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Mrs Denver – The Prequel

Mrs Denver discovers the hard way that she doesn’t cane her students with sufficient force
“Oh, hullo Nikki,” Sally Denver said in a friendly tone.

“Hullo Mrs Denver ,” 23 year old Nikki replied not sure how else to address her ex-headmistress. Nikki had attended the school where Mrs Denver was the headmistress until she was 18 years old.

Sally smiled at her ex-pupil and asked, “How have you been Nikki, what are you doing now?”

Nikki smiled back and said, “Oh after school I went to Uni got my degree and now I’m training to be an Accountant. I’ve just got off the train going home from the office and thought I would stop for a coffee first.”

“Oh my, you are doing well.” Sally looked around the coffee shop and then turned back to Nikki and asked, “It is busy in here so may I join you?”

“Please do Mrs Denver,” Nikki replied.

“Please call me Sally. I’ll get a coffee and be right back.”

Nikki watched the older woman go to the counter. She hadn’t changed much, still wearing skirts below the knee and white frilly blouses, stockings and heels . On the other hand Nikki dressed very differently, wearing a short sleeved dress that showed off her figure whilst also being smart and demur, and as it was summer delighted in bare legs and heels. Her straight hair fell below her shoulders .

Sally returned coffee in hand and sat down. “So, do tell me all about what you have been doing.”

Nikki happily told Sally about her time at University, how she got a 2:1 degree and a trainee spot at the firm of Accountants. She was two years in to qualifying no less.

Sally was delighted. She said quietly though to avoid the others in the coffee bar hearing, “That is wonderful Nikki. I have to say I was very concerned about your future given the number of times you had to attend my Study to be, well, disciplined.”

Nikki lent in smiling and said equally quietly, “You mean put over your lap and spanked, and all those times you gave me the cane, eh Sally?”

Sally blushed at the memory. “Quite so Nikki. Maybe though it was right to be so strict with you as you seem to have turned out rather well?” Sally smiled then continued, “So you don’t hold it against me then?”

“Of course not. Most of it was my own fault anyway.”

“How so?” Sally asked, somewhat surprised.

“Didn’t you wonder how come I was sent to see you so often but was still close to the top of the class?”

“Well I suppose so, yes I did wonder. What are you getting at?”

Nikki said smiling, “I used to get myself in to trouble on purpose. I rather enjoyed waiting in the outer Study thinking how you will discipline me. I would do something in class and have to stand in the front by the teacher’s desk as she wrote out the note which I took to your Study. Your Secretary would read it and tut tut a couple of times before taking it in to you. She would come out and hold the door open for me always trying to look stern but failing as I walked passed.

Sally laughed. “I made her do it, to increase the tension. It was supposed to make you better behaved you know.”

Nikki laughed. “It didn’t. Anyway, standing in front of your desk was a real turn on as you scolded me and checked the punishment book for the last time I saw you and there was never much of a gap.”

“You did get sent to me rather a lot,” the Headmistress said whimsically, thinking, remembering.

Nikki laughed. “Yes, in fact 32 times in the final two years.”

“That much? Really?” Sally Denver was honestly surprised.

“Yes. You put me over your lap and spanked me on the bare bottom all 32 times. You caned me 28 times in all between 3 and 12 strokes each time after the spanking.”

“Oh dear, that was a lot then.”

“That was in addition to the other teachers. I was spanked 23 times by my form mistress, 15 times at the front of the class. Then there was the gym mistress who spanked me 8 times although always in private after the class.”

Sally asked in a surprised tone, “Oh dear, I never realized, and you say this turned you on?”

“Oh yes. I loved it when you came around the front of your desk and sat on your chair, flattened your skirt, rolled up your sleeves, and told me to take down my knickers. You watched looking really stern and I always blushed.”

“Yes, making you feel embarrassed was always part of it.”

“Then when over your lap I loved the close-up view of your stockings as you rubbed my bottom. The spanking itself was always great. My bottom would soon be stinging and when you spanked the backs of my legs I yelped out loud even though I was expecting it to hurt. I loved the pain.”

“I thought I was doing you good so never held back. Maybe I should have and thought about it more than I did?”

“Oh don’t get me wrong. I didn’t get in to trouble every day. Getting spanked by you hurt, like a lot.” After a short pause Nikki added, “Mind you, not as much as the cane.” Nikki blushed at the word cane.

Sally was surprised. “Don’t tell me you enjoyed being caned?”

“Well yes actually and especially after a spanking. I loved every stroke and as much as it hurt I always rushed to the toilets afterwards so I could see and feel all the red weal’s on my bottom. The fact is I was so aroused by then I always masturbated afterwards.”

“So much for the cane being a deterrent then?” Sally said cynically.

“It was for most of them. Lots of girls were caned once and never again.”

Sally laughed. “So it did do its job then?”

“Yes it did Sally. For lots of girls.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Anyway, so now you are out at work all of that is behind you then?”

Nikki smiled and said, “Was that supposed to be a pun?”

Sally laughed. “Not intended I can assure you.”

Nikki said seriously. “Actually, I still get spanked as do some of my friends from school.”

Sally looked surprised. “How come?”

“I was desperate after leaving school to get spanked again. One day I opened up to my Mum and she agreed to spank me. After that I asked her and she spanked me a couple of times each week. I broached the cane and Mum agreed. I bought a few canes and since then she has caned me regularly as well.”

Sally asked, “So you get spanked when you want to be?”

Nikki blushed. “Well I did have to agree my Mum could also spank me if I misbehaved.” After a moment Nikki continued, “So I guess Mum spanks me when she decides a few times a month.”

“In private though, as you are 23 years old ?”

Nikki blushed deeper and said reluctantly. “Well no as a matter of fact. Mum spanks me in front of anyone there at the time. I suppose it is pretty much known by the whole family and my friends I still get spanked. She’s pretty strict as well.”

“I remember your Mum. She complained to me that you were spanked too often and I said it was as much her fault as yours. She didn’t like that I know but discipline does need to start at home. Mind you I didn’t know then that you engineered getting disciplined.”

“Well I got spanked and caned so often at school and would tell groups of girls about it when they asked, which quite a few did. I was back from Uni for the holidays and a few of us went out for drinks. We ended up back at mine and my Mum was there. One girl kept asking me what being spanked was like and my Mum spoke up and said if she wanted to find out then she would spank her. Well one thing led to another and Mum spanked her in front of us all. Two days later one of the other girls asked her to spank her and over the next couple of week’s five girls in all went to see my Mum to get spanked.”

“I’m not sure I understand why?”

“You see these were girls too goody goody to get spanked at school, or rather too scared. The type of girl who did see discipline as a deterrent.”

“So how come they wanted to be spanked?”

“I worked out it was because they were never spanked when they should have been. Neither at home or at school. In fact if they had been, once or maybe twice, they would have known it hurt and not kept wondering. They did wonder though, built it up in their minds, and even masturbated dreaming of being spanked. That started the old sex juice flowing. So when they met up with me after we left school they had the courage to ask.”

“How many of them still get spanked by your Mum?”

“Five girls asked her to spank them in the first year after school. One fell away but she still deals with the other four. Of them three like to be caned.”

“No way,” Sally said astonished. “Does your Mum get turned on disciplining you all then?”

“I’m not sure turned on is right. She enjoys it though I do know and so long as I agree she can discipline me for misbehaving she keeps doing it.”

“It sounds like a regular thing then.”

Nikki saw Sally was interested, strangely so, or maybe just trying to work out why girls would want to get spanked and caned after leaving school. “Getting spanked first and then caned doesn’t take very long really does it? Mum normally sees each girl about once every couple of months. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long. It’s just like attending your Study.”

“Really? That’s still quite often then.”

“Sure, and of course she deals with me more often now she has the right to decide to spank me when she wants, or rather when she says I have earned a spanking.”

Sally said with a smile but a tinge of sternness in her voice, “I rather think like your Mum then.”

Nikki smiled continuing, “In fact I got disciplined last night. It was my fault as I got home much later than I said. Mum gave me a hard bare bottom spanking and then 24 stroke on the bare. My bottom is still stinging but I always force myself to sit down after a caning and enjoy the tingling feeling.”

It was Sally’s turn to blush. “So what is being caned like?”

Nikki laughed. “Are you saying you have never been caned?”

“No, nor spanked actually.”

“Oh my goodness. So you don’t know anything then?” Nikki was really surprised.

“Not about being disciplined, no. I have never experienced it.”

Nikki said laughing, “It should be part of teacher training.”

“Probably, well yes you are absolutely right.” Sally added, “I feel like my training has fallen short.”

They both fell quiet for a moment, sipping their coffees. Sally broke the silence. “I should experience it shouldn’t I? Being spanked, and, well, caned. Don’t you think?”

Nikki looked the 45 year old directly in the eye and said with confidence, “Yes, definitely.”

Sally licked her lips and asked, “When you say aroused, how aroused?”

“Did you never see my knickers were wet when I took them off for you?”

“Now you mention it I did, but I thought it was pee, from being scared.”

“What about when it dribbled down my leg, did you think that was pee as well?”

“Well yes. The first time I saw it I even stopped caning you reckoning you won’t be back. Again the second time, but after that I just accepted it.”

“No, it was my sex juice. Anyway I suppose thinking it was pee was natural if you haven’t been caned yourself.”

“Wow, that is something else Nikki.” Sally continued, “So you think I need to try it, being caned?”

“Like I said, it should be part of your training.”

“I see.” Sally Denver thought it through quickly. She should try it, to understand better how the students feel when they are punished. Discovering Nikki here enjoyed it was a blow to her professional standing. She had to find out more.

Nikki could see the headmistress was struggling. Eventually Sally asked, “So actually your Mum could help me here, as she already canes some of the girls.”

“Cane and spank Sally. She spanks them as well.”

“Yes quite so Nikki. Spank and cane.”

Nikki said easily, “Yes I am sure she can help you there, but you must want to really try it you know.”

“Oh but I do. I mean I really do think I must try it to find out.” Sally seemed happy with her decision and after a moment asked, “When do you think I could meet up with your Mum?”

Nikki said in response, “I know she is free tonight as we are having a quiet dinner together then promised ourselves a weepy film. Our house is just round the corner. I could phone her and check if you like and go around now. If you mean it that is.”

“Now? Oh my, that’s a bit sudden.”

“No problem,” Nikki said in an offhand tone.

Sally said quickly, “No, no, I’m free, I just meant, well, I mean.” She took a breath then continued more emphatically, “Now is fine, I mean really good. Yes please, do call her and ask,” she said definitely.

“OK.” Nikki rang her Mum and explained she was talking to Mrs Denver . Nikki’s Mum remembered her and yes she will be quite happy if she came over now.”

Sally was delighted but Nikki frowned.

“What’s up,” Sally asked. “Is there a problem?”

Nikki said, “No. Mum reminded me I asked for a spanking and caning tonight. We were going to watch a film on TV afterwards.”

“Oh, shall I defer then?”

Nikki said quickly, “No, not now you are expected. Mum will probably deal with you first then me later on. No, it’s cool.” Nikki knew her Mum would still deal with her as she wanted a good spanking and caning tonight so she could masturbate after the weepy film.

“That’s fine with me as well then,” Sally said happily.

Nikki nodded definitely and said, “Good. So let’s finish up and go.”

Sally smiled at Nikki who smiled back. Nikki finished her coffee. Sally took a sip, decided she didn’t fancy any more, smiled at Nikki, and they both stood up.

Nikki was chatty as they walked realising Sally was tense. Nikki jokingly said, “You know Sally, think of this as the walk of shame to your Study.”

Sally asked, “Why the walk of shame?”

“Everyone in the corridors knew exactly where you are walking. To the Heads Study and from the look on our face everyone knows what will happen. It was no good denying it as afterwards they see you are red eyed. So, imagine you have a note from a teacher in your hand and know that when you get to the Study you will be disciplined. That will get you in to the right mind set.”

“Right, hang on.” Sally opened her handbag, took out a small pad and a pen. “If I write a note then that will be more authentic. Does, ‘Failed to do homework,’ sound OK?”

Nikki recognised that was just the kind of note any of the teachers might have written. She suggested, “Why not add the word ‘again.’

“Good thinking Nikki. Whenever I saw that on a note the student definitely got a spanking and for repetition some extra strokes of the cane.”

Sally wrote the note tearing out the page from the book.

They got closer to the house. Nikki explained, “Mum likes the whole thing to be treated like seeing you at your Study. So when we get to the house you have to be just as respectful as if you were the naughty schoolgirl being sent there. Once inside the house you have to address my Mum as Mrs Pearson. Do you remember what happened if we forgot to address you properly in your Study?”

Sally nodded. “Yes, the first time I would give a cane stroke to the hand. The second time two cane strokes on the bottom. The third time three cane strokes on the bottom.”

Nikki said, “Yes, the most I got to was eight extra strokes.”

“Oh dear me,” Sally said laughing. She then said seriously, “Most girls never got more than three strokes, but I did find it a good way to add to the tariff for some of the naughtier students.”

“Now I know you spanked and caned over knickers but with Mum it’s on the bare bottom and we all agreed we should be naked to add to the humiliation .”

“Oh right.” Sally hadn’t expected that but if those were the rules then so be it.

Nikki continued, “The spanking will last must longer than you gave. Normally 15 or 20 minutes with her hand and quite a few with a hairbrush and then afterwards the cane.”

“Oh that is much more.”

“I know but we are older don’t forget.”

“True,” Sally said musing. “You are right.”

Nikki added, “Her tariff with the cane will be higher as well. Twelve is a minimum.”

“Oh right,” Sally said, wondering if she would be able to cope.

They got to the house and started to walk up the path. Nikki reminded the 45 year old, “Don’t forget to address Mum as Mrs Pearson.”

Nikki rang the doorbell and her Mum answered. “Come in both of you,” she said smiling then led them in to the living room which was treated as the Secretary’s outer office.

Nikki and Sally stood in the middle of the room as the door was closed. Nikki spoke first. “I’m here to be disciplined Mrs Pearson.”

Her Mum said, “I know but I will deal with Denver here first.”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally said respectfully, thankful of Nikki’s reminder to be respectful. This was almost fun Sally thought. Sally added, “I have my note from the teacher Mrs Pearson,” as she held out the piece of paper.

Evelyn Pearson took the note and read it. “I see. You do realise this is very bad, very bad indeed Denver.”

“Yes Mrs Pearson, I know. I’m sorry.” Nikki thought Sally actually did sound contrite.

“Yes girl I am sure you are sorry. You girls always are when it’s too late. But you know something, when you say sorry when it is too late all you are really asking is for me not to spank you so hard.”

Sally blushed knowing Mrs Pearson was right about that. “Sorry,” she said again.

“Sorry what?” Evelyn snapped.

Sally looked horrified. “Sorry Mrs Pearson.”

“Well you know what that earns you.”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally said quietly watching as Evelyn went to a cupboard and took out a cane.

“Hold your hand out girl,” Evelyn Pearson demanded.

This was it thought Sally. There was no going back now. She held her hand out just as she ordered her students to do, just the right height with her fingers out straight. Evelyn Pearson placed the cane across Sally’s palm, tapped it lightly a couple of times, raised the cane, saw Sally lick her lips and brought the cane down with a flick.

“Yeowch,” Sally yelped.

Evelyn rested the cane on Sally’s hand again raised it, flicked it down, and enjoyed hearing Sally yelp again.

“Maybe you will remember to be respectful Denver.”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally said rubbing her hand.

Evelyn looked at Nikki and said to her 23-year-old daughter , “Like I said I will deal with you later. In the meantime you can do secretarial duties Nikki. Why not get out the punishment book?”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Nikki said going to the desk and taking out an exercise book. She took it to the table, opened a new page and wrote at the top of the page, ‘Sally Denver, 45 years old.’

Evelyn told Sally, “Refer to Nikki as Miss Pearson whilst under punishment, or else there will be extras. Understood?”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally replied then looking at Nikki adding, “Miss Pearson,” finding it a bit hard to address a former student with such respect. A first sign that right now the tables were very firmly turned on the 45 year old headmistress.

Evelyn went in to the dining room which was always used as her Study. Nikki sat at the desk whilst Sally stood in silence. Sally quickly felt the mood was more and more like being in her Secretary’s office, the student always tense, knowing discipline was just a few minutes away. Sally smiled at Nikki who just touched her lips and shook her head. Talking was never allowed.

It was several nervous minutes for Sally before the Study door opened and Evelyn called, “Denver, come in please.”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally said looking at Nikki who gave her a stiff look, as though reminding her it was her own fault she was being punished.

Sally closed the door behind her and quickly looked around. There was an upright chair with a paddle hairbrush on it. She knew that will be where she will be spanked. On the far side of the room Mrs Pearson sat at an oblong table, a bit like a desk but not one. In front of that was a gym horse the same height as the desk. She could tell if she bent over the horse and stretched her arms out she would be able to grab the far side of the table. That’s where she will be caned.

The curtains were closed so she couldn’t see out, but more important no one could see inside.

Evelyn sat behind the table and beckoned Sally to stand in front of the desk.

“Not doing homework is serious, and as you have repeated the offence you clearly need a firm lesson don’t you Denver?”

“Yes Mrs Pearson,” Sally replied. Evelyn glared up at her in silence and Sally waited to be told her fate. If twelve strokes were the minimum then what would she get she wondered? The wait was horrid. It was just like when she had her students standing there. She kept them waiting before telling them their fate.

Evelyn said, “I will be spanking you first so get undressed and stand by the chair.”

Sally groaned. Just like the way she dealt with her students. They knew they were going to be spanked but so wanted to know how many of the cane they will be getting but dared not ask. Sally remembered to be respectful though and said, “Yes Mrs Pearson,” before turning and walking over to the chair. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor before stepping out of her knickers. She had her back to Mrs Pearson so her bare bottom was now on show but knew at some time soon she will have to turn around and she will see her bare pussy. Still, Sally had to finish getting undressed first so undid the buttons of her blouse and slipped it down her arms. Finally she unclipped her bra slipped the straps down her arms, caught them, and placed it on top of the other clothes. She looked at the neat pile before taking a deep breath and turning around.

Evelyn walked over to the chair hardly glancing at Sally and sat down. She looked straight at Sally’s face and said sternly, “”Hands on your head Denver.”

Sally blushed as she placed her hands on her head and watched as Evelyn looked down her body, first at her full breasts, then her tummy which at least will appear flattish with her hands on her head, and finally her eyes rested on Sally’s pussy. Sally found it humiliating but also strangely exciting standing naked in front of another woman who was dressed and who had control over her. Was this what Nikki thought when about to be disciplined by her she wondered? Maybe it was just like that. Maybe Sally now understood how the tension was also stimulating.

Evelyn placed the hairbrush on the floor just where Sally’s face would be and then ordered, “Right Denver, over my lap.”

Sally stepped forward and as Evelyn held her hands away Sally bent down and balanced on the far side of the chair before lowering herself down across Evelyn’s lap, balancing on the floor with both hands and allowing her tummy to rest across Evelyn’s thighs. Just the way she dealt with the students herself but of course from a different angle. From this angle she had a close-up view of the carpet and looked under the chair to see her own legs on the far side knowing her bare unprotected bottom was perched in just the right spot for a hand spanking.

“Legs apart,” Evelyn ordered and Sally immediately obeyed.

Evelyn rubbed Sally’s bottom and it felt rather nice to Sally although she thought ruefully the calm before the storm. Still she was experiencing first-hand what loss of control means. She had no say whatsoever. Mrs Pearson would decide when to start when to stop and how hard. Any objection would be met with extra strokes of the cane. Sally didn’t even know yet how many strokes of the cane she will be getting.

Evelyn raised her hand and brought it down firmly on Sally’s bare bottom cheek. Sally’s first spanking ever had started. The spanking was methodical, very so, as Evelyn spanked first one bare bottom cheek and then the other without any break. Sometimes she would spank the same bottom cheek two or three times in a row but mainly it was on alternate cheeks. Sally gasped now and again but generally found the spanking well within her capacity to take. She still found the loss of control strange but exciting, bent over the lap of a woman who she knew enjoyed spanking others and who was very experienced at giving pain.

Sally kept thinking how this is so different to being the one handing out the spanking. Of course it was, but there was something about being in such a humiliating position that was also stimulating, sexually. The pain was making her aroused. The more the spanking continued the more aroused she became. Yes it was stinging but that was only part of it.

Things changed a bit when Evelyn focussed on the backs of Sally’s legs. That stung far more than Sally had expected. She always spanked the student’s backs of legs as a matter of course but only now understood why they gasped louder when she did. The amount of pain was increasing as Evelyn kept on spanking the backs of Sally’s legs and tears welled up in the 45 year olds eyes. How embarrassing Sally thought, to be crying and Mrs Pearson will soon see those tears. Sally Denver of course enjoyed seeing the tears run down the faces of her students so it all made sense really.

“Pass me the hairbrush Denver,” Sally heard. She scrabbled around found it and handed it to Mrs Pearson. No further words were exchanged but Sally soon found the hand spanking had been light compared to the heavy spanks from the hairbrush. Her gasps changed in to yelps as the paddle brush splattered its pain across her bare bottom cheeks. Tears started to flow as she squirmed around on Mrs Pearson’s lap and kicked her legs. She hadn’t used a paddle brush very often on her students but now she was feeling how the paddle brush hurt she knew she would be using it rather more often for those who did not quite deserve the cane.

Evelyn dispatched fifty hard spanks with the paddle brush and when Sally was told to stand up her hands rushed to her bottom and she rubbed like mad, tears streaming down her face. Sally felt humiliated because she was crying but excited as well by what she was learning today, both the pain and the sexual awareness, and there was still the caning to come, her main reason for being here. She was aware of Mrs Pearson going behind the desk and sitting down but didn’t see the smile on her face as she watched Sally jump from foot to foot as she rubbed, her breasts bouncing delightfully, and blissfully unconcerned her pussy was so on show.

Sally slowed her dancing after a while and heard Mrs Pearson order sternly, “Bend over the horse Denver and grab the desk.”

Sally went over to the desk and bent over the horse so her tummy was on top of it, stretched her arms and grabbed the far side of the desk. Sally’s face was just inches from Mrs Pearson’s who was staring at the now submissive Headmistress. Sally felt uncomfortable as she looked up at Mrs Pearson. The hairbrush was hard enough so what would the cane be like she wondered? Sally looked at the smiling Mrs Pearson still not knowing how many strokes she was to receive. The not knowing was almost unbearable and more and more she understood what must be going through the minds of her students who have to wait for her decision on their punishment.

Evelyn stood up still looking in to Sally’s eyes, a hard knowing stare. Sally licked her lips in anticipation when Evelyn picked up the cane and flexed it right in front of Sally’s face and then swished it causing Sally to gasp.

“18 strokes,” Evelyn stated.

Sally caught her breath. So many strokes? She would have preferred 12 but almost laughed at herself at the thought. Of course she would have preferred less than she was going to be given just like all her students when she told them how many strokes she was going to give them.

Worse was to come from Sally’s perspective as Evelyn explained, “I deliver each stroke 4 to 5 seconds apart so roughly twelve strokes in a minute. Please do not let go of the desk and you will keep as still as possible as that is best for both of us. Understood Denver?”

Sally was taking shallow breaths and managed to say, “Yes Mrs Pearson.”

“Good, then I will begin.”

Evelyn walked around to the side of Sally who followed her as best she could while still hanging on tightly to the far side of the desk.

“Legs apart Denver,” Evelyn demanded, placing the cane between Sally’s legs and flicking from side to side. “I like stretched bottoms and you will find that a far happier position as well. It emphasises your humiliation and is an admission by you of deserving your punishment.”

“Yes Miss,” Sally agreed quickly moving her legs apart, just as Evelyn flicked the cane lightly upwards directly on to Sally’s stretched pussy.

Sally gasped at each flick but rather than close her legs together she went on tip toe to try to avoid the cane strokes but of course failed. Six times Evelyn flicked Sally’s pussy and six times the 45 year old gasped.

Evelyn removed the cane from between Sally’s legs and heard her slow gasp of relief. Sally didn’t quite understand but would have happily asked Evelyn to cane her there again. Of course Sally knew they were extremely light strokes, almost kisses. Yes, kisses. That is why she was aroused. The cane had kissed her pussy, making it shudder with arousal. Never did she expect such ecstasy from the cane, but it did happen.

Moments later and without a word the mood changed. The expectation mounted as Evelyn placed the cane across Sally’s bottom. Sally gasped. Evelyn smiled knowing what will be going through Sally’s head. What she would not know was that for Evelyn caning the 45 year old was quite a delight as she had so many reasons to be annoyed with her given the comments she regularly made about her daughter at open evenings. Yes for Evelyn there was going to be just a touch of revenge, the type she was sure many parents dreamed about when listening to teachers describe their off spring disparagingly.

The cane was raised, Sally took a deep breath, Evelyn focussed on the bare bottom in front of her, there was a swish, a thwacking sound, and a gasp from Sally. Just 5 seconds later another swish thwack and gasp. Sally had never expected so much pain and whilst she wanted to scream out ‘No more,’ she clung on tightly to the desk. Another 5 seconds there was another thwack and gasp. Sally no longer heard the swish but knew the next stroke was coming as 5 seconds passed by very quickly.

The first 6 strokes came and went, painfully for Sally and with a smile for Evelyn. There was no gap but Evelyn made the positive decision to cane harder. Sally’s bottom was warmed up so could take it. Sally was also more relaxed. Both women knew that by staying in position, gasping as Sally did but holding on tightly, Sally was acknowledging the caning will continue. Hence the harder strokes. More pain for Sally and more satisfaction for Evelyn.

Sally kept her legs apart, hoping Mrs Pearson would cane her pussy again but of course that hope was forlorn. Sally had been told that all 18 strokes will be delivered in one go and so conditioned herself for the remaining 12 strokes. The gap had been no longer than the others and so the next stroke bit in to Sally’s red lined stinging bottom right on time. Sally gasped louder but did not particularly realise the stroke was any harder. Evelyn knew it was harder but also that Sally’s bottom could take harder. That strength of stroke was maintained 5 seconds later and 5 seconds after that and again 5 seconds after that.

Evelyn maintained her timing to as close to 5 seconds as she could knowing Sally will struggle soon as the stinging intensified. Sure enough Sally squirmed more than before, and at each stroke her head rose up, jerked almost, and her gasps of pain were longer as she felt more and more sorry for herself.

After 12 strokes Evelyn increased the power of the stroke again, not by much but by enough to increase the intensity enjoying the spectacle of seeing 45-year-old Sally Denver struggle just as she enjoyed watching all of those she caned struggle. Evelyn knew though that soon enough the stinging pain would change to a far different sensation. One of arousal, a wet pussy, and the desire to reach an orgasm, usually more than one. She had watched so many of the girls go through that pain barrier and in to the realm of sexual satisfaction as the caning progressed. Just as her own knickers dampened as she revelled in the pain of the person she was caning.

Sally couldn’t know how she would react as she had only caned others. She remembered though Nikki saying how aroused she was when being caned and now she was having those same feelings even with so many strokes of the cane to come. Sally cried out in pain but could feel her pussy stirring, quivering, not climaxing but getting there.

All too soon for Sally the caning stopped. She hadn’t counted but surely it was too soon for 18 strokes. Yet the caning had stopped. She saw through her blurred tear filled eyes Evelyn sit back down behind the desk looking straight at her. Sally was aware she was crying but not sure when she had started. Evelyn lent forward and brushed Sally’s hair away from her eyes. A tender touch. Sally didn’t know that Evelyn did that so she could get a better view of the tears streaming down her face. Another part Evelyn enjoyed. In fact even as Sally cried Evelyn already had her fingers inside her knickers, her legs apart but hidden under the table and within a few moments Evelyn had climaxed. Sally couldn’t see through her tear filled eyes nor could she hear Evelyn’s gasps of orgasm because of her crying and sobbing. Evelyn did satisfy herself as she always did, well with anyone other than Nikki. With Nikki she always waited until she was alone. There were no sexual feelings with Nikki. That was always only discipline, and always deserved, real or imagined anyway. A quite different feeling than with her friends.

Sally’s crying turned to sobs as the 45 year old fought to recover her composure. Mind you she almost laughed when she wondered just how she does that totally when she is naked stretched out grabbing a desk and her bottom will be so red lined.

Evelyn saw Sally’s face calm and said quietly, “There is no rush Denver, you can take your time.”

Sally replied between sobs and sniffs, “Thank you Mrs Pearson.”

Once Sally had recovered she raised her head and looked at Mrs Pearson who asked, “If you are ready you can get up. We will join Miss Pearson in the kitchen for a coffee.”

Sally nodded her head and eased herself up and as the pain took hold so she rubbed her bottom again. It felt so hot to her touch and the weal’s were more ridged to the feel than she expected. Even so she remembered what she had taught her students to say, looked at Evelyn whilst still rubbing her bottom and said, “Thank you Mrs Pearson for caning me.”

“Needs must Denver,” Evelyn said smiling.

“Shall I get dressed Mrs Pearson?”

“No need Denver. I prefer to discuss what will be done with you whilst you are still naked.” After a gap she added sternly, “Just in case your attitude means further discipline is required before you go home.”

“Oh, of course Mrs Pearson,” Sally acknowledged as she followed Evelyn out through the now empty living room come Secretary’s office and into the kitchen. Nikki had already made coffee and placed three cups on the table.

“You sit there Denver.”

Sally looked at the chair and saw a package on the seat. Evelyn explained, “It’s an ice pack Denver to cool your bottom. Go on, it’s cold but soothing.”

Sally slowly eased herself down on to the ice pack gasping when she first felt it against her hot bottom but when Evelyn said a stern, “Sit,” she lowered herself fully, letting out a lengthy gasp.

“Good girl,” Evelyn said with a smile. “You should thank Miss Pearson for making you the coffee.”

Sally was thankful for the timely reminder not to call Nikki by her first name whilst doing secretarial duties. “Thank you Miss Pearson,” she said obediently.

Sally looked and felt uncomfortable as she alone was naked and was very aware of her breasts being on view. She blushed and knew both the others saw it. Still she had agreed to this and wasn’t going to spoil things by complaining now.

Evelyn asked Sally, “Well Denver, what did you think of your first taste of being disciplined?”

Sally thought for a moment. “Several things Mrs Pearson. When you caned my, erm,” she blushed and looked sheepishly at Nikki.

Evelyn said sharply, “Your pussy, when I caned your pussy. Yes?”

Sally looked back at Mrs Pearson and continued, “Yes, my pussy Mrs Pearson, well then I felt so aroused. Then again when you finished my 18 strokes I was surprised you had finished so quickly and again knew my pussy was actually wet.”

Evelyn asked, “What had you expected?”

“I suppose I wasn’t sure what to expect once Miss Pearson, told me how aroused she was when I disciplined her.” After a moment she continued, “It also made me think about how I discipline the students and maybe I need to change what I do, make it more intense for some students and less so for others.”

Nikki suddenly said, “You can practice on me if you want Mrs Denver”

Sally was surprised that Nikki addressed her with respect, maybe another change in direction she wondered?

Sally replied, “You have your Mum to discipline you don’t you, erm Miss Pearson?”

“Yes, but I would be very pleased to help you. After all now I’m an adult you can spank and cane me much harder and test out whatever you want.”

Evelyn said, “That sounds like a very nice offer, don’t you think Denver?”

Sally said half surprised still, “Well yes, that would be very helpful.”

Nikki pressed, “When shall I come over Mrs Denver? How about this Wednesday?”

Sally knew she was in as there was a staff meeting until six and then she always went home. “OK, this Wednesday, erm,”

Nikki jumped in with, “My secretarial duties are over Mrs Denver.”

“Right Nikki, so Wednesday it is.”

“Great,” enthused Nikki. “It will be so cool being disciplined by a real Headmistress at my age. I can’t wait Mrs Denver.”

Nikki said to her Mum. “Mum, Susie phoned while you were caning Mrs Denver and asked me to go over to help with her computer. Can we do my punishment later please?”

“No problem Nikki,” her Mum replied agreeably.

“Thanks Mum.” Nikki looked at Sally and said, “I will see you on Wednesday then Mrs Denver,” as she walked out of the kitchen and the front door opened and closed.

Sally asked, “Mrs Pearson, how come she can choose not to be punished?”

Evelyn laughed. “That’s because it isn’t discipline this time. She asked me to spank and cane her so if she has something else to do I can spank and cane her another time.”

That made sense to the Headmistress.

Evelyn asked, “So, will you want to be disciplined again Denver?”

Sally pursed her lips and replied, “I don’t think so Mrs Pearson. I rather think I learnt a lot but really my job is to discipline others, at the School.”

“In that case call me Evelyn.”

Sally Denver laughed. “Thank you Evelyn.”

Sally Denver left soon afterwards and the tingling sensation across her bottom reminded her of the punishment she had willingly taken. A hard punishment but one she coped with. Yes she had learnt a lot from Evelyn and her 23 year old daughter Nikki and had many ideas now how to intensify punishment at school. That was her focus. Just as her bottom was stinging so she was going to ensure anyone who attended her Study for punishment from now on will not leave until his or her bottom is stinging to such an extent they will think twice before misbehaving again. What’s more, now Sally Denver was looking forward to disciplining 23 year old Nikki knowing a willing submissive bottom will help her hone her disciplining skills.

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