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Mother and Daughter’s Discipline

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A mother joins her daughter in disciplining a naughty guest

Susan and John were happily married. Susan definitely wore the trousers so to speak. In fact, Susan demanded John accept not only her decisions but her discipline as well. He regularly made the trip across his wife’s lap to have his bare bottom reddened and his face tear stained. On the other hand though Susan loved her husband dearly, and they both enjoyed the style of life they had chosen.


Susan’s old school friend Jackie had come to stay for a few days. Those school days were only seven years ago, as they were now in their mid twenties. Jackie had gone to live abroad since leaving school but had now returned and was looking up old acquaintances. Susan had been a very close friend and had often come to play at her house when they were younger.


The subject had come up over dinner the night before. John had had a couple of glasses of wine and had made a couple of lewd comments. Susan had said “enough of that John. Don’t think you can get away with comments just because we have a guest.”


John blushed. Jackie asked with a smile “and what does that mean?”


Susan smiled back and said “John knows I don’t like that kind of thing.”


“Oh go on Susan, tell me. It sounds intriguing. What will happen if he continues?”


Susan and John looked at each other. John blushed even deeper, Susan giggled. Of course lots of their friends already knew what would happen. Many had heard Susan snap the command “right John, let’s go in to another room and deal with this” and then listen as Susan scolded and spanked him in the adjoining room. That would be followed by the groans of a woman close to and then reaching orgasm. Susan would come back first and John would go to the bathroom, joining them again later as though nothing had happened.   Susan enjoyed the anguished look on some of the men who were then sitting uncomfortably with erections.


Susan laughed and told her friend about how often she spanked John, and what happened afterwards.


“What, you actually put John across your lap and spank him?” Her mouth gaped open with a smile from ear to ear. “Really?” she almost whispered.


“Yes really. John can be rather childish at times, lovable as he is, so we agreed that childish behaviour deserved disciplinary measures suitable for a child. That means a spanking. Mind you, sometimes he gets a more severe punishment.”


“Like what?” Jackie asked, almost in a trance with surprise. She also realised she was getting quite aroused with the conversation. She had the image in her mind of John with his trousers and pants taken down by a fuming Susan, bent across her lap, and Susan pounding away at his bottom with spank after spank, John squirming around as he tried to avoid the open palm of Susan’s hand thrashing down on his defenceless bottom. Yes, she was getting quite aroused.


Susan clicked her fingers in front of Jackie’s face. “Hullo. Are you there?”


Jackie recoiled, still smiling. “Oh sorry. Really I am. I was miles away just then.”


“I could tell. In fact I can guess what you were thinking of. Do you want to hear the rest then?”


“Oh yes Susan. Go on. What else do you give him?”


“Well, if he is really naughty he gets the wooden back of my hairbrush. And if he is really really bad he gets the cane.” Susan looked directly at Jackie as she said that and smiled when she saw the shock on her friends face, her mouth drop open, but no sounds come out until after several seconds came a hushed “the cane?”


Susan laughed aloud and clapped her hands in glee. She knew that always got everyone.


Jackie recovered and said “no way.”


“Really. It’s true. I can show it to you if you don’t believe me.”


“Oh I believe you Susan. I do. But go on, let’s see it then.”


Susan turned to John and said “go and get it John, in fact bring a couple of them down.”


John sighed, but did as he was told. He knew he had to because there was every chance that if he disobeyed his wife she would give her friend a private viewing as she gave him a few stripes across his bottom.


The girls continued the discussion when John was out of the room. “So John just accepts it does he?”


“Well yes. Mind you he gets something out of it as well. Spanking him gets me really aroused so we have some great sex afterwards.”


“What, every time?”


“Not every time. There are times when he is so naughty I just thrash him to teach him a lesson. He has to satisfy me then, but he doesn’t get anything from me.”


“What do you mean, satisfy you?”


“He has to lick my tushy until I come but he mustn’t come and I don’t touch him. He hates it because by then he has such a hard on you wouldn’t believe.”


“So what does he do?”


“He has to sort himself out. Eventually. It makes him very well behaved most of the time.”


“And when he is good. What does he get?”


“I take him any way he likes, and he loves a full blowjob with me swallowing.”


“No! What a dream for him.”




John came back in to the room with the two canes. He could tell by the look on Jackie’s face she had been told the full score. He didn’t mind really. He knew that Susan always gave him a special treat when she told people about their lifestyle. She was so turned on by the conversation. And he knew was on a promise of great sex later on.


“Wow” Jackie said when she saw the canes. John handed them to her.

“Go on, swish one” Susan encouraged.


Jackie gave one a few swishes through the air. “Cool” she said, in awe.


That was last night. This morning it was different. It was 9.30. John and Jackie were in the lounge, Susan was still upstairs in bed. Jackie had been unable to get the image of Susan spanking John out of her head.


“So what if Susan caught us making out on the couch? What would she do?”


“Please don’t “John begged. “She will kill me.”


“Go on John. I thought you liked being spanked. For the afters.”


“I do Jackie. The afters are great. So, do you want a kiss then? Jackie had a wicked smile on her face. She lent across and pulled John towards her. He didn’t exactly resist as Jackie took his arm and put it on her shoulder as she lent back and rested her head on the side arm of the sofa. John pushed her gently backwards and lay on top of her, his hand on her cheek. Soon their faces were almost touching. He remembered her smell. The perfume. He had smelt it last night. It was the same one. Had it lasted that long. Surely not. She must have put some more on. He looked in to her brown eyes that smiled back at him. She was wearing just her shorty nightdress that didn’t quite cover the frilly knickers she wore underneath. Her bare arms were soon around his neck as she pulled him closer. He had his pyjamas on but his erection was already stretching his pyjama shorts to bursting. Jackie could feel him as she pulled him closer. She wanted to kiss him. She knew she shouldn’t but could not stop herself. John felt the cool skin of her bare arms around his neck as their eyes were millimetres away from each other, their mouths open, their lips almost touching.


“Stop that John. How dare you?” Susan snapped. They both looked up to find Susan towering over them. She wore her wrap around dressing gown which was pulled tight by the cord, with her long bare legs showing. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail. She lent across and gave John a hard smack on his bottom.


“Ow” he gasped.


“Get up right now.” John scampered up and stood up straight, eyes wide open, looking aghast at seeing Susan with such an annoyed look on her face.


“I am so sorry Jackie. Really I am.”


Jackie didn’t know what to say. She had meant it as a joke. She hadn’t meant for John to try to kiss her. She just got carried away.


John was white. All the blood had drained from his face.


“Remember what happened the last time you made a play for another woman?” screamed Susan.


He remembered it well. At a friends house. Susan had spanked him there and then. In front of everyone. On his bare bottom. And there was no sex afterwards. Nothing in fact. Just him standing facing the wall for half an hour until he was told he could join the group again. Knowing he would be disciplined again when they got home. He couldn’t sit down for three days after that.


“Well? What is the meaning of this John?”


John stuttered an apology.


“Don’t bother. Just go and get my hairbrush. Quickly.”


John didn’t try to argue. He ran upstairs. Susan didn’t say anything to Jackie. She just went over to the dining table and turned a chair in to the room. She undid her wrap and took it off, placing it on one of the other chairs. She was wearing a thin nightdress. Sheer. Every inch of her body was clearly visible through the thin material. Her full breasts, her almost flat stomach, the knickers that were oh so small but just covered the hair around her vulva. Then there were her bare arms and bare legs. Susan had already kicked off her slippers. She sat on the chair and waited.


Jackie looked at her and remembered how at school she had really fancied Susan. It was when she realised she was a lesbian. She was so unhappy when Susan didn’t respond to her advances. Susan had no interest in her sexually, just as a good friend. Seeing Susan through that sheer nightdress showed what she had missed.


Susan now looked at Jackie. “I am sorry about that Jackie. Still, you will now see just how I deal with him when he is naughty.”


John re-entered the room holding the hairbrush. He walked across to Susan and handed it to her. As he did he started to beg her not to spank him. In an instant she put her finger to her lips. John stopped speaking immediately. Jackie wondered how come he obeyed her so immediately. She suspected she would find out once the spanking started.


Susan looked at John’s stomach, and Jackie followed her gaze. In fact it wasn’t his stomach. It was his penis. His very erect penis. Scared as he was at what he knew was going to happen he just couldn’t prevent himself from becoming aroused, and he always was, by the power of his wife, at her very authority over him. No matter how he tried he could not stop it. And he knew what that meant. Jackie or no Jackie it was always the same. Whenever it was going to be a strict discipline spanking. Susan never allowed him to bend across her lap with an erection.


“Deal with it” she demanded. Jackie saw him blush deeper than at any time so far, as he went to the kitchen and returned with several paper towels. He removed his pyjamas so he was standing totally naked. Jackie being in the room didn’t faze him. He sat on another chair and started to stroke his erect penis. Jackie immediately realised what was happening and this time she blushed.   John was stroking himself faster and faster and his erection was getting stiffer and stiffer. Soon he was moaning and he closed his eyes. The moaning got louder and faster until he wrapped one of   the towels around his penis, and finished with a long sigh. He was breathing heavily as he removed the towel, wiping himself as he did so. His penis was now quite shrivelled up as he walked over to Susan. She took his penis between her fingers and nodded her head as she seemed satisfied he was no longer aroused. She pointed to her lap and he bent across her, his hands resting on the floor and his legs just dangling on the other side of her lap.


“I make him do that before a discipline spanking Jackie. I don’t want him enjoying any part of it.”


With that she raised her arm and brought her open palm down hard on her husbands bottom. Time and again.


Jackie could not take her eyes off John’s bottom. Perched there as it was. Unprotected. Waiting. At first it was a milky white. Now it was a pinkish colour. Soon it would be red. And who knows what colour once she starts with the wooden backed hairbrush. Suddenly she felt sorry for John. After all it was her fault really. She led him on. She must say something. She will. Susan will understand. They are friends after all.


“Susan” Jackie said.  


Susan looked up but did not stop spanking her husband. “Yes Jackie?”


“Well, you see Susan, I’m not sure..”


The doorbell rang. John stiffened but did not try to get up. Susan looked across at Jackie and asked “can you please get that. Ask whoever it is in. John knows he gets spanked no matter who watches.”


“Right” answered Jackie. She walked out of the room and opened the door. She immediately recognised Susan’s Mother, and her Mother immediately recognised Jackie. “Hullo” they both said. “Erm, its Jackie isn’t it?”


“Yes, that’s right Mrs”


“Call me Sheila.”


“Right. Yes, it is Sheila. Do come in.”


The sound of the spanking was clearly heard from the hallway.


“Oh dear. Has John got himself into trouble again?” Sheila said as she walked towards the lounge.


Jackie could see it was never the other way around. If someone was being spanked then it had to be John.


Susan looked up as they entered the room. “Hi Mum” Susan said casually, still continuing the spanking unabated. “You know Jackie don’t you.”


“Yes I do remember Jackie well. She was always coming over to play, weren’t you Jackie.”


“Yes Sheila, I always enjoyed being at your house.” Sheila smiled.


“So Susan, what’s he done now?” Sheila asked.


“He made a play for poor Jackie. He had his hands all over her.” Still she continued spanking John, whose bottom was now getting rather red.


“I see” Sheila said, looking at Jackie. “That’s not nice is it Jackie?”


Jackie blushed and looked at the floor, screwing her face up. It was much harder now. Telling Susan was one thing, but with her Mother here it was more awkward.


“You were going to say something Jackie, before Mum got here. What was it then?” Susan asked.


Jackie couldn’t speak. She wanted to. She tried to form the words. But nothing came out.


Susan and Sheila looked at each other. Then they both looked at Jackie. Sheila spoke first. “It was John’s fault wasn’t it? You did say that didn’t you Jackie?”


Jackie looked at Sheila. She still couldn’t speak. She looked at Susan as her arm was going up and down, spanking John’s bare bottom time and time again. She couldn’t take her eyes from them. Her friend sitting in her see through nightdress with her husband lying naked across her bare legs, she spanking him and he squirming under the constant blows. She realised it was wrong of her not to say anything. She also realised something else. She was wet. Very wet. Between her legs. So wet that both Sheila and Susan could see the stain on her knickers. Again they looked at each other. Still Susan continued to spank her husband.


“Was it you Jackie?” Sheila asked quietly. Jackie looked at her and just nodded.


“I see” said Sheila. Disappointment in her voice. “You should have said so earlier.”


Jackie at last found her voice. “I know” Jackie admitted. “I’m sorry.”


“Stand up John” Susan demanded. John eased himself up, and stood looking at his wife.


“Is that how it was John?”


“Sort of” John replied.


“Sort of?” Susan spat back. “What does that mean?” She gave her husband a stare. No sign of an apology from Susan Jackie noticed.


“Oh I see. Jackie started it but you didn’t do anything to stop her. Is that how it was John? Was it?”


John nodded. Jackie wondered why he wasn’t stronger in his own defence.


“I see. Well then, that’s not so bad. Still bad, but not so bad.”


Susan looked at Jackie. “What about you Jackie. You really did start it then?”


“Yes Susan. I’m sorry. I just asked him what would happen if you caught us, and I tried to kiss him. He got on top of me. Next thing I knew you were there. Shouting.”


“I see. So, what else were you trying to do?” Sheila pointed at the stain on her knickers. Jackie knew what her friend was looking at.


“Yes, well. It’s just that watching you spank John is so arousing. You look so sexy. Just so sexy.”


“What, you think you deserve to be allowed to spank John yourself? Is that it?” Susan spoke in a rather questioning tone.


“No no, not at all.”


Sheila said “I think I know Susan. It’s a little different to that. I think she wants to be spanked. She knows she has been naughty and needs to take her punishment. That’s right isn’t it Jackie?”


Jackie looked at Sheila and nodded. That is exactly what she wanted to happen. Her far too sexy friend giving her a spanking.


Susan said “I see. Yes Mum, I can see that now. Thank you. Well Jackie you have been naughty and I can see the need to spank you. But I usually use up all my strength spanking John, and then he has to sort me out and the like. It’s not that easy spanking two people you know.”


Jackie looked at the floor and said “I understand.” She really did want her friend to spank her. Maybe she could suggest she do it later on.


“I tell you what Jackie, how about if Mum spanks you?”


Jackie was going to object but before she could speak Sheila said “Why not. You remember the time the two of you came home very late from the Mall? You were teenagers.”


“Yes I do Mum. You gave us both a whopping.”


“Yes. Well. I can do that again for sure. I can certainly give Jackie a spanking for you.”


Jackie looked shocked “Hang on a second. I might be happy enough if Susan spanked me but you Sheila, well that’s different. That would be like a proper punishment, you being Susan’s Mother and all.”


Susan laughed. “You don’t get it do you Jackie. You don’t get a choice. If we decide Mum spanks you then she spanks you. Get it now?”


Jackie blushed. Yes she got it.


You have one choice Jackie. You pack your bags now or Mum spanks you. Oh and you do everything else she says. Because it’s not just a spanking I’m going to give John. He has to repay my efforts.”


“How?” Jackie asked.


“In good time Jackie. It’s your choice now you know.”


Jackie looked across at Sheila. She wore a light pink short-sleeved t-shirt with blue flowers on, and a white skirt that went down to just above her knee. Her legs were bare. She remembered that time she was spanked. It hurt. A lot. But afterwards her bottom stung, but in a nice way. She remembered going to bed that night and putting her fingers between her legs and bringing herself to the most wonderful orgasm. She had often wondered about being spanked again. Here was her chance. On a plate. Ok, not from Susan. But from Sheila wasn’t really so bad. Being spanked by her friends Mother would be just like her childhood spanking. Across the lap of an older woman. Being disciplined.


Jackie looked at them both in turn, and said “ok. I deserve it after all.”


“Right” said Susan, taking charge. “John, back across my lap. Jackie, get undressed and go across Mum’s lap. Quickly now!”


Jackie didn’t have much to take off. She pulled the short nighty over her head and put it on the sofa. She quickly pulled down her knickers and stepped out of them and threw them on top of the nighty before walking over to Sheila.


Sheila patted her lap but kept a very straight face. Jackie groaned, and then bent down and over her lap. When in position she looked across at Susan who pursed her lips, nodded at her Mother, and started spanking John again.


“Right my girl, there’s some catching up to do I think. This bottom of yours needs to be a deep shade of red doesn’t it” A statement reckoned a now contrite Jackie. With that Sheila raised her hand and started spanking Jackie’s bare bottom.


At first Jackie was regretting her decision. Being spanked wasn’t as much fun as she had remembered. Then when the stinging started it was somehow more exciting. And when Sheila spanked the backs of her legs it was best of all. Soon Jackie found herself lifting her bottom off Sheila’s lap, welcoming each spank, encouraging it. And Sheila seemed to be spanking her harder, reacting to the encouragement. Even through the pain, and when Jackie opened her eyes and saw the carpet was a blur she knew she was crying.


Jackie could not stop herself crying. Sheila was disciplining her severally. It hurt. It stung, and the tears streamed down her face. But at the same time she was aroused. Just being upended across a woman’s lap, being spanked on her bare bottom, harshly, deliberately, yet lovingly, it aroused her so much. She could see John being spanked across the room through her tear filled eyes, and she could see Susan looking back, without stopping the spanking, eying her, asking her Mother if she was getting through to Jackie, and yes, her Mother was certain she was.


Sometimes Sheila would stop spanking her, and gently rub her bottom, even the tops of her legs. On one occasion she even rubbed her inner thighs. That was wonderful. Jackie closed her eyes, groaned quietly, and eased her legs apart. Sheila rubbed deeper, hearing Jackie’s groans. She stroked Jackie’s inner thighs until Jackie raised her bottom, inviting Sheila to touch her very private parts. And Sheila took up the invitation. Jackie didn’t realise it but Susan and Sheila were smiling at each other. Susan kept spanking John but watched as Sheila stroked Jackie’s thighs, higher and higher, until her hand brushed her hair, Jackie opened her legs further, and Sheila could see how wet she was, her hair was glistening.


“She’s hot for it” Sheila said to Susan.


“That’s not right. Get up Jackie” Susan demanded, by now having a very severe look on her face. Jackie stood up.


Sheila took control and started to give Jackie orders. “Go over to that chair. You know what to do. Do it now.” There was an icy sharpness to Sheila’s voice. Jackie was scared. She was suddenly very aware of her nakedness and covered her breasts with one arm and her private area with her other.


“Now” Sheila dictated. “Hurry up girl or it will be the cane for you later” Sheila added.


Jackie was shaken out of her stupor. She didn’t want the cane. She rushed over to the chair and sat down. She parted her legs and both women could clearly see her moist hair. She covered it with her hand and started to rub. Gently at first. Then faster as she became more aroused. She kept looking at Sheila. Suddenly her strict voice and stern demeanour was attractive to Jackie, and she focussed more and more on the older woman to spur herself on to orgasm. Her fingers were now very wet as she kept rubbing. She stroked her breasts with her other hand to bring herself even higher. Still looking at Sheila. She was moaning and groaning as she got closer to orgasm and suddenly came, unable to stop the long exhaust of air as she relaxed again, her fingers still between her legs. The wetness a reminder of what she had just done.


“OK” Sheila demanded, Jackie stirring immediately, remembering the situation she was in. “Over here young lady.”


Jackie got up and walked over to Sheila. She waited for the command to go back over her lap. Instead Sheila put her hand between Jackie’s legs. Jackie put out a hand to stop her. Susan shot across a command “bad move Jackie, do want the cane because any more and you will get six of the cane. Do you want that?”


Jackie looked across at Susan, tears in her eyes, as she shook her head, her lips trembling.


“Right then, let go of Mum’s hand.”


Jackie let go immediately. Sheila rubbed her inner thigh again and this time moved her hand fully over Jackie’s hair, feeling her lips, soft, wet, very wet. She looked across at Susan and said “she’s still aroused dear.”


“Get the cane anyway Mum. That will sort her out.”


Jackie gasped, and put her hand over her mouth as she stifled a gasp. More tears flowed as she watched Sheila leave the room and go upstairs.   Susan looked across at Jackie and said “I told you not to be naughty. This is what happens when you are bad.”


Sheila returned with the cane.   She looked at Jackie and said “right young lady, wipe yourself dry first, there, between your legs, then bend over and grab the chair, keep your bottom pointed right at me. If you move the stroke won’t count, Believe me, I can go on forever.”


Jackie didn’t argue. She knew this would hurt, but at least she will be caned by a beautiful domineering woman. She took the towel and dried herself, looking at Sheila. Then she bent over. She closed her eyes as Sheila stood to one side and she heard the first swish, just before the thwack as the cane hit her bottom. Jackie held on tight as the pain spread right across her buttocks. She believed Sheila when she said she would carry on forever. She had no doubt there would be no leniency. She allowed herself a loud gasp.


“Good girl” Sheila said. “Five more.”


Jackie was trembling, shaking, crying, gasping for breath, all at the same time by the time the sixth stroke hit home, She was blubbering. She couldn’t take any more she was sure.


Sheila immediately felt between her legs. Jackie had not expected that, but was glad when she heard Sheila say “not too wet now Susan. She’s going to learn now.”


“OK Jackie, you can stand up and rub your bottom.” Sheila’s voice was quieter although still authoritative. Jackie knew she still had to obey every order from the older woman.   Sheila immediately felt between her legs. Jackie had not expected that, but was glad when she heard Sheila say “not too wet now Susan. She’s going to learn now.”


Sheila realised she was getting really aroused by disciplining Jackie. She loved having the younger woman across her lap, spanking her bare bottom, and caressing it, at her whim, her choice. Watching her naked body squirm around on her lap, her bottom bouncing to the tune of her hand. She enjoyed having this control.


Jackie felt her bottom gingerly, and could make out the welts. Then rubbed harder and found it soothing. Not for long though.


“Right Mum, put her back across your lap and a few with the hairbrush will do her good.”


Jackie cried out again. “Please don’t” she said half heartedly, knowing it would do no good.


“Would you prefer the cane again then?” asked Susan, a wicked smile on her face.


Jackie looked at her. She didn’t hate her. Not at all. She knew the pain would pass, and that she had wanted to be punished. She was thankful really. She just hoped next time Susan would do it. So Jackie meekly bent back across Sheila’s lap. Now quite used to the position.


Jackie cried out with the first spank from the hairbrush. It was not anywhere nearly as hard as the cane, but hurt more than with the hand. And there was no arousal. It was just pain. Masturbating had altered the whole feeling. Now she was simply being disciplined. Soon the rhythm was established. A spank with the brush, a gasp from Jackie, eyes filled with tears, a gap, then over again. Always in the background though Jackie could make out the sound of the spanking Susan was still giving her husband. All this time. And yet he didn’t cry out. Not like her. Not like her at all.


Jackie was squirming and shaking and crying and in pain all at the same time until suddenly it stopped. Sheila rubbed her bottom, saying soothing things to try to calm her down. It was over. All over. Jackie lay there, not trying to move, having accepted her punishment she was now desperately trying to compose herself again. She eventually managed it. Her eyes were still tear filled but she managed to stand up, put her hands on her bottom and rub. She felt the heat. She could feel the welts still. It felt so good, being able to rub. So so good.


“Go and stand next to John Jackie, and put your hands on your head.”


Jackie looked behind her and saw John standing with his back to the wall, hands on his head. Silent. Still naked. His penis still erect in front of him. She joined him. As she got closer she saw the tears in his eyes. So it had hurt him after all.


Susan and Sheila stood in front of them. Both still dressed. Both still very much in charge of the naughty boy and girl they had each just spanked. Jackie knew their fate was still in the hands of these dominant women.


Susan went up to John and said “Well John, I hope you have learned your lesson?”


“Yes Susan. I’m sorry.”


“I know. Good boy. So, now you need to give me my present. OK?”


“Yes Susan” and Susan went over and sat on the chair again. She took her knickers off and spread her legs open. John kneeled in front of her, his reddened bottom on view to Sheila and Jackie, Jackie well aware her own bottom will be as red, and with the welts of course. John edged up to Susan, kissing her thighs, and slowly working his way up to her hair, her vulva, and the wet vaginal lips and clit he knew would be there.


Jackie looked on. How she wished she could do that to Sheila. She was getting wet very quickly just thinking about it.   She realised Sheila was talking to her and took her eyes away from Susan and John and focussed on Sheila who was standing very close to her.


“Have you learnt your lesson as well Jackie?”


“Oh yes Sheila I have. I really have. You have given a good hard lesson.”


Sheila asked “Are you Ok?” with a friendly smile.


“Yes yes I am thank you Sheila. I meant it. I knew when I was across your lap you were giving me something I really deserved” she answered.


She glanced across at Susan and John again.


Sheila said “It’s the present he always gives her, once she has punished him.”


“I know.” She said. She looked again at Sheila, and realised that she was just as attractive s Susan. Maybe being older she was more so. And she owed this older woman a present after all. She suddenly asked “would you like me to do that for you?”


Sheila was taken aback.


“Have you done that before then?” she asked.


“Well, erm, yes, I have.”


“Oh” is all Sheila could say. “I haven’t” she eventually added. Susan was now groaning behind her, and Sheila knew she was becoming more and more aroused. Then she remembered the conversation she had had with Susan a week or so ago. How she had told her daughter she thought she had gone off men completely and was actually becoming attracted to women. She wondered if that would affect her. Susan told her not to worry about it.


Susan was moaning louder and louder, gasping and groaning, getting closer and closer to orgasm. She didn’t normally wait for that. She would have discreetly left the room. Gone home in fact. She only stayed because Jackie was there, and she had spanked her after all.


“I don’t mind Sheila. If it’s your first time. Really I don’t. I have to give you a present don’t I?”


Sheila looked up at her. An attractive enough young girl but the same age as her daughter though. Still, she hadn’t had sex with a man in ages. She left her husband years ago and didn’t feel the need to meet another man. Was this different. A woman after all. Not a man. But she felt she needed something. She was so aroused by the spanking she had given. She did deserve a present didn’t she? And here was this attractive naked young woman asking to share her first time with her.


Jackie returned the look, meeting Sheila eye to eye. More confident now. Jackie thought how attractive Sheila was. Actually just an older version of Susan. And why not. Mother and daughter after all. That’s why she found her so attractive she supposed. She had fancied Susan for all those years and was so disappointed when the attraction wasn’t returned.


Jackie smiled and held out her hand. Sheila smiled back, nodded, and took hold of Jackie’s hand. They walked over to the chair. Sheila slipped off her knickers and sat down. She looked across at Susan, who had now stood up. John took her place sitting down. Susan caught her Mother’s eye and grinned, a questioning look at first but then the grin turned to a smile and a nod of the head. Sheila returned her nod. “This is good” she mouthed to her daughter.


Sheila sat down. Jackie knelt in front of her. They both looked across at Susan who was now kneeling in front of John, her hand around his erect penis, her mouth about to engulf it. This was her present to him. A full blowjob, swallowing his warm juices and all.


Jackie turned back to Sheila. They smiled at each other, “Yes Jackie, I will do this for you afterwards. My present to you.” Jackie moved between her thighs, kissing then, and then her tongue licking her wet hair and vulva. Soon Sheila was moaning and gasping as Jackie’s tongue kept licking away. Sheila started to move her hips in reaction to the tongue that was giving her so much joy.   Jackie reacted by licking faster, and deeper. She knew Sheila was close. She could feel it. And then the long gasp and groan rolled in to one told her Sheila had come. She kept kissing her wet hair and her thighs, and Sheila reacted with quiet sighs, and a smile to kill for.


Jackie stopped. Sheila stood up and tenderly pulled Jackie to her feet. “You OK?” she asked.


“Yes” Jackie replied, really feeling very good indeed. Her sore bottom all but forgotten. Then to her surprise, no delight, Sheila took Jackie’s face in her hands and pulled her gently up to hers, kissing her full on the lips. Jackie pulled back for a second, looked straight in to Sheila’s smiling eyes, smiled herself, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took Sheila’s tongue full in to her mouth for a long and sensational kiss, Sheila pulling Jackie in towards her, running her hands up and down her naked back, even daring to caress Jackie’s breasts.


Sheila and Jackie parted and looked deep into each others eyes. At that moment Sheila realised she had feelings for Jackie. The young lady she had just disciplined. Jackie was still naked and Sheila looked her up and down with enjoyment. Yes, enjoyment at looking at a naked female body. Exactly what she thought would be her reaction. The one she discussed with Susan. And here she was, a naked woman had been in her arms, had kissed and licked her most personal area, and she had promised to do the same to Jackie. A promise she intended keeping. She was becoming wet just looking at Jackie. She looked at Jackie’s private area. OK, so no penis, but certainly a lot she can play with. A lot she can give pleasure to. And no man had breasts like Jackie’s either. She smiled, to herself as much as to Jackie.


Jackie returned the smile. She had enjoyed bringing Sheila to orgasm. This lovely woman had great legs, great thighs, and she could tell that she had a great body under the t-shirt she had kept on. So far. And yes she enjoyed being thrashed by her. The harder she hit her the more aroused she became. Not with the cane, but even that left a sensation she wanted repeated. Yes, she wanted to be thrashed again, and again. To be ordered across her lap and be disciplined. By Sheila. Then she will give Sheila the most wonderful present. Just like today.


Sheila knew it was time for the next giant step. “Can I give you your turn now Jackie, my present to you?” Sheila asked.


Sheila held her breath, not sure of the answer she will be given. A woman. A woman half her own age at that. But she didn’t question it. She just thought it was natural. She had been so aroused by this young lady so why fight it.


Jackie smiled. “That sounds really nice. You will spank me again Sheila?” Jackie asked, rubbing her sore bottom.


“Of course, a hard one, every time you earn it” Sheila said with a feigned cross look, and a brimming smile. But she was so happy. She had good feelings that this will be a wonderful affair.


Jackie laughed. “You need to spank me, to keep me under control. I know I will earn lots of spankings. I am rather naughty sometimes you know. I will accept your discipline and afterwards I will give you a present. Each time.”


“You know Jackie, I can be just as strict as my daughter here. You will be across my lap many many times.”


They hugged each other.


Jackie realised she felt so natural with Sheila. The age difference meant nothing. She had been with older women before.


They turned to find John gasping as his load of warm fluid flew from his penis and filled Susan’s mouth as she closed her eyes and took what looked like a deep breath before swallowing the fluid in her mouth. She picked up a paper towel and wiped her mouth.


Susan said to John “OK Mister, let’s go upstairs. That was just for starters. Go on, you’ve earned something special this time. I’ll follow in a second.”


John disappeared.


Susan asked “everything OK with you two?”


Jackie smiled and said “yes thank you. I think I’ve found a new friend.” She turned and kissed Sheila.


“Were you match making Susan?” Jackie asked.


Sheila looked surprised at the question.


“Why do you ask that Jackie? asked Susan, smiling.


“The way you told John how he had earned a special treat perhaps?”


Susan answered “Well, I thought you two would get on.” She gave one of her mischievous smiles.


Sheila was about to make a sharp comment, but stopped. She looked at her daughter and then at Jackie. “You know something, you could be right there. I tell you what Jackie. Get dressed and come back to my house. Bring some clothes for a couple of days as well. We can say a real thank you to each other in my bed. And I can set some rules that will earn you a spanking, the first of many I will be giving you. How about that?”


“Yes please” Jackie said.

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