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Mr. Green's Farm

An 18 year old female is spanked on Mr. Green's Farm.
This fictional story is about the spanking of an eighteen-year-old female.

Mr. Green's Farm (M/F)

When I was eighteen years old, my parents left me at Mr. Green's farm for the summer while they vacationed in Europe. Mr. Green lived alone because his wife died about a year ago, so he welcomed female influence in his life again. My parents thought that my staying with him would help in cleaning and tidying up the place, and it would be good for me because it would take me away from the bad influences of city life. When my parents left, they told Mr. Green that he could treat me just like I was his own daughter. In fact, Mr. Green had three daughters that had grown up and moved away, and now had families of their own.

My parents were expected back in about three months and it would be hard to reach them, since they would be traveling all the time, but they gave Mr. Green an emergency number, just in case. I was told to follow all of Mr. Green's rules and to do what Mr. Green wanted me to do, and if I didn't, Mr. Green could punish me as he saw fit. So I cleaned his house really good for him, and made him some good meals that he really liked. Everything was going fine until I borrowed his pick-up truck to go into town by myself to pick up some groceries. I wasn't used to driving with a stick shift, and when I was in town, I ran into another car. The pick-up truck virtually had no damage to it, but the car I hit had a lot of damage. I explained to the man that I my parents knew Mr. Green and that I was spending the summer with him. I also told him how sorry I was. He said that he knew my Mr. Green and that he would give him a call.

I dreaded my drive back to Mr. Green's farmhouse. I knew he would probably punish me for this, but since I was eighteen years old and a grown woman, I thought that I would probably be unable to drive for the rest of my stay there. When I drove down the dirt road to his farmhouse, he was standing there with a very mad look on his face. "I just got a call from my friend John that you hit his car and caused a lot of damage to it! Is that true?" Mr. Green asked.

"Yes it is", I quickly replied, "but I didn't mean to do it!"

" Well the damage is done," Mr. Green said, "and do you have enough money to pay for the damages?"

I hadn't worked any jobs and what money I did have was from previous allowances from my parents, so I said, "Of course not!"

"So I guess my insurance company will have to pay for it, but I should contact your parents about this so that they can pay me back for my expenses to settle this situation", Mr. Green said.

I didn't want my parents to find out because they had told me before they left that if anything bad happened while I was with Mr. Green, that they would not financially help me when I started college. So I said, "I would do anything for you, if you can keep this just between you and me, and not contact my parents. I would be willing to do extra housework for you, or even help you with your chores."

"I will agree not to call your parents if you agree to two things," Mr. Green said.

"I'll do anything you want, just don't call my parents!" I said.

"The two things are that you will not only keep cleaning the house and preparing meals like you have been, but you will help me with my chores starting at 6 am every morning. And the second thing is that you will accept a punishment from me, and I will punish you the same way I punished my daughters when they were your age." Mr. Green said.

"I agree," I said. "But how are you going to punish me?" I was only expecting to be grounded for the rest of my stay, but what could he do? I was a grown woman, and we were in the middle of the country, out in the middle of nowhere.

"You will receive two spankings in the barn, one right now and the other a week from now," Mr. Green said.

"You can't do that, I'm eighteen years old, and I’m a grown woman!" I exclaimed.

"Either that or I'll contact your parents. You acted like a naughty little girl, and now you will be spanked like a naughty little girl. Besides, I still spank my daughters when they are naughty."

I really didn't want him to contact my parents so I said, "Okay, but do you really need to spank me?" I asked.

"This is the only way you will learn a lesson from this," Mr. Green replied. "So follow me into the barn for your first spanking."

So I followed him into the barn and over into an area that had a wooden horse with a saddle on it. The wall had paddles, riding crops, and whips hanging from nails. "This is where I have always punished my daughters, and now I am going to treat you to a spanking just like what they would have received for doing the same thing. Bend over the saddle so that I can prepare you for your spanking," Mr. Green said.

The wooden horse was just high enough so that when I leaned over it, my hands barely reached the bottom of the legs on the other side. I was wearing a nice, light summer dress, and I could feel him raise it up to expose my panty-clad bottom. Then he said, "I always give spankings on the bare bottom, so raise up so that I may take off your panties."

"But I'm a grown woman, can't you please leave them on," protested.

"Either your panties come off for your spanking, or I'll call your parents," Mr. Green said.

"Please don't call my parents." I said. "I'll raise up for you". So then I felt his fingers in the waistband of my panties, and I felt them slip down my legs and he took them completely off me. Now I felt completely exposed to his glaze. Being bent over in this position I felt that he could probably see my womanhood. I felt so embarrassed.

"I will start with a light paddle, but by the time I finish with your punishment, you probably will not want to sit down for a long while." Mr. Green said. Then SWAT, I felt the paddle hit my exposed bottom cheeks. "I'm going to give you first twenty swats of this paddle to begin with." Then I felt nineteen more like that. They stung a little, but they weren't too bad.

"You took those pretty good," he said. "Now you will receive twenty more with this paddle that has holes in it." Then SWAT. This time it really did hurt. I instantly stood up and rubbed my bottom that felt like it was on fire.

"Bend over again," he said. "If you stand up again, I have ways of keeping you in position."

So I bent over the saddle again, and I felt him arranging my dress again so that my bare bottom was totally exposed for my spanking. It seemed like an eternity, but in a few seconds SWAT And I stood up again and rubbed my poor bottom.

"I was hoping that I won't have to do this, but since you keep standing up, I will now secure your hands to the legs of the horse. But first, take off your dress." Mr. Green said.

"But all I have on under my dress is my bra!" I protested.

"I'm tired of readjusting your dress every time you move about. So off with it, and hurry up."

Now I really felt naked with only my bra on in front of a man I hardly knew. "Bend over again so that I can secure you to the horse and I won't have to put up with any more of your nonsense." Mr. Green said.

So over the horse I went again, and this time he put wrist cuffs on me, and secured them to eyehooks that were already in the wooden horse's legs for this reason. Then he said, "I'm sorry to have to do that to you, but I need you to stay in position for your spanking."

SWAT. This really stung, but I was now held in position. Swat. Since I couldn't stand up, I kicked my legs back and forth to relieve the pain of the sting.

"Good, I see that you are beginning to really feel the spanking," he said. Then SWAT, and this time I really started wildly kicking my feet.

"We can't have you kicking your feet like that,” he said. "I guess I will need to secure them like your hands." Then I felt him grab one of my ankles, put a cuff on it, and secure it to one of the legs. Then he did the same with my other ankle. Now I really felt exposed. Now both my arms and legs were secured to the horse, and my legs were now somewhat spread apart. Then SWAT. This really hurt, but I was now unable to kick my feet or even move. By the time I got my twenty swats with this paddle, I was really squirming.

"Now you will receive six strokes with the riding crop," he said.

"No please," I said. "I can't take anymore."

"I can stop now and call your parents, or you can receive these six and that will be the end of your spanking until next week," Mr. Green said.

"Give me the six. But don't call my parents," I said.

"Good, I want you to count these out loud, and say, "Thank you, Mr. Green" after each one. If you don't, the stroke will be repeated," he said.

Then I felt him tap my cheeks with the crop, and WACK. It hurt even worst than the paddle with the holes in it. I screamed out "Ouch", and tried to free myself from my bonds.

"I didn't hear you count out loud or thank me for it, so you will receive that stroke again." Mr. Green said.

So I felt him tap my bottom cheeks again, then WACK. It really hurt again but this time I had enough composure to say, "One, Thank you, Mr. Green."

"Good, now you’re catching on. Be sure and count all six of them so no more will need to be repeated." Mr. Green said.

Then WACK. "Two, Thank you, Mr. Green." I said. This continued until I was ready to receive my sixth "counted" stroke. I had actually received six strokes already since I forgot to count the first one.

"Your final stroke will fall in the crease between your bottom and your thighs. You will really be able to tell that you've been spanked when you try to sit down." Mr. Green said. I felt the crop in my crease as he was measuring for the last stroke, then WACK!!

This really hurt. I let out a loud "Ouch", and squirmed in my bonds. It felt like a streak of hot fire had gone across my poor bottom.

"I didn't hear you count again, so your last stroke will be repeated", he said.

"No please!! Can't you just stop! I've learned my lesson." I pleaded.

"I said that you would get six counted strokes with the riding crop, and that is what you’re going to get!" he said. "So prepare yourself to receive and count this sixth stroke again."

Then I felt the crop in about the same place this last stroke landed then WACK.

It took all the energy I had to say, "Six, Thank you, Mr. Green". At last my spanking was over with. My poor bottom felt very, very hot; and it felt like my whole bottom was on fire.

"That takes care of your spanking for today, but remember, you get another one next week," Mr. Green said. "I will release you now from the horse so that you can now help me with my chores."

As soon as I was released from the horse, I stood up, rubbed my poor bottom with my hands, and danced around. I forgot that I only had my bra on and that I was putting on quite a show for Mr. Green.

"Here's your dress and panties, get dressed so that you can help me with my chores." Mr. Green said. "Remember, you will get another spanking like this one next week!"

So I carefully put on my panties over my hurting bottom and slipped on my dress. Now I had all week to ponder what my next spanking would be like!
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