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Monique rides a bike!

Sex in the outdoors..

She was 5’8 in her cycling shoes but it was the legs that stretched to heaven that caught my attention, strong legs but not to heavy or bulky like typical cyclist’ s legs. Firm calves and well-defined thighs ran smoothly into tight buns that filled the Lycra shorts more than adequately. The shorts were tight, cutting into her pubic area. Most men would have killed for her washboard stomach, which was a perfect link to her perky breasts. Her nipples were standing up creating tight little nubs pressing against the wet sweaty fabric of her crop top.


The next time I saw her was in the local bar that evening. I had just moved into a cabin up in the mountains after a messy divorce and it was the first evening   that I let myself out with the purpose of getting to know my new neighbourhood and to not sit on my own again. She was waitressing and trying to keep up with a demanding clientele. “What can I get you?” she asked as I slid onto a bar stool at the far end of the counter, “a beer please” I responded which was reciprocated with a smile and a nod. Beer in the hand I started scrutinising the local crowd but my eyes kept drifting back to her.


This time she was dressed in a pair of low cut jeans. A tight white t-shirt made her breasts look perfect and her hair was tied back with a bandana. As she bent over to pick up a rag, I noticed her red thong slipping up above the waistband of her jeans and I felt a long forgotten feeling in my crotch


“Hi, name’s Monique, you new to the area? She asked as she brought me another beer without me asking. “Yes I replied moved up from the city last weekend”. “You cycle?” she responded. “Yes I do and I believe you do as well, maybe you can show me some tracks sometime?” “It will be my pleasure,” she said as she moved away to serve some other customer.


I had dinner and chatted with a couple of the locals and just before I headed home, I arranged to meet Monique the next morning for a ride up to Iron crown, the peak that towers over the village. I got into bed that night thinking about Monique and started stroking myself with the thought my face buried in her pussy lapping up her juices while playing with her clit. I could feel her tight bum in my hand and her nipples pressing against my chest while I slipped into her and filled her with thick cum.


We headed up the dirt track and I silently thanked the gods for the training I had done in the preceding months, as the track was steep and deeply rutted in places. This did not seem to bother Monique as she skilfully tracked up and over even the most difficult sections. About half way up the mountain, we hit a Plato, which gave me a bit of a breather and time to admire the view, especially the one in front of me in the Lycra tights. “Race you to the Waterfall” Monique shouted while sprinting ahead. It took all my power to keep up with her and came to a skidding halt just after she dismounted from her bike next to a pool at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall.


“I hope you don’t mind but I have to cool of,” said Monique as she started to strip of her kit in front of me. Everything that I imagined was true and better. Monique was in the water splashing around before I could collect myself and I realised that I would have to get into the water soon before she saw my enormous erection, clearly visible through my cycling shorts.

Diving into the water, I made sure that I was headed into the direction of my newly founded object of admiration. Coming up and wiping the water from my eyes I focused on Monique in front of me. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with a force that surprised me. Her tongue explored my mouth and she would bite my bottom lip from time to time. She had one leg around my waist and my throbbing erection was pushed up against her pussy. She slowly started moving up and down using the full length of my dick to masturbate against while exploring my face, neck and chest with her tongue and teeth.


My arms went round her waist with my hands on both bum cheeks spreading them. Using my fingers to explore the valley between the cheeks I started to move downward to her bum hole and started to finger the brown circle with one finger. Sucking her one nipple into my mouth, I started to nibble lightly on it while teasing it with my tongue from time to time. Her breasts were firm and the cold water made the nipples rock hard against my chest. Her breath was starting to get a bit ragged by now and I picked her up and carried her to the edge of the water were I put her down on her back with her legs still around my waist.


Sliding down I spread her legs and started to lick her pussy, dripping with water and juices. The outside was a light rusty brown and she had a neat brazilian. The inside was light pink and so tight that when she clamped down I struggled to get my tongue past the outside layers. Her clit was swollen and begging for attention. I slid my hands under her bum and lifted her towards my face while working her clit into a bright pink mound with my tongue. “Finger my arse,” she gasped and I quickly moistened my finger on her juices and started to circle the brown ring again. She was bucking around under my tongue and mouth and my finger started to slide a little deeper into the moist and stretching hole. My thumb slid into her vagina, my middle finger into her bum, my tongue occupied her clit, and Monique started to scream, “Fuck me, fuck me”


My erection was starting to demand some attention and I turned around positioning myself over her face while keeping up the clit, vagina, and bum routine. The feeling of my dick being sucked into a hungry mouth was almost enough to make me cum but I focused on the job at hand. Monique was busy sucking my dick and nibbling my balls when I felt a finger starting to circle and probe my bum hole in much the same way as I did hers. The thought of us doing the same thing to each other at the same time was amazing but I wanted it to last so pulled back.


Monique rolled over and presented her tight ass. “I want you in me now,” she demanded. I was on my knees behind her and slid my dick into her pussy. Slowly I started to move in and out teasing her by only putting the tip of my dick into her opening and keeping it there before slowly withdrawing. She started to push back and took me up to the balls. Her tight pussy muscles clamped down on me and it took my entire will power not to cum right there and then.


I busied myself by sliding a finger into her bright red bum hole and the groan that escaped her mouth told me she was ready to cum as well. I was not sure if she would like it but decided to give her a little slap on the left bum cheek. “O!” she shouted but did not complain so I did it again. By the third slap, she was riding my dick, throwing her head back and shouting at the top of her voice, “yes baby, fuck me hard”.


The huge pressure build up in my balls was too much to control anymore and I started to cum inside her pussy. With each spasm I impaled her even deeper onto my dick and filled her up. The juices were running down her legs and I could feel that she was close to cumming herself. Without missing a stroke I slid my still hard erection out of her pussy and into her bum, Monique clamped down hard on this un-expected invasion but started moving up and down with a renewed energy.


Her bum was bright red from the spanking, her legs were glistening with our combined juices and she kept on bumping and grinding my dick. She started cumming by arching her back even further, her whole body was shaking and trembling and with a final groan, she came for what felt like an eternity.


We both collapsed in a heap on the soft grass at the water’ s edge totally spent. I felt a movement next to me, opening one eye I looked sideways. Monique was looking at me smiling, “shall we carry on to the top”?


Monique and I never became an item but we had regular rides to the waterfall when the urge became to strong. The nice thing about fucking a friend is that you know exactly what you can expect and receive.

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