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My Brother's Bed

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A beautiful girl and a house, nearly, to ourselves
My Brothers Bed

It had been an endless day. I had two friends from university staying with me for the weekend and my family had let us have the house to ourselves. It had been ages since I had been back home, but I couldn’t stop thinking about one of my friends, Natalie, who I had been fucking for a while but no one else knew at university. I had had sex before university, but she was something completely different, like I was fucking a wild animal. She was a little smaller than me at 5 foot 6; with long dark hair and a beautiful, fuckable face.

I had wanted her all day, but we didn’t want our friend, Beth, to find out that we were having sex so I was tortured by only being able to look at her, as I fantasised constantly about taking her into a deserted room and releasing my frustration into her eager mouth or wordlessly fucking on a kitchen table.

I was so hard that my erection wouldn’t go away, a constant reminder of my desire, so I suggested that we all go to bed early and try and get a good nights sleep, although that was the last thing on my mind. I put Beth in my sister’s room and Natalie in my brother’s room wishing them both a loud ‘Goodnight.’ I immediately crept back into my brother’s room.

It was dark and I could only just make out the bed in the centre of the room. I continued to move towards it until I was leaning over the white pillows. Then I saw Natalie looking up at me, grinning,, her pyjamas on the floor by my feet. She had clearly guessed what I had been planning. Without breathing a word I leant down to kiss her on the lips, as her hand slowly moved to caress my thigh.

Our lips still locked I moved my hand from her neck downwards, stroking her small, erect breasts across her belly to her warm wet cunt. I traced my finger around it once or twice, teasing her. The small groans of telling me she wanted me to stroke it. I slowly trailed my fingers from her thigh, savouring the feel of her soft warm skin to her clit, which I began to gently stroke.

She moaned as I felt it stiffen between my fingers and her body went limp like a doll. I knew I could do what I wanted to her, so taking both her arms and holding them down behind her head I crawled into the bed next to her. I began to feel the opening of her slit get wetter and wetter until I noticed that the bed beneath her was also getting wet. My fingers gently began probing inside her and she started to moan again, the friction of my hand in her wet cunt driving her towards an orgasm.

‘I want you in me,’ she gasped ‘I want your cock in me.’ Excited, I took of my clothes as fast as I could until I was standing naked in front of her. She grinned at me as she saw my erect dick and greedily put it in her mouth. Her warm mouth enveloping it, the pressure from her cheeks making me feel like I would explode, with her tongue expertly licking and stroking me to the point that I decided that I had to fuck her or I would cum too soon.

Putting each of her slender legs over my shoulders I lowered my cock until it was just touching the outside the wet entrance of her vagina. I could again feel her getting more and more moist around it and I pushed it in little to give her a taste of what was to come. Her back arched and eyes rolled back as she purred with approval. She began to say ‘fuck me,’ but I suddenly buried myself into her before she had the chance and her unrepressed cry was all I needed to hear to know what she wanted me. I was fucking her slowly and deeply trying to feel every bit of her, I wanted to go deeper than I had ever gone before. Her eyes furrowed in concentrated as she was clearly forcing herself not to come, but every time I went back into her body again started to spasm with intense pleasure and her intake of breath became gasps for air

I could feel my cock already beginning to ooze a bit of cum into the condom, but I had no intention of stopping. I took her legs off me and shifted her body so I was fucking her from the side now. Her fingers crept down to rub her vagina whilst I took her from the side. Whilst I was pounding her andshe was rubbing her sticky slit she groaned ‘fuck me harder.’ Pushing myself into her as much as I could I felt her hand grab my neck as held me for support as she breathed ‘deeper.’ In a fluid move I grabbed her shoulders in return and drove her down onto my dick impaling her and as I fucked I her I pushed onto it with more and more ferocity until she squealed ‘You are so deep, no-one has been this deep before.’

I was obviously really proud of myself by that point and so I decided to dare my body into going even further. I had been on the edge of coming for so long that it felt like one long drawn out orgasm. Turning her over until she was on her hands and knees I looked at her from behind, her beautiful ass moving from side to side. I could no longer see her face but she purred as I took an ass cheek in each hand and again pushed my dick into her cunt.

‘Just like that’ she whispered ‘make me your bitch.’ Excited like I never had been before I pushed myself to take her harder than ever before, pulling on her hair as I did so to go in a little bit deeper. We were both moaning now and she must have liked the pain because she turned around and said ‘hit me.’ This took me aback, but I could see that she was serious and her imploring eyes were practically begging me to do it. She took my hand, which had been holding her breast, to her ass and I knew what to do. I started slapping it, hard, as I entered her and it built up in speed and intensity until I was worried that I was going to hurt her. However she loved it, her stifled screams weren’t disguising the fact that I knew she was about to climax in pleasure.

I was dangerous also dangerously close to coming, but I wanted to feel her cunt myself. Knowing that she was protected I whipped off my condom and drove my dick into her. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. My entire body felt like it was on fire, my knees began to shake and all the while I moved myself faster than I had ever gone before, until I erupted, pulling my dick out just in time to shower my cum all over her back. She had also come, screaming as she did so beneath me, and she looked at me exhausted but happy, in that beautiful ecstasy of relief and release that happens after an orgasm.

Lying down on top of her I could feel my cum on her back, but I was too tired to care. I put my head down to hers and gave her another kiss, her soft lips a perfect end to the best fuck I had ever had. Pulling back I looked at her beautiful face and I saw satisfaction. I rolled across her body and lay next to her as we fell asleep, her head resting on my chest, the evidence of our ecstasy all over my brother’s bed.

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