Mr. Bigs and I

By justdance

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Mandy gets what she has always dreamed of; a kiss from Mr. Bigs. But it leads to more...
Mr. Bigs was my favorite teacher. He was about 30 years old, but I was 18, so I didn't feel wrong about having a huge crush on him. He taught English and even though I hated English, he made me want to go to his class. I always made sure to check my hair and makeup in the bathroom everyday before his class. I always wore the cutest bras and panties the days I had his class. I sat in the front row and liked to mess with him by spreading my legs just a little bit so my thong or panties would be visible. My perky breasts were always up so my cleavage was showing. Mr. Bigs often stared at me during class and I swam in the attention, wanting more than anything to just kiss him, or whatever he wanted.

One day after class, I was taking my time to pack my book bag. It was the last class of the day so I didn't feel bad about going slowly. I stood up and turned my back to Mr. Bigs. My mini skirt was short enough as it was, but I knew if I bent down, he'd be able to see my panties perfectly. I decided to make a move. My pen 'rolled' off my desk. I bent down slowly, sticking my ass in the air to get it. I could feel his eyes on my ass, as I stood up slowly and turned around. His face was beat red, his whole body leaning over the desk, because he had wanted a closer look. I giggled and continued to pack my bag. As I went to leave, Mr. Bigs spoke up.

"Mandy, do you mind staying after class for just a moment please?" He asked me, nervously.

I let go of the door handle and skipped around to face him. I approached him slowly and stopped near to him. I saw him swallow and heard the gulp. He was trying to resist something, as his fingers were gripping the arms of his chair.

"Am I in some sort of....trouble?" I asked curiously.

"No, not at all," he said slowly. He looked me up and down and I just stood there smiling.

"Well, am I failing?" I asked, biting my lip. I looked down at his pants and saw a small bulge growing. I knew his mind was somewhere else.

"No. You are one of my brightest students. I...I really just enjoy having you in class. Your essays are always on point and...and..." he stuttered off into silence as I shushed him.

"I think I know what you want from me," I said sensually. He looked away and turned his chair so I wasn't in his direct view. I walked over to the front of his desk, so he was facing me once again.

"I don't bite Mr. Bigs. I have something I need to confess actually. The guys here call me Lolly. You can probably guess why I'm sure. But I'm not a slut. I just have needs. But I have never before. I'm still a virgin. I'm saving myself for someone special. All the guys who I suck...I mean...the guys I pleasure want to have sex with me because they say I am so sexy but I tell them no. It's so hard to tell them no. I guess I just wanted to tell you that because maybe you could help me out?" I asked.

He looked down at his desk for a moment, then he looked into my eyes. His face was perfect, his lips just looked so juicy. I had to kiss them, so I leaned in, but before I could go all the way, Mr. Bigs met me halfway. He was standing at his desk now, leaning into my lips. He grabbed my face and began to suck my lips, hungrily. I moaned and enjoyed every second of it.

I pulled away and he looked at me longingly. "Wow, I had no idea you wanted this as bad as I did," I said, looking at him surprised.

"Listen Mandy. I think there is a lot you don't know about me. I'm willing to make you feel amazing though. I want this if you do," Mr. Bigs said, grabbing my hands.

I looked at him and simply nodded. He asked me to lay on his desk and I did so.

"Just lay back and relax. I just want to please you, and be pleased by you. You are so beautiful," he said, rubbing my bare legs.

I laid back on my elbows as my skirt was lifted up. He slipped my panties off and showed them to me. "These are the panties you taunt me with the most Mandy," he said, throwing them aside. I giggled at the thought of how many times I'd teased him this school year. We were now alone in his classroom, about to have sex. I'd come a long way.

With my panties off, he slipped his fingers into my wet slit. "Wow Mandy, you are so wet. Is it all for me?" He asked smiling. I nodded and gave him a moan. The feeling was very good, but I craved more. He sensed this and began to lick my pussy immediately. He focused on my clit, and had me moaning loudly in seconds. I wiggled and tensed up. I felt amazing, and Mr. Bigs was making me feel that way. I grabbed the back of his head as he sucked and licked my pussy. I began to push my pussy into his face, craving more. His tongue was sending me nearly over the edge, when he stopped. I moaned and begged for him to make me cum, but he shook his head saying he had something in mind for later. I had to listen; he was more experienced and wanted to make everything perfect and special.

I sat up and scooted my ass to the edge of the desk. I looked down and noticed a tent in Mr. Bigs jeans. "How long have you had that?" I asked.

"To be honest...I always get a boner. Just thinking about you. I'm as turned on as I've ever been in my life right now. With that pussy, you are my dream come true Mandy," he said reaching under my skirt, rubbing my pussy lips.

"I'm ready to fuck that tight pussy. You want this cock in your pussy Mandy?" He asked me, undoing his belt slowly.

"Oh yes. It's my dream come true Mr. Bigs. I want you so bad," I begged.

He grinned and continued to undress himself. He pushed my skirt up my legs and kissed my neck. He whispered in my ear to lay back on the desk, so I did. I was nervous, and reminded him that I was a virgin. He told me that he was going to take extra special care of my tight pussy. I bit my lip as the head of his cock was rubbing my pussy lips. He grunted and commented on how wet I was. He said I was the wettest pussy he'd ever seen.

"Fuck me please. Stop teasing me Mr. Bigs," I begged.

He listened and with one swift motion, pushed the length of his 8 inch cock into my tight virgin pussy. I gasped in pleasure and pain as his huge cock went deeper and deeper into my pussy. I closed my eyes as a rush of pleasure went through my body. He began pumping in and out of my pussy slowly, stretching it.

"Damn you are tight," he said grunting. "Best I ever had," he said, grabbing my hips.

He gripped my hips tightly, and pulled me onto his cock. This made his balls hit my ass with each pump. His strokes were getting rougher and faster. His cock was perfect for me.

"Yes! Fuck me Mr. Bigs. Oh your so good!" I moaned loudly.

With each stroke, I moaned louder. He quickened and got rough. I was enjoying each second of it, cherishing the feelings of my first time having sex. I was aroused to the max and knew that sex was supposed to be painful the first time. I guess I was so turned on, that I was ready for it. It didn't hurt at all. It only felt amazing.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy. I sat up and saw how wet it was, glistening with my juices. He simply looked at me with his eyes wide. He was breathing hard.

"Lean over my desk. I wanna take that pussy from behind," he ordered me.

"Anything for you sir," I said, sexily.

I bent over and stuck my ass high in the air. I felt his hand grip and rub my ass cheeks with one hand. Then, I felt a hard slap with the other. It felt amazing; he was taking control. He slapped it numerous times. The sound of him spanking me drove me wild.

"You like me spanking you?" He asked as I moaned. He spanked me a few more times before quickly stuffing his cock into my pussy once more.

I began to moan loudly and he was grunting loudly too. His cock moved swiftly, in and out of my tight wet pussy. It was so easy for him because I was so wet. His balls began slapping my ass in no time and he held my hips tightly thrusting in and out. I had to bite my lip to suppress my screams. His breathing got louder and he leaned over and began whispering dirty stuff into my ear.

"Damn Mandy. You are quite the little slut. You like my cock? I love that pussy. You're my whore now. Ugh fuck. Enjoy my cock in your tight pussy. Moan for me," He said.

It turned me on. His dirty talk was exactly as I expected it to be. I moaned for him like he asked. He spanked my ass a few times and then pulled out of my pussy. He grabbed my head and pulled me up to a standing position.

"I'm tired slut. I need you to ride my dick now," he said, leading me to his chair.

He sat down in it and I got excited. I wanted to show him what I could do to please him. I got on his lap and hoovered above his hard cock. He looked at me longingly, like a little kid waiting to get ice cream. With my legs on either side of him, in the big office chair, I put my hands on the back of the chair to support me. I slowly lowered my body onto his big cock. He moaned as I pushed my body down, further and further. It felt amazing with every inch. I sat for a moment, adjusting to his huge member. Finally, I began to move up and down, slowly.

"Yeah baby, fuck me," he said, grunting.

His eyes on my titties as I slowly bounced on his cock. I moaned loudly as I sped up. My tits, in my tight tank top, were bouncing in his face. He pulled it off to reveal my lacy bra. He licked his lips and grunted loudly as I began to pump up and down, going deeper and deeper. I loved riding his cock, taking control. I moved to pleasure myself. I grinded, moved from side to side, up and down, in order to make my pussy feel amazing. My body was bouncing.

"Fuck, I'm gonna...mmm...I'm gonna cum," I announced. "Oh fuck! Yes, me too baby...fuck me!" He yelled. I was breathing heavily, and continued to fuck Mr. Bigs.

I felt my tummy get warmer and the feelings escalate quickly. Right before I was about to go over the edge, I felt his hot cum spurt into my pussy. It sent me into the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. My whole body tingled with the amazing feelings. My pussy juice squirted all over his cock, making slosh sounds as I rode the orgasm out. With each pump, my pussy was milking and squeezing his cock. I was screaming with delight and Mr. Bigs was in pure ecstasy. He grabbed my hips and helped me ride him until his balls had emptied. I collapsed forward, my breasts in his face. I was breathing heavily, my chest moving up and down with each breath I took. He was still in me. I lifted my head and slowly unmounted his cock. As it slipped out of me, my juices and his cum began slipping out of my pussy.

"Lay down," he instructed me.

I laid on his desk and wiggled as his tongue cleaned all the juices and cum out of my pussy. I got on my knees and took his softening cock in my mouth. It tasted amazing; the mixture of mine and his juices. I licked him clean and stood up. He kissed my lips, lovingly. I bent down and picked up my top. He squeezed and slapped my ass. I stood back up and gathered my things. He began getting dressed. I grabbed my panties and placed them in his hand.

"To tide you over until Monday, Mr. Bigs," I kissed his cheek. "Thank you. I'll never forget this. I graduate in two weeks. This may be the only time that we do this,"

He just nodded.

I put on my backpack and went to the door. Before I could twist the handle, I heard him cough. I turned around and he said, "I will never forget this Mandy. I will never forget you. You are the hottest woman in the world. Any guy is lucky to be in the same room as you."

I smiled widely and exited the room. I would have one more class with him, then I would be out of high school forever.