Mrs. Denver’s Parent Discipline Meeting

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Charlotte was expecting another spanking, but not with an audience
Charlotte was enjoying her weekend her stay with Mrs. Denver but they had not yet made love.

Charlotte still did not realise her boss had strong feelings for her so when Mrs. Denver suggested a morning walk Charlotte decided to misbehave, force Mrs. Denver to spank her again, then hope this time for kisses and cuddles afterwards. Unfortunately as Mrs. Denver equally did not realise Charlotte’s feelings for her she took the misbehaviour as disobedience that required a disciplinary spanking, and was even upset that maybe she would not after all get to taste the nectar of Charlotte’s sex.

Mrs. Denver snapped, “I did warn you Charlotte. I was hoping for a nice walk but as you have been so badly behaved you are going straight across my lap when we get home.”

“ I’m sorry Sally but”

“ I don’t think you should call me by my first name when you are to be disciplined, so Mrs. Denver or Miss, understood?”

“ Yes Miss,” 25-year-old Charlotte said, feeling aroused by the strict tone. So, the first part of her plan was working as she will soon have her skirt and knickers removed when she goes across her boss’s lap.

Mrs. Denver reconciled herself to the need to spank her secretary. Spanking Charlotte may be no bad thing. This time she fully intended to use it as a reason to give her a kiss and cuddle afterwards and as they would be alone she would even allow herself to run her fingers along the 25 year olds pussy which she hoped would be as wet as her own.

So now the scene was set for the two to finally make love even though neither was aware that is what the other had been wanting.

It didn’t quite turn out that way though and Charlotte’s sloppy work was the cause. Mrs. Denver and Charlotte went in to the house and Mrs. Denver stated in a clear voice just as she was entering the lounge, “right Charlotte, I am going to give you such a hard spanking, one you will remember for ages,” although her voice trailed off as she saw six mother’s of girls at the school and their husbands, all waiting in the lounge.

One of the Mothers said, “Oh hullo Mrs. Denver, your cleaner let us in, we are here for the discussion group,” and held out the agenda which clearly had today’s date on it and her home as the venue, “But if you are busy,” the Mother continued as Charlotte entered the room.

Charlotte was flummoxed and Mrs. Denver furious. This sounded like a mess up of her diary. She made an excuse and went to her bedroom, found her dairy and saw the meeting wasn’t entered so knew it was her secretary’s fault. She went back to the lounge and said apologetically, “I really do apologise ladies, gentlemen, but I see Charlotte here has forgotten to put this in my diary. Never mind though, I am here, so the group discussion can be held.”

“ Do you want some time to deal with Charlotte alone Mrs. Denver, as you mentioned a spanking as you came in?” It was general knowledge that 25 year old Charlotte was disciplined at school, even though she is a member of staff.

That threw Mrs. Denver. She hoped for a smooth time with her secretary thinking more about making love to her than spanking her in front of all these people. Still, she had a reputation to uphold and could not be seen to waver. She looked at Charlotte who was blushing as she knew most of the people in the room and didn’t want to be spanked in front of them. Surely Mrs. Denver wouldn’t. Or would she?

Mrs. Denver said “Let me check something first.”

She turned to her distraught secretary and snapped, “Wait here. I will be back shortly to discuss this with you.”

Charlotte kept her head down as she felt so many eyes staring at her, knowing she is 25 years old and still spanked, and going to be spanked in a few minutes. She heard comments like, “I bet she isn’t looking forward to it,” and, “She deserves it after all.” She knew she did deserve it. She remembered seeing the agenda and had failed to put it in her boss’s diary. She had been spanked before for that, so wasn’t surprised she was going to be spanked again for the same thing as she hadn’t learned her lesson had she? It’s just so many people were here to watch. She told herself she wasn’t going to mess up the diary ever again, that was for sure.

Mrs. Denver returned, looking even more cross. “I’m sorry but I have just spoken to the speaker asking why he is late. It seems he never heard from my secretary confirming the date and is now out of town. I’m sorry.”

“ Well really,” said one of the Mothers’ sounding very annoyed, adding, “We were so looking forward to it. It does seem Charlotte has messed up Mrs. Denver. I mean really messed up.”

Mrs. Denver took a deep breath knowing the Mother was right and could see her well planned weekend of lovemaking going out the window. Nevertheless discipline is discipline and she knew she had to take the appropriate action. Charlotte must be taught the importance of working carefully and the established way was to be disciplined. It usually worked, was tried and tested, and she was a staunch supporter of the method. The thing was that in fact everyone in the room had been put out by Charlotte’s sloppy work.

One of the Mothers said sounding in despair, “She really has caused everyone a lot of trouble hasn’t she?”

“ Yes she has,” Mrs. Denver agreed, continuing “And as you have all been inconvenienced if anyone wants to watch you are most welcome to. I will be spanking her of course.”

No one moved, in fact everyone settled down in their chairs in anticipation. Charlotte was dreading the humiliation to come. She had been disciplined often enough by her boss to know she will make no allowances for being disciplined in front of all these parents.

“ Right then,” Mrs. Denver said, realising she was going to have rather a large audience, but no matter as she was resolved to teach her secretary a firm lesson. “I will only be another minute,” and she left the room, returning with one of her canes which was met with looks of awe from most of the parents, and a wooden backed hairbrush.

Charlotte stared aghast at the implements which will be used on her bare bottom. Clearly some of the parents were equally surprised at the sight of the implements though from their smiles and animated whispers most were obviously looking forward to watching them being used.

Most but not all.

“ Oh shit,” one of the men. His wife Lucy heard and immediately said sternly “Donald, how dare you use such language. You be careful or else we will have words.” Several people looked at the man as he blushed whilst Lucy fumed at him.

Mrs. Denver looked at the parents and saw several smiles as she her put the cane on the table and pulled an upright chair in to the room so that everyone had a perfect view of what was going to befall the now glum looking secretary.

“ Come here,” Mrs. Denver declared and all eyes spun round to Charlotte as she looked up, her face showing her embarrassment at being disciplined in front of so many people. Slowly she walked towards her boss trying to look only at the floor but failing, unable to evade the gaze of so many staring eyes, seeing so many smiling faces as she made her way across the room until she stood in front of Mrs. Denver whose eyes were like steel as they always were when she was about to dispense discipline.

Mrs. Denver sat on the chair and ordered Charlotte, “Take your skirt off.”

Charlotte did as she was told, letting it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it picked it up and put it neatly on the table.

Mrs Denver snapped, “And your knickers as well please.”

Charlotte didn’t want to be naked below the waist in front of so many people she will see time and again. She said very weakly, “really?

“ Are you questioning me?” snapped Mrs. Denver who grabbed Charlotte’s arm, pulled her towards her turning her at the same time so the backs of her legs were within hitting distance leaving Charlotte to stare at the faces smiling back at her, all of them seeing Mrs. Denver pull her hand back and whip it down hard on the back of Charlotte’s bare leg, causing her to shriek, everyone to smile even more broadly, and Mrs. Denver snapped, “Yes Really,” before smacking the back of her other leg which produced another howl as the sting spread across the back of her thighs. As she didn’t move Mrs. Denver took it as further disobedience and smacked her again even harder on the back of each leg. Charlotte let out further yelps, looking at the smiling faces in front of her, getting more and more embarrassed.

The smacking continued and Charlotte was squirming but dared not move her legs, just bending them to try to reduce the stinging, not knowing when it will stop but struggling to cope, tears running filling her eyes from the pain, until Mrs. Denver said above the repetitive smacking sound, “Shall I continue or will you remove your knickers?”

It took several more stinging smacks before Charlotte realised what was being said and she yanked her knickers down, bending her legs which allowed Mrs. Denver to smack her bare bottom, until suddenly the smacking stopped. Her sobs now filled the room and Mrs. Denver said, “Like I have said before ladies and gentlemen, a good smacking gets their attention and good behaviour will out.”

“ Yes, but I hope that isn’t it,” one of the husbands shouted out, laughing.

His wife Grace said, “Do be quiet Jack, this is serious.”

“ Sorry,” he said, blushing.

Mrs. Denver said, “Thank you,” to Grace and continued,

“ Look at me Charlotte,” Mrs. Denver said and once Charlotte turned around she was only too aware of the approving gasps from the parents when they saw how red her legs were. Charlotte was beyond caring about the comments though. She wanted to get her spanking over with and disappear out of the room.

Mrs. Denver glared at Charlotte and said sternly, “So in future you will do as I ask immediately, understood?”

“ Yes Miss,” the 25 year old replied immediately, and meant it.

Behind her Donald said gleefully, “Are you sure you will?” and laughed.

Lucy snapped, “No more Donald, you are embarrassing me and if you make another comment I will embarrass you.”

Donald blushed again.

Mrs. Denver again ignored the man, knowing his wife was very much in charge of that relationship.

“ Bend over my lap,” Mrs. Denver barked at Charlotte and the miserable girl bent down across Mrs. Denver’s lap just as quickly as anyone could.

Mrs. Denver looked at the very familiar bottom staring up at her, one she had spanked often before, long and hard.

Charlotte glanced across the room at all the faces staring back which appeared to be lopsided, although they of course were sitting upright and it was she in the prone position draped across Mrs. Denver’s lap with her bare bottom ready staring up at her boss ready to be spanked.

Mrs. Denver didn’t wait and started to spank the 25 year old straight away as she was getting more and more annoyed both with Charlotte for her lack of diligence in removing her knickers and because of Donald’s comments that were annoying almost everyone.

Now the audience was looking intently at Charlotte’s bottom as it bounced in reaction to the firm spanks being applied by Mrs. Denver’s hand. They watched the bare bottom turned pink and then red knowing Mrs. Denver’s reputation for being able to give long and consistently hard hand spankings, although this will have been the first time they will have actually witnessed Mrs. Denver give a spanking and it had to be said most looked on in awe.

Not Charlotte though. The recipient of one of Mrs. Denver’s spankings rarely considered anything other than the increasingly intolerable pain being generated by a hand spanking. Charlotte was squirming, yelping, and sobbing all at the same time.

At first Charlotte occasionally looked across at the audience who were nodding their approval, as though it was quite normal for a 25 year old to have her bare bottom spanked. Charlotte supposed though that given the number of times she had now been spanked at work and at home maybe normal was the right word. Still it was degrading to be disciplined in front of so many parents who she would have to see again in the course of her work.

The background noise of approving comments increased when Mrs. Denver spanked the backs of Charlotte’s legs. One Mum commented her daughter had never come home from a spanking from Mrs. Denver with red legs but as she could see how much it hurt it was going to be something she did in future.

When Mrs. Denver used the hairbrush the sobbing turned to crying and the gasps of pain turned to yelps. The parents were more hushed, not expecting the spanking to be so intense.

Struggling to cope with the constant spanking of the wooden hairbrush Charlotte could still hear the whispered comments of approval but could not make out the faces clearly as her eyes smeared over with tears.

Mrs. Denver decided her bottom was red enough and ready for the next implement. The cane.

“ Right Charlotte, please go and grab the chair,” she said firmly and waited for Charlotte to edge herself up, slowly it had to be said which was not unusual for a girl or boy sobbing as she was.

“ Hurry up girl we don’t have all day,” Donald shouted out, seemingly unaware that the other parents were totally fed up with him.

Mrs. Denver looked at Lucy and said with some disgust, “Please will you deal with him,” and when Donald looked horrified she added, “Before I do.”

Well, Lucy felt she was being criticised and not wanting to appear weak said in a clear voice, “You are right Mrs. Denver it is unforgivable. May we go to another room so I can deal with my husband?”

“ How will you discipline him?” Mrs. Denver asked.

“ Like you are dealing with Charlotte,” she said.

Donald stood up to say something but Mrs. Denver shouted, “No, sit,” and Donald sat down obediently. She continued, “May I suggest you use one of the chairs here so we can all watch, and Donald please do not object because had you been one of my students you would have been put across my lap long ago.”

“ But .. but..,” he muttered but watched Lucy sit on the chair and glower at him.

He did not resist either when Mrs. Denver took him by the arm and walked him across to Lucy and made him stand by her side. Lucy then scolded her husband her finger wagging to emphasise her disapproval. Donald looked steadfastly at his wife as she berated him, as he had done so often at home when about to suffer another spanking across his wife’s lap, not daring to look at the other parents.

Charlotte looked across the room but still held on to her chair, her bare bottom still sticking out in to the room. She knew Donald would now be spanked but it was only a matter of time before Mrs. Denver gave her the cane she knew she had earned.

Mrs. Denver looked on, realising that all the parents were rather enjoying the spectacle and were probably learning more about discipline than any lecture. She knew Lucy would spank her husband hard, and she looked across at Charlotte and her red bottom and knew that very soon she would add a dozen straight red lines across it leaving ridged weal’s and the caning will result in uncontrolled crying by her secretary. Maybe later on there will be the opportunity to make love to the 25 year old, but discipline was still her priority and sympathy was not one of her traits. Donald would soon join Charlotte with his bare bottom facing the room, two bottoms to be caned. Two adults who will scream and cry out. Two adults who will be very sorry indeed. Very soon.

“ Trousers down Donald. Come on you know what to do,” Lucy snapped and everyone else realised that this won’t be the first spanking he will have been given by his wife. Everyone knew Donald was 43 years old as each one there had been to his fortieth birthday party, so knowing he was spanked at home brought even broader smiles than watching the 25 year old Charlotte being spanked.

By then Donald had upset everyone though so no one felt sorry for him, in fact they quite enjoyed watching his humiliation. There were whispers all around as the unfortunate husband started to beg.

“ Please, not in front of everyone, please, I promise I won’t say anything else.” He was panicking now.

Lucy mimicked him then said, “What, being spanked is good enough for Charlotte but not you eh? Really? Now get those trousers down.”

That seemed to do it. For a moment everyone thought he was going to cry but instead undid his trousers and dropped them to the floor stepping out of them. His pants followed without being asked and he stood there in front of a whole host of parents he socialised with. Even so, Lucy sat down and Donald meekly bent down across her lap.

“ Right Donald, a spanking first,” she said emphasising the last word which Donald didn’t miss. He groaned. Lucy started to spank his bare bottom intent on changing its colour to match Charlotte’s.

However it was not hard enough for Mrs. Denver who suggested she use the hairbrush straightaway.

“ Good idea,” was her response as she took hold of it eagerly.

She looked at Mrs. Denver who said, “Fifty I think, alternate cheeks, no break needed so it will take less than a minute.”

The hairbrush was raised and the first spank quickly applied followed by the second on the other bottom cheek. Donald yelped and begged for her to stop but instead the next spank was applied and the next. Spank after spank was given until all fifty had been given. No break, just the sound of wood on bare bottom and of course the howling of Donald as he was overcome by the pain and tears rolled down his cheeks.

“ Get up Donald please,” Mrs. Denver instructed and watched as Donald moaned and groaned as he stood up, rubbing his sore bottom cheeks as fast as he could, not even concerned that his penis was shaking in front of him, although most of those present were holding back giggles as they stared at him.

“ I wouldn’t let him rub yet you know,” Mrs. Denver said and smiled as Donald got a smacked leg from Lucy. He stopped rubbing soon enough and bit his lip as the stinging continued.

“ Right then, it is time for the cane I think.”

Donald’s panic returned and again he begged to be allowed to get dressed. Lucy gave him short shrift and smacked him hard on each leg again and again until he stopped moaning and stood there, sobbing.

Mrs. Denver commanded, “Right you two grab a chair each, legs apart and bottoms stuck out as far as you can.”

Charlotte took a deep breath and with already red eyes bent over and grabbed the chair, her legs apart and her bottom stuck right out. Donald was much slower but did bend over and grab the chair. Lucy stood behind and knew he wasn’t standing correctly so picked up the cane and tapped the inside of each thigh hard enough to sting and Donald spread his legs further apart.

Then she demanded, “Now stick that bottom out,” and to emphasise she flicked the cane upwards and hit his balls and his bottom shot out. Still she flicked his balls six more times before stopping. Donald was gasping as he stood as high on his tip toes as possible and the other parents watching were cringing at the thought of being hit with a cane in such a sensitive place. Even so when Donald spread his legs his penis was there for all to see and there were gasps of amazement when they realised he had an erection.

There were giggles from most of the women watching, whilst the men wondered how come he had an erection? Was there some kind of excitement from being hit like that?

Mrs. Denver turned to Donald’s wife and said, “I am going to give Charlotte twelve.”

Donald groaned and Lucy said, “Well then Donald will get twelve as well.”

Donald stayed in position but looked up at Lucy and pleaded, “Please you know I hate the cane.”

This comment led to murmuring amongst the watching audience. So, Lucy had caned Donald before.

Lucy looked at her husband unsympathetically and said, “You should have thought of that before shouldn’t you? Anyway you aren’t supposed to like it are you?” she said smirking, then demanded, “Now stay down and stick your bottom right out or else it will be eighteen strokes.”

Mrs. Denver smiled as she saw Lucy was a woman who knew her mind. Donald gave a self pitying sniff as he looked back down still grabbing the chair, sticking out his bottom without needing further intervention from Lucy.

Lucy looked at Mrs. Denver with a smile and asked, “Please will you do the honours Mrs Denver as there is only the one cane?”

“ Of course I will,” she replied, then turned to the others and continued, “For those who don’t know I treat caning as something that must be suffered, not just endured, and each stroke is given very hard.” She looked around and said, “Mind you I think I have caned each one of your sons and daughters, some several times, so you will have seen the results close up when you have given them your own spanking that evening.”

There were several nods of agreement from around the room.

Mrs. Denver turned to the two miscreants and said, “Right then, twelve strokes each, two sets of six, but don’t expect them to be in turn.”

Mrs. Denver positioned herself and raised the cane, the whoosh was heard by both Charlotte and Donald but neither knew who would be hit first. In the event Charlotte was the first to howl although the second whoosh followed almost immediately. The cane hit Donald this time and he shrieked but before he could think the next whoosh was heard and Donald yelped again whilst a second later it was Charlotte’s turn once more. On and on, stroke after stroke, yelp followed shriek until each adult had received six strokes.

Charlotte was sobbing whilst Donald was crying out loud with six red lines across each bared bottom, tears streaking down both their faces.

“ Please not six more. Please,” Donald begged.

“ Stop it Donald,” Lucy snapped.

“ But Mrs. Denver canes much harder than you do,” he pleaded.

Lucy again heard a few whispers between husband and wives this time questioning what it might be like to be caned.

She snapped at 43 year old Donald, “Well from now on I will be caning you much harder Donald.”

Donald groaned but obediently stayed bent over holding the chair.

Lucy huffed. “Have you heard Charlotte begging?”

“ No,” he replied.

“ Then do be quiet,” Lucy said with a withering tone,” adding, “For goodness sake our daughter takes the cane better than you, as I well know each time I spank her after Mrs. Denver has caned her.”

Lucy looked at Mrs. Denver and said wearily, “Please Mrs. Denver, six more for him.” Donald groaned again.

“ My pleasure,” Mrs. Denver said taking up her position and the first whoosh was heard, again hitting Charlotte first. Donald gasped as the next one landed on his bottom and the next hit Charlotte and as expected her bottom burned again as the cane bit home. Six fast strokes each left Charlotte sobbing and Donald crying out. The audience looked on approvingly, some even open mouthed at the sight of those red lines crisscrossing across both bottoms still staring at them, bent over, two adults grabbing the chairs, legs apart, pussy and penis on show to all.

Mrs. Denver noted no one else made any smart aleck comments but several appeared to be breathless at the spectre.

“ Stand up both of you and look at me,” and they did both turning to look at Mrs. Denver. “Hands on your heads I think,” she added and both immediately placed their hands on their heads not wanting to antagonise either Mrs. Denver or anyone else for that matter.

Donald looked at Lucy who went over to him, looked him in the eye, turned to Mrs. Denver and asked, “Can I take him upstairs to the bathroom?”

“ Please do, but explain to him bad behaviour will not be tolerated,” Mrs. Denver said and everyone watched as Donald was led sobbing and sniffing out of the room and up the stairs.

“ Tea is in the dining room ladies and gentlemen,” Mrs. Denver announced to everyone else and the audience left the room chattering about the double discipline session and in the main everyone agreeing Donald certainly deserved what he got.

Mrs. Denver turned to her secretary and said stiffly, “You will come with me and I will tend to you Charlotte.”

Mrs. Denver led Charlotte out of the room and up the stairs to her bedroom. Part way along the corridor they heard Donald say to Lucy, “I hate being caned.”

Lucy shot back, “But just look at the erection on you, you only get a dick that large when I cane you. I know you hate actually being caned but believe me it gets you going better than just a spanking, and watching you squirm really turned me on, so now get your dick inside me and sort me out.” The unmistakeable sound of kissing followed.

Mrs. Denver smirked, turned to Charlotte and said, “A happy couple really.”

Mrs. Denver led Charlotte to her bedroom and told her to sit on the bed. Charlotte was still sobbing and Mrs. Denver went over, held her chin, bent down, and kissed her cheek.

“ Please Miss, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean,” Charlotte started.

“ Sally,” she replied kindly and Charlotte smiled.

Mrs. Denver decided she needed to show Charlotte her feelings and blow the consequences. She lent down again and this time kissed Charlotte on her lips. Charlotte kissed her back, opening her mouth and inviting Mrs. Denver’s tongue to search out her own. Soon they were kissing and caressing each other, each undoing the others clothing and when both were naked Mrs. Denver felt Charlotte’s pussy and smiled when she realised it was so wet, smiling even more when Charlotte touched her own and knew she was equally moist. They kissed each other again, caressing each other’s breasts, licking each other’s nipples, and bringing each other to orgasm, an orgasm both had wanted for so long, even when Mrs. Denver cried out in ecstasy so Charlotte said with a loud gasp, “Sally my love, my love.”

Mrs. Denver replied also catching her breath, “Oh Charlotte how I have wanted to do this for so long.”

“ So have I,” Charlotte replied looking closely in to her boss’s eyes.

They clinched again and this time did not part until each had reached their second orgasm and only when they reached their third orgasm did they lie in each other’s arms and stroked each other not wanting the moment to pass.

They held each other close kissing and caressing and hugging. After a while they knew they had to go back downstairs and once they had dressed they left the bedroom and walked along the corridor just as Donald and Lucy left their bedroom, both relaxed, both smiling.

Lucy pinched her husbands arm and said, “Go on, say it.”

“ Sorry Mrs. Denver, I was out of order wasn’t I?” and smiled.

Mrs. Denver smiled. “Well you paid for it. Of course as you are in the parent discipline participation scheme and have been disciplined I will be giving you a letter asking Lucy to spank you again at home. Please make sure it is signed and returned to me in the morning.”

“ Sure thing Mrs. Denver,” Donald said quietly.

“ Nice one,” Lucy mouthed to Mrs. Denver as she took Donald by the hand and said as they walked, “You know the parent scheme is a good one .

Donald nodded knowing just how correct his wife was. He knew Lucy would spank him again later but he’s just had some great sex and would have more great sex after his next spanking so why even pretend? He loved the spark in his wife’s eye when she spanked him and it turned him on so well.

Downstairs everyone fell silent as the four came in, watching. Mrs. Denver smiled and asked, “Is everyone OK?”

There was a general murmuring of agreement and soon the conversation was buzzing again.

Mrs. Denver kept catching Charlotte’s eye and both smiled at the other. Donald was relaxed even though his bottom was burning sore and would not have tried to sit down. Lucy was quite animated in her conversation with Grace.

Mrs. Denver was approached one of the wives, Margaret, who asked,

“ It was much more beneficial watching discipline than just discussing it.”

The two women laughed then Margaret said quietly, “In fact a couple of the men got erections, and my knickers are definitely feeling wet.”

Mrs. Denver smiled.

Margaret went on, “Whilst you were upstairs a couple of the husbands even joked about going to your Study to be caned.”

Mrs. Denver answered seriously, “Well actually a number of parents do attend my Study and are caned under the Parent Discipline scheme.”

Margaret looked intently at Mrs. Denver, realized she was serious, and said, “Oh my goodness, my knickers have just got even wetter. I might have to go the bathroom again and masturbate. I’ll bring some spare knickers next time.” She let out a short erotic gasp and fanned herself with her hand but when she realised Mrs. Denver still looked at her somberly she asked,

“ Tell me Mrs. Denver, I understand you can let us have a cane for home use?”

“ That’s no problem. Discipline or pleasure may I ask?”

The wife blushed, then smiled and said, “Pleasure really. My husband was one of the men who enjoyed watching Donald getting caned, got quite aroused strangely enough, and thought he would like to try it.” She turned to look towards Donald and added, “I’m also guessing he and Lucy had sex upstairs and they both look so relaxed for it.”

”And how do you feel about caning your husband?” asked Mrs. Denver.

She laughed and said “Me, well I’ll humour him of course, to start with anyway, but he can also be so childish at times. Initially I’ll give him the cane when he asks to be caned, and I am sure have sex with him afterwards, but it won’t be long before I am going to use it to discipline him when I decide he needs it. I want him to be well behaved and I think the cane is just the implement I need.”

Mrs. Denver chuckled and said, “That sounds like a good plan. I don’t even pity him as I am sure he needs you to will improve his behaviour,” and they both laughed. “I will get you one for when you leave.”

Half an hour later and all the parents had gone, with two wives holding canes they were going to use on their husbands when they got home.

“ So is the aim of the discussion group to have the husbands agree to be caned by their wives?”

Mrs. Denver laughed. “No not at all. It really is to discuss discipline of the students and how the parents can participate, and should participate, and the speakers explain all aspects of discipline. It’s just that this is the first time I have actually caned anyone at the meeting and it looks like two more husbands were so aroused they have asked to be caned by their wives.”

Mrs. Denver continued after a moment quite solemnly, “Of course for me discipline is the important thing.”

Charlotte responded speaking honestly, “Me too. I hate being spanked, it’s just now I will be looking forward to the afters.”

They both looked equally seriously at each other before bursting in to laughter and hugging and kissing each other, Mrs. Denver’s tongue filling Charlotte’s welcoming mouth, their tongues intertwined, as one.

After their kiss Mrs. Denver took on a serious tone. “I will rub some cream in to your bottom tonight as it will be very sore.”

Charlotte rubbed her bottom and said absent mindedly, “Oh it’s not that sore now actually.”

“ You misunderstand Charlotte,” Mrs. Denver said sternly, continuing, “You have been disciplined so I have a letter for you. As you will be staying here tonight I’ll give you your spanking and sign your letter. Believe me young lady once you get another spanking and a long dose of the hairbrush you are going to want me to rub cream in to your bottom.”

“ Oh,” Charlotte said dispirited, thinking maybe her boss has returned to her strict disciplinarian persona.

Mrs. Denver smiled and said, “Don’t worry so much Charlotte, spanking you really turns me on so I’ll spend the rest of the night making you better, at least straight after you have given me the best orgasm ever.”

Mrs. Denver took from a drawer a huge black dildo and asked, “Have you ever used one of these Charlotte?”

“ No, but I can learn,” she replied.

“ Excellent, because if you don’t I am rather good at teaching you otherwise,” she replied pointing at the cane.

Charlotte laughed, rubbed her bottom in anticipation then the two women hugged each other again. So, Charlotte thought, a hot red and no doubt bruised and even red lined bottom, then making love to the woman she desires and now knows is so attracted to her in return.

Mrs. Denver added, “I will still discipline you when you need it, particularly for sloppy work you know.”

Charlotte blushed, but nodded, saying obediently, “Of course Mrs. Denver.”

Neither woman could wait for bedtime so Charlotte was elated when a stern Mrs. Denver said, “You’ll be going to bed early.”

“ Yes please Miss,” Charlotte replied with a beaming smile.

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