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Miss Jones Part Two

Miss Jones P2 F/M


This is now the second evening that I need to report to Miss Jones' house at seven P M. I didn't want to be punished anymore than I had to, so I arrived on time.

I knocked on her door and Miss Jones opened it. "Good to see you, again, Clyde. It is also good that you are right on time. Come on in so that we may begin your lessons for tonight."

Instead of leading me to her living room, she led me to another small room in her house. This room had two student desks, just like at school, and a large desk for Miss Jones. There was a blackboard on one wall, and the other wall had paddles hanging from it.

"Have a seat in one of the student's desks, and I will explain the rules to you." After I sat down, Miss Jones continued saying, "I will first give you a pre-test on the subject matter we discussed at school. Then we will review the subject matter, again, and then I will give you a post-test. Before you leave to go home, you will be spanked with a paddle, the number of incorrect answers you gave on both the pre and post test. So the better you pay attention in class, the fewer times you will be spanked at my house. So let's begin with your pre-test."

Miss Jones handed me a paper with thirty questions on it. After looking it over, it was really apparent to me that I hadn't paid much attention in class. What made it even worst, all of the questions were the completion type, so you couldn't guess, like in multiple choice. Half of them were so hard that I just left them blank, and the others I just wrote the first thing that came into my head. Once I was done with the test, I got up and handed it to Miss Jones, who was sitting behind her big desk. I saw her take out a red pencil and started to make marks all over it.

"Well, you only got one question answered correctly. That means that you will receive at least twenty-nine swats of the paddle before you leave. I'll go over the test with you, and we can review the subject manner."

Then Miss Jones started to go over the subject matter, again. I had no choice but to really pay attention to her and try to learn what she was saying. After about a half-hour of this, she gave me the post-test. This test was different from the pre-test, but I felt better because I knew more of the answers. I handed it in and Miss Jones went over it with her red pencil.

"You did better this time." Miss Jones said. "You answered half of the questions correctly. That means that you will receive additional fifteen swats of the paddle. If you missed twenty-nine questions on the first test, how many swats of the paddle will you receive?"

I thought, twenty-nine plus fifteen, "That’s forty-four." I said.

"That's correct! You will now receive forty-four swats of the paddle. But before you get paddled, come over here so that I may prepare you for your paddling. I will always paddle you on your bare bottom."

So I went over to her and she proceeded to unbuckle my pants, unzip me, and pull down my pants. Then she did the same with my underpants. I always feel so embarrassed when she undresses me like this. Also, being close to her and smelling her nice perfume made my cock have an erection. She grabbed a hold of my erection and said, "I see that you are becoming a man, but you are still going to get paddled. So bend over my lap for your spanking."

First, Miss Jones hiked up her short skirt and then I bent over her lap. This put my erect cock between her nice and creamy thighs and then she closed her thighs to hold me in place.

"Before you get paddled, I am going to give you a hand spanking." Then she started to spank me. I felt like a little boy, being hand spanked over her lap like this. Miss Jones also rubbed her hands all over my butt, my back, my legs, and all over me. I didn't know what to expect, a spank on my bottom or a nice feel of her hands on me. She even sort of tickled me under my armpits and between my legs. This just made my cock feel harder between her strong thighs. I began to move about a bit because of her teasing me.

"Hold still, or your hand spanking will last a lot longer." Then Miss Jones pulled me even closer to her body and began to spank and tickle me some more. Soon the spanking stopped, but she still held me across her lap and I heard some noises like a jar opening.

"Stay still while I make sure your bottom is okay." Miss Jones then rubbed something in my butt hole, and then I felt her fingers exploring inside of me. It actually felt good to have her fingers inside of me. She also moved her fingers in and out of me, which gave me a real pleasure sensation. Then I felt her clean my bottom off and she said, "Now it is time for you to get paddled. Please stand up and then bend over the edge of the desk."

I wasn't looking forward to being paddled forty-four times. I knew that I needed to pay more attention in class. I stood up with my erect cock and bent over her desk. Then my paddling began. As Miss Jones paddled me, my poor bottom felt warmer and warmer. Finally, I received my forty-four swats of the paddle. I had been moaning throughout my paddling because it did hurt.

"Don't stand up just yet. I'm going to do something different with you. Spread your legs apart." Then I felt her rub something in my butt hole, again. "I'm going to insert into you a butt plug. It my hurt a little at first, but then it should be okay." She parted my bottom cheeks and I felt something big fill up my butt hole. But soon my butt hole closed tightly around it and held it in place. It felt like a banana or pear was inside of me.

"Now I want you to stand in the corner while I grade the papers for tomorrow. Please keep your hands down at your sides and don't rub your bottom." So I stood there, nearly naked, with an erect cock and this thing stuck up my butt. I was feeling both pain from my paddling and pleasure from the butt plug.

After about ten minutes she said, "Now crawl over to me on all fours and show me that you still remember how to give pleasure to a woman." So I crawled over to her, Miss Jones took off her panties and sat in her chair, and my head went between her thighs. Soon my tongue was inside of her body, and I smelled her nice female scent. My tongue explored her insides, and soon she was moaning and holding my head in place. She became real wet between her legs and soon her whole body relaxed.

"Now stand up so that I can finish you off. But first I want to put a condom on you so you don't mess up this room." She put a nice red condom over my very erect penis, and then she stroked my cock while pushing back and forth on my butt plug. Soon my body went limp and I felt great pleasure, "Get on all fours so that I can take out your butt plug. Then you can go to the bathroom and clean up." So I got on all fours and she slide out the butt plug.

I cleaned up, got dressed, and left her house. I wondered what my next lesson would be like?


"I am beckoned to her and told to hold my hands at my sides while she pulls down my slacks and boxer shorts. She hikes up her skirt and I am ordered over her lap for an over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking. And this is only the beginning!"

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