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Miss Parker - Part 4

Gabriella comes home from boarding school for the summer
Part 4

By the end of the following week, Caroline had completed her education plan for Gabriella. She had spoken with a number of her teachers and established weaknesses and had also read all the reports handed to her by Mr. Wilson. To ensure that he would be happy, Caroline requested several meetings with him to discuss what she planned to do. Over the course of these meetings it was apparent to Caroline that she was deeply infatuated with Robert Wilson. He was strong, successful, athletic and far more intelligent than anyone she had ever met. Discussions regarding Gabriella’s education always turned into deep and sometimes heated discussions on subjects ranging from corporal punishment to international politics to the theory of evolution and ID.

Robert found in Caroline an intellectual equal if not quite an equal in experience. She reminded him of his late wife in many ways, but he also found in her qualities that were all her own.

On the Friday morning, Robert found himself pondering the problem of his growing interest in Caroline Parker beyond her ability to teach his daughter. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his study door. He sensed who was at the door before it opened.

“Come in Caroline.”

“How did you know it was me,” she asked.

“I seem to be able to sense when you are around,” Robert replied with a sigh.

Pushing his previous thoughts from his mind he help out his hand to receive the final draught of Gabriella’s training plan. Leafing through it, he could find nothing that met with disapproval and was in fact very impressed and pleased with the results.

“Caroline, I must say that taking you on was a gamble, but if you can deliver on this training plan then you will have more than earned your salary and bonus.”

“I can’t take all the credit Mr. Wilson. You have been a great help in getting it right. I’m almost wondering why you needed me for this as you seem well versed in all subjects.”

“Thank you, but as you know, I have to tend to my various business interests and cannot always provide my daughter with the time and attention she needs.”

“That must be hard for you. From all our discussions, you clearly love Gabriella very much, it must have been very hard for you over the years.”

“Yes. Not having a mother around has been hard for both of us. There are times when Gabriella needed a mother’s love.” Robert looked uncomfortable discussing this so Caroline decided to change the subject.

"Gabriella is home this evening. Do you want to introduce us today, or would you rather waiting until Monday when you two have had some private time together."

“No actually, I’d like you to be here this evening. Perhaps we could have dinner together once you have met.”

“Thank you. I’d like that.”

“Well, I need to go to a meeting now, so if you’ll excuse me.”

At six that evening Caroline walked through to the main house and was just heading for the kitchen when she heard the lounge door opening. Robert and a stunning dark haired young girl stepped into the hallway.

“Ah, Miss Parker. This is Gabriella.”

“Hello Gabriella. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Your father has told me so much about you.”

Gabriella smiled ruefully, “Yeah, I bet he has. I suppose he told you about our little homecoming ritual.”

“Don’t be cheeky Gaby. Actually no I’d not mentioned it, but perhaps you’d like to join us in the study.”

Caroline followed them into the study and Robert closed the door behind them. She looked at Gabriella and Gabriella returned her stare with frankness and perhaps some curiosity.

“Dad has been telling me about you for the last week. He likes you.”

Robert coughed and looked a little uncomfortable.

“I like your dad too. He is a hard task master but he wants the best for you.”

“Has he spanked you yet?”

Caroline was too stunned to answer. She just stood staring at Gabriella and then Robert, her face flaming.

Gabriella looked at her father and then at Caroline, “He has hasn’t he. Way to go dad.”

“Gabriella, that’s enough. Now, apologise to Miss Parker or it will be more than a maintenance spanking you get.

“Sorry Miss Parker,” said Gabriella, but she didn’t look sorry at all.

Caroline stood a moment more and then asked, “What did you mean about a maintenance spanking?”

“Whenever Gaby is away for long periods, she tends to forget that there are standards of behavior I expect from her, as you have just witnessed, so when she returns home, I always give her a good sound spanking just to remind her to behave. It usually heads off any more serious punishment, but not always.”

“What my father means is that he misses having me around to vent his spleen on, so whenever I come back from that prison he calls a boarding school, he feels the need to remind me who is the boss.”

Gabriella stood defiantly looking at her father and then at Caroline. Caroline was tensing as the atmosphere thickened in the room when suddenly Robert burst out laughing.

“Oh Gaby, I’ve missed having you around, you know I love these little sparing sessions.”

Gabriella smiled at her father, “Yeah, but you’re still going to spank me right?”

“Actually, I have a better idea. As Miss Parker is going to be responsible for your education and your punishment when you fail to do the work she sets, then I think it is she who should spank you, I’ll then decide if some additional treatment is needed for your impertinence.”

“Mr. Wilson, I’m not sure that would be appropriate.”

“Miss Parker, I will decide what is or is not appropriate, or do you too need reminding of the rules?”

Caroline caught herself before she could say, “Yes sir.”

“Very well. Gabriella, you may as well strip off those jeans and knickers, you’ll not be needing them for a while.”

Gabriella looked at her father and then sighing, did as she was told. Caroline watched as her youthful flesh was revealed. Her legs were tanned and toned and Carolina could see that she was sporting a Brazilian. Gazing at this young beauty, Caroline found she actually looked forward to this first experience as a spanker instead of spankee.

“Where would you like me?” asked Gabriella.

“Well, as this isn’t a punishment spanking, why don’t I sit on the sofa and you lay yourself across me.”

Caroline looked at Robert and he smiled and nodded his approval. She sat in the middle of the sofa and Gabriella draped herself over Caroline’s lap.

Caroline marveled at the supple lines and curves and found herself running her palm over Gabriella bottom and down each leg, stroking her smooth flesh. Gabriella shifted her position slightly and arched her back, pushing her bottom up.

“I’m ready for my spanking now,” she said, looking over her shoulder at Caroline with an impudent smirk.

Caroline knew that this was a not so subtle challenge to her authority and that Robert would be watching to see how she handled it.

“You do not dictate to me young lady. Mr. Wilson, would you perhaps get me the small paddle from your cabinet. I think Gabriella needs a little extra reminder of how to behave.”

“Don’t you dare, Daddy don’t do it.”

“I think Miss Parker is right. You don not dictate your punishment. That is my job and now Miss Parkers as well.”

With that, Caroline raised her hand and began spanking Gabriella. Her bottom was young and form and although Caroline as not spanking her very hard yet, it had her bottom squirming. Caroline slowly increased the power of each spank and little cries starting coming from Gabriella.

“Not so hard Miss,” cried Gabriella.

“You still don’t seem to understand do you,” said Caroline.

Caroline held her hand out and Robert handed her the paddle. Smoothing it over Gabriella’s pinkening bottom, just to inform her that a new implement was in play, Caroline raised it and whacked it across the middle of Gabriella’s bottom. This brought an immediate cry of pain and more squirming. Caroline continued to tattoo a nice rosy pink colour on Gabriella’s backside.

“Keep your bottom still and push it up Gabriella or it will only be worse for you.”

“Up yours, you bitch”

“How dare you speak to Miss Parker like that,” shouted her father.

“It’s alright Mr Wilson, I’ll handle this,” said Caroline coolly. “Get up Gabriella, this has just become a punishment spanking.”

Caroline took Gabriella by the arm and les her over to Roberts desk.

“Bend over, legs well apart and I want your bottom high in the air. Another work from you and I’ll cane you, do you understand me?”

Sniffling, Gabriella replied, “Yes Miss Parker.”

“Mr. Wilson, would you please fetch the wooden paddle please.”

“Miss Parker, I’m not sure she deserves that.”

Once again Caroline knew this was a challenge.

“Mr. Wilson, you employed me to handle Caroline’s education and I cannot do that if she challenges me, also how do you expect me to punish Gabriella as I see fit if you also challenge my decisions?”

From the look on Mr. Wilson’s face, Caroline knew she had passed the test. Without a word, Robert went to the cabinet and brought her.

Standing to one side, Caroline tapped the paddle against Gabriella’s upturned bottom and Gabriella flinched.

“Gabriella, in future, you will do as I tell you, when I tell you. Any failure on your part will result in a very sore bottom. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss Parker. I’m sorry Miss Parker.”

“You will be.”

Gabriella yelled out as Caroline smacked the hard wooden paddle down on her already sore bottom.

“Keep still.”

“Yes Miss.”

Caroline brought the paddle down five more times, covering every inch of Gabriella’s bottom. By the sixth swat, her bottom was a fiery red and when she placed her hand upon it, Caroline could feel the heat radiating out.

“Stand up Gabriella. Now apologise to your father and then go and stand in the corner, bottom well out, hands on you head.”

Gabriella’s tearful eyes gazed at Caroline with a look of respect and perhaps Caroline thought trust. Turning to her father, she apologized for her behavior and walked to the corner of the study.

Caroline returned the paddles to the cabinet and turned to face Robert Wilson.

Robert looked at Caroline with open admiration and growing love. Caroline returned his appraising look, her eyes communicating all her feelings for him. Finally Robert looked away. He could see the love and need in Caroline’s face and understanding his own growing need, tried to keep a stern, but approving pose.

“If, you’ll excuse me, Mr. Wilson, I need to go and change for dinner.”

Back in her apartment, Caroline quickly stripped off her clothes, ran the shower and spent the next ten minutes pleasuring herself, picturing herself over Robert Wilson’s knee and desk. Imagining him taking her roughly from behind. The intensity of her orgasm had her crying out, grasping the side of the shower screen so as not to fall over. Once she had finished showering, she dressed in a light cotton summer dress, but no knickers, a plan forming in her mind.

When she returned to the main house, the study door was ajar and she could here Robert and Gabriella talking.

“Wow dad, Miss Parker spanks pretty hard.”

“You shouldn’t have been so cheeky to her then should you.”

“Yeah, but I had to push her a little and see what I could get away with.”

“Not much, by the look of it,” Caroline heard Robert laugh.

“Hey dad, you really like her don’t you?”

“Yes Gaby, I really do. We’ve been on our own for too long now and perhaps Caroline can fill the void for both of us.”

“So you like, like her then?”

Not wanting to hear his answer in fear that it wouldn’t be what she wanted to hear, Caroline knocked on the study door and entered the room. Gabriella was still stood in the corner but had obviously turned her head back when she heard Caroline’s knock.

“Turn around and come here Gabriella.”

Caroline could see that she had been crying since she left the room and wondered about the parts of the conversation with Robert she had missed.

“I’m sorry I had to spank you so hard, but it is important that you understand that I’m not a soft touch. I’ll never punish you unless you do something to deserve it, but try not to push your luck too far in the future.”

“Yes Miss Parker.”

Caroline looked deep into Gabriella’s eyes seeing need as well as a questioning stare. Caroline opened her arms and held Gabriella close, stroking her hair and patting her bottom gently. Suddenly Gabriella burst into tears, great racking sobs escaping her. Caroline held her tightly, cooing soft words in her ear until the sobbing subsided and they broke apart. Wiping her face with her hand Gabriella smiled a rueful smile.

“Sorry about that. Majorly embarrassing.”

Caroline reached out and stroked the side of her face.

“I understand my dear. Everyone needs a hug after a spanking,” she looked over at Robert Wilson as she said this.

Robert looked in wonder at the bond that had formed so quickly between Caroline and his daughter. The last vestiges of doubt swept away as he witnessed the tenderness with which Caroline had comforted Gabriella. All that he had been denying himself stood in front of him and he knew he had to find some way to claim it.
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