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Miss Johnson Part Two

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Miss Johnson Part 2 F/M

When I was in sixth grade, my teacher, Miss Johnson, would spank me. I felt that it turned around my life and helped me do better in school. Now I am a freshman in college and I am studying to become an accountant. My grades currently aren't so good, and I seem to have trouble concentrating. So on spring break, I went back to the old school and had Miss Johnson spank me again. Before I left the old school, we set it up where I would go to Miss Johnson's home every Friday night at seven to be spanked. The college that I go to is only an hour away from where Miss Johnson lives, so this worked out fine for me.

She gave me quite the spanking in the school when I visited her, but I wasn't sure what it was going to be like to be spanked in her house. I thought that I had allowed plenty of time to get to her house, but with more traffic than what I had anticipated, plus trying to find Miss Johnson's house for the first time, I was ten minutes late. Miss Johnson greeted me at her door with a paddle in her hand and an angry look on her face. "You're ten minutes late and I don't tolerate my students being late. Hurry up and step inside, and I will hang up your jacket."

As she took my jacket, she moved over a small throw rug to reveal a white line that was about two feet from the front door. The line also had two small X's that were spaced about a foot and a half apart. "Put your feet on the Xs, and put your hands out in front of you and lean against the door." After I was in this position she said, "I always expect my students to be on time. Since you were ten minutes late, you will receive ten swats of the paddle."

She raised back the paddle and gave me a very hard swat. Although I still had all of my clothes on, I was surprised how much I felt the sting of the paddle through my pants. By the time the ten swats were over with, I was amazed that my bottom was already starting to heat up.

"Come into my living room so that we can talk about what type of spankings you deserve every week." Once in her living room, she offered me tea and a cookie. I told her that I had felt the last spanking she gave me for three days, and it had helped my concentration in my studies at college. She told me that I needed to bring with me each week, the grades and scores that I had received on any of my tests, quizzes, or assignments. We would then discuss them, and then I would be spanked accordingly. At the end of the semester, I would receive a longer spanking, depending on how well I improved in school. This sounded fair to me. I was surprised at how calmly we were able to discuss my spankings.

"Before I begin your formal spankings, I need to ask you a few question and get some honest answers. So come over here and stand in front of me." I stood in front of me and proceeded to undo my belt and unzip me. "Stand still and put your hands on top of your head." Then with one quick yank, my slacks were at my ankles. Underneath, I was wearing some colorful boxer shorts. "Never wear these when you come to my house to be spanked. Always wear white cotton briefs." Soon, my boxer shorts were also at my ankles. I didn't mean to, but I had a good size erection standing before her. "I'll ignore that for now, just bend over my lap." She hiked up her dress and spread her legs so that my penis was dangling down between her legs. Then I felt her strong thighs squeeze together and hold my penis and me in place. I felt like a naughty little schoolboy.

"I see your bottom is already a little pink from the ten swats of the paddle when you arrived late. Your bottom will turn a lot redder by the time you leave here."

Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Do you promise to be on time each time you visit me?"

"Yes I do!" I replied.

Spank, Spank, Spank.

"And do you promise to visit me every Friday night, with no excuses."

"Yes I do!"

Spank, Spank, Spank.

"And will you share all of your grades with me?"

"Yes I will."

Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Now I want you to stand up and take off all of your clothes, including your shoes and socks. Leave your clothes in here and then follow me unto my office for your formal spanking."

In her office was a large wooden desk. There were also many paddles and spanking implements hanging on the wall. "All of my students bend over the desk when I spank them. Please assume the position and grab the other side of the desk."

After I was in position, I expected my spanking to begin, but she said, "This isn't going to work quite right since you have long legs. Please stand up." She went to the corner of the office and placed a large board with a lot of padding on the desk. "Please bend over, again." Now my feet barely touched the floor. Then she reached down and spread my feet apart as she said; "I always want your legs spread apart when I spank you."

Now I felt totally exposed for my spanking. This position made me very aware that my penis and balls were dangling between my legs, also totally exposed.

"Since this is your first spanking at my house, you will receive thirty swats from this paddle with holes in it." She placed the paddle on the desk near my face, for a few seconds. This way I was able to clearly see what I would be spanked with. "I want you to count out loud each swat, and be sure to stay in position. Are you ready for your spanking to start?"

"Yes, Miss Johnson." I replied.

"Here's your first swat."


"One." I yelled out. It hurt a lot more than I had expected.


"Two." My spanking continued like this up to twenty swats, then the doorbell rang.

"This has taken more time than I had expected," Miss Johnson said. "That must be Sue. She has an eight o'clock appointment with me. Stay in place as I answer the door." As she left the office, she left the door to the office wide open. I now felt very embarrassed because I knew that Sue would be able to see me naked and bent over the desk from the living room.

I heard Miss Johnson escort Sue into the living room and Miss Johnson told Sue, "As you can see, I am running late and in the middle of spanking Clyde. I should be with you, shortly."

Then Miss Johnson entered the office and shut the door. "That's Sue out there. I think she also attends the college you go to. I guess you can meet each other after your spanking. Now where was I?"

"You have given me twenty swats of the paddle. I have ten left." I said.

"On these last ten, please count them out loud, but this time say 'Thank you, Miss Johnson' after each swat."


"Twenty-one. Thank You, Miss Johnson."

After she gave me the thirty swats of the paddle, she said, "Stay bent over so that I can examine my work." Then I felt her hands on my red and tender bottom. "You can stand up and get dressed, now."

I stayed in position and said, "But my clothes are in the living room!"

"That's right." Miss Johnson said. She opened the office door and said to Sue, "His clothes are on the floor close to you. Could you bring them into the office so that he can get dressed."

Now I felt even more embarrassed. Sue would be able to see me naked and bent over the desk. Sue walked into the office with my clothes and said, "His ass is really red. He should be able to feel that spanking for a few days."

"Clyde says that the spankings have helped him to study better in college, the same as you." Miss Johnson said.

"I have a question for you." Sue said to Miss Johnson. "I noticed that Clyde wore boxer shorts. You gave me five extra swats of the paddle when I wore the wrong underwear, even on my first visit to you. Did you give Clyde his extra five."

"That's a good point." Miss Johnson said. "I almost forgot about his extra swats. Do you want to give the extras to Clyde?"

"I'd be happy to!" Sue exclaimed. As Miss Johnson handed her the paddle, Sue said, "Now stay in position and count these out loud."


"One." At least she didn't spank me as hard as Miss Johnson.



This continued until I had received my five extra swats. "You can stand up and get dressed, now." Miss Johnson told me. My poor bottom was really hurting and I quickly stood up and rubbed it. I forgot about the fact that I was showing off a big erection. They must have noticed because Miss Johnson said, "Isn't it cute when naughty boys show off their erections after they are spanked?"

"It is cute." Sue said. "If I arrive early next Friday, can I help you spank Clyde, again."

"That sounds like a good idea." Miss Johnson said. "That should make Clyde study even harder. Don't you agree, Clyde?"

"I guess so." I said as I quickly got dressed.

As I got my jacket out of the closet and was leaving Miss Johnson's house, Sue said, "I look forward to help with your spanking, next week." I knew that I would be studying very hard over the weekend and during the week. Everytime I sat down I would have a reminder of my spanking.
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