Mrs Howard Spanks

By Peter242

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Johnny is disciplined by her Mum's cleaner whilst his sister and her friend watch

Tina sat on the bed, Ellie by her side. The two 16 year old friends were in Ellie’s bedroom at her home.


“You have to see this Ellie. It’s about Johnny.”


“What, your brother Johnny?”


“Yep, and Mrs Howard my parents cleaner.”


Tina was almost wetting herself. Ellie was a bit surprised to hear the name Mrs Howard because that was the name of their cleaner.


“Mrs Howard?” asked Ellie.


“Yes, she has cleaned for Mum and Dad for a few months now. She’s really nice. And doesn’t charge very much Mum I heard Mum say to Dad.”


“Oh” Ellie muttered.


Tina continued. “I was in the house last week when Mrs Howard came. Johnny was at home from Uni. I was in my room about to go out. No one knew I was there as I had said goodbye about 15 minutes earlier but came back for my purse. I heard Mrs Howard go into Johnny’s room and after a while could hear this smacking sound. I peeked in and saw Johnny across Mrs Howard’s lap being spanked. I decided I better leave. Anyway, Johnny has a camcorder on his computer, and today I left it on. Mrs Howard will be there any minute.


Ellie logged on to her computer and quickly hooked up to Johnny’s. The two 16 year old girls could see right in to Johnny’s room. They had a view of most of the room except the door. Johnny was sitting on his bed. And the sound worked.


They heard the door open and a sharp voice said “Johnny, you have been naughty again haven’t you.”


The trembling reply came “Yes Mrs Howard. Sorry.”


“Not good enough young man. Not good enough at all. You know what that means you have earned.”


No response but the girls could see Johnny’s downcast face as Mrs Howard came in to view. The girls could see she was wearing a knee length blue skirt and a white cardigan Tina knew she was in her early thirties and kept herself trim by going to the gym. She was carrying a bag.


Ellie could tell it is definitely the same Mrs Howard who cleans their house.


“Get undressed Johnny. I am going to have to spank you.”


Johnny stood up and started to undress. He didn’t argue. He was almost smiling but when Mrs Howard looked up he stopped.


“It’s no laughing matter Johnny. You are going to suffer for your poor behaviour. Now hurry up and get undressed.”


Johnny pulled his t shirt over his head and put it on the table. He tugged down his jeans and underpants in one go, stepped out of them, and threw them on top of his shirt. He stood there, naked. Tina hadn’t seen her brother naked for years, and Ellie never had. They looked at each other and giggled. Ellie pointed and said “look, he’s got an erection. Cool.”


Both girls giggled.


Tina said “it’s strange. He is about to get his butt spanked but he gets an erection. What is that about?”


Ellie said almost absentmindedly, “maybe he finds it exciting.”


Tina shrieked with laughter and Ellie added “you never know with boys do you.”


Tina shrieked with laughter again.


Mrs Howard spoke again. She had taken some items out of her bag which the girls could see immediately were a man’s slipper and a hairbrush. She placed something else vaguely familiar on the table. It looked like a penis. And she placed a tube of something next to it.


“Is that a vibrator?” Tina questioned. “For a boy?” She was flummoxed.


“I don’t think so” replied Ellie. “It has a flat base. I think it does something else.”


The girls stared at the screen.


Mrs Howard instructed “right Johnny. Across my lap please.”


Johnny did as he was told. Which is strange thought Tina as he always argues with Mum and Dad when they tell him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Then again, it rather seems her brother wants this to happen.


Mrs Howard sat on the bed and Johnny lay across her lap. She was holding the “thing” and the tube. She placed the “thing” on his back and took the tube. She unscrewed the cap and squeezed some of the contents on to her fingers.


“”Spread your legs and pull your cheeks apart Johnny. This is part of your punishment.”


Tina was now open mouthed as Johnny spread his legs and raised his bottom slightly as he put his hands back on to his bottom and stretched his cheeks wide open. Mrs Howard started to apply what the girls now knew was lube to his bottom hole. Mrs Howard was smiling. The girls could just make out Johnny’s face which also showed a smile, albeit a rather strained one. No doubt because of what was happening to him.. Mrs Howard took the gel three times from the tube, rubbing it in carefully each time.


She lifted up the “thing” and said “right Johnny, are you ready?”


“Yes Mrs Howard” he answered and she pointed the “thing” downwards and started to insert it in to his bottom.


Tina covered her mouth with her hand, and was wide eyed. “It’s OK Tina, it’s a butt plug. It goes there and some people find it arousing.”


“Really?” Tina asked in amazement


Mrs Howard was working the butt plug further and further inside Johnny’s bottom hole. He was squirming around as though to help it in. Mrs Howard said “good boy Johnny. You are nice and relaxed today. That’s good.”


The girls heard Johnny moan and groan as Mrs Howard twisted the butt plug further in. Then finally an “aaarrggghh” and Johnny collapsed across Mrs Howard’s lap, and Mrs Howard smiled at the back of his head.


After a few moments Mrs Howard said “ok Johnny it’s in place. Go and stand facing the wall. You know where the naughty spot is. Hands on your head.”


Johnny got up, carefully. The girls shrieked when they saw Johnny’s penis stiffen in front of their eyes. He walked over to the wall placing his hands on his head. The girls squealed again as they saw Johnny with the blue flat circle sticking out of his bum hole, the rest of his bottom a smooth white.


Mrs Johnson walked over to Johnny, said “no looking Johnny or else” and with that she pulled her hand back and gave him two hard spanks on each bare bum cheek. Johnny gasped and tried to arch his back in a vain effort to miss the smacks but ended up crushing his erect penis against the wall. Mrs Howard said “nose against the wall Johnny. You know the rules” and she gently pushed the back of his head until his nose touched the wall. When Mrs Howard walked away the girls saw Johnny’s bottom now had red marks across it.


Mrs Howard walked back to the bed leaving Johnny facing the wall. The girls were fascinated when they saw her undo her cardigan and slip it off revealing a short skin tight black sleeveless top with a deep red trim which showed off her full breasts with her nipples pushing through. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She had on sexy knickers which matched the top. Her bare white legs stood out against the clothing.


Tina felt a pang as she looked at the woman. She looked so so sexy. She looked at Ellie who looked as though she thought the same. Ellie was now sitting with her hand between her legs. Tina asked “is she turning you on?”


Ellie withdrew her hand and replied “no. What about you?”


“Me also. But she looks great” sighed Tina. Both girls knew they were getting wet just looking at her.


Mrs Howard snapped “OK Johnny, it’s time.”


Johnny turned around and when he saw Mrs Johnson he smiled. She is dressed just as he likes her to be. So sexy. His erection stiffened. He watched as Mrs Howard sat down and pointed to the floor in front of her. Johnny stood there obediently. The girls could now only see his back, with the butt plug easily visible, but not much else.


“What have I told you Johnny?”


“I mustn’t masturbate Mrs Howard.”


“Exactly. And what did you do?”

“I masturbated Mrs Howard.” Johnny looked down at the implements by Mrs Howard’s side. That leathery slipper and large oblong wooden backed hairbrush. He had felt them before.


“Right. And for that you get spanked. How’s the plug?”


“It’s OK thank you Mrs Howard.”


“Good. Now, stand closer. I need to deal with that erection of yours before you go across my lap.”


Mrs Howard spread her legs apart and Johnny stood up very close, feeling the heat from her body. Mrs Howard started to rub the outside of Johnny’s right leg and his erection got stiffer. She raised her arm and swiftly smacked the side of Johnny’s leg six times. He gasped at each smack. She turned him around so he was now facing the camera.


The girls saw his stiffness had relaxed slightly. They watched as Mrs Howard gave his other leg six hard smacks. They shrieked again as his penis shrank as a direct reaction to the sharp pain.


Mrs Howard turned him back towards her and the girls heard her say “that’s better. Now get across my lap.”


Johnny bent down and lowered himself across her lap. He loved his bare skin and penis lying across Mrs Howard’s bare skin. He looked down at her bare legs. He liked her legs. Mrs Howard manoeuvred him around a bit and then started to rub his bottom. Johnny rested his head on his folded arms and looked relaxed.


Mrs Howard placed her hand on the butt plug and wriggled it slightly. That drew a groan from Johnny.


“Still in place nicely I see Johnny. Make sure you don’t wriggle it out or else. Understood young man?


“Yes Mrs Howard” he answered smartly.


The girls were still agog when Mrs Howard raised her hand and brought her palm down reasonably hard on his left bottom cheek and immediately again on his right bottom cheek. She continued to spank him on alternate cheeks, then occasionally spanked him several times on one bum cheek and then the next, and reverting to alternate bum cheeks.


The girls smiled as they watched Tina’s brother start to squirm around on Mrs Howard’s lap. They could just about tell that Mrs Howard missed hitting the plug, although came close. They could tell that Johnny gasped much more when she hit him closer to the butt plug than when she smacked elsewhere on his bottom or tops of legs.


Mrs Howard stopped using her hand and picked up the slipper. Mrs Howard looked down at Johnny and said “time to step up the pain my lad.”


Johnny looked up and saw Mrs Howard raise the slipper and slap it down in to the palm of her hand. The girls couldn’t tell if Johnny still had his erection. They did see him half smile, turn away and rest his head on his folded arms again. He had been here before the girls knew.


Tina looked at Ellie and said “I bet this hurts.”


Ellie nodded, said “uh huh” but could not take her eyes off the screen.


Mrs Howard started spanking Johnny much harder with the slipper. Johnny was gasping rather louder than before. The girls could see his bottom was a deeper pink and turning red quickly.


A couple of times Mrs Howard stopped using the slipper and raised her hand, bringing it down directly on the butt plug. This drew a louder gasp still from Johnny.


“Just checking I still have your attention Johnny” Mrs Howard said. After one of those smacks Johnny looked up and the girls could see the tears in his eyes and the red around them.


“Oh” Tina said, actually feeling sorry for her brother. “I didn’t think it would be this hard on him.”


“Don’t worry too much Tina. I bet he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t like it.”


“Really?” she said, very surprised. “Johnny never seemed the wimpish type.”


“I didn’t say he was a wimp you silly girl” Ellie said. “I said he is enjoying the sensation of being spanked.”


“How? It looks like it hurts. Like a hell of a lot.”


“Oh I don’t know. I read that the spanking sensation can be a bit like having your vulva stroked. The same nerve ends and the like are affected.”


“No kidding?” asked Tina. So how come spanking is a form of discipline?”


“It’s just what I read Tina. That’s all.”


“Shall I try it on you then?” Tina asked, laughing now.


Ellie didn’t answer. Just then the continual smacking sound stopped and Mrs Howard was speaking again.


“Right Johnny, have you learnt your lesson?”


Johnny was sobbing and his shoulders were heaving. He couldn’t answer straight away. Mrs Howard raised her hand and brought it down square over the butt plug. Johnny screamed in pain. He raised his bottom only to have Mrs Howard spank it again full on the butt plug.


“Well? I’m waiting.”


“Yes yes yes yes” Johnny blubbered. He was forcing himself to answer.


“Good” Mrs Howard said, smiling at the young man she was causing so much pain to.


Johnny was sobbing, desperate to rub his burning bottom but not daring to.


“So, that just leaves the hairbrush.”


Johnny sobbed louder. He knew he was still to be punished with it. It was just the words being said to confirm caused him to shudder and cry out.


“Fifty spanks Johnny. Unless you resist when it will be a lot more.”


Mrs Howard didn’t wait for a reply. She started spanking him on alternate cheeks for the first ten spanks. Then she applied five to the same spot on his left bottom cheek and five to the right. Then ten to the same spot on the left and ten to the right. She finished off with alternate spanks to each cheek.


“OK Johnny. It’s over. I’ve finished your punishment. You can relax. Calm down.”


Johnny was shaking and sobbing freely, but after a few minutes calmed down and lay quietly across Mrs Howard’s lap as she stroked his bottom and tops of legs.   Johnny moved his legs apart and she slowly rubbed the inside of his thighs, even scraping his ball sack with her fingernails. The pain was subsiding and the girls could hear Johnny sighing and starting to groan.


“Yeek” Tina said. Should we be watching whilst she touches my brother like that?”


Ellie said “we can switch off if you want” but stared fixedly at the screen.


“Yeah, if you want” replied Tina who was also fixated by the way Mrs Howard had first thrashed her brother but was now arousing him so well.   Neither girl moved to switch off the screen.


“I need you to do something for me Johnny. You know what don’t you.” It was a statement.


“Yes Mrs Howard, I know.”


“Swing around then. Good boy.”


Johnny lifted himself up from her lap and they could momentarily see his penis which was starting to stiffen. He stood with his back to the screen. The girls gasped when they saw just how red and marked his bottom was. Mrs Howard slipped her knickers off and pushed herself back until her back was against the wall at the top of the bed. She lifted her knees up and lowered them outwards leaving a full view of her private area.


“She shaves” shrieked Tina.


“Uh huh” Ellie said.


Johnny was now crawling up the bed. His red bottom wriggling and the butt plug still in place. His balls hanging low which brought another “yeurk” from Tina.


The girls watched as Johnny started to kiss Mrs Howard’s inner thighs, and caressed her legs, stomach and breasts. His erection stiffened. Mrs Howard was enjoying the attention Johnny was giving her. Johnny focussed on her vulva, and Mrs Howard was soon gyrating in unison with Johnny. She was groaning, moaning, and holding Johnny’s head firmly in place between her legs as she was brought to an explosive orgasm.


Johnny kept kissing her thighs as she relaxed, and the girls could see the smile on her face.


“Thanks sweetie” Mrs Howard said as she bobbed her head up. “Have you been a good boy?”


“Yes Mrs Howard. I think I have been.”


“I think so too. Stand up against the wall.”


Johnny edged backwards almost against the door, and out of view of the camera.


“Oh no” Tina shouted.


“Hey, he’s your brother. I thought you didn’t want to see this.”


“Yeah but this is worse. We can hear him for goodness sake.”


Johnny was groaning louder and louder as he was becoming more and more aroused. Then the final extended groan as he ejaculated. There was heavy breathing for a while before Mrs Howard came back in to view.


“I guess you had bacon for breakfast Johnny” she said, wiping her mouth with a tissue.


Tina and Ellie looked at each other, mouths wide open. “She swallowed” Tina said in a whisper.


“I sure did Mrs Howard.” Johnny had a broad smile. Like the cats whiskers.


Mrs Howard gave Johnny a smile and went over to the table and got dressed again. She put all the things back in her bag.


“Are you around next week Johnny as usual?”


“Sure am Mrs Howard.”


Mrs Howard walked over to Johnny, cupped his face in her hands, and kissed him. He shot his tongue in to her mouth and put his arms around her neck. The kiss was long and hard.


The girls giggled when they realised he still had the butt plug in his bottom.


“I’ll come back before I leave and take the butt plug out. It will be a reminder for you in the meantime.”


“Cool” Johnny replied. Mrs Howard gave him a sharp smack on his bottom, her palm right across the butt plug, before laughing, and then walked out of the room.


Johnny went to lie on his bed. Still naked. He rolled on to his stomach and felt behind him for the butt plug. He pushed it to make sure it wasn’t loose before turning on to his back again. Soon his hand drifted down to his penis. He thought about the spanking and the oral sex afterwards. And about how sexy Mrs Howard looked. As he thought, his penis stiffened again. He started to stroke it. It stiffened more. Soon he was groaning again.


The girls were making funny faces but were unable to look away as Johnny continued to masturbate until he erupted. The girls saw the spurt of semen rise up out of his hand and land on his chest. One two and then a third spout. Johnny relaxed and lay still.


The door opened. “You naughty naughty boy Johnny. That means you get a spanking next week for sure.”


“Yes Mrs Howard. Sorry” Johnny replied. Johnny smiled and the girls heard Mrs Howard laugh from the doorway.


Johnny stood up and went over to the computer. The girls stared at him, or at least his penis, until he sat down and pressed some keys on the keyboard. The screen in front of the girls went blank.


“Does he know?” Tina asked in a panic.


“I doubt it Tina, otherwise he would have said something. Anyway, you’ll know as soon as you get home” Ellie added with a smile.


“Ellie?” Tina said.


“Yes?” Ellie replied.


“I gotta do myself. It was too much.”


Ellie smiled and nodded.


Both girls unzipped their jeans and put their hands down inside their knickers. They closed their eyes. They were both so wet it only took a few minutes for them to come. They were breathing heavily as they calmed down and relaxed.


Tine looked across at Ellie and said “That was something else wasn’t it Ellie?”


“It sure was Tina. Would you fancy being thrashed like that?”


“No way” answered Tina. “You?”


“No way at all” Ellie answered. But Ellie thought about two days time. That is when Mrs Howard will be cleaning their house. That is when Mrs Howard will be spanking her bottom. Again. And they will have oral sex. Again. No butt plug for her though. No. Mrs Howard had something else for her Ellie. She had her huge black strap on for her.