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I was interested in spankings, but never had I imagined what one would feel like..

I was cleaning the house, busy dusting in my skimpy maid's uniform, with my stockings and black high heels on, i wasn't wearing any underwear so as i was bent over dusting the entertainment center you could see my pussy, my master was still at work, so i decided to take a little break from cleaning, I went into the kitchen to fix myself a drink, than I sat on the couch and put in one of those silly innane love stories that make you think about what could have been, and finally I get bored with the flick and switching off the tv I go into Masters office and logging onto the internet I check out some internet spanking sites, you see I have been curious about this for quite some time, I am browsing a website where some hot girls dressed as school girls are getting there asses spanked hard untill they are red and this makes me very horny as i begin to play with my pussy, thrusting my fingers in and out losing track of time, pretending that I am one of the girls getting spanked, finally I climax and get up shutting off the screen and I go back into the kitchen to wash some dishes, and pour myself another drink.  It's a couple hours later and i am feeling quite tipsy, having forgotten i left that website on masters computer.  Master comes through the door and drops his brief case, he comes up to me and gives me a firm squeeze on the rump as I am finishing putting dishes away in the kitchen, then he goes into his office and turns on his computer and I think oh shit, I try to stop him before he turns on the screen to the pictures of girls being spanked, Master gets this grin on his face as he tells me to come here.  I slowly walk over to master and he asks me what the hell is this shit!  I just stand there looking dumfounded acting like I dont know what he is talking about, he asks again, tell me or so help me god you will end up like these sluts on this website with your cute ass over my knee getting paddled hard!  I immediattely feel wet in my nether regions as I tell him that I was sorry I was being bad, I just was curious that was all, I said I had a little to much alcohol to drink and wasn't feeling well so I would just get dressed and leave now.  He grabbed me fast before i could react and ripped my stockings off of my body, lifted my dress up to expose my bare ass, he rubbed it for a couple seconds than threw me face first over his knees, where he began to spank my quivering bottom hard, he turned on one of the videos of the girl getting spanked and made me watch it as he continuously spanked my bottom till it seemed like hours and my ass was on fire, than finally as the video stopped and the poor girl was crying and rubbing her bottom I was made to stand up in the corner with my hands on my head naked.  Master shut down his computer and came over to me told me to bend over some pillows on his bed, where he grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen and brought it down mercilessly on my already sore bottom, I started to cry and shift away from the pain I felt, finally he stopped hitting me with the dreadful spoon and said I could get up.  I immediattely got up and started rubbing my sore bottom, although in a lot of pain, I was really turned on so I bend over the bed as master took my pussy from behind, playing with my love button the whole time.  I now realized that a spanking is alot different when you are the receiver than just watching some poor girl on a web cam.  To this day my master will take me over his knee if he thinks that i have been naughty, so I end up over his knee alot, as I am  a naughty girl.