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Miss Parker - Part 5 (The final Part - Maybe)

Caroline gets her maintenance spanking and much more...
Miss Parker - Part 5 (The final installment - maybe)

Gabriella went upstairs to clean herself up and change before dinner. Robert went to his drinks cabinet and poured two small aperitifs and handed one to Caroline.

“Caroline, I’m impressed by the way you handled that situation. Not too severe, but enough to drive home the message.”

Thank you Mr. Wilson. I wasn’t sure at first, but it seemed like the right thing to do.”

“Gaby will certainly think again before being cheeky to you.”

“I hope so. I certainly agree that a regular maintenance spanking will help keep us on our toes.”


“I’m sure you noticed that I was quite rude to you earlier when you questioned my choice of implement and I assume you’ll want to speak with me quite firmly about that.”

Caroline gave Robert a cheeky smile, walked across the room and retrieved one of the armless chairs, placing it in front of the desk. Robert needed no second invitation, he placed his glass on the coffee table and crossed the room to take his seat, patting his lap. Caroline lay over his lap, pushing her bottom up a little. Robert took hold of the hem of her dress and flipped it up and over, Caroline’s lovely pert bottom bare underneath.

“Madam,” Robert said in mock stern tones, “You seem to be only half dressed.”

Robert stroked her bottom, enjoying the silky feel of her cool skin and allowing his fingers to wander down to the moistness between her legs, a soft ahhhh, escaping her lips as he brushed his fingers lightly over he pussy.

“I’m a naughty girl sir, I hope you can help correct my behavior?”

“You are a very naughty. I’ll have to give you extra for your wanton behavior.”

Robert began spanking Caroline quite gently, using quick spanks all over her bottom, bringing a sigh of pure contentment from Caroline. After a couple of minutes he slowed the pace and incrementally increased the force of each spank until he was landing firm crisp spanks to each cheek before quickening and relaxing the force again. Caroline cried and moaned in equal measure as she could feel her bottom getting hotter and hotter and her pussy get wetter and wetter. She wriggled and pushed her bottom up to meet each spank and then ground her pussy on Roberts trouser imprisoned erection.

Roberts breath was coming quicker as Caroline's gyrations started to take effect. After delivering a dozen good hard spanks which brought more insistent cries from Caroline, Robert stopped the spanking to return to stroking her well warmed bottom and running his fingers over her pussy lips, gently rubbing her engorged clitoris.

Caroline slipped to the floor and turning to look at Robert, she could see and feel his unashamed need. She slipped off his shoes and stood him up, her hands undoing his belt, unzipping his trousers and removing them and then his pants to reveal what to Caroline's eyes looked like about nine inches of uncut, rock hard cock. She reached behind and unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head, dumping it on the floor.

She took Robert's cock in her hands, stroking the length with one hand while cupping and stroking his balls with the other. Slipping her hands around to clasp his bum, she slid him into her mouth. Using her tongue along the shaft before closing her lips and sucking gently and then hard, repeating this over and over.

Robert gasped and moaned softly as Caroline continued to work on him. God, it had been too long since he had allowed himself to experience such emotion and pure unadulterated pleasure. He could feel the pressure building in his cock as his orgasm approached.

Feeling he was getting close, Caroline backed off and slipped his cock out of his mouth.

"Please, Don't stop," Robert croaked.

"But Sir, it's so naughty," laughed Caroline looking up at Robert with a grin.

"You are a wicked woman Caroline," Robert smiled down at her. “Perhaps you need more punishment."

Caroline stood and unbuttoned Roberts shirt and slipped it off, so they were now both naked. She ran her hands over his shoulders and chest and then leaning forward kissed him hard. Robert responded, their tongues intertwining. Caroline stepped around him and bent herself over his desk and looked back over her shoulder.

"Perhaps I need a good paddling sir."

"You certainly do, you wanton."

Robert retrieved the paddle Caroline has used on Gabriella and returned to Caroline.

“How many swats do you deserve?”

“That isn’t for me to decide, you must punish me as you see fit.”

Robert slipped a hand between Caroline’s legs and inserted a couple of fingers into Caroline and rubbed his thumb over he clit making Caroline moan with pleasure and spread her legs wider. Raising the paddle with his other hand he whacked it across her bottom making Caroline jump and gasp.

“Wow, that packs quite a sting doesn’t it,” gasped Caroline.

“Push your bottom up and spread your legs more.”

Caroline did as she was told and Robert spanked her bottom with the paddle while fingering her pussy and clit. Caroline writhed, moaned and cried out as waves of pain, pleasure and need washed over her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Robert dropped the paddle and entered Caroline hard from behind, thrusting in long hard strokes while taking her by the shoulders, lifting her up and running his hands over her firm breasts. Caroline came hard and then came again and again and the heady mixture of the spanking, Robert’s hard cock and his hot hands on her body combined to push her beyond anything she had ever felt before.

Finally Robert couldn’t hold back any more, he gasped and shuddered as he exploded inside Caroline driving himself deep inside her.

Sliding to the floor, they lay on the thick carpet, entwined in each others' arms, panting from their exertions.

Robert kissed Caroline deeply and Caroline responded in kind, savoring his taste. They lay kissing and just existing in the moment, enjoying the feel of each other for a few more minutes and then slowly got up and made their way to the en-suite bathroom attached to the study. Robert ran the shower and taking Caroline’s hand, took her into the shower and washed her body slowly and gently, taking his time to wash and massage every part of her body. Caroline leaned back against the shower wall with her eyes closed, savoring every caress as Robert worked his finger between her toes and her fingers and then between her legs, stroking her lips and clit until Caroline was moaning and running her hands through Robert’s hair.

Robert stood and lifted Caroline effortlessly, sliding her down and onto his erection. Leaning her against the shower wall he slipped into her gently and began to thrust in and out, but slowly. Their lips met and while the hot water cascaded down upon them, Caroline and Robert lost themselves in a moment of pure love and passion. There was not the frenzied urgency of earlier, but when it came, their almost simultaneous orgasm reverberated deep inside each of them.

At eight o’clock dinner was served and both Caroline and Gabriella squirmed a bit on their seats as the sting from their paddling was still quite fresh. Gabriella noticed Caroline’s slight discomfort but also the looks she was giving her father and those he returned. Gabriella smiled to herself decided that she had better get to know Caroline much better.

A few days later, Caroline went up to Gabriella’s room to speak with her about a physics paper she had to review, but when she raised her hand to knock, Caroline realized she could smell marijuana.

Knocking firmly, she heard Gabriella scrambling around with a “Just a minute” call though the door. Finally the door opened and Gabriella let Caroline in. The window was open, but there was still a slight whiff in the air.

“Gaby, I just came up to discuss that physics paper with you, but it appear that we have something more serious to discuss.

“Oh,” Gabriella replied, trying to sound innocent.

“I’m sure I don’t have to tell you your father's views on drugs. Do I?”


“I think this is something to nip in the bud right now don’t you think?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Looking around the room, Caroline spotted a large wooden backed hairbrush. Picking it up, she pointed at Gabriella.

“Get those shorts and knickers off right now and get over my knee.”

“But Caroline, it was only one joint, and who do you think you are any way, my mum?”

“No, but I care for you very much and this is for your own good. I could always tell your father if you’d prefer, but I suspect you may well find yourself bent over and the senior cane being applied to your behind.”

“Oh alright then.”

Gabriella slipped out of her shorts and knickers and came over to the bed. Caroline sat down and pulled her over her lap. Taking the hairbrush firmly in her hand she proceeded to spank Gabriella hard.

Gabriella squirmed and cried as she tried to avoid the stinging blows of the hairbrush, but Caroline held her tightly in place and continued to rain down hand smacks.

Once Gabriella’s bottom had been turned a nice bright pink and she was wailing and crying and promising never to smoke pot in the house again, Caroline relented and stopped the spanking. She sat Gabriella on her knee and rocked, and stroked her hair while Gabriella sobbed into her shoulder.

“I wish you were my mum,” said Gabriella between snuffles.

Tears sprang to Caroline’s eyes as she held the sobbing girl. Yes, she thought, I wish I were your mum too.
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