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Mrs Denver’s Double Spanking – The Aftermath

Elizabeth Carson and Emma both need their Punishment Letters signed, and suffer to get them.
Elizabeth Carson sat in the car. She was far from comfortable she had to be acknowledge to herself. The 36-year- old was suffering the effects of the 24 fierce red lines across her bottom given courtesy of Mrs Denver’s senior cane. She got herself as comfortable as possible before driving off. She drove carefully as the stinging distracted her but thankfully got home without incident.

As she drove she reminded herself she suffered the humiliation of being spanked and caned to prevent her daughter being expelled. That thought settled her. After a while she even managed a smile. At long last she had experienced the fear and trepidation of attending the Headmistress’s Study which has been a long held fantasy of hers. Being an adult added to the exhilaration of at last receiving the cane. She had avoided such serious discipline when at school herself. Now she had experienced the cane. Not just the ‘6-of-the-best’ several of her friends had received at school. No, being an adult it was 24 strokes for her.

Once home she went straight to her bedroom and unzipped her dress, stepping out of it and then putting it on the bed. Gingerly she stepped out of her knickers and put them on the bed as well. She walked over to her full length mirror, turned, and gasped as she saw the burning red lines across her bottom. No wonder the stinging was so intense. Quickly she rubbed her bottom again. She thought about using cool cream but the stinging was already becoming a rather pleasant sensation. She smiled to herself as she decided that rubbing was far more preferable. She smiled and said out loud, “Thank you, Mrs Denver,” in to the mirror as she rubbed her bottom gently. She won’t be telling Emma, but she found getting caned at her age was really rather exciting, and erotic.

Thinking of Emma reminded her she had to deal with her daughter more severely than she had in the past.

Elizabeth put her dress back on but decided her knickers will be too uncomfortable. She will put them on when going to see Mrs Shilton, but not right now. First she had to deal with Emma and wanted to sound as strict as possible. Once dressed she picked up the cane that Mrs Denver gave her, and went back downstairs. She walked in to the living room where Emma was waiting for her.

“Hullo, Mum,” Emma said looking tense.

Elizabeth replied tersely, “Hullo, Emma. I see you are ready for me.”

Emma had already turned a dining chair in to the room. Elizabeth walked over to it and hooked the cane over the back so she was ready for when she had spanked Emma.

Emma had been pensive waiting for her mum to get home. She had found sitting in class difficult and was thankful Miss Bentner had told her to go home before the last lesson. Even so, her friends had had the chance to ask her how it had gone with Mrs Denver. They were very quiet when told her mum was also spanked and caned. They knew quite a number of parent’s had joined the Scheme. However, all of their own parent’s had made it clear that they would refuse to join and would accept their daughter being expelled instead. That made all her friends think how lucky Emma was to have a mum prepared to do what she did. Mind you, all of Emma’s friend’s were regularly spanked at home, and their parent’s readily dealt with any Punishment Letter’s they took home. Their parents were unlikely to be made to join to the Scheme anyway. Still, Elizabeth went up in their estimation.

Little did they all know that Emma’s mum had her own agenda; wanting to disciplined.

Afterwards, her friends assured Emma that her mum was very likely to discipline her tonight, and sign her letter. That made Emma feel more relaxed.

All of the girls were subdued as they pondered just how strict Mrs Denver had become. Maybe it was time to behave and do their homework on time. They certainly didn’t want to test Mrs Denver by having their parents summoned to see her as they would be expelled for sure.

Emma could see her mum wasn’t in the best of moods and reckoned her bad temper would be directed at her. Her mum was standing next to the chair. Emma focussed on the cane. It was a pleasant surprise when her mum told her Mrs Denver had given her the cane to use on her.

Emma stood up, went over to her mum, and held out the letter. She swallowed as her mum took it.

Elizabeth took the letter and put it on the table. Emma looked surprised but Elizabeth said, “I don’t need to read it, Emma, as I know what it says. I have one myself as you well know.”

Emma blushed and said another, “Sorry, Mum.”

“Yes yes,” Elizabeth said still sounding and looking annoyed with her daughter. “Anyway, I am too sore to sit down so get undressed and bend over the back of the chair and across the table.”

“Completely undressed, Mum?” she queried.

Elizabeth said in an annoyed tone, “Yes, Emma. Take everything off. You need to remember who is in charge here.” Elizabeth thought how cool it would be to be told to get fully undressed to be spanked and caned by Mrs Shilton, but doubted that would happen. Still, she wanted to show Emma who was in charge, just as Elizabeth had been so aroused by having Mrs Denver stamp her authority all over her bottom.

Emma quickly undid her blouse and let it fall down her arms placing it on a nearby chair. The 17-year-old unhooked her bra and let that slip down her arms putting it on top of the blouse. Emma unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, folded it, and placed it on the chair with the rest of her clothes. Lastly, Emma stepped out of her knickers and put them with her other clothes. Fully naked she kneeled on to the chair, bent over its back, and then stretched out on the table.

Elizabeth was immediately sorry she had told Emma to get undressed. There was no arousal here. Emma was her daughter. She only told Emma to get undressed because she fantasised about being disciplined in the nude. However, the order had been given so Elizabeth told herself to ignore the fact her daughter was naked and never even suspected Emma will get aroused by being spanked by her.

The red weals stood proud on Emma’s bottom as Elizabeth rubbed them, gently at first. “I never thought I would spank you Emma but today was the final straw. I was spanked because of your bad behaviour. I hope this teaches you a lesson.” Elizabeth was determined to maintain the façade of annoyance with her daughter. She knew she should really be thanking her daughter for getting her caned; something she now knew was going to change her life. For the better.

Emma felt her mum’s hand rubbing her bottom and knew it didn’t feel as good as when Mrs Denver did it. This was her mum after all and the only thing that could happen now was discipline. She was aroused when Mrs Denver disciplined her but having her mum discipline her sort of disappointed the 17-year-old. Mind you, she soon supposed that a spanking was a spanking so the stinging will be the same afterwards. That made her feel happier about the pain she was about to receive from her mum. She stuck her bottom out lowered her tummy and took a deep breath. She gasped as her mum’s hand landed so hard on her bare bottom.

Without a break Elizabeth landed spank after spank on the 17-year-olds bare but already red sore and cane wealed bottom. The stinging started again after just a few spanks and Emma found the spanking uncomfortable from almost the start. Emma reckoned her mum was certainly venting her fury on her. Elizabeth was far from furious though. She was thinking about her own spanking and caning at the hands of the dominant Mrs Denver, as well the duplicate punishment she will be receiving when she has to go and see Mrs Shilton. Even so, she spanked her daughter long and hard.

Emma squirmed around as she was bent over the back of the chair as spank after spank landed on her bottom. She squealed as several spanks landed on the backs of her legs. She didn’t beg her mum to stop though as she knew she deserved this spanking and was going to accept whatever her mum gave her. After all, she was delighted her mum was spanking her after all this time and she will gleefully hand in the Punishment Letter to Miss Thomson tomorrow morning, duly signed by her mum. It wasn’t going to be the last time either. Emma will be naughty again very soon, be disciplined by Mrs Denver, then come home and hand her mum another Punishment Letter. Several more in fact.

Elizabeth kept spanking Emma, reminding herself how humiliated she had been in Mrs Denver’s Study. Soon Emma was sobbing and even so she kept spanking her daughter. On the one hand she was so acting as though she was really angry after all. Of course on the other she knew that she should be thanking her daughter. After all, she experienced a long held fantasy and discovered what it was like to be spanked at 36-years-old. Being caned hurt more than she expected, but even that experience was one that has now turned her on.

Emma was sobbing as the hand spanks landed on the cane weals. Elizabeth knew she had to stop spanking her daughter as soon she was crying freely.

Gleefully though she picked up the cane and swished it a couple of times. She reminded Emma, “You agreed I could practice on your bottom, you will recall?” Elizabeth wondered if she would actually enjoy using the cane as much as she had enjoyed receiving it.

Emma sniffed and sobbed, turned, and looked at her mum with tear filled eyes. She nodded, unable to speak.

Elizabeth spent the next few minutes practicing. The first few strokes were ridiculously light. She tried harder strokes, listening out for gasps of pain from her daughter. None came so she tried even harder ones. She heard the swish as the cane travelled through the air, and thought the thwack rather loud as it bit in to Emma’s bottom cheeks. Harder and harder were the strokes until Emma started to gasp, then yelp. Finally, Emma let out a loud shriek and Elizabeth was happy she now had the right amount of force. Far more than she had expected in fact.

Emma was focussed when her mum practiced her cane strokes. She knew she could play act but that wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. After all, she masturbated three times after her mum told her she had been given the cane by Mrs Denver. She so wanted the strokes to be hard so she could enjoy the after stinging. So even when the practice strokes were hard she held her breath, gritted her teeth, and tried to hold in the pain. She did just that successfully until the strokes were even harder than she normally liked. Eventually, she could not hold back, and let out a loud scream.

The practicing ended. The real caning was now going to start.

“I will be giving you 12 strokes Emma, just like Mrs Denver gave you.”

Again Emma nodded, tears streaming down her face.

Elizabeth steadied herself, tapped Emma’s bottom twice with the cane, pulled back her arm, swung it downwards, and landed a firm cane stroke on Emma’s bottom.

Emma screamed out. Elizabeth was sure the stroke was no harder than her last practice stroke. Maybe Emma’s bottom was sore from all the cane strokes she had received today? She thought momentarily about her own bottom which she will have to bare for Mrs Shilton. She threw the thought out of her mind, looked at the back of Emma’s head, decided her daughter can take the cane that hard again, and prepared the second stroke. Emma let out another shriek, well really a drawn out gasp, but stayed in position. Elizabeth remembered watching Emma when she was caned by Mrs Denver, and wondered whether in fact her daughter can take a harder stroke still.

The third stroke was harder, and Emma’s long gasp even louder, this time followed by a sob. Still she stayed in position, her bottom stuck out, her tummy dropped down. Elizabeth noticed Emma’s thighs were firmly together though, so there was no sight of her wet pussy or hair mound.

The caning continued. Emma struggled with each stroke, but allowed herself only long gasps, and never even considered getting up. She needed to show her mum she will accept her punishment well.

Elizabeth had already realised she wasn’t getting a sense of enjoyment from caning her daughter. It was something she had to do so she could continue to be dealt with under the Parent discipline Scheme and so experience being spanked and caned herself many more times. So she pursed her lips and did what she had to do. An adult dealing with her daughter. Disciplining her. It happened all the time in other homes she knew.

After the seventh stroke Emma sobbed loudly, and even before the eighth stroke had sobbed again. Emma stuck her bottom out again hoping her mum would ignore her sobs and keep caning her as hard as she was already doing. She knew that afterwards it will pay her dividends. The stinging will heat her bottom and make her pussy pulsate. That will be so great for when she masturbates.

The ninth stroke was just as hard and Emma cried out; her head jerked upwards, and her hair flew around her face. The pain raced across her bottom. She gritted her teeth to hold in the pain until it started to pas and she let out a long gasping breath.

Elizabeth had only just noticed her daughter’s breasts juggled around as her head jerked upwards. Elizabeth knew her own breasts were much fuller that Emma’s and would bounce far more than the 17-year-olds when it was her time to be disciplined. However, she doubted Mrs Shilton will make her undress.

The tenth stroke bit in to Emma’s bottom. Again her head jerked up and her hair flew around her head while her breasts jiggled. Emma cried out and Elizabeth saw tears running down her daughter’s face. Even so, she watched Emma retain her position. Her daughter’s shoulders shook as she cried; but still Emma had her bottom sticking out waiting for the next stroke.

The eleventh stroke produced the loudest shriek so far and Emma was both sobbing and crying out loud. Elizabeth decided it was best to get the matter over with and landed the twelfth stroke hard across both bottom cheeks. This brought the loudest shriek of all.

Emma’s head dropped as she had counted the strokes, and knew her punishment was over.

“You can get off the chair now, Emma,” Elizabeth said looking closely at her daughter’s very red and wealed bottom. There were many more red weals than when she had started. Sitting will be a real challenge for the 17-year-old.

Emma edged herself up and stepped off the chair. Her hands flew to her bottom and she rubbed her sore stinging bottom cheeks furiously, stepping from foot to foot. Her face streamed with tears and her breasts bounced as she rubbed. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Her pussy was fully on show but she was in too much pain, and ecstasy, to notice, or care. What she did know was that her bottom was going to sting like crazy and could not wait to get to her bedroom to do herself.

First things first. She took deep weepy breaths as she went over to her mum and said between sobs, “I’m sorry, Mum, but know I deserved the spanking and the caning.”

Elizabeth half smiled at her daughter, unused to receiving an apology. “OK, Emma. Yes you did. I’ll sign your letter and then its over.”

“Oh thank you, Mum.” She waited a moment and continued sounding anxious, “Mum, I’ll most likely get more Punishment Letters. You will discipline me again, and sign them; won’t you?”

“Yes, Emma, don’t worry about that.” Elizabeth added after a moment, “I’m more concerned about being summoned to Mrs Denver again myself though.” Another lie Elizabeth knew. She wanted to attend Mrs Denver’s Study again, even if Emma didn’t need to be there.

Emma said an apologetic, “I’ll try Mum,” but she knew it was bound to happen again. In fact Emma fully intended it to happen again if her mum didn’t take disciplining her seriously.

Elizabeth looked at the clock, gave a sigh, and said ruefully, “Well, in a few minutes I need to get going to Mrs Shilton to have my own letter signed.”

It was Emma’s turn to smile sympathetically at her mum. She knew though that as soon as her mum was gone she will go upstairs and lie on her bed. Her pussy was already quivering just as much as her bottom was throbbing and stinging.

“You should get dressed young lady,” Elizabeth told her daughter.

Emma did get dressed. She was half smiling to herself though, thinking how all her clothes will come off again in a few minutes. However, she had to obey her mum so she knew who was in charge. Later though she will webcam all her friends and tell them she has been spanked, and that her mum will be spanking her in future. She was sure there would be lots of dirty talk which always ended with the girls watching each other masturbate.

Elizabeth went upstairs and stepped in to her knickers. Her bottom still hurt and she gasped as she gingerly let the elastic snap against her sore skin. She checked herself in the mirror. She decided to leave on the same clothes and get changed when she got home. She opened her handbag and checked the Punishment Letter was inside. She saw it, nodded to herself, clicked shut the handbag, picked it up, sighed again, and headed for the door.

It was a short walk, just three roads away. As she walked her thoughts changed a gear. She was no longer the adult dispensing discipline. Now she was an adult about to be disciplined like a schoolgirl. Indeed, she was feeling just like a naughty schoolgirl walking with trepidation to the Headmistress’s Study. She checked her watch when she got to Mrs Shilton’s house. An adult living out a fantasy. A fantasy that had now come true and so was reality. Not just once. It will be a reality time and again.

As she walked so she felt flutters across her pussy. She knew her knickers were already damp at the thought of being disciplined again. More, she will again lose all control. She won’t be able to tell Mrs Shilton to stop. There will be no ‘safe’ word. It was scary but it also aroused her. Wonderfully. Sexily.

Elizabeth arrived at the house and as she walked up the path she looked at her watch. Two minutes to eight.

The house was a lovely detached property, well looked after, and as Elizabeth walked up the path to the door she admired the flowers in the garden. Taking another deep breath she pressed the bell. Moments later a woman in her early thirty’s opened the door.

“Hullo, Mrs Carson. Right on time. That is good.” There was a sharp tone to her voice.

“Hullo, Mrs Shilton?”

“Yes. Do come in.”

Elizabeth walked passed Mrs Shilton who looked attractive wearing a sleeveless dress with a hem just above the knee.

“Go through please,” Mrs Shilton said in a businesslike tone of voice.

Elizabeth walked in to the living room. She saw the chair turned in to the room and a cane on the table. Just how the room had been set out by Emma earlier.

“Can I please have the Punishment Letter, Mrs Carson?”

There was something about Mrs Shilton, a dominance that was attractive Elizabeth thought. “Of course,” Elizabeth replied. She opened her bag, took out the letter, and handed it to Mrs Shilton.

“I always require that you are fully undressed. Please get ready, Mrs Carson.”

That came as a shock. She had made Emma undress but hardly expected to be told to get undressed herself. Still, she reminded herself how she thought it would be cool to be disciplined naked so now she got what she wished for. Yes, it was cool, she thought.

Elizabeth unzipped her dress and let it slide down her body to the floor. She stooped down and picked it up, folded it, and put it neatly on the table. She unclipped her bra and let it slide down her arms and placed that on the table as well. She put her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and was about to push them down her legs when the door opened and a young girl walked in.

Mrs Shilton said to Elizabeth’s horror, “Come in, Maisie.”

“Thanks, Mum,” Maisie answered.

Maisie said to Elizabeth, “You are Emma’s Mum. I know her from school, but she is the year above me.”

Elizabeth knew that made Maisie 16- years-old. She glanced at Mrs Shilton who said sternly, “Why are your knickers still on, Mrs Carson? I don’t have all night you know.”

Elizabeth was taken aback, bit her lip, and quickly stepped out of her knickers. She looked across at Maisie. The 16-year-old was sitting down near to where the chair was and had made herself comfortable.

“You seem surprised, Mrs Carson. The thing is you are being punished. I am not going to make it comfortable for you. There will be pain and humiliation. My step-daughter has seen quite a few parents disciplined already.”

Elizabeth blushed but nodded in acceptance. This really was humiliating but she could do nothing about it she knew.

Mrs Shilton went and to the chair, sat down, flattened her dress, and ordered, “Get over my lap please.”

Elizabeth stepped up to the chair and eased herself over Mrs Shilton’s lap, resting her hands on the floor.

Maisie asked, “What’s the punishment, Mum?”

Elizabeth looked across to the 16-year-old who was smiling at her mum who answered, “A hand spanking and 24 strokes of the cane.”

It sounded such a lot Elizabeth thought. However, lying there across Mrs Shilton’s lap she again thought how dominant the woman was being, her tone of voice, and her efficient manner. She quite forgot Mrs Shilton was younger than her, and right now didn’t care.

“Cool,” Maisie said still smiling.

Mrs Shilton put her hand on Elizabeth’s bottom and said, “I see Mrs Denver has made a good job of your bottom. It is still red from the spanking and criss crossed weals from the cane. That will make this spanking much more painful you know.”

Elizabeth did know that as she had thought the same thing when spanking Emma earlier. As she thought that, Mrs Shilton landed the first spank. It stung and Elizabeth let out a short gasp.

The next few spanks were spread evenly around Elizabeth’s bottom and, just as she had reckoned when spanking Emma, the spanking quickly made her bottom sting again. In fact, the stinging was fiercer than when spanked by Mrs Denver. Elizabeth looked across at Maisie who smiled back at her, clearly enjoying the sight of a 36-year-old woman being spanked by her mum. Even if she was quite used to this happening.

Mrs Shilton was a methodical woman and initially spanked Elizabeth on alternate bottom cheeks. However, she knew a better impact was to spank on the same spot a dozen or more times before spanking another spot, spank after spank. Occasionally, Mrs Shilton spanked the back of Elizabeth’s legs, and when she did Elizabeth cried out with the sharp pain.

Elizabeth glanced across at Maisie again who was still smiling. The 16-year-old was enjoying the spectacle.

Mrs Shilton kept spanking Elizabeth when she said, “I do spank much longer than Mrs Denver and your bottom is now a very dark red Mrs Carson. Still I will be spanking you for quite a while yet so don’t worry if you start to cry.”

Elizabeth was already quite close to crying. Her eyes were filling with tears. She gave Maisie one last look and still the 16-year-old was watching intently. Maisie knew that her mum though was a particularly hard spanker. Elizabeth looked away and back to the floor feeling the humiliation flow across her whole body as she submitted to the younger woman.

As Elizabeth submitted, so her mind-set changed. It was when Elizabeth realised she was willingly submitting and felt the flutter in her pussy as the spanking continued. Her whole attitude changed. The stinging was sensuous, sexual, and just as Emma had done with Mrs Denver so Elizabeth raised her bottom beckoning Mrs Shilton to spank her harder.

Mrs Shilton saw the movement and wasn’t happy about that at all. She was about discipline. Mrs Denver specifically looked for women who had no compunction about disciplining adults and making them understand better their responsibilities. They were the ones chosen to help run the Parent Discipline Scheme. Being aroused as you were being spanked was OK, but that will only make the spanking harder. That is just what Mrs Shilton did. She looked across at her daughter and nodded towards the cabinet. Maisie got up went to the top drawer. She took out a wooden backed hairbrush. She walked back to her mum and handed her the paddle brush. Mrs Shilton took it and without explaining, she tapped Mrs Carson’s bottom and started to spank her with it.

Elizabeth squealed with the extra pain and squirmed around on Mrs Shilton’s lap. The spanking was carried out briskly covering Elizabeth’s whole bottom until Mrs Shilton felt all feelings of sexual arousal had been removed. Elizabeth cried out with tears running down her face, her shoulders heaved, and her breasts swayed. She struggled to cope with the extra hard spanks.

Mrs Shilton stopped spanking with the hairbrush and said abruptly, “No more being aroused then Mrs Carson. You will now get up and bend over the table for the cane.”

Elizabeth was crying as she stood up and with tear filled eyes. She obediently bent over the table and grabbed the far side. Her bottom stung like never before but she still didn’t lose that feeling in her pussy. It was like when she masturbated and her sex juice covered her fingers as she found her clit and she was bringing herself to orgasm. No fingers were needed though. The hairbrush had done the job.

Mrs Shilton sensed the hairbrush had increased Mrs Carson’s erotic feelings rather than dampen them. The dribble of sex juice running down the inside of Mrs Carson’s thigh proved it. Maisie saw it as well, and exchanged knowing looks with her mum.

Mrs Shilton shrugged her shoulders. She decided she would have to accept Mrs Carson was aroused and ignore it. Her job was to discipline Mrs Carson and sign her letter. So she picked up the cane, checked the letter again and saw 24 strokes were the tariff, and tapped the cane on Mrs Carson’s bottom. She didn’t hesitate. The first hard stroke brought a yelp from the 36-year-old . She exchanged another look with her 16-year-old daughter and they nodded before she added two hard strokes in quick succession.

Elizabeth yelped after each stroke and struggled to keep hold of the table. Her arms were shaking as she held on. The cane strokes were so painful but she was recovering. Mrs Shilton saw Mrs Carson relax and immediately gave three more hard strokes in quick succession. Again Elizabeth yelped at each stroke but still held on to the table, her head jerking upwards each time. The 36-year-old gritted her teeth just as Emma had done until the pain eased.

Mrs Shilton remained determined as she gave another three quick hard strokes. Still Mrs Carson managed to stay in position although clearly in pain. Her tears were really flowing and the fierce red lines across her bottom told Mrs Shilton that her strokes were very hard. Three more strokes, a gap, and then three more, took the tally to twelve strokes. Three more strokes and three louder yelps were followed by another three strokes.

Mrs Shilton had 6 strokes left. She glanced again at her daughter whose eyes were open wide in excitement as she watched.

The cane was raised and another three quick strokes thrashed down and bit into Mrs Carson’s bottom. Mrs Shilton watched Mrs Carson’s head jerk upwards again but before the 36-year-old could recover the last three quick hard strokes landed across Mrs Carson’s stinging red wealed bottom.

When the caning had stopped Elizabeth collapsed on the table still grasping the far end, her shoulders shaking, and breathing deep heaves. Her head rested on the table looking sideways through unseeing tear filled eyes. She held her position. While the pain rushed across her bottom the flutters in her pussy also increased.

“Stay there until I tell you to get up, Mrs Carson,” Mrs Shilton ordered. Elizabeth was happy to obey as she cried and slowly recovered. After a while she tensed her thighs and let out a small gasp as her pussy quivered.

Maisie saw it and touched her Mum’s arm. Mrs Shilton nodded her head but shrugged her shoulders. Mrs Carson having an orgasm wasn’t her concern. Disciplining her was and she was satisfied she had spanked and caned her very hard. She ordered sharply, “OK, Mrs Carson, get up please.”

Elizabeth eased herself up and, just like Emma before her, her hands rushed to her bottom. She was dancing from foot to foot, rubbing her bottom, as her full breasts swayed, and her damp pussy was displayed.

Mrs Shilton looked at her daughter and they smiled at each other. Yes, that proves the punishment was a hard one.

Mrs Shilton asked, “Will you be disciplining Emma in future?”

Elizabeth answered fiercely, “You bet I will be. That really hurt you know.”

“I rather think it did, Mrs Carson, but it was meant to.” Mrs Shilton smiled. “You had better get dressed then,” she added.

Elizabeth put her bra and dress on quickly. She had reconciled herself to being disciplined by Mrs Shilton who was a couple of years younger than herself. However, she could still feel the humiliation of being naked in front of 16-year-old Maisie. When it came to her knickers Elizabeth eased them on and gasped as the elastic bit in to her very sore bottom. That brought more smiles from Mrs Shilton and Maisie.

Maisie said to her Mum, “Are you going to offer Mrs Carson the Maintenance Spanking Scheme, Mum?”

“Oh yes, of course.”

Elizabeth looked at the 16-year-old. Initially she found her arrogant. However, she soon realised the teenager was much like her mum. She had the same no nonsense tone of voice and dominant stance. She still didn’t like her, nor did she like having her watch. However Mrs Shilton had made ever so clear that she didn’t have a choice.

Elizabeth turned towards Mrs Shilton, interested in knowing more about maintenance spankings.

Mrs Stilton explained. “As you know, Mrs Denver will summons you to her Study if she feels Emma’s standards are not improving. That may well be because you have failed to maintain your own disciplinary standards with her, that is spanking her at home even without a Punishment Letter. So Mrs Denver introduced the Maintenance Spanking Scheme. Under it, you agree to come here regularly and be spanked, and that is noted at the school so Mrs Denver sees your intent.”

Elizabeth asked hesitantly, “How often?” She felt a flutter in her pussy at the thought of being spanked again by the dominant Mrs Shilton, although her bottom was the sorest stingiest it had ever been.

Mrs Shilton replied, “I think you should start with every two weeks. You get the same each time as you got today from me.”

Elizabeth thought for a moment and made her decision. “OK Mrs Shilton, every two weeks.” She added, “Will Maisie watch every time?”

“Of course,” Mrs Shilton said in a tone suggesting, ‘What else?’

Elizabeth glanced at Maisie who had a broad grin. She wasn’t sure if the grin from the 16-year-old was because she just found watching an adult being spanked good fun; or the fact the adult, her, was still rubbing her sore bottom. Still, she was a very different girl to Emma. Maisie was a confident young lady who she suspected was a leader amongst her friends. Maybe she even spanked some of her friends, Elizabeth mused.

Could the 16-year-old even spank Emma, she wondered? Emma though was a very different person. Elizabeth knew her daughter accepted discipline, but from older women. Good old fashioned style discipline.

Elizabeth had mixed feelings about seeing Mrs Shilton every two weeks. Erotic feelings because of the prospect of being spanked and caned on a regular basis; and concern that the spanking hurt so much.

Elizabeth was still rubbing her bottom as she thanked Mrs Shilton for her time. As she turned to go to the door Mrs Shilton asked, “Now, shall I sign your letter?”

Elizabeth had forgotten about the letter. What would have happened if she hadn’t got it signed? That whole spanking and caning would have been for nought perhaps?

Mrs Shilton signed the letter and gave it to Elizabeth. “Goodbye Mrs Carson, I will send you an email with the schedule of times for the next few visits.”

Once Elizabeth had left, Mrs Shilton picked up the phone and dialled. “Hullo Mrs Denver, Mrs Carson has just gone and she has signed up for the Maintenance Spanking Scheme.” Mrs Denver congratulated Mrs Shilton on her good work.

Mrs Denver laughed as she put the telephone down. Another parent who she had no doubt will be disciplining her daughter in future. Delighted with the outcome she decided to go and tell her Secretary the good news, and have the appropriate note put on Mrs Carson’s page in the Punishment Book. She walked in to her Secretary’s office and was surprised Charlotte looked up at the unexpected appearance and was blushing.

“What’s wrong, Charlotte?” Mrs Denver asked sternly.

“Erm, nothing Mrs Denver,” Charlotte replied hoping Mrs Denver didn’t realise she had her hand inside her knickers and on her pussy.

“I hope not,” Mrs Denver replied sternly, realising she quite liked the thought of finding something Charlotte had done wrong. With a smile to herself she pictured her Secretary across her lap and spanking her bare bottom. A quite delightful thought which sent an unexpected quiver through the Headmistress’s pussy. Who knows she thought? Maybe one day, soon.

Elizabeth walked home with her stinging bottom, unable to rub herself in public. She did though enjoy the memories of being disciplined. She remained in naughty schoolgirl mode thinking how no one she passed in the street would ever imagine the 36-year-old had just been spanked and caned for the second time today. It made her aroused again. Her knickers again felt damp. It was delicious feeling remembering how she had lost all control and never minded at all. As soon as she got home though she quickly stepped out of her knickers, just as Emma came downstairs.

“Look at my bottom, young lady,” Elizabeth snapped at her daughter and turned. She lifted her dress, and Emma gasped at the sight of how red and wealed her mum’s bottom was. Emma wasn’t sure what to say.

Emma tried, “Sorry, Mum but, you see, being spanked does, well, turn me on a bit you know.”

Elizabeth said sternly, “Yes Emma, that became clear when I watched Mrs Denver spanking and caning you.” What she didn’t tell her daughter was just how turned on she was right now and knew when she went to bed she was going to have the most tremendous orgasms.

Just then her phone buzzed. An email had been received. Elizabeth looked at it. It was from Mrs Shilton with the times for several visits to her house for the maintenance spankings and canings she had agreed to.

Elizabeth looked at her daughter. “Understand this Emma. From now on I will be very strict with you and will be spanking you whenever I think you earn one.”

Emma gasped. That was just what she had wanted to hear. Maybe her mums visit to Mrs Denver and to Mrs Shilton has got Emma what she wanted. A strict mum who will spank her on a regular basis.

Elizabeth saw the look on her daughters face. Not concern. Almost success. Well Elizabeth also felt success. She had discovered that being spanked sent her sex juice running mad and made her pussy feel so alive. She checked the date again for her next visit to Mrs Shilton and smiled to herself. Now she was in the Parent Discipline Scheme she will make the most of it. A spanking and caning from Mrs Shilton every other week. Maybe if she failed to discipline Emma she would be summoned again to Mrs Denver’s Study as well. By herself. No Emma being disciplined at the same time. Just her. A 36-year-old adult. She hoped that would happen again soon. In fact she was determined to be summoned again and reckoned she would soon be getting rather more than 24 strokes of the cane. What would that be she wondered? She couldn’t wait to find out.

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