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Miss Parker

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A graduate teacher goes for a job interview as a private tutor to the daugher of a rich businessman
This is my first attempt, so please be gentle. All feedback appreciated.

Part 1.

At 23 years old Miss Caroline Parker had graduated with a 1st class honors degree in history and had completed her teacher training. Her preference was for a secondary school teaching position, but with history being a less popular subject than Math or English, there was nothing available. To he honest about it, she was not really trying that hard. With large debts to repay, Caroline knew she had to get a job, but was enjoying her leisure time a bit too much.

Caroline was visiting her aunt one afternoon and was explaining to her that there were no jobs. She suspected that her aunt knew that she was slacking off.

“Well Caroline, you may be in luck,” said her aunt. “Mr. Wilson who lives on the next street is looking for a private tutor to teach his daughter.”

“Does it pay well?” asked Caroline. “I really need to start paying off my student loans and my overdraft.”

“When I spoke to him, he said that for the right person, he would be willing to pay twice the going rate, but I have to warn you, Robert is very strict with his daughter and he will expect you to be equally so.”

“Oh, What do you mean by strict?”

“I’ll let him tell you all about it. I’ve already told him about you and your experiences growing up with me, and he’d like to interview you this afternoon at 4:00 pm.”

Caroline walked up to Mr Wilson’s door and rang the bell at exactly 4:00 pm. An elderly gentleman answered the door.

“Please come in Miss Parker; Mr. Wilson is expecting you. I’ll take you through to the study.”

The study was a large room with patio doors and two large picture windows looking out onto immaculate lawn and neatly kept flowerbeds. A leather topped desk sat in front of one of the windows with a high backed swivel chair facing into the room. There was a comfortable looking couch in front of the other window and several armless chairs. Along one wall was a bookcase filled with technical looking computer books, a few works of fiction and a floor to ceiling cabinet with solid doors.

Caroline didn’t hear the door open behind her, so jumped when she heard her name spoken.

“Good afternoon Miss Parker. I’m pleased you could come at such short notice.”

Robert Wilson was around 5 feet 11, and looked to be around 37, with a slim waist and wide shoulders. He was wearing an expensive looking dark blue suit with a white shirt and a tie with what looked like binary numbers on it. He moved towards Caroline and held out his hand and she couldn’t help but notice the easy grace with which me walked.

Caroline shook his hand and made direct eye contact. The effect was electrifying. His eyes were deep blue and intense. There was intelligence and a probing curiosity in his gaze that left Caroline flustered and attracted.

“Thank you Mr. Wilson.”

“Please come and sit down and I’ll explain your duties.”

“Don’t you want to see my CV?”

“No. I’ve already spoken to your aunt whom I trust, and I’ve also spoken to the university and one of your lecturers and they all assure me that you are the right person for the job even though you have no practical experience.”

“Very efficient,” replied Caroline, a little put out that this man she had never met had been snooping.

“Ah, well anyway as your aunt will have told you, my daughter Gabriella is in need of a tutor to ensure that she passed all her A Level exams with straight A’s and B’s in order to gain a place at Oxford.”

“Forgive me Mr. Wilson, but you do not look old enough to have a daughter doing her 'A' levels”

“I married very young, but my wife was killed in a car accident. Gabriella was only eight months old at the time,” He looked like the memory still pained hm.

“I’m very sorry.”

“It was a long time ago. The other vehicle was a government car and the driver was drunk. I took the money from the settlement and invested it in Microsoft and Apple stocks. Thanks to them I have become quite wealthy and so I am able to indulge not only my own interests but also those of my daughter.”

“That was very forthright of you.”

“It helps to get it all out of the way up front.”

“I suppose so.”

“Down to business then. Gabriella is very bright and intelligent, but like her mother, she is willful, sometimes lazy and occasionally downright impudent. I allow her certain latitude, but it is important that her education comes first. I would like you to spend the next six months working with her on her ‘A’ levels. In return I will pay you four thousand pounds per month and pay off all of your student loans if she passes all eight of her ‘A’ levels. There is also a bonus for every A grade over four. Assuming all goes well, I will employ you full time to act as Gabriella’s mentor while attending university. You can if you wish move into the apartment at the back of the house. It has it’s own private entrance.”

Caroline was speechless. That was nearly four years wages for a new teacher, plus getting her debts cleared was more than she could have dreamed of. There had to be a catch.

“I assume you have questions.”

“Yes, Mr. Wilson, I’m curious why you would pay so much for someone with no experience.”

“Let’s just say that I enjoy helping people get started, I have other reasons but they are not relevant at this time.” He said the last in a tone, which brooked no argument..

“My aunt mentioned that you are very strict with Gabriella.”

“Gabriella and I have agreed that there rules which can be bent, but once broken there are consequences. I employ corporal punishment. She knows when she has crossed the line and knows full well that she will be punished with anything ranging from a spanking to a caning.”

“You're not serious!” exclaimed Caroline.

“I am absolutely serious Miss. Parker. I understood from your aunt that you had relevant experience as to the effectiveness of such punishment and that you yourself may benefit from becoming reacquainted.”

Caroline cheeks flamed with embarrassment but she could not tear her eyes away from Robert Wilson’s gaze.

“When I am not here, I expect you to act in my stead and deal with her as I would. Any failure on your part to impose proper punishment will be dealt with by me on my return, is that clear?”

Finally Caroline found her voice, “I assume my aunt has been telling you about how she brought me up, but that was years ago.”

“You graduated more than six months ago, but instead of shopping yourself around in temp positions in order to gain experience, you’ve not really applied yourself have you?”

“Well, I have applied to all the local schools. But there was nothing available full time.”

“According to my research, there were no less than four positions available to cover maternity leave and sickness, yet you failed to apply for any of then, choosing instead to laze around. Be honest with yourself Miss Parker, you have become lazy.”

Caroline looked at the floor, tears coming to her eyes. He was right; she hadn’t applied herself at all. All those years of study and training, she thought she deserved a bit of a break, but weeks had grown into months and she had become complacent.

“Given the circumstances Miss Parker, I think it only reasonable that I should demonstrate just how serious I am regarding both my daughter's and your education, stand up.”

Caroline stood with a growing sense of unease, knowing what was coming but feeling powerless to stop it.

“Remove your jacket and your skirt and place then on the chair next to you and then bend over the corner of the desk.”

Caroline looked into his eyes seeing both compassion and steel. A gaze, which brooked no argument. Reluctantly she did as she was told, feeling the cool of the leather desktop as she bend herself across it, the corner forcing her to part her legs slightly.

Moving behind her she felt his hand rest on her bottom and then begin to stoke her quivering cheeks.

“As this is your first punishment for a few years, I’m going to start you off lightly with a spanking with a small leather paddle.”

He crossed the study and opened the tall cupboard. Caroline turned her head so she could see him and let out a small gasp when she saw the contents. Neatly arranged on hooks and shelves were an assortment of punishment implements. Paddles, straps, whips and canes. He selected his chosen implements and returned to the desk, placing the tawse in front of Caroline. Resting his hand on the small of her back, he raised the paddle in the other and brought it down with a firm thwack.

“Ow, that really hurts.”

“What did you expect? Now, arch you back a little and present your bottom to me, you have been willful and lazy. You richly deserve this, young lady.”

Caroline knew she could not resist his firm commanding instructions and did as she was told, feeling the fabric of her knickers stretch across her bottom.

Robert Wilson gazed at the perfectly shaped bottom before him and allowed himself a small smile; yes he was going to enjoy this. Raising the paddle once more he proceeded to spank Caroline’s bottom with a steady rhythm.

Caroline squirmed and cried out as the paddle struck again and again. She could feel her bottom getting hotter and hotter, but deep within something else was starting to make itself known, something she had not expected. She was becoming aroused as the rhythm of the paddle and the heat and sting began to coalesce into a knot of pure pleasure. Her cries turned from pain to soft moans of need and she began to rub herself on the corner of the desk.

Sensing the change in her, Robert placed his fingers into the waistband of her knickers and slowly drew them down and off, parting her legs a little more. He picked up the paddle and resumed his work varying the rhythm, spanking her twice on each cheek in turn and then once across the middle, low down on her bottom. The effect on Caroline as electrifying, she could feel the heat radiating from her bottom and pussy, an orgasm beginning to build. A part of her couldn’t understand how such pain could be causing her to react in this way, but the more animal part of her nature came to the fore, riding the waves of desire and need until, with a cry of pure need, she came, pressing her pussy into the desk corner and rubbing herself hard against it. Wave and wave broke over her with an intensity she had never felt before. Finally she collapsed gasping and crying against the desk. The paddle stopped, to be replaced by soothing hands caressing and rubbing her throbbing bottom.

Lifting her to her feet, Robert turned her to him and placing his hands gently on her cheeks, he pulled her close and kissed her gently. Holding her until her sobs had subsided.

“You should go and clean yourself up now. There is a bathroom through that door over there. When you come back, I’ll have your contract ready for you to sign.”

Caroline walked slowly to the bathroom and once there, locked the door and slid to the floor, images flashing though her mind, still unable to quite believe what had just happened. Once she had pulled herself together, she washed her face and put her knickers and skirt back on and returned to the study.

Robert had placed her contract on his desk with a pen. Caroline read through the contract, most of which was as discussed earlier, but when she got to the final page, the last section was entitled Corporal Punishment. It gave Robert the right to punish her as he saw fit, with any refusal on her part leading to dismissal.

Caroline picked up the pen and signed her name, knowing that no matter what; she was Robert’s to command.

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