbing her bottom.

Miss Bentner closed the door behind Emma and glared at Elizabeth who was still rubbing her bottom. Her breasts were so beautiful. Her nipples still erect. “Well, Mrs Carson? Was it as hard as Mrs Shilton?”

“Harder, much harder,” Elizabeth said between sobs.

“Good. Now bend back across the table so I can inspect you.”

Elizabeth gasped but did as she was told, stretching her arms again to grab the far side of the table, keeping her legs apart.

Miss Bentner smiled. She looked down at Elizabeth’s red wealed bottom and ran her fingers along several weals, feeling the ridges.

Elizabeth gasped. It felt so good. She raised her bottom and edged her legs further apart. Mrs Bentner saw the movement and welcomed it. She was ever surer Mrs Carson wanted an orgasm. She rubbed the inside of Elizabeth’s thigh and rubbed against her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and gasped with arousal. Miss Bentner ran her fingers along the soft pussy lips time and again and as Elizabeth’s breathing deepened so her fingers edged inside the 36 year old who welcomed the searching fingers. Miss Bentner ran her fingers up and down, found her clit, flicked it time and again, and watched Elizabeth’s face turn into an ecstatic beaming smile as she reached her first orgasm.

Miss Bentner kept jiggling her fingers, flicking Elizabeth’s hard clit, bringing her to a second orgasm. Still Elizabeth gyrated her hips and Miss Bentner brought her to her third orgasm.

Elizabeth let out long satisfied gasps as she subsided, spent, wanting another orgasm but knowing she was done, for now.

Miss Bentner withdrew her fingers slowly, gently, rubbing Elizabeth’s bottom again, and as she rubbed she spread Elizabeth’s sex juice over her bottom. Normally Miss Bentner would want the attention turned to herself straight away, but she knew that first control had to be wrenched away from Mrs Shilton and transferred to her. So she was happy to give Elizabeth her orgasms.

Just then Elizabeth’s phone sounded. It went to the ansaphone but the message filled the room. A very annoyed Mrs. Shilton said how cross she was at the rude way she turned down Maisie’s offer to deal with her. She can be sure that next time it will be Maisie who will deal with her when she comes to the house.

Elizabeth listened to the message as she was still bent across the table, still crying, still feeling satisfied with her orgasms. Still stretched out she looked back at Miss Bentner who was smiling. “That told you didn’t it, Mrs. Carson?”

Mrs. Carson sniffed and sobbed as she tried to understand what had been said. She heard the words but they took a few seconds to sink in. When they did Mrs. Carson wasn’t happy. “I can’t have the 16 year old dealing with me. That isn’t fair at all.”

Elizabeth looked up and saw a stern look on Miss Bentner’s face. “Is it Miss?” she said, adding the sign of respect.

Miss Bentner replied, “You do have a choice.”

“Do I?" Elizabeth asked.

“Do I, Miss,” Hannah said sternly.

Elizabeth swallowed hard; sure she would pay for her omission later. “Do I, Miss?” asked Elizabeth

“Yes. I can deal with you as well as Emma. Just like today in fact.”

“Really, Miss?” Elizabeth asked.

“There are conditions.”

“Miss?” Elizabeth asked.

“I will want disciplinary control over you. So I won’t just deal with your Punishment Letters. If I think you need a caning at any other time then you must accept my decision.”

Elizabeth looked at the table as she quickly thought. Not such a bad choice actually. Miss Bentner was sexier than Mrs Shilton, and she would far rather have her Emma watching then the brat Maisie. She looked up at Miss Bentner and replied, “Yes please, Miss.”

“Good,” Miss Bentner said as she picked up the cane. Talking about discipline I specifically told you to address me as ‘Miss,’ or Miss Bentner, didn’t I?”

Elizabeth groaned. “Yes, Miss,” she replied.

“So, two strokes for your omission. Stick your bottom up for me, Mrs. Carson.”

Elizabeth gripped the table again and stuck her bottom up. On the one hand she didn’t want any more cane strokes but on the other Miss Bentner had given her three wonderful orgasms and she had to show her respect now.

Miss Bentner tapped the cane on the backs of Elizabeth’s legs and without waiting for an objection, in case one was coming, she brought the cane down hard across the backs of Elizabeth’s thighs. The 36 year old screamed out. Without even a second’s gap, the second cane stroke landed just below the first. Elizabeth let out another loud scream.

Elizabeth heard the order, “Get up woman and stand in front of me. Put your hands on your head.”

A sobbing Elizabeth stood up, faced Miss Bentner, and put her hands obediently on her head.

Miss Bentner looked at Elizabeth’s pussy and saw the hair that was the Brazilian cut still glistening in her own sex juice. She looked at her tell-tale nipples and saw they were erect. Miss Bentner knew that Elizabeth will be a very willing submissive.

“Do you enjoy being in the Parent Discipline Scheme Mrs Carson?” Miss Bentner demanded to know.”

Elizabeth sobbed but knowing better than to lie to the dominant 24-year-old admitted, “Yes, Miss.”

“You enjoy the pain?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Even the humiliation?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“It clearly arouses you. Have you always felt that way?”

Elizabeth calmed down and wanted to explain her feelings to Miss Bentner. “Well, I had fantasised about being spanked for years, and regularly masturbated in bed thinking, dreaming, about it. So when I was asked to join the Parent Discipline Scheme I jumped at the chance. My dream come true.” Elizabeth swallowed hard before continuing. “I was so excited about it. Then as the time of my first appointment got closer realism set in. I was still excited, but at the same time worried. When I was in the Study and face to face with Mrs Denver I was positively worried. Then, when I got spanked and caned I wondered how I could ever have wanted to be thrashed like that.”

Miss Bentner asked, “And afterwards?”

Elizabeth enthused, “Straight afterwards when I was in Charlotte’s office,”

Miss Bentner interjected sternly, “Miss Thomson’s office. Show respect, Mrs. Carson.”

Elizabeth blushed. “Yes, of course. Miss Thomson.” Elizabeth continued, “So when I was in Miss Thomson’s office with tears streaming down my face and there were other students waiting their turn; that was humiliating. Walking out of the school still red eyed and rubbing my bottom was equally humiliating. I would promise myself; Never again. Then by the time I got home the stinging was wonderful. I couldn’t wait to sit on a hard chair and wriggle around, gently anyway. Later, it was just so great. In bed, naked, masturbating. So many times even.

Miss Bentner said smirking, “So you wanted it again?”

Elizabeth was still excited. “Yes, too right. It was the same again. Excitement at the thought of my next spanking turning to apprehension. The wait outside Mrs. Denver’s Study was humiliating, as well as waiting in line in Miss Thomson’s office. The spanking and caning was of course as painful as ever. Every time. Yet I always went back for more. The more cane strokes the better in fact.”

A wave of relief flowed over Elizabeth. Vocalising her admission, her need to be disciplined, made her feel so good. She smiled at Miss Bentner with a new and honest respect.

Miss Bentner pressed Elizabeth. “And the sexual arousal?”

“Oh yes,” Elizabeth said with a sigh. “I can’t help it. As much as it hurts, really hurts, I also love the pain. I know I’m a grown woman, 36 years old, a mum, but I feel so alive after a hard spanking and a harder caning. The stinging, the difficulty sitting down, the tears. They all make me feel so aroused. Sex afterwards is the best ever.” Elizabeth blushed and admitted, “Well I haven’t actually had real sex afterwards. Finger sex and lots of masturbating. But not real sex.”

Miss Bentner asked pointedly, “So if I discipline you, you will then want to satisfy me, just as I will satisfy you?”

“Oh, yes. Willingly.” Elizabeth said eagerly.

Miss Bentner smiled. “I rather think we will get on very well, Mrs. Carson. I am an extremely dominant woman and as you are so submissive we will make a great couple.”

Suddenly Elizabeth remembered Emma.” What about Emma?”

“Oh, we will get her to agree. In fact, I have already primed her that I might well discipline you in future, with her.”

“She was OK with it?” Elizabeth asked.

“She will be, Mrs. Carson. I said I was dominant and that also means persuasive.”

“I am sure,” Elizabeth conceded. She smiled to herself. Yes, she thought, Hannah Bentner will be very persuasive indeed. In fact she saw the 24 year old was going to be rather manipulative. That worked for her, she thought.

“Now then,” Miss Bentner said sternly. “You dropped calling me Miss several times. You were also rude to Maisie and as her mum has complained I feel I must discipline you for that.”

She walked over to her handbag and took out a wooden backed hairbrush. She walked back to Elizabeth and waved it in her face. “This will do I think, Mrs. Carson.”

Elizabeth watched as Miss Bentner walked back to the chair and sat down. “Bend back across my lap Mrs. Carson,” she demanded.

“Yes, Miss,” Elizabeth said obediently. She didn’t like the look of the hairbrush but she was ready to obey the dominant teacher. She walked over and bent across the teacher’s lap, savouring the feel of her bare thighs and the close-up of her legs.

Moments later the first spank landed on Elizabeth’s bottom. She shrieked out. It hurt much more than she had expected, but then she had been spanked and received so many cane strokes that day she shouldn’t really be surprised. Soon she was crying freely as spank after spank was delivered to her sore bottom. Spank after spank landed. Elizabeth kept crying as she squirmed around on the 24 year old's lap.

Hannah Bentner had a wicked smile on her face as she spanked the 36 year old hard, spank after spank, no gaps, no breathers, and no chance for Elizabeth to recover. Dozens of spanks. When Mrs. Shilton called she knew Elizabeth would accept the proposal. She knew Elizabeth would accept her disciplinary control, and the way Elizabeth was taking the spanking, one that was so deliberately hard, told her she was very much in charge. Still, she fully intended to land 200 maybe 300 spanks on Elizabeth’s bottom. The red weals were surrounded by blue bruises as spank after spank flattened Elizabeth’s bottom, sending waves cascading around, never being allowed to settle.

Elizabeth knew this spanking was transferring control from Mrs. Shilton to Hannah Bentner. Disciplinary control. That was now needed to enforce the sexual control she was also submitting to. After all, the teacher gave her three wonderful orgasms and so it was necessary to show she accepted the 24 year old was in charge. Elizabeth submitted willingly.

Hannah gave Elizabeth over 300 spanks with the wooden backed hairbrush. She gave Elizabeth’s bottom two huge blue bruises that were surrounded by the redness from the spanking. The ridged weals showed through. Tears flowed down Elizabeth’s face and dribbled on to the carpet. She didn’t care.

When the spanking stopped the room was filled with Elizabeth’s crying. Her shoulders heaved as the pain spread across her bottom. Sitting would be a challenge, she knew. An impossibility maybe.

“Get up, Elizabeth,” Miss Bentner ordered.

Still crying Elizabeth stood and her hands flew to her bottom, stopping an inch from her burning stinging cheeks. She waited obediently.

“You can rub,” Miss Bentner said with a wicked smile.

“What do you say, Elizabeth?”

A sobbing Elizabeth replied,” Thank you, Miss. I know I deserved it. I am sorry I was disrespectful to you, and rude to Maisie.”

Hannah Bentner smiled. It was strange that a 36 year old was spanked because she gave some lip to a 16 year old. Delightful but strange. Still, it had the desired effect. What was more effective was the timing of Mrs. Shilton’s phone call. Right on time in fact. Hannah and Mrs. Shilton had agreed it would be best for Hannah Bentner to take over control of Elizabeth’s discipline. So having her call was easy. It was always going to go to ansaphone but what luck at the timing.

Miss Bentner ordered, “Kneel down, Elizabeth.” Now came the next stage.

As Elizabeth knelt down Miss Bentner parted her legs. Elizabeth looked and saw Miss Bentner’s hair mound, and no knickers. She looked up at the smiling Miss Bentner who licked her lips.

“Feel me, Elizabeth,” she ordered.

Elizabeth lent forward and even with her stinging bottom held out her hand and ran her finger along Miss Bentner’s pussy. It was wet. Soaking wet.

“Go on, tongue sex me.”

Elizabeth looked up.

“Emma is upstairs. So do it.” There was a stern edge to the teacher’s voice.

Quickly Elizabeth lent forward, between Miss Bentner’s bare thighs. Miss Bentner closed her legs so Elizabeth felt the cool inner thighs of the teacher. Her tongue pressed in to the welcoming wet pussy lips. Up and down her tongue licked, pressing inwards, encouraged by Miss Bentner’s groans of delight. Sexual groans. Soon Miss Bentner was gasping as she reached her orgasm, squeezing her thighs together, savouring Elizabeth’s searching tongue. Her hands clasping the back of Elizabeth’s head, keeping her in place as she came again, louder this time.

Miss Bentner held Elizabeth in place as her breathing settled down again. Sexually satisfied and certain Elizabeth will submit to her again and again.

When she was ready, Miss Bentner snapped, “Stand up, Mrs. Carson.”

Elizabeth stood up, and Miss Bentner stood so they faced each other, their faces inches from each other. The two women looked in to each other’s eyes. Miss Bentner lent forward cupping her hands around Elizabeth’s face. They kissed each other’s lips, then again. Miss Bentner pushed her tongue against Elizabeth’s lips; Elizabeth opened her mouth and willingly took Miss Bentner’s tongue in to her mouth, her own tongue intertwining the teacher’s tongue. They kissed passionately, lovingly.

Miss Bentner pulled herself away, putting her lips next to Elizabeth’s ear. She whispered, “One of these days, Mrs. Carson, you and I will be together in bed. You will have a sore stinging bottom and tears will be rolling down your face. I will be the person responsible for all of that. You won’t have been naughty. We will both want to experience it. Does that excite you?”

Elizabeth was aroused. She replied softly, “Yes, Miss. It does.”

Miss Bentner smiled at Elizabeth, and then said sternly, “Right, Mrs. Carson. You will face the wall keeping your hands on your head. If you move at all, to look around or even to rub your bottom, I will give you another 24 strokes of the cane. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” Elizabeth replied.

Elizabeth was aroused from her conversation with Miss Bentner, but was still so sore from her spanking. Even so, her pussy fluttered as she pressed her nose pressed against the wall,

Miss Bentner said sternly, “Right then. I will be about 20 minutes, so not too long.”

Moments later Elizabeth was alone in the room, her nose pressed against the wall, her bottom stinging. She wanted to rub her bottom so much but was going to obey the 24–year-old so dominant teacher. She thought about all the discipline she had received today and smiled to herself. Sex was so good after being thrashed and she had finally experienced it.

Elizabeth heard sounds from upstairs. Moans and groans. She knew Miss Bentner and Emma were making out. Good for them, she thought.

Elizabeth stayed in position, enjoying the increasing stings across her bottom. Remembering the orgasms Miss Bentner gave her, and the ones she gave Miss Bentner. She was dreaming sweet dreams and wasn’t sure how long it was before she heard a sound behind her.

“Hi, Mum,” Emma said sounding cheerful.

Elizabeth dared not look around and kept her nose pressed against the wall and her hands firmly on her head.

Emma looked at her mum’s bottom. It was so red and blue and the wicked red weals must really be stinging. She knew her mum won’t be able to sit down comfortably for ages. Emma stood close up behind her mum and said in a friendly tone to the back of her head, “You know, Mum, I don’t mind if Miss Bentner disciplines you in future. You know; if she signs off any Punishment Letters and the like.”

“Really, Emma?” Elizabeth replied, still keeping her nose pressed against the wall.

Emma smiled at her mum’s submissive stance. Just like she would do herself she knew as she never dared go against Miss Bentner’s instructions.

“OK, thank you, Emma,” Elizabeth said gratefully. Elizabeth felt a flutter race across her pussy at the thought of being disciplined again and again by the 24 year-old teacher.

Just then Miss Bentner came in to the room. “Right then, Mrs. Carson. Your punishment is over.”

Elizabeth slowly dropped her hands off her head and turned around, conscious of the fact she was still naked. To her surprise Emma was also naked. Miss Bentner though was dressed, and by her attitude was still very much in charge of the mum and her daughter.

Miss Bentner smiled at the sight of the naked mum and daughter as they rubbed their bottoms in front of her. Their breasts jiggled as they rubbed and she felt her pussy quiver and knew her knickers were damp again. Still, she maintained her dominant stance knowing both Mrs. Carson and Emma will willingly submit to whatever pain she decided they needed.

Miss Bentner explained to Emma. “Your Mum has made a choice.”

The 17 year old looked respectfully at the 24 year old teacher. She knew what it was about. Her mum will be disciplined in future by Miss Bentner.

“Next time your Mum has a Punishment Letter she will bring it to me and I will be dealing with her. She has also accepted my disciplinary control over her all of the time.”

Emma questioned, “All of the time, Miss? What will that mean please, Miss?”

“As well as dealing with her Punishment Letters I will discipline her if I think she needs to be. If she is argumentative with me, for instance.”

Emma smiled, turned to her mum, and said, “Like I said Mum, I’m good with it.”

Miss Bentner snapped, “Be quiet Emma. It wasn’t a question for you. Oh, and that will be three extra with the cane next time for speaking when you weren’t asked to.”

Emma blushed. “Sorry, Miss.”

Miss Bentner was speaking in a very authoritative tone which Elizabeth found sexily assertive. “Is that correct, Mrs. Carson?”

Elizabeth replied, “Yes, Miss Bentner, I will accept your full authority over me.”

Miss Bentner smiled. “Good. So, I will also deal with your maintenance spankings.”

Elizabeth gasped. She had forgotten about them. Hannah Bentner really was good at this. Elizabeth said, “I have them every three weeks now, Miss.”

Miss Bentner said sternly, “Well I don’t think you are anywhere near strict enough with Emma so I will be starting with weekly maintenance spankings.”

Elizabeth bit her lip. That was so sexy, she thought.

“I will also deal with your Punishment Letters here as well, and in those cases Emma will watch me spank and cane you.”

“Yes, Miss,” Elizabeth replied quickly.

Miss Bentner gave Elizabeth a knowing look but said nothing.

It was several seconds before Elizabeth gasped, and said, “Of course, my Punishment Letter. You still need to sign it.”

Miss Bentner smiled and held her hand out when Elizabeth picked up the letter from the table and handed it to her. She signed it still smiling.

Elizabeth said with an appreciative smile, “Thank you for reminding me, Miss.”

“Next time I might give you a couple of extra strokes to make you less forgetful,” Miss Bentner said sternly.

“I’m not sure that is fair Miss, “Elizabeth retorted with a smile.

Miss Bentner’s friendly smile turned to a wicked one. “Think so?”

Elizabeth back tracked. “Well, erm, no … I mean Miss …”

Miss Bentner held up her hand. “I mean,” she said with an emphasis on the ‘I,’ “that the two of you will bend back over the table. You Emma have earned three strokes, and you Elizabeth can have three for questioning me.”

Elizabeth and Emma both gasped. Their bottoms were already so sore and stinging. However, realising Miss Bentner’s control they both turned, went to the table, and bent over, each grabbing the far side.

Miss Bentner picked up the cane again and looked at the two bare bottoms inches from each other. She smiled as she saw how red and how the weals criss-crossed each other. She knew both bottoms will be extremely sore and stinging already; and how much more they will sting after the strokes she is about to give them both.

Elizabeth looked towards Emma who turned at the same time to look at her mum. They caught each other’s eye and nodded. Both were happy with their lot. Both wiggled their bottoms ever so slightly knowing Miss Bentner would see their effrontery.

Miss Bentner saw the look between the two women. The 36 year old mum and her 17 year old daughter. She knew then she was in charge, that both women were now submissive to her, and decided to show them just who was boss. She tapped both bottoms in turn. Suddenly Elizabeth and Emma were more focused. They tensed. Miss Bentner saw it. Elizabeth and Emma suddenly remembered just how much their bottoms were stinging and sore. Both regretted pushing the 24 year old teacher. Both knew they were about to suffer because of it. Both turned to the front, away of the other’s gaze, and away from Miss Bentner.

The cane was raised. Both Elizabeth and Emma heard the whoosh. Both tensed their bottoms. There was a shriek as the cane bit in to Emma’s bottom. Elizabeth relaxed momentarily then tensed her bottom when the whoosh was heard. Emma screamed out again. The third whoosh was followed by a scream from Elizabeth. The next whoosh followed by Elizabeth’s scream. The next whoosh followed by the third scream from Elizabeth. The final whoosh brought a scream from Emma.

Elizabeth and Emma were both crying as they came to terms with the hard strokes.

Miss Bentner smiled. She loved the fact neither of them knew which bottom was going to get each stroke. It will be so much better when the tariff is 24 or even 36 strokes.

Elizabeth and Emma also realised how much control over them Miss Bentner had by caning them both together.

“Stand up both of you,” Miss Bentner ordered. “You can rub,” she added.

Elizabeth and Emma stood slowly and rubbed their bottoms as they recovered. They were still sniffing as they looked respectfully at Miss Bentner. Both accepting her control and both wanting to be controlled by the dominant teacher.

Miss Bentner continued. “Where was I?” Miss Bentner asked herself out loud in an almost chatty voice, as though she hadn’t just caned the two women. “Oh yes; Emma, looking forward, I will be discipline you at the same time as I spank your mum until I think your attitude has improved. It will be much like today. You will be spanked and caned together. You will also get a weekly maintenance spanking at the same time as your mum.”

“Yes, Miss,” Emma said as well, still sniffing.

Hannah Bentner smiled wickedly but both Elizabeth and Emma found it sexily arousing. Particularly when she added, “I will decide if afters are justified each time. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” they both said together.

“Good. That’s settled then,” Miss Bentner said conclusively. “Now, both of you give me a hug,” she demanded but in a softer tone. She couldn’t fail to notice the erect nipples of both mum and daughter and knew both were aroused by her dominance. She was going to enjoy disciplining them both time and again, and was confident both would be very willing to submit to her. She squeezed each bottom as mum and daughter hugged her in turn and delighted in the feel of the hard ridges that were the weals.

Elizabeth and Emma both gasped as Miss Bentner squeezed their sore bottoms, but both loved the feel of her hand and felt flutters fly across their pussies.

Just as quivers flew across Miss Bentner's pussy as the women hugged her and she knew wanted her.

Emma went over to Miss Bentner and put her arms around her teacher’s neck. Miss Bentner put one arm around her waist and pulled her in close and the other on the 17-year-olds bare bottom, squeezing it and smiling at the gasp it generated. They hugged for several seconds before Miss Bentner let go and said sternly, “I want to see your project re-done for school tomorrow. I will be checking it and will be adding any strokes of the cane to the three you have just earned for any mistakes.”

“Yes, Miss,” Emma said with a smile. She reckoned she should be able to get another three strokes added to her tally and still get the corrected project in on time.

Miss Bentner held her arms open for Elizabeth and the 36 year old put hers around the 24 year old's neck, just as Emma had done. She gasped as Miss Bentner squeezed her wealed bruised and stinging bottom. Miss Bentner wagged her finger and said sternly, “Make sure you behave, Mrs Carson.”

“Yes, Miss Bentner,” Elizabeth replied. She wondered how long her maintenance spankings would be given on a weekly basis. A long time, she hoped.

Both mum and daughter were still naked in the living room when Miss Bentner left the house.

Emma wiped more tears from her face, looked at her mum, and said, “She is strict isn’t she Mum.”

Elizabeth replied, sniffing, also wiping tears from her face, “Yes, but then we were cheeky weren’t we?”

Emma laughed, “Yes we sure were, Mum.”

Elizabeth said seriously, “So you are OK with Miss Bentner disciplining me as well?”

Emma replied equally seriously, “Yes, Mum, it’s fine. It’s great really.”

Elizabeth replied, “Thanks, Emma. I do think she will help both of us.” She paused then added, “She is just like Mrs. Denver you know. Very strict but disciplines us for our own good.”

“Actually, Mum, you are right.” Emma smiled wryly adding, “She spanks just as hard as well.”

Elizabeth laughed, and said “She sure does, and when she has us both bent over together and we don’t even know which one of us is going to get the cane it is really tough. I hated it,” then after a moment added quietly, “But it was so sexy I guess.” She added matter-of-factly blushing deeper and deeper, “Anyway, Emma, we had better get used to it Emma because our bottoms are going to be stinging and sore lots more times for sure.” Elizabeth knew how much she wanted to be disciplined by the strict Miss Bentner again and again.

Emma blushed, also relishing the thought of being caned again by her dominant teacher.

“I’m tired out, Emma,” her mum said, “So I’m going for a lie down.”

“Me too, Mum,” Emma replied.

Both knew they were still so aroused they needed to masturbate. They walked up the stairs together both deep in their own thoughts. Both thinking about being spanked and caned by the dominant Miss Bentner. Both wishing away the week until the promised maintenance spanking. Both knowing the afters will get better and better over time.

Elizabeth reflected again on just how a 36 year old mum was going to be regularly spanked and caned, by Miss Bentner but still by Mrs. Denver. It started with Emma’s misbehaviour and that meeting with Mrs. Denver. That was her first spanking and caning as an adult. She was given a Punishment Letter that needed to be signed so she had her first meeting with Mrs. Shilton who gave her another spanking and caning in front of 16 year old Maisie Shilton. Her entry in to the Parent Discipline Scheme led to more and more spankings and canings. Now her Punishment Letter’s will be signed by Hannah Bentner who will deal with her, duplicating the punishment, or more. The afters will be great of course. Life was great.

Hannah Bentner looked back at the house and saw the light in Elizabeth’s room switch on and seconds later the light in Emma’s room. She was sure both would spend quite a while in their bedrooms masturbating. Just as she will when she gets home and uses her vibrator. She cannot wait. It was so sexy, she thought. Disciplining a mum and her daughter together, both of them naked, both of them submissive, both of them thinking only of their 24 year old dominant teacher. She will have fun with them both, disciplining them and then accepting their thanks. Tongue and finger sex for sure with Emma. More with Elizabeth though; much much more. Hannah Bentner almost came as she walked along thinking about it. She knew Sex and discipline are such natural companions.

Next week couldn’t come quickly enough for any of them.

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