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Miss Johnson Part Three

Tags: spanking, f/m
Miss Johnson P 3 Sue F/M

I had first met Sue under some very embarrassing conditions. I'm in my first year of college and I had driven an hour to visit my old sixth grade teacher. She had agreed to spank me to help me improve my grades and concentration in college. I was completely naked and bent over her desk for my spanking. Sue arrived in the middle of my spanking, and my old teacher also allowed Sue to spank me. Also, I found out that Sue attended the same college that I was attending.

Anyway, on Monday I was sitting at a campus cafeteria eating lunch when Sue came up to the table I was sitting at and sat down. At first I didn't recognize her until she asked, "Is your name Clyde?"

"Yes it is. Why do you ask?"

"My name is Sue and I believe I spanked you on Friday evening. Now do you remember me?"

Now I felt very embarrassed. Sue had not only spanked me but had also seen me completely naked. "I guess I remember you."

"So, do you like to be spanked by Miss Johnson to improve your grades in college?" Sue asked.

I couldn't believe that I was having this conversation out in a public place. "Yes." I answered. "I feel her spankings help me concentrate in high school, so I wanted her to spank me so that I would do well in college." I couldn't believe that I was saying this to Sue.

"Well, I could save you the drive down to Miss Johnson by spanking you myself, right here on campus." Sue caught me completely off guard and I didn't know what to say. Sue continued, "Remember, I have already spanked you and Miss Johnson will allow me to spank you some more, even if you continue to be visit Miss Johnson."

The college I was attending had a small campus with a lot of housing nearby. "I might be interested. Do you live nearby?" I asked.

"I live about two blocks from here." Sue said. "Why don't you follow me to my place, so we can talk some more."

I don't know why, but I agreed to go to her place. It was a small duplex and she had rented one side of it. Once inside, it had a very small kitchen, a small bedroom, bathroom, and a living room with some furniture and a large oak office desk.

"This is a very small place, but I live here all by myself." Sue said. "Have a seat on the couch so we can talk some more." After I was seated she continued, "I could review your work and your grades, and give you the appropriate spanking. Stay there while I get something to show you."

Sue went into her bedroom and came out with a cardboard box. She placed the box on the coffee table next to the couch and pulled out some paddles and other spanking implements from the box. "See, I have the necessary equipment to give you a good spanking."

I was surprised that she owned all of this spanking stuff. "Well, maybe." I said.

"I would spank you on a weekly basis, and in-between, when needed. So, will you allow me to help you out in college by spanking you?"

This arrangement would allow me more flexibility and save me a long drive, so I said, "Yes, this does sound like a good idea. I guess you can spank me to help me with my grades."

Sue moved the coffee table and said, "Let me give you your first installment. Take off your shirt and then stand in front of me with your hands over your head."

"But I was just spanked on Friday."

"Then this spanking should help you a lot with your concentration in your classes." Sue said. "So take off your shirt and come over here." I thought, why not, so I took off my shirt and stood in front of Sue. "I enjoy striping a man of his clothes before a spanking." With that, Sue unbuckled my belt, took down my slacks, and then took down my underwear. Now I was basically totally nude, and standing in front of Sue. Although I felt embarrassed, I still had an erection, which Sue noticed. "I got a good look at your penis on Friday, and now I have a better view of it. In the future, I may help you with it. But for now, step out of your clothes and go over and bend over my desk."

Now it felt like the spanking I received from Miss Johnson. It was like being a naughty little schoolboy, again. Although I had my legs spread apart, I felt a tap of the riding crop on my inner thighs, and Sue said, "Spread apart your legs a little bit more for me." Then Sue began spanking me with her various implements. Since my poor tender naked bottom was already sore from my Fridays spanking, I was soon squirming about.

"I think that will last you for this week." Sue said. "You can stand up now, and rub your bottom."

Although my spanking from Sue didn't last long, my bottom felt real hot and sore. Then we traded phone numbers and set up my next spanking for the same time next week. This should really help me concentrate on my classes in college.
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