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Mrs. Denver Deals With Charlotte

Mrs. Denver gives her secretary the cane
“ So Charlotte,” Mrs. Denver repeated, “Now I need to deal with you my girl.”

“ Yes Mrs. Denver,” Charlotte replied timidly.

Charlotte walked up to Mrs. Denver’s desk and tried a smile that wasn’t returned, so stood waiting. Charlotte was nervous and Mrs. Denver saw it.

Mrs. Denver enjoyed watching her assistant struggle, looking so young, and in fact so attractive. She had often had whimsical thoughts about the girl, sexual ones, although doubted they would be returned. The age difference was far too great she supposed. Still, she was pleased Charlotte had decided to stay as she would have missed her. At least now there will be a sexual contact, of sorts, albeit Charlotte will not realise just how aroused she was at the thought of disciplining the young girl.

Charlotte knew she became awkward when alone with Mrs. Denver as she found the woman so tough, so strong, she looked up to her but couldn’t properly express her feelings about her, so took a deep breath to calm herself down, and started to explain.

“ You will address me as ‘Miss’.”

“ Oh, yes Miss, sorry Miss.”

Mrs. Denver stated unexpectedly, “Now, I understand you took the Punishment Book home last weekend.”

Charlotte looked shocked as she expected to discuss her standard of work. She felt her mouth drop open, recovered, and replied,

“ Yes Miss,” she conceded. Her Mum had presumably told Mrs. Denver as how else would she have known?

“ Did you spend the whole weekend going through it?”

“ Pretty much Miss.”

“ Why girl?”

“ Well Miss, I have for several years organised the punishment schedules. The girls and boys would present themselves to my office and sit with me waiting to be called. They would smile at me, even engage me in conversation, and it was clear they were always very nervous. Even the ones that laughed and made jokes were anxious. Then, I would hear you scold them, the soundproofing is not brilliant, erm, Miss, and so your voices were quite clear. Then I would hear the whoosh of the cane, the sound the girls and boys made, and the whole punishment. They then came back in to my office, many crying, all with tear stained faces, and often smiling bravely they have to tell me what punishment they received and watch me entering it in to the Punishment Book. Even handing them their envelopes to take home to their parents got me thinking.”

Charlotte looked at her boss, hoping for some readable response, but there was only a sharp,

“ Thinking about what girl?”

“ Well Miss, I got to wondering, what it might be like to, well, actually be caned.” Charlotte’s voice trailed off, before adding in a doleful voice, “Just once Miss, only once.”

Mrs. Denver ignored the last comment and asked, “Were you just wondering, or were you getting aroused when you listened outside my door, when I cane one of the students?”

“ Well, erm, I suppose, well, yes, aroused I suppose, Miss.”

“ Suppose? You did or you didn’t.” Charlotte saw her boss’s eyes blaze.

Charlotte blushed and said more seriously, “Yes, Miss, I was aroused.” Charlotte was aroused because she listened to them being disciplined but also because she had such feelings for the Principal. She wanted her to take her in her arms but knew that wouldn’t happen. She was far too young for her domineering boss.

“ Yes indeed Johnson” Mrs. Denver snapped, continuing almost absentmindedly, “So you relish the thought of being disciplined yourself. Is that the case girl?” She then focussed on her assistant and asked,

“ Just the once Miss, just once,” Charlotte added quietly. Mrs. Denver ignored the comment again.

“ So tell me Johnson, how come you haven’t asked your Mother to discipline you?” she asked sharply.

That shook Charlotte. Why not indeed because she had often thought about asking her Mum to spank her so she could see if she really wanted to be disciplined in future? She knew her Mum would spank her if she asked, but was too scared she would just assume she could then spank her whenever she wanted, and not just when Charlotte wanted. So she never asked.

She looked at Mrs. Denver, these thoughts flooding her mind and said,

“ Erm well Miss, I just want to know how it feels, just the once, but I don’t think Mum would spank me just once and well what if I don’t actually like it, you see Miss?”

“ Yes Charlotte I see, but why on earth would I agree to only cane you the once?”

“ Well Miss I thought as some of them of the students are only disciplined once here, you would be fine with caning me once and if I didn’t like it then that would be it, Miss.”

Mrs. Denver lent back in her chair, smiled, and said, “Well now you know it won’t be just the once, don’t you Charlotte?”

“ Yes Miss,” she conceded, blushing again.

Mrs. Denver didn’t mention she had discussed discipline with Charlotte’s Mum who told her she would jump at the chance to put her daughter back under her disciplinary control again as Charlotte could be quite argumentative and lippy at home and it would be good to be able to more easily put her in her place. This was something Mrs. Denver could easily relate to, and indeed encourage, bearing in mind she enjoyed such rights over her own daughter.

Mrs. Denver made a mental note to telephone Charlotte’s Mum and tell her about putting Charlotte under discipline and explain about the letter she will be handed tonight so she can be ready to deal with any attempt by Charlotte to suggest the letter doesn’t apply to her. Just on the off chance her secretary tried such a trick. Then she focussed again on the punishment she needed to deliver.

She sat back up straight and became businesslike again. “Now, back to business as I think I understand what must be done. To start with I think I said you should be caned for the sloppy report didn’t I?”

The sudden realisation of what was going to happen hit Charlotte and she said a very quiet, “Yes Miss.”

“ Speak up girl.”

“ Yes Miss,” Charlotte said more forcefully.

Mrs. Denver looked at her assistant, watching to see if her intent to be caned had been damaged. It did for a moment when fear spread across her face, and even then her cheeks remained blushed.

“ So, how many strokes shall it be? I suppose this is a first offence. On the other hand you are older than the students and should already have higher standards of work. That’s my quandary,” she said, but Charlotte now knew better than to engage in conversation.

Mrs. Denver was playing over the various issues for her own benefit not Charlotte’s who bit her lip as her boss decided upon the number strokes of the cane she would receive. Mind you, Charlotte felt aroused by the wait. Her pussy was getting wet again, in anticipation. After all she had day dreamed about this for quite some time. She would be taking her knickers down for her boss and was so excited, at least until Mrs. Denver announced,

“ Right, I have decided. I think your age weighs heavily against you. Normally I would have determined six of the very best would be right, but because of your age I think the tariff should be twelve.”

Charlotte gasped. More than she had expected. Could she take that many? Then she remembered Hayley had just been given eighteen so twelve should be OK. Maybe?

Mrs. Denver continued, “You can assume 12 strokes will be the minimum tariff for you young lady. Understood?”

Charlotte realised her desire to be disciplined once only had badly backfired.

“ Yes Miss,” she conceded.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Charlotte was shocked. Mrs. Denver shouted out, “Come.”

Charlotte looked around as in came Melissa, the Head girl, 19 years old and very full of herself.

“ Not finished yet I see,” Melissa said smiling at the Principal and ignoring Charlotte.

“ Just about to start actually Melissa.”

“ Oh right. I’ll be outside then.” She turned to Charlotte and said, “I have started a new page for you in the Punishment Book. Don’t forget to see me afterwards so I can take the details.”

“ Of course, Melissa,” Charlotte said meekly, quite thrown by the appearance of the Head girl who is a student whom she knew had her own page in the Punishment Book and was still occasionally disciplined in this very Study. How embarrassing that she, a member of staff, was going to be answerable to a student.

Melissa turned but Mrs. Denver snapped, “Wait Melissa if you please.”

Melissa turned and both women now looked at Mrs. Denver.

“ Charlotte, you will address Melissa as Miss or Miss Gordon whilst under discipline, do you understand?”

Charlotte blushed at being so directly scolded in front of the teenager but knew she had no choice. “Yes Miss,” and she turned to Melissa and said, “Yes Miss Gordon, very sorry Miss.”

“ You will show respect when being disciplined Johnson,” Mrs. Denver snapped.

Melissa forced her lips together in a deliberately vain bid to stop herself smiling at what must be a humiliating discussion the secretary was having to endure. Charlotte saw the smile and blushed. She is 25 years old and has to address the teenager as Miss. This is not what she wanted, not at all, but she could not do anything about it. She felt quite helpless in fact but understand that is also exactly how the students must feel when waiting outside the Study knowing they are about to see the Principal. She was quite distraught.

Charlotte turned to Mrs. Denver and pleaded, “I’m sorry Miss really I am. I didn’t realise I needed to show that kind of respect to a student Mrs. Denver.”

“ Well she is doing your job this evening, until I finish disciplining you anyway but for now you need to think about your attitude."

Mrs. Denver saw Melissa beam a smile which Charlotte could not see as she was now looking at Mrs. Denver.

Charlotte was further humiliated when the teenager said, “Oh my, some girls don’t learn very quickly do they Mrs. Denver? Never mind though. I will wait in my office.”

The 19 year old turned and walked out of the room and closed the door leaving Mrs. Denver and Charlotte alone in the Study.

“ Right then Charlotte, it is time for me to discipline you.”

Charlotte watched as Mrs. Denver took off her jacket and pointed to the floor in front of the caning chair and snapped, “Stand there Charlotte.”

Charlotte walked across the room and stood still watching her boss, who was about to discipline her. She wore a short-sleeved shirt, her skirt and tights, with black shoes. Charlotte thought how attractive, so charismatic, and yes she most certainly fancied this older dominant woman, but was shaken from her thoughts when she commanded, “Please remove your skirt Charlotte. You won’t need it on for a while.”

Charlotte flinched, but knew it had started. She quickly undid the zip and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor.

Mrs. Denver continued, “I know the students have their knickers and underpants left up but I really do think that you need to be disciplined on your bare bottom so take your knickers off as well please.”

Charlotte gasped but slipped her fingers inside the elastic waistband and pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them. Charlotte was conscious of now standing next to Mrs. Denver naked below her waist feeling so scared but also so excited. She had never been caned before but had often thought about it, and here she was, about to have that yearning wish come true.

“ Bend over Charlotte,” Mrs. Denver snapped.

“ Yes Miss,” Charlotte said.

Mrs. Denver smiled as she looked at her secretary’s bare bottom staring up at her, unprotected. She was very used to disciplining the girls and boys in the Academy. This was going to be more fun though particularly as she found her secretary rather lovely. Hardly the disciplining of a naughty schoolgirl but actually caning an attractive young lady who has asked to be caned, and of course she knew the only caning worth giving this young lady was a hard one.

Mrs. Denver walked over to the cupboard, opened the door, and took out a senior cane. Charlotte stayed bent over, her bare bottom staring in to the room, but turned and watched the older woman walk across the room to fetch the cane, and still gasped when she saw it. She had seen it before of course but all those other times she knew it was going to be used on someone else. Not her. Not like this time.

Mrs. Denver ignored the gasp and the wide-open eyes. “Stay put, do you understand me?”

“ Yes Miss,” Charlotte said weakly. Suddenly she wasn’t looking forward to this as much as she thought she would. She wanted to say something. Object. Say it was all a mistake but she reckoned Mrs. Denver would have none of that anyway. She knew she had made those spelling mistakes and it was sloppy so couldn’t argue anything at all. So she just closed her eyes, bit her lip, took a deep stuttering breath, turned back and grabbed the seat of the chair even harder just as she had watched Robert do earlier.

A few seconds later and Mrs. Denver was in position and tapped the cane a couple of times on Charlotte’s bare bottom. She was looking forward to this bit. When she caned the girls they kept their knickers on so she never saw the result of each stroke. This will be different. Very different. This time she will see the red weal’s and know see why the wretched recipient is crying.

Mrs. Denver tapped the secretary’s bottom again. “Right young lady. The tariff is twelve strokes. I will give you six, then a short break and then the final six. Do not try to get up, because if you do that stroke will not count. Understood?”

“ Yes Miss,” Charlotte replied quietly and certainly in a very respectful tone thought Mrs. Denver. Well she knew that every girl and boy in this position was always respectful of course. Who would want to upset the Principal when she had a cane in her hand and was about to use it? She smiled at the very thought. Then there was a different sensation. She felt unusual between her legs. At that moment she realised she was excited about this. Not at all like when about to cane one of the students. No, this time, because Charlotte was an adult, and one she had secret feelings for, she felt, well, aroused. Wet. She wanted to feel herself but knew that had better wait.

She pulled back the cane and with a whoosh snapped it back firmly against Charlotte’s bare bottom and heard the usual thwack, followed by a gasp and a grunt, saw Charlotte’s legs bend as she fought to hold on to the chair but she succeeded in doing so. Then the red line appeared clearly across the 25 year olds bottom cheeks as she straightened her legs and prepared herself for the second stroke.

Charlotte gasped louder as each struck bit in to her bare bottom cheeks and the stinging pain intensified. She bent her legs or wiggled her bottom or did both to try to cope with the pain, and painful it was.

By the sixth stroke she could not stop the scream but at least held on to the chair. Charlotte was struggling and now knew why the students left the Principal’s office in tears.

Mrs. Denver smiled on that sixth stroke. Her secretary was not very good at all at hiding the pain she was suffering at her boss’s hands.

There was a minutes rest whilst Mrs. Denver rubbed Charlotte’s bottom. It was hot and she ran her fingers lightly over the weals. As she did so she felt aroused again and allowed herself to linger on the backs of the 25 year olds legs and even brushed Charlotte’s pussy which she was surprised to discover was actually wet. My goodness, they were both aroused by the punishment. This was so different to when she punishes the students as she really fancied her secretary.

Charlotte was sobbing but even so felt Mrs. Denver’s fingers brush her pussy. Instinctively she raised her bottom hoping her boss would rub her pussy again, but to no avail.

Mrs. Denver saw her secretary’s reaction and realised she should not have rubbed the girl’s pussy, even though she so wanted to again. She wondered, hoped even, that her own feelings for Charlotte were returned, but now was not the time to find out. She reverted to the disciplinarian and readied herself for the final six strokes which she would make even harder than usual to divert the girl away from her own sexual attraction.

Mrs. Denver took a deep breath as she said sternly, “Right young lady, the final six and make sure you stay in position.”

Charlotte sniffed and tensed her bottom as she felt the cane lightly tapped on her bottom. She closed her eyes as she heard the whoosh and gasped again as the cane bit in to her bottom cheeks.

Charlotte kept hold of the seat of the chair, her bare bottom sticking out, seven red lines already across her bare bottom, tears staining her face, a resolute Mrs. Denver making ready to give her attractive secretary her eighth stroke of the cane. Charlotte felt the cane tapped twice on her bottom, she let out another sniff, and Mrs. Denver saw the bottom cheeks tense as she raised the cane back and then brought it down again sharply on her secretary’s beautiful waiting bottom.

There was no respite as stroke after stroke bit home and each stroke stung more than the last one and each gasp was louder and after the 10 th and 11 th strokes Charlotte let out louder screams.

Mrs. Denver was resolute though. She was never sympathetic to cries and tears. She always caned hard right to the end.

Finally the twelfth stroke bit home and Charlotte let out the longest of screams whilst Mrs. Denver was somehow disappointed it was over. She looked at the bare bottom still looking up at her, the fierce red lines across it, and felt another pang as she realised this was a bottom she enjoyed punishing, just as she realised her secretary was a young woman she had feelings for. She hoped Charlotte will earn more punishments.

Remaining businesslike she said stiffly,

“ Right Charlotte, get dressed then report to Miss Gordon so she can fill in the Punishment Book.”

Charlotte got up, sniffing, sobbing, tears running down her cheeks, but elated she had got through her punishment. She looked at Mrs. Denver and saw only a blur as her tears filled her eyes. She wanted to rub away her tears and rub away the pain in her bottom but knew she couldn’t until she was out of the Study. Slowly she pulled her knickers up and gave a sharp intake of breath as they bit in to her skin. She awkwardly bent down and picked up her skirt, clumsily stepping in to it and almost falling over in her haste but eventually her skirt covered her knickers. She looked up her vision still blurred as she gave another sniff and said to Mrs. Denver, “Thank you Mrs. Denver, I have learned my lesson.”

“ Good girl Charlotte. You may go.”

Charlotte turned and opened the door, stepped through, and closed the door behind her. Mrs. Denver smiled as she watched her secretary leave the Study and felt so aroused. Now she was alone she lifted her skirt and felt how wet her knickers were and she rubbed herself, knowing she didn’t have much time, and as her breathing got shorter and groans deeper, so she had the most wonderful orgasm. She pictured Charlotte’s bare red and striped bottom as her sex nectar covered her fingers. It was sensational, surprising, and she was ecstatic. She was determined that her secretary would need to be disciplined again, soon. She couldn’t wait to find out what Charlotte thought about being disciplined. She would ask her tomorrow, and maybe even give her a cuddle as well. Maybe.

Charlotte took a deep breath as she closed the study door. Yes it hurt. It was unthinkable anyone would want to go through that punishment willingly, but she was still thinking about her feelings when she was shaken out of her thoughts by the snapped tone of Melissa who needed her over by the desk.

She walked over to Melissa and stood by the desk. Her desk but right now Melissa’s desk.

“ Well Charlotte, what did you get?”

“ Twelve strokes of the cane.” Charlotte could not believe how the teenager was talking to her. It was so humiliating for sure.

“ Excuse me, you had better be much more respectful Charlotte,” Melissa said sternly, adding, “Or do I need to tell Mrs. Denver?”

Charlotte double took the teenager but remembered what Mrs. Denver had said and immediately repeated, “Sorry Miss Gordon, twelve strokes of the cane, Miss.”

“ Right Charlotte, that’s better,” Melissa said in a more conciliatory tone as she opened the Punishment Book and started the new page headed “Charlotte Johnson.”

It was a clear page but Charlotte knew there would be many more entries in future.

“ Knickers up or bare bottom?” Melissa asked as she stared intently at the page.

“ Bare bottom Miss.”

Charlotte could tell from the teenager’s tone of voice she found the whole thing funny. And maybe it was. A 25 year old caned on her bare bottom.

“ How was it?” Melissa enquired smirking, wanting to increase the humiliation for the secretary.

“ It hurt Miss, like hell, erm, I mean like crazy, Miss,” Charlotte said, rubbing her bottom with one hand and wiping away her tears with the other. How reminiscent of so many students who had done the same when she filled in the details on their page.

“ So you don’t want to repeat it, huh?” Melissa ignored the swearword.

Charlotte actually thought the opposite. Yes it hurt but she was feeling so alive right now. In fact she was so aroused she needed her vibrator, right here, right now.

“ I suppose,” she said, the last word trailing off. “Mrs. Denver made it clear I will be caned again if I don’t improve though Miss.” In fact she knew she would be sloppy again and have more meetings with Mrs. Denver.

Charlotte sniffed again as she looked at Melissa. “May I go Miss?”

Charlotte realised that was also just as the girls and boys ask her after she has filled their name and tariff in the punishment book. She doubted they felt as aroused as she did right now though.

“ Not yet Johnson. Here, take your letter, and don’t forget to bring it back in the morning. I know Mrs. Denver will want to see it personally and you know if it isn’t signed you get the same punishment again.”

Charlotte was shocked. She knew what the letter said. It was for her Mother, telling her she had been disciplined and suggesting rather directly her Mother should add to the punishment with a spanking of her own. All the students who were sent to the Principal got the letter and she knew nearly all received another spanking when they got home but she had not expected to be given a letter herself. Not at all.

“ Erm Miss, but surely this won’t apply to me?”

Melissa looked up and smiled. “Why not? You earned the caning. Look in the book. Your work was sloppy which is now a disciplinary offence for you. Right?”

“ Oh,” Charlotte said still shocked knowing there was the very real prospect of having to go across her Mum’s lap when she gets home. What then she wondered?

Distraught she looked again at Melissa and said almost sullenly, “Yes Miss, thank you Miss. Can I go please Miss?”

“ Yes Charlotte, you be good now, OK?”

“ Yes Miss, thank you Miss,” Charlotte said still feeling somewhat humiliated having a 19 year old tell her, at 25 years old, to be good.

Melissa smiled as she saw the secretary rubbing her bottom with one hand and wiping tears from her face with the other.

The intercom sounded. Melissa went in to the Principal’s office.

“ How was Charlotte?” she asked.

"Rubbing her bottom and wiping her face,” Melissa said with a smile. “She said it hurt like hell by the way,” she added.

“ So she won’t be back then,” Mrs. Denver said almost glumly.

“ Oh no Miss. I rather think she expects to be disciplined again if she deserves to be.”

“ Really?” Mrs. Denver said with a broad smile. “Thank you Melissa,” she said, then looked at her papers and said,

“ Right Melissa, and you are here to receive, erm, twelve strokes I see for that silliness this morning?”

“ Yes Miss,” the Head girl responded, now rather less enthusiastic when belittling Charlotte..

“ Well, wait in the office and I will call you back in in a few minutes,” Mrs. Denver ordered.

Mrs. Denver smiled as the door closed behind the Head girl and she thought of the words she had spoken to Charlotte a few minutes earlier. “Some girls don’t learn very quickly.” Well, she will certainly be aiming to teach the Head girl when caning her bare bottom.

Mrs. Denver pondered a moment, thinking about the caning she gave Charlotte and how aroused she was when she did it, compared to the dispassion she felt when giving her daughter the so necessary discipline intended to make her realise it was easier to do her homework than not. She knew then her feelings for Charlotte were more intense than she thought and once again her hand went beneath her skirt and edged down inside her knickers, she pictured Charlotte bent down holding on to the chair so desperately as the cane bit home, her beautiful bottom with red straight lines across it. Mrs. Denver ran her finger up and down her pussy faster and faster and as she pictured Charlotte’s tear stained face she came, gasping, writhing, and moaning with pleasure, her fingers covered in her own sex.

After several minutes of satisfying her sexual urge she settled down, straightened her skirt, and gave her secretary another whimsical thought, before looking at the papers on her desk. She had paperwork to do before going home which she would do after caning Melissa. It would give her daughter time to think about her failure to do her homework, and to worry about the spanking she will receive after dinner, the spanking on her already red bottom as Hayley was put across her Mum’s lap as she sat on the spanking chair and the very hard spanking her Mum will be giving her.

Mrs. Denver felt another quiver between her legs as she thought how it was a pity it wasn’t Charlotte she will be spanking tonight, maybe another time though.

First things first though and she snapped on the intercom and announced, “Melissa, please bring the Punishment Book in with you, “and watched a now more rueful Head girl enter her Study and look at the cane already on the desk knowing it was her turn to take her knickers and skirt off and bend over for the cane.

Outside, Charlotte left the office and walked towards the gate as Hayley was coming out of the toilets. They stopped and smiled at each other. Hayley immediately saw Charlotte’s red wet eyes.

Charlotte said, “I had to go in after you.” Charlotte sniffed and continued, “Funny really isn’t it, as I have watched so many students go in smiling and come out with wet faces?” She sniffed again, her voice cracking badly.

Hayley wasn’t at all surprised that Charlotte, a member of staff who she knew was 25 years old, was disciplined like the students. Her Mum had very precise views on the need for some older people to be disciplined and 25 was nowhere near the upper age end. Hayley was suddenly sympathetic towards the secretary and asked, “Was it the cane?”

Charlotte sniffed yet again. “Yes,” she replied dolefully, adding, “Twelve strokes,” before sniffing again.

Hayley watched the 25 year old struggle, but asked, “Does anyone else know?”

Charlotte sniffed again and said, “Yes, Melissa took my place and she filled in the Punishment Book.”

“ Oh of course, Melissa, a favourite of Mum’s. That means it will get around the school quickly I’m afraid.”

“ I suppose so,” Charlotte accepted.

Hayley said cheerfully, “You know we call her the Head Bitch?”

Charlotte laughed. “Really? What to her face?”

“ No way,” Hayley said giggling, continuing “And not to Mum either. I said it once and I spent a very uncomfortable time with my knickers around my ankles across Mum’s lap having my bare bottom turned very red by one of her favourite hairbrushes as she told me non-stop not to be rude about the Head girl.” Hayley kept laughing at the thought of it.

Charlotte saw the envelope in the teenagers hand and knew Hayley would also be giving it to her Mum, so Mrs. Denver will be spanking Hayley later on again. She wished though that she would be the one handing it to her boss and being spanked by her.

Charlotte lifted up her own envelope and said, “Snap.”

Hayley saw the funny side as well and the two women laughed as both silently pondered the likely scene later on when they hand their letters over to their respective Mum’s and have to face a second spanking on their already stinging bottoms.

“ Yes Charlotte, snap,” Hayley replied still smiling.

Again the two girls laughed as they made their way together to the school gate, chatting like old friends. At the gate they both said,

“ See you tomorrow,”

They both made their way home.

Hayley on the one hand knew her Mum will give her a second spanking within a couple of hours. She couldn’t wait.

Charlotte on the other hand was still wondering how she will explain to her Mum a second spanking wasn’t actually necessary. Not for someone who is 25 years old.

Charlotte wondered what her Mum was going to do. Would she get spanked, and if so would it be the first of many? Her mind was in turmoil. What she now knew was that she wanted Mrs. Denver to spank or cane her again, but not her Mum. How strange was that?

She got home and found her Mum was still out. She went to her bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror still rubbing her bottom and wiping the remaining tears from her face. She removed again her skirt and knickers felt her burning bottom before lying on her bed, took her vibrator out of her bedside drawer, and was eager to deal with her now soaking wet sex.

She first felt how damp her pussy was quickly putting her fingers between her legs and imagined herself having her bottom caned by her boss as she ran the vibrator along her wet pussy and quickly brought herself to orgasm, thinking again how her boss had run her fingers down her pussy, wondering that maybe after all she had the same sexual feelings she felt. She hoped so.

Whilst thinking about her boss she slowly stroked herself again and her second orgasm took longer to come but was better than the first, all the time thinking about Mrs. Denver, picturing her this time undressed, in bed together, cuddling each other, caressing each other, bringing each other to orgasm. A dream at the moment she knew but maybe one day it will come true.

Once she was sexually fulfilled she got off the bed and dressed herself again, putting her knickers on gingerly and zipped up her skirt. Her bottom was stinging from the caning but she felt so alive, invigorated.

A few minutes later she heard the front door shut and knew her Mum was home so picked up her punishment envelope, took a deep breath and made her way downstairs, wondering whether she will get a spanking from her Mum tonight.

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