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Mrs. Denver

Mrs. Denver, the Academy Principal, uses discipline as an educational tool

Charlotte, 25 years old, is the secretary to the Principal and gasped as she watched in awe the cane strike the bottom of the unfortunate student. Her pussy also shuddered and her knickers became so wet at the regular sound of the whoosh of the cane. The caning was being given by her boss, the lady she so fancied, the Principal, Mrs. Denver.

Stern faced Mrs. Denver is Principal of what is known locally as the Crammer’s Academy for 16 to 19 year old girls and boys who had never taken school seriously but now needed to pass exams to get to the jobs their parents wanted them to have.

Charlotte was certainly not one of the better students in her day but fortunately for Charlotte her own Mother had got her the secretary’s job as she knew Mrs. Denver from the local Women’s Club. An old battleaxe for sure but well respected in the community.

Charlotte had been in her office when Robert knocked on her door, and she knew he was due to be disciplined for being rude. In fact he was the third of four students being disciplined that afternoon. She watched him enter the Principal’s Study, looking pensive although he had been disciplined several times before so knew what to expect. Charlotte heard through the door the whoosh of the cane, six times she counted, then heard Mrs. Denver giving a stern warning, before Robert, a 19-year-old student, came back out of the Principal’s office and rubbed his bottom whilst Charlotte filled in the details of the punishment on his page of the Punishment Book. She held the envelope in her hand which had the letter to be given to his parents advising them he had been disciplined and suggesting, strongly, they add their punishment as well, in this case perhaps with a strap or paddle. It was standard practice and most of the parents did as the letter suggested. Charlotte knew Roberts most certainly did.

The students of course hated the system. It meant each punishment at school led to a further punishment when they got home. The second punishment given on an already sore bottom always hurt. Always.

When Charlotte had written in the 6 strokes Robert had received she turned to the young man, saw him still rubbing his bottom, that his eyes were red and a tear ran from each eye, but she was still so aroused by what she had heard she couldn’t stop herself asking , “So Robert, did it hurt much?”

Robert looked up and snorted, “No Miss, a piece of piss really, I didn’t feel a thing.”

Just then the door to the Principal’s office opened and Mrs. Denver boomed out, “In that case Robert you had better come back in and I’ll try again.”

Robert looked up, startled and anxious at the same time and pleaded, “No Miss, it was a joke, really it was Miss.”

Mrs. Denver looked totally unsympathetic and retorted, “Back in my office now or I’ll double the punishment.”

Robert groaned but trudged back in to Mrs. Denver’s office and following Mrs. Denver’s pointed finger walked straight over to the caning chair.

He scrunched up his face when he heard Mrs. Denver say, “Bring the Punishment Book in Miss Johnson. You can watch as he was so rude to you.”

Charlotte had been thrilled. She was at last going to watch a caning. She grabbed the Punishment Book and still holding the letter walked quickly in to the office.

Mrs. Denver closed the door and instructed in a firm voice, “Trousers down again Robert.”

Robert slowly undid his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles, then grabbed the chair. Charlotte watched enthralled. She knew the boys and girls were allowed to keep their underpants and knickers up, but she could see red lines on his bare skin in any case. She nearly wet herself when Mrs. Denver took up her position, said a firm, “Six then boy,” tapped his bottom a couple of times and then delivered a very solid stroke which drew a gasp from the unfortunate 19 year old. Charlotte’s mouth dropped open in surprise and she put her hand to her mouth to stop her own gasp.

Mrs. Denver quickly dispatched the remaining five strokes which had Robert bending his knees or wobbling his bottom to try to dispel the sting left by each cane stroke, all to no avail. He stayed in position after the sixth stroke knowing he can only stand up when told he could.

Robert heard the stern question,” Did it hurt this time Robert?”

“ Yes Miss,” he replied his voice breaking as he struggled with the pain.

“ Fill in the Punishment Book again Miss Johnson,” Mrs. Denver directed.

After Charlotte entered the information in to the Punishment Book she took the letter out of the envelope, hand changed the 6 to 12 to reflect the additional strokes, and handed the letter to Robert. He took the envelope knowing he would be punished again at home. Charlotte knew he wasn’t looking forward to taking the letter home, but he had no choice. If a student came back the following day and the letter wasn’t signed they got the punishment again. One student was punished four times before the letter was signed. Few made that mistake.

Mrs. Denver saw the procedure was completed and instructed,

“ Good, then get dressed Robert and get out, do try to be good in future.” A statement Mrs. Denver and Charlotte knew was unlikely to be put in to effect. Robert will be back and it won’t be long either.

Robert pulled his trousers up, turned to the Principal and said, “Yes Miss, thank you Miss,” before turning and making a quick exit.

Charlotte was about to thank Mrs. Denver for letting her watch but stopped short when she said, “Now Miss Johnson, I need a word.”

“ Yes Mrs. Denver?” she replied, surprised.

“ I need to discuss your work. It has been shoddy of late and we need to ensure you improve.”

All a now shocked Charlotte could say was, “Shoddy?”

“ Yes Miss Johnson, shoddy.” She allowed the comment to sink in before continuing, “And I know just the incentive you need.”

Charlotte swallowed hard as she had no idea what to say. She looked open eyed at her boss who said, “The secretary in one of our sister schools was much like you, new to the job, not particularly efficient, and the Principal there reached an agreement with her. She could either leave without a reference, or at least not a good one, or decide she wanted to improve and was prepared to put the effort in. She decided she wanted to stay, needed to stay, and would do whatever was needed. Is that how you feel Charlotte?”

Charlotte said very quickly, “Oh yes Mrs. Denver, definitely.”

“ Good, I want you to stay, for your Mother’s sake as well.”

Charlotte thought about her Mother and how she would react if she were sacked. Not a pleasant thought but was brought back to the order of the day when Mrs. Denver said gravely, “The Principal said she expected the secretary to work hard and not make mistakes, and if she did she would be dealt with the way the students were if they were sloppy.”

Charlotte stared at her boss as she knew exactly what that meant. Most entries in the Punishment Book were for sloppy or unfinished work and for homework not submitted in time. Mrs. Denver saw the realisation on her young assistants face and said, “Well now you know what I mean you can decide. I know you were all excited at seeing young Robert being caned, even sexually I suspect judging from your breathing, but it was convenient for you to watch so you understood what you will be agreeing to, or not of course if you decide to leave.”

Charlotte’s eyes misted over and yes she was sexually aroused by the caning, but not for the reason her boss thought. She was sexually aroused by her boss and the power she has. Her strong personality, and yes for quite some time she had the desire to share a personal experience, very personal, with her and even imagined being caned herself by her boss.

At least that is what she had fantasised, but now she has seen what it is to be caned she wasn’t so sure. She still wanted to be personal, but maybe not to be caned.

Mrs. Denver could see the silent discussion her secretary was having with herself although had no idea she was attracted to her. She just thought she was deciding whether to go or stay and accept the consequences of any bad work she does. Of course Charlotte quickly realised there was only one possible decision, and she made it.

“ I will stay Mrs. Denver,” she said then looked at the floor.

“ Good, then we shall work on together. Of course there is the issue of this Report,” Mrs. Denver said, picking up a sheet of paper from her desk, continuing, “There are nine bad spelling mistakes. Nine. So that will require your first experience of being disciplined. Understood girl?”

Charlotte could see just how annoyed her boss was. She had often wanted to be at the receiving end of one of her tongue lashings so long as they did something very personal afterwards, like lick each other to orgasm. Charlotte even imagined being caned by her boss, particularly if that was the only realistic way to enjoy a private and personal moment with her. She fantasised about it. Now though she was shocked as she was hardly expecting to be punished by her today yet here she was agreeing she needed to be. Still unsure, but now contemplating the reality that she will be punished like the students, she sniffed then replied, “Yes Miss.”

Mrs. Denver knew she had one more students to discipline, and said to Charlotte that she will be called in after the last student has been dealt with. They will have a discussion and then she will be caned.

Charlotte went to sit at her desk and knew her pussy was soaking wet. She had been so taken by the sharp tone Mrs. Denver used when discussing her poor work, and all the time Charlotte could only think about having to take her skirt off and be disciplined by her boss. The most personal thing Mrs. Denver will have done with her, well to her she supposed was a closer description. Maybe Mrs. Denver will rub her bottom when caning her. She hoped so.

Her early elation turned to concern when she played over in her mind how Robert had cried. She knew she could never have told her Mum she resigned, so really had no choice but to agree to Mrs. Denver’s demands. Still, it was going to be painful. Too painful perhaps?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Hayley walked in, Mrs. Denver’s 19 year old daughter who was also a student at the Academy. Charlotte glanced again at the Punishment Book and saw the reason for the appointment, the failure to hand in her homework on time.

Hayley stood obediently waiting to be summonsed. She exchanged smiles with Charlotte although both knew when Hayley came back out afterwards there would be tears running down her cheeks.

The intercom sounded, Hayley took a deep breath and turned towards the door, knocking, and when she was told to enter she did so.

Hayley walked in to her Mum’s office closed the door and walked up to her desk. She knew she was going to be caned by her Mum and waited respectfully for her to look up. She had been caned before on many an occasion in this very room, and whilst she knew she would be crying and her bottom would ache, she also knew it didn’t hold the same fear for her as it did the other students. It hurt, yes, stung crazily, but she welcomed the pain and looked forward to the throbbing ache that lasted at least until night time when she was alone in bed and she could enjoy the sex between her legs. Of course the spanking at home before bed would enhance her arousal, and although she will be crying deep sobs well before being allowed to get up from her Mum’s lap, those tears will turn to gasps and moans of orgasm when in her bed.

Unaware of her daughter’s eagerness for discipline Mrs. Denver treated her daughter like the others so fully intended giving her the caning she deserved.

“ So Hayley, we now need to discuss why you are here.”

“ Yes Mum, I know.”

Mrs. Denver snapped, “Hayley!”

Hayley knew she needed to revert to being the naughty student who was about to be disciplined by the Principal.

“ Sorry, yes Miss.” In fact the lapse of respect was all put on to ensure her Mum only ever disciplined her severely. She found the requirement to be obedient, the loss of any control, the obligation to simply do immediately whatever instructions her Mum gave her, was part of her sexual drive, and gave her a thrill as her Mum spoke to her so sternly.

Mrs. Denver thought her daughter was just suddenly respectful because of her snapped command, and so said, “That’s better my girl.”

Even so she was certainly going to ignore the fact Hayley is her daughter when the time comes to punish her.

“ Right my girl, you know what happens now.”

Hayley did know. She knew exactly why she was here. She was a student, a naughty one that forgot to do her homework, or actually as she had to admit to herself went to a party instead thinking she would do it when she got home, had too much to drink and didn’t, and was here to be punished for what has always been seen to be a serious offence. One that resulted in receiving the cane and as Hayley had missed doing homework before she was going to be taught a particularly tough lesson.

“ Get ready to be caned,” she was ordered.

It was Hayley’s turn to sniff as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, picked it up, folded it, and put it on the desk, and then walked over to the discipline chair and grabbed it as she bent over.

Her Mum though had decided Hayley needed something extra to enforce what was becoming a repetitive disobedience. She said, “Actually Hayley as you have failed to do your homework so many times before I think you need an extra special lesson now. I have decided in future you will be caned on your bare bottom, so remove your knickers as well and don’t even try to argue.”

Hayley stood up, turned to look at her Mum, bit her lip before taking her knickers down and stepping out of them. She put her knickers on the table before turning back to the chair and bent back over. She felt more vulnerable than usual, naked below the waist, her bare bottom sticking out in to the room, only her short sleeved shirt and bra giving her any resemblance of modesty.

Of course she knew what a caning was like. She had been caned many times before. After spanking warm ups and cold ones, and cold ones were awful. She knew being caned on the bare will hurt more.

Her Mum stood behind her and swished the cane, and Hayley tensed her bottom. Her Mum looked at her daughter’s bottom, creamy, smooth, unmarked, but well aware this bottom needed to be disciplined, Hayley must be taught to do her homework on time, and that is exactly what she will do. A cold hard discipline caning to teach her.

Mrs. Denver was conscious she hadn’t told her daughter how many strokes she will receive, aware also her daughter hadn’t asked. Well she wouldn’t disappoint. Let her daughter worry about it. She positioned herself, tapped her daughter’s bottom three times with the cane, lifted the cane up, and brought it down sharply on her bottom. Hayley gasped, yes it did hurt more with a bare bottom, at least it felt so, a lot more, but she knew she would have to take it. How many strokes she wondered? She didn’t ask her Mum though. The not knowing was exciting for her, stimulating even. She stuck her bottom out just as she heard the whoosh of the cane travelling through the air for the second stroke. It hurt more and she could not stop an even louder gasp. She bent her legs slightly as the pain spread across both bottom cheeks before straightening them again, still holding on to the chair, and again stuck her bottom right out.

Mrs. Denver smiled as she saw her daughter struggle but overcome the pain, getting ready for her next stroke. She decided she really did like seeing the red weal’s on her bottom. Her daughter deserved the caning, no question, and getting additional satisfaction by seeing the results after each stroke was even more satisfying for her. She wondered if she should make this the norm for the students as well. Have them bare their bottoms for a caning. They are bare bottomed when put across her knee if a spanking is to be given. Maybe now they should simply stay that way when caned. She will think about it.

Mrs. Denver raised the cane for the fourth stroke and saw her daughter tense her bottom as she stuck it out almost appearing to welcome the cane as it bit in to her bottom cheeks making them bounce and wobble as they reacted to the canes bite and then bouncing away again as the cane was lifted away. Her daughter let out a sob as the pain became more intense but yet again stuck her bottom right out, waiting for the next stroke.

Her Mum smiled again, deciding that perhaps this was a challenge, tapped her daughters bottom a couple of times, lifted the cane up, and snapped it back with more power, and listened to the louder gasp from her daughter, followed by a sob, and saw the tear run down her face. It was with even more determination she raised the cane again for the sixth stroke.

Mrs. Denver saw her daughter was struggling to take her punishment whilst Mrs. Denver was just as intent in achieving a strength of stroke that Hayley would know was a punishment and would not want to take again too quickly. As the punishment continued and stroke after stroke was given it was not until the tenth stroke that tears freely rolled down her daughters face the sobbing became open crying and the legs buckled. Hayley straightened up and tried to stick her bottom right out again but a sob caught her and she wasn’t quite so straight.

By the twelfth stroke Hayley felt the tears run down her cheek and on to the chair. She was sniffing and wiggling her bottom whilst her Mum watched what she saw as a naughty girl getting her just desserts. Maybe, just maybe, her daughter was learning.

Mrs. Denver decided eighteen strokes was the appropriate punishment and continued with her usual single-mindedness, and as always the last stroke, the eighteenth, was the hardest, got the loudest cry, the most tears. Mrs. Denver knew her daughter had no idea whether any more strokes were to be given and so she once again straightened her legs and her Mum watched as she stuck her bottom out, anticipating the next stroke.

Instead Mrs. Denver said, “OK Hayley, I have finished your punishment, for now, so you may stand up.”

Hayley continued to sob as she stood in front of her Mum, her hands in front of her, and only when her Mum said, “You can rub” did her hands fly to her bottom and she rubbed as fast as she could, still moaning with the pain.

“ You may get dressed and cleaned up” Mrs. Denver instructed.

“ Thank you Miss,” a chastened Hayley said. She looked one last time at her Mum who was already studying papers on her desk having dismissed her daughter, little realising her daughter’s pussy was quite wet.

Charlotte had been listening from her office. The stern words from Mrs. Denver sent her mind spinning, and made her knickers damp. The sound of each stroke and the consequent gasp from Hayley at first made her breath more heavily knowing she soon will suffer like that, but for some reason her knickers became even wetter. Charlotte was still feeling her knickers as the door opened and she quickly removed her hand from between her legs and smoothed her skirt.

A very different Hayley re-entered Charlotte’s office. Hayley rubbed her bottom and wiped her eyes still sniffing and sobbing. She watched as Charlotte filled in the Punishment Book and waited patiently and made a grimace when the envelope was handed to her, but she would not have left without it. She took the envelope knowing when her Mum got home she would hand it to her, watch as the envelope was opened and the letter speed read, and knew she would then be told another spanking would be given so the letter can be signed confirming the additional home discipline had been fully dispensed. That letter would sit with all the others in her file.

Hayley sniffed again as she said to Charlotte, “Thank you Miss,” before turning and leaving the room. The anticipation of that spanking to come set her clit tingling even without her fingers.

Hayley made her way to the toilets, stood in front of the mirror, lowered her knickers and raised her skirt so she could look at the weal’s, rubbed her bottom and brought her other hand around to her pussy and eased her finger inside herself, slowly then more quickly bringing herself to orgasm, still rubbing the weal’s on her bottom, knowing she had wasn’t fussed at all by failing to do her homework, knowing it would lead to being caned, and then to another spanking tonight. Sure the party was great fun and as she went to bed the worse for drink but having had a great time partying she was even then looking forward to the inevitable caning, just as now she was looking forward to the spanking she will most certainly be given when her Mum gets home later on.

As she masturbated she was already picturing herself being spanked this evening. She loved the pain and the feeling of hopelessness, the loss of power as she had to submit to the punishment, the humiliation of being bent across her Mum’s lap, her bottom bare, seeing her legs dangling on the far side of the spanking chair, feeling her Mum’s hand rub her bottom and then the long hard spanking by her Mum’s open hand and then the thick wooden paddle brush that followed, all that turned her on.

Hayley knew was lucky. Her Mum used discipline as a tool of her job. She was thankful she didn’t actually have to ask to be disciplined.

One day she hoped she will be disciplined by someone she fancied, that she will fall in love with a person who felt that way about her so she won’t have to masturbate afterwards, but instead her partner will happily dominate her, discipline her, give her the pain she so desired, then caress her and they will have the most wonderful sex afterwards. In the meantime she will settle for her Mum punishing her and then masturbating. She was so looking forward to her spanking tonight.

Meanwhile Charlotte sat nervously in her office, waiting on tenterhooks for the intercom to sound. Was Mrs. Denver keeping her waiting on purpose? She jumped when the voice commanded sternly,

“ Come in Johnson,” Mrs. Denver said.

Charlotte knew that in a few minutes it was going to be her in tears with a stinging bottom. Hopefully a bottom that will be rubbed gently by her boss. The moment had arrived and her knickers were already wet from her own sex nectar, but she was also breathing heavily because of the pain she will soon have to bear, and knew it will be the most painful experience of her life.
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