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Miss Parker - Part 3

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Carolina and Aunt Fiona visit Robert Wilson
Part 3

Caroline spent the night in her old room at her Aunt’s house and next morning sat gingerly on a cushion at the breakfast table.

“So Caroline, do you think you’ll be able to correct young Gabriella when she needs it?”

“I think so Auntie, my poor bottom has certainly had enough lessons to get me started.”

“Well perhaps we can finish your education another time. I understand that Robert employs a large variety of implements.”

“Yes, he does seem to have an extensive collection in his study cupboard.”

“Really. Perhaps I should visit and we can talk about some of them.”

“Okay. I’m moving my stuff into the adjoining apartment at the weekend, perhaps you’d come and give me a hand.”

“Will Robert be home?”

“I think so.”

“Well alright then, perhaps he can help you as well.”

“I’m sure he can Auntie.”

By the weekend, Caroline had most of her stuff packed and ready to move and her bottom had fully recovered from auntie Fiona’s “lessons”. She had also completed the first half of the education plans for Gabriella. Early on Saturday morning she packed the last of her things and started loading up the rental van. Aunt Fiona came over at ten and together they finished loading and drove over to the Wilson residence.

One they had unloaded, Caroline took her aunt through to the main house and knocked on Robert’s study door.


“Good morning Mr. Wilson. I was going to make some tea for my aunt and wondered if you would like some.”

“Hello Fiona, how are you?”

“I’m fine Robert. We haven’t seen much you lately at the tennis club.”

“Sorry, I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately and forehand is probably getting a bit rusty.”

“That’s not what Caroline tells me,” said Fiona with a smile.

Caroline’s face red as Robert and Fiona shared a laugh.

“I’d love a cup of coffee please Caroline. Why don’t you bring your tea through here and we can all have a chat.”

Caroline left her aunt and Robert talking while she went to the kitchen and made tea and coffee, she looked out some biscuits and a couple slices of cake, and took the tray through to the study. As she pushed the door open, she could hear Robert and her aunt laughing.

“Thank you for making this Caroline. Your aunt was just telling me that you wanted to discuss some of my implements.”

Caroline flushed with embarrassment.

“Well, yes. I don’t have much experience with this and my aunt thought that looking at and discussing some of them might help.”

“An excellent idea, although we might want to do more than look and talk.”

Caroline unconsciously rubbed her bottom and thought about the last time she was in this room. Robert Wilson was an attractive man and she could not deny that she was attracted to him. The thought of once more being at his mercy filled her with both fear and desire.

Robert crossed the room, opened the cabinet and began removing items. He placed the small leather paddle he had used on Caroline on the table, as well as a tawse, a wooden paddle, a short tailed whip and two canes.

“These are the main items I use on Gabriella. What I use and how many strokes is dependant on which rules she has broken. When using the tawse or cane, aim is all-important. The small leather paddle is used much like the hairbrush your aunt used on you when you were growing up.”

Caroline looked into his eyes and knew immediately that her aunt had told Mr. Wilson about their session earlier in the week. Caroline as a little annoyed that she was being discussed so freely.

“You know Mr. Wilson, my uncle used to punish my aunt with that hairbrush, and she has a strap a bit like that one hanging there.

“Really Fiona. You’ve never told me that, but yet you’ve been happy to tell all regarding Caroline’s education. That’s a bit unfair don’t you think.”

Robert gave Fiona a penetrating look and she flushed and looked a bit flustered.

“Er, well it’s not something I think about a lot,” the lie was written all over her face.

“Come now. A lovely but willful woman such as yourself, I’m sure you miss the firm hand of your husband.”

Fiona went even redder. The heat travelling down to between her legs making her squirm a little.

“So Caroline. In order to be able to use these implements, I think you need a practical demonstration.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very well, ladies please stand up. Caroline please go and fetch one of those armless chairs and place it there,” Robert pointed to a place in from of his desk.

Robert removed his jacket and sat down in the chair. He patted his knee.

“Before using the tawse or cane you should always warm up the bottom. Only in extreme cases of naughtiness do I cane Gabriella without a warm up.”

Caroline walked to Robert’s side and placed herself over his knee. Aunt Fiona watched with keen interest as Robert raised Caroline’s skirt and pulled her knickers down to her ankles and off, tossing them onto the coffee table. Raising his hand, he brought it down with a sharp smack and then proceeded to spank Caroline firmly but not too hard.

“As you can feel Caroline, I’m not spanking you very hard. You always start out firm but gentle and build up the sting.”

Caroline gasped and wriggled a bit over Robert’s knee, but even as the spanks became harder, she was soon lost in a world of her own. As each spank built heat in her bottom and between her legs, she could feel her pussy getting wetter. Robert paused to rub her bottom and Caroline had to fight to keep from purring like a kitten. The spanks soon resumed with a new intensity, causing Caroline to cry out at the sharp pain. After few more minutes of hard spanking. Robert stopped and rubbed and stroked her bottom.

Fiona stood rooted to the spot, her eyes glued to her niece’s bottom. Wishing all at once that she had Caroline over her knee, but also wishing that she were in her nieces place. Robert looked up at her and their eyes met, instant understanding registering.

“Okay Caroline you can stand up now. Please remove your skirt and blouse.”

“My Blouse?”


Caroline did as told as Robert turned to her aunt.

“Right then Fiona, now that Caroline has experienced a warm up spanking, it’s time for her to observe one. Get over my knee.”

Caroline gasped in amazement as her aunt Fiona draped herself over Robert Wilsons lap without a word of protest. Robert wasted no time in raising her skirt and divesting her of her knickers giving Caroline her first view of her aunt’s naked bottom.

Robert proceeded to spank Fiona with firm crisp spanks, bringing a bright pink hue to her fair skin while she squirmed and cried out.

“Auntie Fiona, you’re not supposed to squirm about like that remember. Mr. Wilson, you’ll have to restrain her.”

They looked at each other and Robert saw the wicked little grin on Caroline’s face. He then wrapped one leg over both of Fiona’s to hold her in place and began spanking her harder. Fiona was still trying to squirm, but it had nothing to do with trying to get away from the spanks. She was in seventh heaven as she rubbed herself hard over Robert Wilson’s hard crotch, trying to grind herself against him as she build towards orgasm. Sensing that this was the case, Robert eased off on the spanking a little and then stopped to rub and stroke Fiona’s very pink bottom.

“Stand up Fiona, we’re not finished with you yet. Remove your skirt and blouse as well”

Fiona reluctantly got to her feet and as with Caroline, she removed her clothes as requested. In a small act of defiance, she then removed her bra as well, so she was standing completely naked before Robert and her niece.

Not to be outdone, Caroline reached behind her and removed hers as well.

“Stand side by side, feet apart and hands on your heads,” commanded Robert.

Robert Wilson looked at the two naked women before him. Even though he knew Fiona was on her early forties, she had a flawless body, well toned from the thousands of hours she spend to the tennis courts and in the heath club. Caroline was also a picture of great beauty and as Robert beheld her, feeling he had held in check since the death of his wife, came bubbling to the surface. Could she be the one, he wondered. Snapping himself back, he walked over to the table and picked up the tawse.

“Right ladies, please stand next to each other in front of the desk and bend over with your feet about two feet apart.”

Aunt and niece did as they were told; turning their heads to look at each other, each reflecting looks of anticipation.

“Arch your backs and stick those bottoms right up for me.”

Robert taped the tawse on Caroline’s upturned bottom a coupe of times to judge the distance and then raised it and brought it down across the centre of her bottom and then immediately across Fiona’s.

Both women cried out, eyes screwed shut at the sudden sting as Robert raised the tawse and delivered two more strokes.

“As you can feel Caroline, the tawse is a much heavier implement than the strap and can deliver a much deeper sting. I deliver no less than 18 strokes to Gabriella and gone as high as fifty on one occasion.”

“Yes sir, I can feel that.”

Good, then I shall proceed, keep your position or the stroke will not count.”

Raising the strap once again, Robert delivered 18 strokes to both Caroline and Fiona’s bottoms, causing both women to writhe and cry out as each strokes was delivered with stinging precision.

Placing the strap back on the table, Robert stood behind and between both women and began to stroke and rub their bottoms. As their cries and sobs turned into sighs, he allowed his fingers to traverse theirs cracks and brush over the soft hair and lips of Fiona and the smooth lips of Caroline. He teased their clits while inserting a finger into their pussies.

Both Caroline and Fiona mewed with pleasure and pushed back against his fingers.

“Not yet ladies.” Said Robert. There is still one more implement for you to experience.”

Robert withdrew his fingers and retrieved the lighter of the two canes from the table.

“Now then, please stand and turn around. This is a junior cane. It is lighter than the heavy rattan and can be used to both punish and pleasure. As you are both clearly aroused by your punishments, I think it fitting that you should experience it.”

“Move the chair to the side and then I want you to stand a little apart, facing each other and the bend forward and wrap your arms around each others shoulders.”

Fiona and Caroline did as they were instructed and found themselves bent over but hugging check to cheek.

Standing to the side of Caroline, Robert measured the distance and then brought the cane down hard right across the middle of her bottom. Caroline screamed out and hugged her aunt tightly. He then started tapping the cane lightly and then hard all over her bottom, cause her to moan and wriggle her bottom. Robert delivered another hard stroke and again Caroline cried out with the pain. Robert tapped the cane lightly all over her bottom again and then brought it down a third time and then a fourth before returning to tapping again. He then delivered the fifth and sixth stokes in quick succession and then left Caroline to cry and pant as he moved to the other side and began to tap the cane over Fiona’s bottom. Caroline and Fiona were looking into each other’s eyes as Robert brought the cane down sharply across Fiona’s bottom. Fiona gritted her teeth against the pain and then relaxed to absorb the pleasure of the taps. Again Robert brought the cane down but harder, causing Fiona to cry out and then grind her against it. More tapping followed by two sharp cracks of the cane and Fiona was being pushed closer and closer to orgasm. At the tapping intensified, as Robert brought the cane down hard twice more to complete her six. Both women were close to orgasm and Robert dropped the cane and once again slid his hands over their bottoms and between their legs, pushing the two women together so they were breast to breast. He worked their clits and inserted his fingers deep into their pussies, bringing both of them to the brink of orgasm, letting them fall back and then working their clits again until neither could stand it. He felt their wetness dripping between his fingers and down their legs as both women came hard, panting and crying out with animal desire and need.

Robert excused himself and went to his private bathroom to relieve the pressure that he been building within. Closing his eyes he imagined Caroline naked once more, but while he was once more caning her, that was but a prelude. Stifling a cry, he came in greats spurts of ropey cum.

Returning to his study with a jar of cold cream, her found Fiona and Caroline still hugging each other, but talking in quiet soothing tones.

“Now you understand dear, she sheer joy of being under the control of a truly dominant man,” he heard Fiona saying to Caroline.

“I’m sure Robert has many more lessons for you.”

“I hope so Auntie.”

“Ladies, I’ve brought you some cold cream, if you’d like to come over to the sofa, I’ll apply some for each of you.”

Both knelt up on the sofa and presented their bottoms to receive the cooling and healing hands of Robert Wilson.
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