Miss Cartwright 2

By profpete999

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Contiuation of Schoolboys punishment.

Miss Cartwright Part 2

Part 1 ended where I had suffered a Spanking and caning at the hand of Miss Cartwright the Art teacher for submitting a picture of her in a class project.

The following week I handed in my Art homework as usual it had been a landscape and I knew that I could do that okay so I had no worries, school went on and I sat my exams and on the last day of term I once again saw Miss Cartwright.

"Are Peter, your last day at school have you learnt your lesson in how to behave and not to fantasize over your teachers"

'There is only one teacher I fantasize over Miss and that is you' I felt bold now as it was the last day of term and I reasoned that she could not threaten me with the head so I could get away with it

"So you still fantasize about me do you, do you dream about me, do you recall Cumming all over my leg when you were being spanked"

'Yes I do Miss, but you can't do anything about it now can you, I am leaving school today so you can't send me to the head master or threaten me with the cane can you'

"That is where you are very wrong young man, the school today got a letter from your prospective employers, You have applied to work for HM Customs and I have been asked by the head to write you a reference, I have not done it yet but your cheeky outburst, your comment that there is nothing I can do now has enraged me, I can either tell HMRC what you are really like and I don't think that you will get the job do you"

I hung my head down, she had me, I was looking forward to this job, I needed a good reference from school to get it though, damn me and my big mouth.

'So what do I have do to get you to write me a good reference?'

"Be at my house tonight before 6pm, my husband is back at 8pm so we will have time to discuss your career options" 

She gave me the address and I began to think about what she meant.

I arrived at her house at 5.55pm and knocked at the door.

"Come in Peter"

I went into the lounge and straight away saw the cane lying on the settee.

"So this is the deal, I will punish you as before if you accept then you get the good reference, if not then you get a bad one, deal"

'I have no choice do I'

She sat down on a chair, "right bend over my knee"

I started to bend down when she stopped me, "on the bare I think"

I dropped my trousers and pants and bent over her knee.

"oh it is not erect this time, maybe it will be later"

She then spanked my bare arse, again the sensation of my cock rubbing against her leg soon brought my cock to erection and she felt it, she stopped spanking and started to rub my ass cheeks, she then reached under and rubbed my balls.

"Are you planning on Cumming again Peter"

'I hope not Miss but you touching me and spanking me is turning me on'

"Your erect cock and me spanking you is turning me on to, so why don't you get up and lick my wet pussy"

I shot up and knelt between her legs, raised her skirt, she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy smelt hot, I went down on her and before long she was Cumming all over my face.

"Thank you that was rather good for someone so young"

@Do I get to put this inside you then Miss' I said pointing to my hard cock

"No you do not, I only have sex with my husband and you did come her for punishment"

'But I licked you to Orgasm Miss'

"I suppose you did so I will bring you off but NO sex"

She rubbed my cock and it was good, I had hoped for a blow job but no such luck, she picked up a cloth and brought me off into the cloth to avoid any mess.

"Right then off you go, I will do you a good reference."


Part 3 coming soon where the tables are turned!